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    Some strangers are kidnapped and experimented on they acquire special powers in the strange lab were they are watched by strange people, scientists. They are dangerous and the power hunger people on the other side of the glass and they want these powerful mythological beasts for an unknown cause. What is their reason for turning these normal people into monsters, and will they ever find their way back home or are they gone for good?

    Note: This is a mash up of many of the characters alibis. It is put all together so anyone who reads it can understand what kind of monsters are in the facility.

    A man that looks to be in his late twenties. His hair is a deep brown his eyes one missing one a dark green. He wears a eye patch and a white lab coat. Behind him a group of people 5 all the same white lab coat but very different Expressions. While the man has a straight face the 5 people look terrified. They look from cage to cage their eyes wide as they see the peo- no monsters inside. The tour group passes by another cell, and the scientists slow down to look into it, curious. No, it didn't contain any significantly dangerous looking creature. Nor did the thing inside look very strange. In fact, it seemed more like Dr. Booker had a dog in there than anything else. She was laying down in the center of the cell, gazing up at the scientists.

    "Oh," The head scientist said, stopping to see what they were looking at. "Don't worry, she's human." At the sound of Booker's voice, the wolf in question perked its head up, and slowly stood up. It seemed to get bigger, just a little. "This is the big bad wolf. Not too threatening now, I know. But when she's angry... I would recommend standing back." He knocks on the bulletproof glass, and soon the wolf was no longer small, but was standing up on two legs, and had appeared to grow larger. She approaches the glass, but stops a few feet away, snarling. Dr. Booker smiles, "She's learned by now that she can't get through the glass." He gestures to the many gashes on the glass where she had tried to break through before. The werewolf glares at him, before retreating to the back of the cell and slowly turning human. She leans back against the far wall of her cell, with her arms crossed, maintaining the glare directed towards the head scientist.

    Dr. Booker turns away and continues walking. "Moving on..." He says, and the group of scientists follow. He heard a shout from behind, from the cell they had just left: "Thanks for stopping by."

    They stop at a middle cell two guards stand outside inside sits a boy about 19 a cloth covering his eyes. The string of an eye patch pokes out from under it were he had obviously lost the eye. The five people look closely at him he wears black with something covering a hand with a dagger on it. Then his wings big bat like wings that reach the ceiling. A man in the back says "why is there a cloth over his eyes?" The man leading the tour says "because if you look into his eyes he controls your mind." The people gulp "is that all" a women asks the man responds "no my dear he steals souls by ripping out people's hearts. He can also sense his surroundings that's why he can still move around with out bumping into anything with the cloth." The people nod still a little frightened by the beast on the other side of the bars there gaze lingers as they move to the next cage.

    Sitting in the corner of the 'room' was a teen with arms wrapped tightly around her legs, fingers digging into the skin of her arms with pinpricks of blood starting to show. The group of 5 scientists, one leading the rest, were looking into the cage intently, studying the figure in the corner. Her, sensing the stares stiffened and then her gaze snapped up, dark blue eyes boring into the group and lips curling into an animalistic snarl. The sudden movement caused the four new scientists to jump slightly, startled. The leader simply laughed, tapping on the glass barrier. "Don't worry about this one, she's just being territorial." He said simply, fingers coming up to tap upon the glass. That caused an instant reaction, the girl changing shape within a matter of moments, clothes still fluttering to the ground as a fox sprang out from between them and to the edge of the cage with a growl, glaring up at the man.
    "Fantastic," one woman murmured as she scribbled some notes down, eyes locked on the fox. "How did you manage it?" The leader glanced back, pulling his fingers away from the glass. "Let's just say that here, we've perfected the genetic code and how to manipulate it." He said with a small smile. "Now come on then, I have much more to show you." He said, turning and continuing on, not sparing a glance back. The fox snarled once more, watching the man leave, and pacing back and forth along the edge of the cage after he had left, eyes locked onto the retreating figures.

    The group of scientist approached and stopped at another special cell made just for this beast. the scientist that was leading group started to talk about this creature "he may look normal be he is actually a phoenix. he has all the abilities of a phoenix and can and engulf his entire body in his fire to turn into a phoenix, but the special thing about him is that his flames are blue. normally calm but always so silent. his flames will only hurt those he chooses so best not to anger him. he has already incinerated a few employees without hesitation. easiest way not aggravate him is to avoid eye contact, avoid speaking to him while in the same room as him unless your playing a game of chess with him,but even then watch what you say, and don't touch him unless he is put in a temporary coma. his body as phoenix is as big as a horse with 50ft wing span. and whenever he dies he just turns to ashes for 10 seconds then he rise from those ashes back to normal and to the age where he was turned into a phoenix at 18" Rue quietly sits on his bunk staring at a chess set as the group stares at him for few seconds after the speech before moving on.

