Gone Girl

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  1. I don't think I've ever seen a movie which made me feel so uncomfortable all the way through to the end. Excellent movie, no doubt about it but the mixture between the film, acting and music score left me not only uncomfortable but a wanting to continue through to the very end, always on the edge but never quite there. Go, watch, consume.
  2. yeah it was nothing like the trailer

    i was expecting some silly rom com

    instead i got this awesome murder mystery/plot twist
  3. Mmmm, the trailer just got me excited because I saw the names David Fincher, Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor all on a single project. But of course I have high expectations of Fincher as the films he directs are always quality, memorable and holy shit you have to watch it again. Like Fight Club. Or Se7en. Or The Game.

    Edit: Which reminds me...
  4. [​IMG]i

    I had to do it. X_X

    Seriously though, Gone Girl is on my list of movies to watch. And Raz, how the hell did you think it was a Rom/Com?

    I was actually going to skip watching it, but I was reading an article of how a criminal psychologist believed that the wife had Munchhausen, so now I'm kind of interested.
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  5. Okay it just occurred to me what a rom/com is. @Razilin how the hell did you think it was that!?
  6. what? its a legit assumption
  7. I'm curious how you got that, too o.O
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