Good Evening Traveler, come, Share a Spell with Me (Pathfinder)

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  1. Good evening my dear travelers. Who am I? you ask yourselves, I'm sure of it, you want to know. Well the simple answer is, I'm the story teller, the DM, the one who guides you, and who challenges you! I am the lord of his world, I am the villain, the king, the hero, and the lowly peasant! The last one not such a great title, but still one I own. The question is, my dear children. Will you advance to adventurer status, or will you remain in fear, of the outside world? Restricted to being a scared, panicked, peasant. Stuck crying as your town is slaughtered, and you can do nothing. Or will you become the next hero of legend, the next mythic being, to walk the land! I hope you prefer the second, I hope you crave the second one!

    Now that my rant in italics is over, let's get onto the actual point here. I'm doing a full interest check, for running a game of Pathfinder. I will be helping anyone who asks make a character, and learn how to use Roll20's website. I'm looking for a group of 4-6. However I'll take up to 8 or 9 players. Just understand the more players, the harder I'll make things. I also plan to toss a real curve ball in. I want every character, to start at level 4-5. For the simple fact, that it makes things interesting, more spells, more abilities. Something just, fun as a whole in my mind. Sure Level one is just as great, but I want to just make it different.

    So who will join me? Who will let me rule their world, and tell their story? I'm looking at you, right now. Come, are you afraid, or are you a warrior?
  2. Been trying to get into a campaign. Did you have an idea/preference for when sessions would be held?
  3. Interesting, very interesting indeed. I do have inquiries about this, although I must digress unless you allow me to have a nice pm session with you about pathfinder, but to simplify things, I would love to ask how different this game is to D&D or others of that genre?

    Other then that, I have no issue conversing and figuring out what kind of character would be best for me. That is, if you do not mind having a deranged lunatic join in the fun.
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  4. Well I'm hoping to either run on Friday evening, or Saturday evening of this week. Using the Roll20 website. However, as I'm having a bit of trouble with map building currently, for some of the pre-mades I do have lying around in wait, for use, from the official Pathfinder company. I will see about purchasing a campaign put out by the staff of Roll20, and running that, with some heavy modification

    I'm willing to allow a PM session any day, I see no problem with chatting over things. Of course I may not have the answers in truth, as it's not possible to really to know everything. It's more reliant on just doing the usual thing, of referencing, and carefully reading certain rules.

    I don't quite know exactly how different they are, they say that 3.5e is the closest counterpart to Pathfinder. They are near identical in play style, aside from the bestiary's varying here and there, and stats being higher or lower. However it's the same concept when you get down to it, Roll initiative, roll for hit+modifiers, etc, etc.
  5. Hmmmmmmmmmm
  6. Hmmmmmmmm, what? I must ask.
  7. I have a lot of love for pathfinder, but I don't know if I can join. Mostly because Wed and Sat are already tabletop days for me. XD

    Also, what books are you allowing? Any 3rd party content? And are you the type of DM that allows one funky per player? I only ask this because that is something most players ask and may as well get it out of the way.
  8. Well I know I can't run Wednesday already, something just came up for me sadly. i would love to run Saturday though (Only reason I'm even running Saturday, is because my party doesn't meet up anymore :( )

    Also I can't really say what type of DM I am. This is the first time, in two years, I'm picking up the book, and playing as anything more than a player. However I'll likely be running most every book, and most third party content. As to me it doesn't mean much, aside from I may need a wiki page pulled up, instead of the actual paper copy that I likely don't have.

    So might I ask my own question. Are you a strictly online player (I am sadly, as I have no group to play with IRL anymore) or are you just a mix of both? I ask because I've been looking for a group to run with also as a player, rather than DM. (In truth I just put this up, because I crave the old experience of playing a DM again).
  9. Well, if it does end up a Saturday, I wish you luck. XD

    And ok, most books? Sounds pretty free then.

    And oh gosh no. Mixed. Both Wed and Sat are offline games. I have had some experience with online pathfinder. And there are plenty of tabletoppers on Iwaku as well.
  10. I can tell there are plenty here. I certainly struggle to find a group though for Roll20. It's been a while since I got to play around with my flaw filled barbarian. Always enjoyed playing him, yet it's been a long time now since I've even touched him.
  11. I haven't played any kind of games like these, but have always been interested and wanted to join. Could you help me with the basics and such?
  12. I surely can. Just be warned, this may not happen this week. However I will do my best to make so happen this week. That much I can assure you.
  13. Thank you!
  14. You're quite welcome! So everyone knows, at the moment, I'm looking to buy a pre-made adventure, straight from Roll20. So that's what we'll be running. Once I can bring myself to throw ten dollars at one of my favorite Virtual Table Top companies.
  15. So what kind of funkies would you allow?

    Also, WhoopDau, nice choice of avatar (I made it. lol)
  16. Depends, give me your definition of 'funkies'. I usually allow odd characters though
  17. Well, it depends on what the other players would like. Weapons that level with them/Gestaulted-Tri builds/Weird Races/ etc. etc. etc.

    Personally, assuming I can made the sessions, I might go with a gestaulted or tri character.
  18. I'm fine with all of those personally. Except for maybe the weapon leveling. I don't quite get how you'll wish to level the weapon. Whether it be stat increase, or whatever else.
  19. Well, of course, it would only be one of those per person. So it would not be anything overwhelming, and of course you would be approving the character anyways. hhe
  20. Dear lord, I've been working with someone who's dual-classing. They way they did...for every class level, they get 5 skills. Well to be fair to everyone, they made both their classes level 3. (There choice, not mine).

    They have over 30 skills, if their math, and my own is correct.

    Also I'll be looking to run Friday night hopefully. I'll have all the campaign info in an hour or less.
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