    They stop again at another cell a teenage girl about 16 huddles in the corner. She wears a torn up blue dress with white torn out tights and black flats. Her pitch black curly hair hides her face. "She's a creepy one" the head scientist says with a chuckle not looking at the 5. As if on queue the girl begins to sing.
    "Ring around the Rosie" she sings her voice child like "what is she?" One of the scientist asked horrified. "She's a physic" Dr. Booker replies "how did you make her" one asks in awe. Booker laughs "We didn't" he replies "she was already physic her power was just...weak we just enhanced it". She giggles the hair falls from her face reveling cold icy blue eyes but the whites of her eyes were completely black. The 5 scientists look down to write something and when they look back up there she is. Her eyes now completely black and little black veins surround them "A pocketful of posies" she sings. She tilts her head and smiles a big creepy smile Dr. Booker chucks seeing the others terrified expressions. "Ashes, ashes we all fall down" she finishes "isn't that right Dr. Booker" she says. Bookers expression changes to a frown anger and sorrow fill his eyes he turns and walks away. She gets closer to the glass so that she's almost touching it, turning her head she follows him with her eyes. "We're coming for you Booker!" she says "I can see it, and there's no where you can hide!" her pitch goes higher as she finishes in a sing song like fashion. The 5 other scientist start to hurry away "Bye, bye" she says with a little wave. They all run after Dr. Booker she throughs back her head and laughs.

    The man stopped at a steal door, and looked back at the terrified scientists "Know don't go too close with these three, there my favorite" the man smiled and put his thumb on the thumb print scan, the system scans the thumb and the door opens, He walks through the door as the four scientists follow, the door closes behind them.

    When they get in the room, they see the three creatures, there was a women in a white dress and another girl who seemed to be asleep, they look at the second cage, Their was a man with white skin, He was bald with pure white eyes, but with no pupils, His mouth sealed shut, He had long, white nails coming down his finger tips He had a green jump suit, and black boots

    The man looks at the five people, his hand sliding down the glass, His eyes show he was begging for mercy, the man grabs a green blanket and covers the cell,"Sorry folks, you do not want to stare in his eyes" the man says to the scientists "Why" one of the scientists say "Trust me, you don't"

    The head scientist stops looking at Piper she looks normal. she was laying on her back a hand over her stomach her eyes closed her long blonde hair spread out around her head. he turns back to group "Here is one of our newest experiments, her name is Piper West. Something didn't work the was we planed and well she shifts into... well... anything... be very careful, she's a tricky one, she'll change into anything and everything. someone you love, someone you hate. since the time shes been here she's made 4 escape attempts. sometimes the changes are uncontrollable so when you're taking her blood or anything else be very careful. if you let her she will trick you." Piper almost on cue opened her eyes. they were so blue and suddenly she was a small girl, no older the 5 years old. the girl let out a scream. "help!" she screamed"help! those people they hurt me, they run tests in me! they're going to hurt you too! they'll kill you. they're going to kill me too! help me!" her screams fades from even being recognizable words to plain screams. tears and snot ran down the little girls face "shut up girl!" he yells at her the tears stop and there's Piper standing there her hair hanging around her face. she did look scary. she crossed the large white room where she was contained to the observation room to the window where they were all standing and watching in s few fast strides as a tiger. and then she was face to face with him. "if i ever get out of here..." she started saying but the scientist clapped his hands together "next experiment!" the group moved on.

