Good day/night or morning

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  1. Just thought I would put finger tips to keyboard and say a big hi and how is everyone doing? ........ ok well I hope your all doing well and if not things can only get better or so I'm told. Now I have that things can only get better song stuck in my head, damn it.

    Stop rambling Lillith...... yep I have a tendency to talk to myself and as you can see I ramble a lot. Soooo back to the intro.

    My name is Lillith and I honestly don't like it shortened Lil just makes me sound ill, I'm a somewhat youngish woman, who loves to live in her own world yes I have a purple sky and it rains vodka so bring a glass or just lean your head back like i do.

    There I go again sorry, right I haven't done any role-plays for awhile and am looking forward to re-starting, I'm open to most things just ask :)

    I do have a job I work in retail so I wont be on as much as I would like to be on but I should be able to reply at least once a day (If not and there is a reason I will inform whom ever I'm role-playing with)

    Going back to my crazy world and hope to chat with you soon p.s it rains in my world from about 5 pm London time just so you know.

    Peace x
  2. Hi there, Lillith! :D welcome to the community!
  3. Thanks Diana for the welcome. Hope you are well and I can't wait to get stuck in XD
  4. Welcome to Iwaku. In October world in NEVER RAINS. Seriously, dry as a bone.

    I wish it rained more here.
  5. *++Lillith++ pass October a bottle of rain from her world*

    Here you go October don't forget to use it wisely and have a great day.