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  1. Jaime Bennett was a straight A student captain of the cheerleading squad president of the drama club, vice president of the student council. She always sat in the first seat in the front of the class, always wore pink jogging suits unless she was in jeans or her cheerleading uniform like she was today. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tale, tassels of hair framed her face. As the teacher handed back tests they had taken two weeks ago she smiled at her perfect score, when the teacher actually opened his mouth to speak she wasn't surprised by what he had to say. '' Of course! You know I'm always willing to help someone in need.''
  2. Griffin sat in the back of the room. He prefered the shadows but the state said he had to be at schhol. It wasn't that Griffin didn't likd school. He did. It got him out of his house away from his father. The problem was that he didn't understand the work. He struggled to keep flunking every year. He sighed st the big red F on his paper. He wasn't surprised. He was surprised when the teacher told him that he had arranged a tutor for him. "Great. Can't wait." He answered sarcastically.
  3. Jaime turned around to look at the boy she would be tutoring, smiled as she handed him a piece of paper with her address on it but she also handed him a second piece of paper telling him where she would be after school. She turned back around, started to gather up her things as the bell rang walking to the door with a smile on her face she walked into the hall then headed to her locker. Putting away her books she grabbed her lunch, water bottle then headed toward the quad where she would be eating lunch with the rest of her team. The blonde was currently dating the quarter back of the foot ball team, she'd been dating him since junior high so the relationship was getting old due to the fact that he kept wanting one thing she refused to give him.
  4. Griffin tucked the papers into his pockets. They wouldn't to him a lick of good so he didn't bother looking st them. He took his books and headed to his locker. Than he silently headed to the quad. He didn't have a lunch and his father never bothered applying for free lunch. Since he didn't have anything to eat he took his notebook and sat in the shade by himself.
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  5. Jaime sat with her friends, ate her lunch in silence she didn't really have a lot to say, she had packed her lunch well her made had packed her lunch. The blonde cheerleader was very privileged, had everything a girl could want except the love of her parents. She never saw her parents because they were always away on business, right now they were in Russia at a conference of some sort which meant she was lucky if they would be home for her birthday. Her party was being planned as she sat with her friends, it was going to be a very lavish affair because she didn't settle for anything less.
  6. Griffin doodled for about half the period. Before he climbed to his feet and made his way to the roof. Students weren't allowed on the roof but rules had never stopped him from day ing what he wanted. He liked the roof. It gave him a place where he could see everything.
  7. Jaime excused herself from her friends threw away the remainder of her lunch then walked inside, headed to the roof. She didn't usually leave her friends like that but today was a day where she just felt like she needed to be alone, she didn't even think anyone would be up on the roof. Taking a pack of cigarettes out of her purse she tapped the bottom in the palm of her hand then flipped open the top, placed a cancer stick between her lips then lit it. She didn't smoke around her friends, she didn't smoke when she was at home but when she could get away from all the chaos in her life she lit the cigarette then started to puff away as she put them back in her purse. Looking around she took her hair out of the pony tale, let it fall around her shoulders in perfect waves.
  8. Griffin was surprised when he smelled smoke. He frown thoughtfully. It was the wrong time for Gus, the school's janitor and the closest thing he had to a friend, to be up here. As far as he knew no one else had the keys. Curious he followed the scent. He smirted and tucked his fingers into his pockets leaving the thumbs out. "Well this is a surprise."
  9. '' Yeah I'm sure... the most popular girl in school sneaks up onto the school roof to smoke.. Tell the school newspaper I'm sure it'll be on the front page by morning.'' Jaime said as she puffed on the cancer stick, placed a strand of hair behind her ear. She was sure he wasn't going to tell anyone where she was but she had to defend herself some how. The blonde had been smoking since she was fifteen, it was all because she'd gone to a party at a friends house where alcohol had been involved but she'd chosen to start just so she could deal with the stress of her perfect life.
  10. Griffin shook his head. He wouldn't tell. No one would believe him if he did. Besides that would give away his plsve to escape. He didn't like the idea of sharing with the whole school. Everyone would be up here in an hour if they knew she was here. "How do you his the smell?"