    As they approach the last cage they see who's inside. A beautiful girl sits in the corner she wears a white dress with a bow. She rocks back and forth her legs pressed agains her chest she seems to being singing something. The man can tell the singing is what the 5 are wondering about. He taps on the glass "sound and bullet prof" he say with a smirk. "Why" a women asks the man laughs and answers "well we don't want her making every guy in this building rushing to let her out". "Wait what?" The man crosses his arms "can't you tell she's a siren" the people stare in silence "killed one of our interns a few weeks ago" he adds. "We got her about 3 months ago and boy was she a fighter but that's what we needed." He continues "you see the Procedure only works if someone is strong enough to handle it for this one at least. For every single girl we tried they always died she was a first successful one. She has a great background too national swimmer, very smart, a model. She fit the description perfectly!" A man in the front says "what exactly is this procedure?" "Ahhh!" The man says with a smirk "well we constructed a formula that aloud the body to change into a copy of its self when it came in contact with water. I won't go into the details but we made some changes to the second form surgery traded her legs for a tail plus some pretty sharp canines. Then to finish it off we did some surgery on both forms vocal cords consulted a Hypnotist made some changes and boom a perfect siren" he finishes with a chuckle. "Would you like to see the second form?" He asks as the girl heads for the water. They nod "wait" a women says "what's her name and were is her family?" The man smiles and says "her name is burgundy but we call her Melody because of her songs and as for her family we have plans for them..." They head down a stair case and go under the floor to see the pool that was in the middle of the cage. The people look in awe at burgundy in her second form they furiously write notes on their clip boards. The man chucks and all 5 people look up "I almost forgot" he says "my name is Dr. James Booker."

    What's going on right now?:
    Well Dr. Booker is convincing some others scientists that they should see how the monsters react with each other. They don't want any dying but they have to to get to the next step of the plan. They will put all the monsters to sleep using gas. Then move them to a really calm, natural looking forest like room to see how they react.​
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  2. [​IMG]
    I wake from a restless sleep
    blinking open my eyes, they adjusted to the pale light of my prison. A few scientists stand around my cage monitoring me "scram" I snarl but they can't hear me. My cage was sound prof because of what I was what they made me. I fall back on my mattress with a sigh why was I here I had done nothing wrong. Was I framed or something and was this some sick new jail? I had asked myself these questions time and time again but I knew if never know the answer. "Morning beautiful break-fast time" a guard says as he slides a tray through the only opening in my small ceil. I bare my teeth at him and rise retrieving the tray I sit on my bed to eat. The food here was actually pretty good I eat hungrily but neatly. I through the tray to the ground by the opening for them to retrieve it. I fall back down on my bed once agin looking up at my ceiling oh how I longed to see the sky. Or feel a summer breeze and hear birds song. I sit back up and stand heading for the pool in the middle of my ceil I slide into the cool water relaxing a little. My form changes to that of what you might consider a mermaid but I was a siren. I fiddle with a small radio it plays music, current music I smile singing along to the song.​

    I lay still and quite on my bed my breathing quite. I sit up abruptly and face the glass wall on one side of my cage. I guard slides a tray through without thinking twice. I stalk over to the tray grabbing it quickly. I walk back over to my bed and sit. I eat the food quickly it was pretty good. Though I wish I could taste something different for once. I hoped one day I could get out of here though I knew it wasn't going to be easy.

    I sit straight up on my bed facing the wall my pale face emotionless. I don't even look at the tray comes through. I just wave my hand and it slides fast right over to me. I pick it up and examine the food. Before beginning to eat I eat quickly and silently and throw the tray hard against the glass making a loud bang. They defiantly knew I was done. As the guard comes back to retrieve my tray I look over at him. My face blank I tilt my head not saying a word. I could feel his fear and smile. Then he cracks grabbing the tray he runs and I laugh.

    I pace the floor in front of the large table were some of the scientists sat. "We have to test them" I say slamming my fist down on the table. "We need to see how they react with each other if we are to ever get to phase 3" I say. "But we don't know how'll they'll react we don't want to lose any?" A man says. I sigh and fall down into my chair "True, true but how are we to know..." I say then add "if they get to wild we gas the place simple as that" (sleeping gas) I finish. I see a few nervous looks between some of my followers "ok" a women says and the rest follow. I smile "alrighty" I say "let's get to work. Get the gas ready" (sleeping gas) I say pointing at girl/boy (if someone wants it to be their character feel free to :)). "You" I say to a girl/boy (again feel free to talk this spot) "you have the honor of restraining the 3" I grin "follow me" I add.

    I sit in a chair by a desk in my hotel room we were setting out today to search for our missing friends and family. I sign I was so worried for piper I had known her for so long she wouldn't run away and this was no prank. I fiddle with a pen and look at the clock it was time to go down stairs to meet the detective. I stand collecting my thing I head down stairs.

    I lay on my bed staring up at the ceiling. I sigh turning over I was dressed and ready to go but I needed a minute. I was so afraid for Drake I just hoped to god he was ok. I sit up and slide on my boots and walk along the carpet floor grabbing my bag I exit my room. I began to head down stairs to where we were meeting.

