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  1. Hola!

    So, I'm new here and I'm most definitely a fan of 1x1 roleplays. So Hm, where to start...


    ∽ I write between 1 to 5 paragraphs. I usually try to match my partner. But, quality over quantity! Once we get into a roleplay, I probably will simmer down to 1 or 2 paragraphs.
    Please tell me if you have triggers! I can write nearly anything, so I'd like to know beforehand so I don't offend or hurt you!
    ∽Smut- screams. I can do smut and I do use kinks, but it's always your call if we go into that or not.
    ∽Let me get to know you! I love knowing who I'm RPing with.
    ∽I am awful for replies. If you need instant replies, I can't do that for you. I'll always try to give you at least one a week.
    ∽I prefer MxM! But all genders are okay with me!
    ∽If you can, I'd like to RP over Skype or email. But, I really need to get used to this site so, please teach me(; ̄ェ ̄)

    Okay so, into roleplays!

    I have plots in mind and I'd love to discuss plots!
    Genres (* what I'd really like)


    Slice of life!
    *High school Drama!
    *Crime/Police/**Medical Drama!
    *Romance (Yaoi**/Yuri/etc)!

    I do a few fandoms, if that's your forte:

    *Person of Interest
    **The Walking dead (Season 1,2 and 3.)
    **Star Trek TOS

    Wow okay so I think that's everything. I hope I did that correctly! So if you're interested, check out my resume and just shoot me a message and maybe we can talk some more about what's good!

    Thank you for reading!♪(´ε` )
  2. Welcome to the site ^_^!! I was wondering if you would be interested in doing either a historical romance or superhero roleplay with me?(if that would be okay with you of course ^_^)
  3. Hey! Thank you!

    Yes! I'd mostly be interested in the superhero roleplay c: you should totally pm me about your preferences and all! :duck:
  4. Hey, Axy. I'd love to work something out with you! All of your fav genres sound A+ to me.
  5. Hello Axy, I totally am into all of those things too! If you'd like to play, hit me up :D
  6. hello yes i am interested
  7. Interested in a Star Trek rp? I've a great plot!
  8. hello.

    I am new to the site too. but I would be honored to start an RP with you if you don't mind.
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