  11. " What do you mean? I've been smoking since I was fifteen, I always carry a bottle of perfume in my purse." Jaime said as she puffed on her cigarette, flicked every ash to the ground the dropped the remains. She had never noticed how handsome Griffin was, had to admit she was attracted to him. But the downfall was she had a boyfriend, her parents approved of him,but she was growing bored with Brock. She needed a new adventure, hooed that tutoring Griffin would open up new avenues for her.
  12. "Fifteen huh?" Griffin was surprised. He didn't figure her for a rule breaker. "Some perfumes won't cover the small. Others make it obvious that you are hiding something." He explained why he had asked her the question. "I'm not a smoker myself."
  13. '' It's how I deal with the stress of my life.. I'm overly active, my parents are never home.. I'll be lucky if their home to celebrate my birthday with me, that's in a few days. My party is being planned as we speak, your welcome to come. I gotta get back but I'm available after school if you want to work on your school work.'' Jaime said as she sprayed herself with perfume, she knew it wouldn't mask the smell completely but if anyone judged her it would be Brock. She was planning to break up with him as soon as she got the chance, yeah she wanted to give him what he wanted but at the same time she knew Brock didn't care for condoms so she was on the pill for safety purposes.
  14. Griffin stared at her in shock as she went back into the school. Had she really invited him to her birthday party? Was she in sane? Or was she taking pity on the social outcast? He decided that it had to be the later. She felt sorry for him. He glared at the door where he had last saw her. He didn't need her pity. He didn't need anything or anyone. He stormed into the school. He reluctantly went to his locker to get the things that he needed for the next class.
  15. Jaime sat in her usual seat as she listened to the teacher she yawned, looks around the class then her eyes fell on Griffin. She tore a piece of paper from her notebook, wrote him a little note then had it passed down until it was in his hand. Turning her attention back to the teacher she noticed that Brock her boyfriend was missing from his seat, she looked a little confused. Raising her hand to ask for a bathroom pass she jumped to her feet grabbed the past, went in search of her soon to be ex boyfriend. As she walked down the hall she could hear noises coming from the student lounge, her eyes widened as her heart shattered into a million pieces leaving her in shock.
  16. Griffin hadn't been really been attention to anything in the class until someone put a no the on his desk. He stared at him in shock. He had never gotten a note. He had to read it twice before he believed it was for him. Jaime's actions confused him. He looked up to study her but she was gone. He snuck out of class. It wasn't hard. Mr. Nickelson never paid him any attention. As he headed down the hall he kept an eyevout for the hall monitor and Jamie.
  17. Jamie eventually got up, walked to her locker. She was so upset she wasn't paying attention to where she was going, before she knew it she had bumped into Griffin. Her eyes widened as she gave him the once over, smiled chewing on her lower lip she placed a strand of hair behind her ear. She was suddenly very attracted to him, Brock was very easily her ex after what she had discovered. Her boyfriend was having an affair with the school guidence counsoler, she wasn't really surprised but the fact that her ex was nineteen so he was legal. She just hadn't expected him to be with her in the student lounge.
  18. Griffin studied Jamie. She seemed upset. Had something happened between when she left the classroom and when he found her? He couldn't imagine anything that could have made her look that why she did. He grabbed arm and dragged her into an empty classroom. She probably wasn't use to being manhandled but they couldn't talk in the hall. "What happened?"
  19. " Brock.. He's having sex with Miss Chandler in the student lounge.. " Jamie said as she leaned against a desk, sighed chewing on her lower lip. She looked at Griffin, all of a sudden she felt like jumping him. Her desires were messing with her head, she wanted to wait until she was in a committed relationship. She walked toward him placed her hand in his cheek then kissed him, hoped he didn't slap her or push her off of him because she just wanted to give into sexual desire.
  20. Griffin cursed under his breath. That had to hurt. He couldn't imagine how it felt to have someone that you cared about cheat on you. He had never let anyone that close to him. He flinched when she placed her hand on his cheek. He wasn't use to people touching him. He froze in shock when she kissed him. H's first kiss with a girl had to happen in an empty classroom with a girl who just found out her boyfriend was cheating no her. After a moment his brain engaged and he kissed her back.
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