    I wait in my room for the meeting time to come. I was worried for my brother and hoped he was ok. We still didn't know what had happened to them. They had no connections, and unless they had all decided to run away at the same time then they were probably kidnapped. I look at the clock seeing the time I throw on my shoes and head down to the lobby.

    I throw a sweat shirt over my white tank top and add a grey scarf. I was going crazy worrying for Burgundy. I slip on my Uggs, my parents had gotten me out of school to look for my friend. So I was very grateful I was just so concerned for her. As I finish getting ready I practically run down stairs.

    I rise the blue eyeliner to my eye dragging the pencil along my eye. Finishing with eyeshadow and lipstick I throw my things in my bag. I sling my bag over my shoulder and head for the door to go down stairs.

    I sit on my bed putting on my shoes I sigh looking out the window. I missed my sister though she was weird she was my little sis. I would never leave her. That's why I was helping I had to for her. I stand walking over to the door grabbing my bag I leave for the lobby.

    I sit next to my mom "be good" she says "they'll take care of you, don't worry" I shake my head. "I'm just worried about rose" I say she sighs. She says "you'll find her and you'll both be home before you know it. I nod and hug her tight she smiles "it's only a few days you won't be away forever" she says. I smile and nod standing with her we head down to the lobby to meet the detective.
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  3. rue sits in his bunk staring at his chess set doing a mirror match and deiced to reset the board cause it was going nowhere. then placed the board on his night stand. then laid back and listen to his mp3 (provided with the music he likes cause it helps keep him calm) listing to the album spit by Kittie.

    volume low though so he can hear his own thoughts. 'i wonder what the others are like. i know there must be others but what are these others and what are their abilities. maybe i should ask. nah if they wanted me to know they wouldve told me. therefor not important' he thinks as he rest his head on his pillow 'but still i am curious, hmmmm'
  4. A haunting child's scream echoes the halls as Rose wakes up her shrill voice shouting for help. She is hysterical and started to bang on the glass walls her eyes screaming for help as her transformation started. Roses olive skin quickly started to fade as the oxygen level depleted in her blood she started to gag and fell onto her knees almost vomiting but her new skin cells wouldn't let her so bile rises in her throat. She held her hair back but didn't need to any longer as it drifted down around her it's caramel colour quickly being replaced by a stark white which sprung from her head making her head thump and pound. She held her head as she waited for the worst to come and then it came blood spotted on her small back as her bones started to thin leaving her body two times as small and then the real pain came her large yellow wings started to sprout from the two hashes in her back even though they were too big Roses shrill voice once again echoed as she started to fly above her bed
  5. Piper here's a click her head raises immidietly dog hearring enters her system and she pulls her head up looking around to see if the door was really opening. She looked up to find it locked. She remembered clearly the 4 times she managed to get out of her cell. The first time she's barely had any control over... The... Changes. Someone was taking blood Piper hates blood being taken. She had screamed at the top of her lungs and changed in to a screaming 4 year old girl. The scientist was taken aback with the needle still in her arm she ran somewhere in the proses the needle had fallen out of her arm. Her heart beat so fasts she was sure it was autable. She changed into a horse and sped down halls kicking over things and scaring everyone... Or thing. Someone then blew a dart into her neck and she faded back to a human. When she woke up she was in her call. Each time she got closer and closer to the exit but they were also getting more clever. She hadn't tried to get out in a while. But then again... They were expecting it. Her hair hung limply around her face. She hadn't really bothered changing her features to mask the beaten up way she looked. She wanted them to see her like this... Then they might feel something. They migh be sorry. They might let her go. That last one was unlikely she told herself. And wrapped her arms around herself once more her nails digging into her skin the beads of blood beginning to fall. There was dried blood caked under her nails and it was splattered down her arms too.
    The day before she got kidnapped flashed in her mind. She was studying when she got a Stange call from Zach. Her blonde hair had been piled on her head in a bun and she was looking over science work. She had called Zach for help because science and math had always been his thing. Instead of talking to her on the phone he insisted on coming over to help. Her parents didn't mind and these random show ups had become a norm. He had thrown a rock at her window. She looked up and more little clicks and taps followed the first one. She got up from her notes and opened the windown avoiding the last one thrown just in time.
    "Zach!?" She called down and he grinned up at her
    "You know I have a front door right?" He flashed another smile to her and waved her away
    "What did you need help with?" He asked.
    "You wanna use that door?" She called down and he smiled to his shoes.

