Good boy, bad girl

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  1. So, I am looking to do a school based role play, be it senior year of highschool or the college years. I have a character in mind, a boy below the geeks on the school hierarchy. Handsome in his own way but seclusive around people. He either always had his eye on the girl or he just moved to the new school or she just moved and he was sent to show her around. I figure that this may become mature at some point so keep that in mind. I figure the relationship may start out with her simply using him for this or that until she begins to understand his feelings... once she does she could either take it easier on him or use his forlorn affection against him.

    Name: Daniel Walcroft
    Age: (18 for highschool 20ish for college)
    Appearance: Geek_Boy_by_chrisarredondo.png
    History: This will change based on what the plot is. The main idea is that his parents are rarely around with work and as such he survives alone for the most part, leading more into his seclusion.
  2. I am VERY interested in this.
  3. Well huzzah then! Any specific version you want?
  4. I like the high school version and I don't mind maturity. I love the idea of this. Maybe the one where he's had his eye on her for a while and finally it's the last year of school and maybe he's made to tutor her and she uses him for a while?
  5. Alright! Sounds great to me! Shall we make up proper character sheets or just jump into it?
  6. Sure, make a character sheet! Yay character sheets!
  7. Name: Daniel Walcroft
    Age: (18 for highschool 20ish for college)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: As a child his parents got him the best education money could buy, though eventually all things come to an end and he was sent to public highschool when they took up new jobs. His father and mother now work for the State attorney and are out most of the time leaving him home alone. It only forced the usually socially shy boy into more seclusion, he had no one to go to with his problems after all. So within highschool he stayed away, leading him to simply be bullied for lack of even participating in anything. This only spread through the student body and by his senior year he was below the mathletes on the popularity charts. Daniel was the kind of person you talked to when no one else was around and only for help with your homework when everyone else was too busy to help you.
    Personality: Shy, reserved, depressive even, over eager when a girl does talk to him, wears his heart on his sleeve when he thinks no one can see him otherwise he appears numb.
  8. Name: Jasmine Briant
    Age: 18
    Appearance: View attachment 11590
    History: Born rich, raised as the most popular girl in school and a single child at home, Jasmine expects to recieve everything in life on a silver platter without trying and honestly, with the way she looks, that's the way it's been so far. Any guy would do anything for her because of her natural-born beauty and she sucks up attention like a sponge. When she got to the last year of high school, her parents hired her a tutor to "help" with her homework, which to her meant they paid a guy to do her homework for her. She began getting used to not doing work and used him for everything while she sat back and relaxed. Of course, she's been crowned queen of every dance and is the head cheerleader.
    Personality: Pompous, expects everyone to bow to her, likes to roll her eyes a lot and hates school for any reason other than to see her "BFFs" and her football boyfriend.
  9. Alrighty, so now then, I suppose this should go into the mature section correct?