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  1. My whole life All my friends knew me as Jennifer. I use the word friends lightly as They were only there for me at school. My Real friends knew me as the Pun Runner. I ran my own platoon on battlefield four, and Was known for turning down multiple invites to the major league circuits. I just wanted to play and escape. I didn't want the pressure. I just wanted the friendship. And I had it. I had all the friends I could have in the gaming community. But even so, none of them could protect me from my drunken father. That is until I met him. He was in my platoon online, and I never knew he lived next door. He was my escape. He was my salvation. This is my story.

    So there is just a small teaser for the story I had an Idea for. Basically it's about my character Jennifer Having a second life in the gaming community and one of her best friends in the gaming community she never knew was her neighbor. They meet blah blah blah. Don't want to spoil the story. So send me a shout if you are interested and We can hash out the detail's ^__^
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  2. I might be .!