    Her memory was inturuped by another click and she stood up gripping her arm so the beads turned to a stream. Piper glared at the observation window and shrunk to a cat gave a loud hiss and returned to a human.
    What had happened to her!? If Zach found her like this what would he say? Zach was her best friend. She only hoped he noticed her absence.
    The click came and she suddenly wished for something to throw at the door when breakfast was slid through the door. It was piled high with food, nice food that wafted a scent through the entire room. Her stomach ached but if she ate now she would throw it all up. Piper wasn't eating. If there was anything in the food she wouldn't eat it. And since her body wasn't use to eating if she started now. No luck it would all come up. Piper threw herself into her cot face down and thried to drown out the scent of food with the scent of blood and iron.
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  6. Rose didn't stop screaming her eyes filling with an infinite amount of tears she began to fly around her room her voice laced with terror as she begged an invisible force to let her go. She started to pound on the glass her large wings Making her powerful until a small spider web of a crack emerged and rose bit her lip as she took her now long fingernail on the glass and dragged it down so a screeching sound echoed through the damp hallways reaching the ears of all the occupants. She tried to get back into the ground but couldn't even though she was dehydrated and needed water which was on her bedside table so Sh began to hold onto things and pull herself down until Eventully Gravity came back and she fell into the floor one of her million dollar wings snapped an alarm went off in her cell and she covered her ears rocking back and forth as blood pulled from the gash in her back as the wing lay next to her covering her body like a guard.
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  7. These days Piped drifted in and out of sleep. She barely moved at all but the nightmares were horrible. She never got more then 2 hours into sleep before she woke screaming from a nightmare. That hour she was dreaming of Zach. He had acted so stangely that night.

    Zach was stairing at her from the ground. And suddenly Piper was standing in the grass.
    "They're coming" Zach said
    "Who's coming?" She asked
    "They're coming"
    "They're coming"
    and then everything started turning black hands stretched out to grab Zach and all of a sudden Piper couldn't run fast enough
    "Zach!" She screamed "Zach!"
    "They're coming, they're coming they're coming"

    Piper woke with a scream.
    "Zach!" With wide eyes she looked around breathing heavily she realized that she was in the room alone next door to the left was the siren. And to the right was the demon that steels your soul. She pulls her knees to her chest and bites her lip. The pain and blood washes over her like an old friend. She ducks her head into her lap and tried not to let anyone see her tears as they well into her eyes.
  8. Rue was listing Riders on the Storm by the doors while contemplating what they plan on doing with him. [BCOLOR=#000000]'they have tested all my abilities multiple times now all they do is kill me to see if any certain death could change my down time before i rise from the ashes again, which is getting really annoying cause they tried every method possible and no change in the 10 second wait. and the coming back to life after death is a irritating trip though they haven't done anything for last few months. what can they be up to?'[/BCOLOR]
  9. a man with a green eye patch and a white scientist coat, he stands in front of four other scientists,"Hello everybody, please do not break anything, other than that, let's begin" the man leads the four scientists inside the building, They walk past incredible beings,demons,werewolves,vampires and many mythological beings.

    The man stopped at a steal door, and looked back at the terrified scientists "Know don't go too close with these three, there my favorite" the man smiled and put his thumb on the thumb print scan, the system scans the thumb and the door opens, He walks through the door as the four scientists follow, the door closes behind them.

    When they get in the room, they see the three creatures, there was a women in a white dress, as they past her, they look at the second cage, Their was a man with white skin, He was bald with pure white eyes, but with no pupils, His mouth sealed shut, He had long, white nails coming down his finger tips He had a green jump suit, and black boots

    The man looks at the five people, his hand sliding down the glass, His eyes show he was begging for mercy, the man grabs a green blanket and covers the cell,"Sorry folks, you do not want to stare in his eyes" the man says to the scientists "Why" one of the scientists say "Trust me, you don't"
  10. [​IMG]
    I groan as the alarm goes off I turn to the boy/girl beside me. "Meet me in the white room" I say "I'll be right back" I walk down the dark hall to the source of the alarm. It was one of the newer experiments They never learn I think. "What do we do?" One scientist asks I snort and press a button at the side of the cage. "I thought the three were to be restrained first" a women says. I nod and say "yes but seeing that we don't want her bleeding to death we had change of plans". She nods and steps back as white cloudy sleeping gas leeks into the cell. It fills up so everything in the cell was an outline. "She better be patched up by the time I'm done with the three" I say looking over all the people. I turn quickly and hurry over to the metal door I press my finger up against the scanner. It opens and I step inside closing the door behind me "Who's first" I say rubbing my hands together with a grin.

