Good afternoon, please take a seat.


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"Hello, my name is Sam, please take a seat while I go on." He speaks motioning toward a large arm chair. Offering a smile he reclines a bit in his own, folding his hands over his stomach while he observes. "I come here, not as a newbie but as a veteran." With that statement he points to a series of medals upon his dark coat, denoting his service in the role play field. "As such I hope that you may be willing to accept me within this place, oh where are my manners... Tea?" Motioning quickly a bright eyed neko female quickly scurries over with a tray in hand, upon it a large kettle and china. "Saria can make you whatever kind you wish." A small nod follows, the female seeming rather cheery as she waits for an order.

"As I was saying however, I do hope that you accept me within your ranks. I do love a good play, as long as my partner is decent." Doing his best not to sound haughty the male offers another smile, before standing. It revealed his dark dress attire, somewhat casual but still classy. Moving in front of the fire place and staring into the bright licks of energy he offers a soft chuckle and turns. "Any questions for me?"

((Yea, I decided to have some fun with that.))
Sits down as asked, her ruby robe silently rusteling around her ankles. She inclined her head to the left, curiously listening to the newcomer who appears to be more than what he seems.
"Let me welcome you, Sam, to the wonderful world of Iwaku. I am Carnival Monster," she says evenly and smiles. "It will be pleasure to see you around here. If the need be and you, for some reason, would feel lost or confused, do not hesitate and contact other members who, I am sure of it, will be happy to help you."

*Knocks over the tea.*



*Promptly flees without offering anything useful or explanatory! And shouts on the run!*

"Why thank you Monster, I do appreciate it." He speaks giving her a nod only to blink as he hears Saria cry out in a panic. "Oh bloody hell..." Grumbling he made his way to the rather distraught female, "Shhh shh, just get a cloth and wipe it up, not a big deal..." With a gentle scratching to the girls head she quickly gets to cleaning while he moved back to the fire rubbing at his temples.
You guys are RPing the introduction? I swear, I meet more weirdos every day. Well, welcome.
It was an attempt to make things less generic...
Cool down, I think everyone's weird.

It's my thing.
*Leans and whispers to Archailfire.* Don't mind Goofy Kisha there. She's about 20 crayons shy of a full pack...
Can't help but snigger a little bit as it was whispered. He shook his head a bit and have a nod, "I admit it was an odd idea none the less."
*Quickly drinks the tea, wondering what's for lunch*

You'll fit in nicely here, Archailfire. Nice to meet you, I'm October. Usually I can be found in Fantasy or Sci-fi rps, when I'm not wasting time looking at pictures of food that is. Anyway enough about me.

Glad you joined, dude. And if I can help you at all, let me know.
Hi there! I'm Ozzie. Any biscuits to go with this tea?

Don't mind Kisha. You're not the first person to RP an intro thread. *Sips tea*

Speaking of tea, we have a group for it, should you care to join.

Let me know if you need anything!
*walks in, stops, looks around the room, picks up a chair...........................and walks out with it*
So... When do we break out the marshmallows and sing kumbaya? Sits in chair and sips tea, pinky up* I am wondering if there are any interesting groups to get into, that will assist me in getting better...? Looks around crowd questioningly*
There are lots of interesting groups! Why don't you shoot me a PM and I will help you find some?
??? Looks at confuzzled* A PM???... oh... private message, right...
*sees the thread title, picks up a chair and then walks out the door with it*
I like'a where you're from.

Welcome to Iwaku.