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  1. Hello there! I'm a British individual who likes hugs, ponies and tea. I'm a 19 year old heterosexual male who adores dubstep, and creating my own music. I like to play on various instruments such as beatboxing with my voice, harmonica and the good old ocarina.

    I originally came from the C:DDA forums where I RP'ed there as a game master for an RP called Spellbound, which had its shenanigans but it was quite a successful RP. I like to play shy females when I myself am RP'ing, so don't judge!

    I look forward to meeting up with some new awesome people, stay epic, and free hugs will be distributed for everyone =3
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  2. Hey there, person who totally isn't my Senpai...
    Good to see you made the leap over here!
  3. This guy.
    This guy right here ^^^


    I'm sorry, it's early and I'm like delirious right now and oh my god AP English why do I need to do this essay I'm leaving this school now.
    Life is suffering, Jakers. Iwaku is like a thing that's kinda there to the side and it doesn't suck.
    Gods help me.
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  4. OMG !! Finally another British person xD lol
    I am curious now in what area you might live :))

    Maybe we are neighbours and we don't know ha ah ^^

    Welcome to the Madness xD please enjoy your stay.<3
  5. Hello person I invited here! Have a nice stay.
  6. I live in Devon, because OO-ARR farming, etc. Yay farming! Currently I work as an English teaching assistant, thanks for the warm welcome guys, and I'm looking forward to RPing here; EVERYTHING IS SO NEW OMG *Japaneseschoolgirlsqueal*

  7. Ha ah xD awesome
    Unfortunately we are not neighbours but I guess still in the Uk right ?@,@

    Enjoy your time and lurk around ^^
  8. We aren't neighbours!? *Cri everytiem*

    But yeah I live in the Southwest area of the UK, just next to Cornwall. If I look to my left I can see around 200 sheep in a field rolling around, and at the moment a baby lamb is jumping around on the other sheep like they're a parkour course; #fieldbanter

    But yeah, I'll try to get some rep here and I'll try my best to RP for a while. Who knows, I might even take up GMing again soon =3

  9. Ha ah xD. I am closer to Birmingham actually lol
    It's alright ~ no need to cry now.:)

    Aha! Indeed. Good luck xD
  10. Greeeetings Jakers! :D Welcome to the site!
  11. *Dies because yay like the whole crew is here*
  12. Jakers buddy, the whole crew is here I do believe.
  13. Welcome to the site! I haven't been able to stay away, no matter how long I tried.
  14. The whole CDDA crew is here, more or less! Mwahaha, time to go and dominate the RP's with cheap romances do some RP'ing, once I find one I like that is... although there is definietely no shortage of RP's here, I don't know where to start! @w@

    Also Diana, that owl is adorable <3
  15. Hello, and welcome! I have a few if you're interested. We're always looking for more RPers. Hope your day is going well!
  16. Jakers, maybe you could just get a simple concept and throw together a jump-in RP? That was my first RP on here, and it worked out pretty well until RL problems. D:

    And given your origins, you might be interested in joining up with our Cataclysm based RP :p I'm still doing all the set up stuff, so it might not start until after labor day.
  17. Bah, I have to go back to work this Wednesday which kinda sucks, but it could be worse I guess. I'll probably not run any RP's for a while until the kids and I have their Christmas holidays. By run RP's I mean like, properly GM'ed ones. I'll still join RP's though, and I sent a request for the Cataclysm RP because ZOMBIES AND MUTANTS AND CYBORG MUTANT ZOMBIES!
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