    I jump slightly as I hear the alarm What is happening? I look around turning off my music I swim over to the side closest to the door. I wonder if someone had tried to escape it was foolish but worth it. I had never seen anyone other then the shapeshifter and Dover demon, and of course dr. Booker. I swear if I ever got out of here I'd rip his throat out. Then the alarm stops, I could hear something running through the pipes above to some unknown place. Gas maybe... I pull myself from the water and I'm human again. I stand wiping off my white dress and look out the window. Then the door flys open and there's Booker I snarl. He rubs his hands together and says "who's first" I look at him puzzled. Then I remember the alarm the stuff going through the pipes. They were up to something and I didn't like it.
  11. Piper looks up from her seat on the old cot in her cell. Dr. Booker stands stairing at the siren and the demon and of course herself. She bites her lip and the matalic taste of blood fills her mouth.
    I don't think I can take more experiments. Piper thinks weakly. If only we worked together then, then maybe we could get out. But everyone was so flighty she caught the siren's eyes once but she looked away from her, and she had to admit that she was scared to look at the demon.
    She feels herself flicker into a small shape. It wasn't something that she liked to fade through but occasionally it happened when she wasn't feeling strong. She looked down at herself and caught her reflection in the glass. It was her face she knew but from a much earlier time. 8 yearold Piper staired back at her the waves and curles hung in her hair that she had grown out of when she was 13. The blood was still caked under her small hands and the dryed old blood on her arms was mixing with the fresh blood falling down her arms. Her big blue eyes staired at Booker
    "Leave" she said in her small 8year old voice. "Get out and let us leave" she moaned "just let us go" she said her 8 year old voice growing to her 16 yearold one. Her reflection was now a Piper who's cloths hung off her bones, the were very fitting when she first got them they hung to every curve On her and now they hung loosely off her body makeing them look baggy.
    "What do you want from us!?" She yells bareing her teeth.
  12. "Louis, you good? You seem pretty...off at the moment." The cashier's worried voice clicked him back; he had been stuck in his memories at the moment, and none beneficial for his psychological health. "Y-yeah, I'm alright." Sighing, he pushed his messy blonde hair back as he finished his purchase, giving a weary grin as he walked off. He was an ordinary man here, an escape from the horror of his second...job. Fortunately, or unfortunately, most of the..taken weren't very well known, and it was unlikely many would search for them. At the same time, he knew that he at least had to try something; the whole thing was mentally overburdening him. How could he simultaneously play the innocent card, play the evil card, AND somehow get Booker to change? The prospect seemed impossible, but, as a duelist, you could never try to achieve things in one thrust. It was a coordinated dance, to tire out the opponent, and finally slip the rapier past the guard......but that was irrelevant at the moment.

    "Thanks, Derante, we should be good here, get home and get a good sleep, yeah? You look like hell, no offense, 'course." He merely nodded, "Thank you Doctor Levante, I'll be sure to do so." He worked part time as an RN at the local hospital, which only boosted him to the public eye. His family was gone, and the only friend he had was Booker, well, before his..change. Still, that only tightened his resolve, he would have to either reform the area or shut it down. Of course, he wondered when the law enforcement would step in; someone as unstable as Booker would make a misstep eventually, it was just a question of when. He had to make sure the police didn't find out about the area....the media would treat them as circus freaks. If possible, he would try to at least make a better environment for them. But what about the ones with family? Friends? The small, niggling voice at the back of his head pestered him, serving only to fuel his frustration. Of course some, if not most of them had family, friends! But would they recognize them? Would they truly be able to accept their friends and family as they were now? If only he could reverse it.... Stepping into the elevator, Louis opened up a small bag, revealing dozens of small vials and pouches; the other Registered Nurses trusted him. and they never checked to see what he disposed of. Quickly scanning over his small stash, he read silently a few names. Morphine...Dilaudid....Chitosan. That was all he could get, but it would suffice. Looking deeper in, he found a long roll of gauze bandage sitting there, waiting for use. No doubt, whatever would happen today in the...laboratory, he would most likely need these supplies.

