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Good day to you!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Skylar Hart, Apr 6, 2015.

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  1. Hello and welcome to the insanity called my mind! <3 :evilrabbit: <- Best smiley evah

    Anywho, I'm Sky, a 17 year old gal from the US of A and I am looking for RP loves! I'm a very snuggly and clingy person and I loooove attention so yey~ <3

    Feel free to talk to me! I won't bite unless provoked :downcat:
  2. Hi nerd c:
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  3. Why you 2 call each other nerds its not very nice
  4. But nerds are fun! <3
  5. We like to poke fun at eachother, just a friendly thing, don't worry yourself over it <3
  6. Yay

    Out of curiosity do you guys know each other or have you already bonded? XD
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  7. Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here!
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  8. We already knew one another outside of this website ^^
  9. Aww I feel left out (@-@)
  10. Would you like to be our friend?!
  11. "Twiddles fingers" yea....
  12. Well then I claim thee my friend! -huggles-
  13. YAY "cries a little"
  14. -pats teh new friend-
  15. Insanity inside my head...
    Why do people our age like to say that so much.

    Well, Welcome to the site, enjoy your stay and ask if you need help.
  16. Why is a knight covering himself in what seems to be buttder?
  17. Sunny D, You wouldn't get it.
  18. Your 1 year older than me! Just cuz my pic is misleading XD
  19. Heh. No, it's a reference.
  20. Ahh okay
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.