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  1. Ah, there you are, young Master!
    I will be taking care of you from now on, I am the Maid of Spades, and I am pleased to make your acquaintance. What you may wish to call me don't really matter to me, all that matter is that we may have a beneficial relationship to each other. I am well versed in many genres of literary delights, and though I am the romantic type, a solid tale must have more than tender feelings and all consuming passion. As such, I prefer more modern or futuristic settings, though I am fond of those settings that borrow from the past, colloquially known as those Punk genres. The intricate is of great pleasure to me, and you may see that though I start simple tales, they grow in size and complexity with time and a deep loving care on both my care and my partners.

    You want to know about my past?
    I was born two decades and a few years ago, and has always been a bit of an unusual girl. I enjoy the horror and the morbid as well as the silly and heartwarming both, and know both French and English intimately enough to write, speak and read complex subjects. I live with my family, my social defects not permitting me to be autonomous yet, and am seeking interesting things to do, one of which is roleplaying, a hobby I discovered about a decade ago. I do love my video games, though I have few of those, and used to be an avid reader, my shelves full and my ebook filled with half a dozen well rated literary works, the latter I should definitely read one day.

    What I seek is...
    I want entertainment, friendliness and to spread my creative wings, making works of wonder with some that are as dedicated to the current story as I am.
  2. *Curtsey!* Welcome to the community, Maid of Spades! ^o^
  3. I Like your clever name...

    Honestly i didnt read all that shit.... i just skimmed "seeking entertainment"

    But you sure look creative :D and thats awesome for this site. so Welcome Welcome Ma'm

    Hopefully this place has enough entertainment for you, if not... Then YOU ARE A DAREDEVIL~
  4. Welcome to the other side of the fence xD. Enjoy your stay here..~
    * giggles as she floats on her Tiger*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.