    "She better be patched up by the time I'm done with the three" Leaving, Booker left it to his scientists. Of course, they would likely fail and cause the experiment's death. They were clumsy. Walking in, Louis wore his dress uniform, along with his boots and gloves.

    "Step back. I will work on the experiment, given how the rest of you have no experience. Work on maintaining a stable perimeter, be prepared to assist in case of violent reaction." His appearance, as usual, seemed to spook the scientists, both old and new. while the older ones opened their mouths to protest, Louis simply turned to them, his emotionless mask scaring off the scientists, as they nodded and waited outside.

    Stepping in, he applied the filter to his mask, making sure none of the sleeping gas would seep in; the other scientists would have likely forgotten. In their blind devotion to Booker, they either forget about the gas, or they try to tough it out to impress their colleagues. They never impressed him though. Mentally sighing, he detached the satchel at his side as he inspected the...girl in front of him. Jesus Christ. "..." What the hell was Booker thinking? "..." She...looks like my younger sister..when she was alive, at least. "..."

    "Louis, why are you never home anymore?" She was pouting. making exaggerated gestures with her hands as the young male frowned, "I'm home all the time, Amy, and I had fencing practice with Geoff today, so I couldn't exactly travel here and there in less than ten minutes." His sister's sad look was clear; it stayed with him, that last image of regret. "Well, okay...sorry. It's just that you never play with me anymore." Leaning back on the stairs, she seemed so innocent, snacking away past her bedtime....
    "Amy, I'll play with you tomorrow, okay? Now go to sleep, mom and dad are sleeping, we don't want to wake them up." Winking at her, Louis went up to his room, before he crept out of the house; he would be back home in time for his parents not to notice, and he could bribe Amy with a cookie if she caught him. Smiling, he walked off into the night, wishing his sister good night as she fell asleep.

    He went to sleep over at Geoff's house, that day, but....he never knew that Amy, along with his parents would suffer the same fate that Booker's family did.

    "Oh god, no! Amy, Amy, Amy! Oh my god, Amy, please!" He was shaking her, there were no burn wounds, but apparently she inhaled a lot of smoke. He wanted her to live so desperately, but in the end, he knew that the smoke would most likely kill her.
    "...Louis..?" His head looked up, his eyes were red and tears were still streaming down. "...We'll....we'll play...tomorrow...ri..." Her eyes seemed so sad, yet so happy....it was as if she just wanted someone there for when she died.
    "...Yeah. We...We'll play tomorrow, I promise.....because...because...." Her eyes were closing.... "Because I'll always visit you, Amy...and you'll never be alone...." She couldn't talk anymore, but she seemed to smile at him before she stopped breathing.

    "..." Again, he was so thankful for the mask. It contained all of his tears, and it made him seem as if he was just surveying the damage. Choking, the voice synthesizer would cover up for him, as it always did when the emotional impact of these experiments got to him, "I will ask you to hold still, so I can administer treatment. Please do not become hostile at this time." Kneeling down, he procured a large strip of the gauze in his bag. He had already administered Chitosan to the gauze, making a makeshift Chitosan bandage. Hopefully, its antibacterial properties, along with its function to reduce bleeding, help here. Of course, he couldn't administer the bandage if she kept on squirming in such a manner. Slipping the vial from a sleeve into his hand, Louis proceeded with morphine in hand. If asked why, he could always say that morphine made it easier to treat the newer experiments, and Booker couldn't mind, seeing as how the morphine was self derived. He could only foolishly hope that the other experiments got such treatment. White mask on, Louis's internal dilemma was shrouded by the cold, emotionless stare of the mask as he walked forward, the gauche in left hand in case her...changes gave her increased strength. Of course, he would rather not resort to striking her, if he did so, his cover might be blown, considering what a striking resemblance she bore to Amy. It's too bad that Amy had died three years ago, though he always visited her grave, her and this girl may have been good friends. Hopefully, the sleeping gas did it's work, and he wouldn't have to restrain her at all. Hopefully.
  13. Roses eyes flicked open as gas started to fade from the room making the White walls stained with residue she saw the man and screamed for help her body shaking but her vocal chords didn't work anymore so all that came out was a haunting gust of air that pssed through the cell like a guarding presence. Her small frame shook in the cell as her wings twisted and turned beneath her blood pooling where their slots were she looked up at the cold faced man and decided that life couldn't get any worse so she kicked him twice before flying her small arms about hitting anything and hopefully his mask.
  14. ...It was pitiful to watch. And even more pitiful to realize that whatever experiments were done on her didn't seem to increase any physical attributes at all, or anything really, other than appearance. Mentally shaking his head, he swiftly grabbed her arm to steady her, then injected a shot of morphine into her system, not enough to cause the pain to permanently fade, but enough to make it much more bearable. If he merely took all of the pain away, she would be unprepared if he had no more morphine and/or Dilaudid. of course, it was also a countermeasure to make sure her body wouldn't negatively react to the morphine; if it did, he would have to use Dilaudid. It was much more powerful than morphine, and was only administered in small amounts. Working efficiently, he moved to get a better view on her back, wincing as he saw the slits. Without wasting a second, he pulled out the Chitosan bandage from his bag, applying a small patch of Liquid Pain Reliever to ease the application. Most wounds reacted worst on the edges, so he spread the pain reliever in a semi circle. Whipping the medicine back into his bag, he applied the bandage over her back and tied it around her shoulders. Finishing this, he moved more slowly to give the impression that things were better, as he walked over to her bedside table, taking the cup of water. "At this time, please drink the water administered to you, if not, you will be unable to recuperate effectively." Kneeling down, he pressed the cup to her lips, and tried urging her to drink. If she would not recover effectively......his hand lingered to his side. Perhaps it was best to overdose her, and put her out of her misery..? No. He had no authority to take a life.....but wasn't it just? Unable to decide, he kept one hand on the cup and the other inside of his pocket, contemplating his decisions as the white mask emotionlessly stared into the wall opposite of his location.
  15. Emily Hammond - intern Emily's pretty blue-grey eyes were on the tray in front of her as she tried her hardest to balance the four cups of coffee, carrying them towards the door of one of the offices in the building. A group of scientists was inside, working through some data on their computers, and they had sent the young intern on a coffee run. She gave the door a nudge with her foot to get it open, stepping inside and smiling brightly as she set the coffee down on a little table by the door.

    "Would you like them at your desks or no?" Emily asked softly, figuring they'd prefer the option for fear of spilling on their computers.

    "Just leave it there, love," answered one of the scientists, a sly smile on his face as he looked at her. "Thanks. You can go back to cleaning or what ever you were doing before."

    "Actually," said another one of the scientists, the only female on the room, "Miss Hammond could probably deliver the papers to Dr. Booker, the data that's ready so far."

    The males gave the woman a curious look, all clearly thinking, but then looked at Emily and nodded. "Miss Hammond, if you could find Dr. Booker and deliver these to him, that would be greatly appreciated," he said, standing up and gathering together a few papers off the printer. He put them together with a paper clip before handing them off to the redhead, who gave a bright smile and a nod.

    "Absolutely!" she chimed. She hadn't really had the opportunity to talk much to Dr. Booker. He had done her interview when she applied for the internship, and he gave her a nod now and then when she passed him in the hall, but that was it. She had found him very attractive, but such thoughts were unprofessional in such a setting, so she didn't go out of her way to talk to him. She left the room and paused thoughtfully, wondering where she would find the doctor.
  16. Rose's delicate body shook as her new tissue paper thin skin was pierced with the needle silencing her haunting screams. She cast her eyes downwards as the man dabbed some smelling liquid onto her ozzing wound it must have been some sort of gauze since the gushing blood stopped pouring out of the slits and the pounding in her head dulled to a soft drone. She held still as his sturdy hands wrapped the bandaged around her small frame. She just stood stark still with a neutral expression on her face but inside she was terrified DR.Booker had said that her internal operations were not yet done and it had seen that other projects had occupied his time but he personally would have to order a new wing custom made and that wouldn't keep her unnoticed. Her shoulders slumped as his movements slowed down and she stared straight at him her eyes full of disgust as she backed away from his hand. "And- and why would I take some drugged up liquid from you disgusting people," Rose swotted the cup away so the cups contents spilled onto the floor. Rose was pressed up against the stone wall and blood soon streaked it "Why are you part of this sick cooperation, Where you kidnapped people as young as I, how could, you disgusting man," Rose snarled and then quickly her eyes turned furious and She lurched herself at the man tearing at his mask during so her flesh ripped and gashes widened but she didn't care instead she snarled like a beast while screaming "You've made me a beast you sick sick man,"
  17. As he got tired of just sitting there board he went over and pressed a buzzer and spoke "I would like some 1 to play chest with can you send me a employee or some 1 to play?" he asked calmly and coolly wanting an opponent. The normally sent him some 1 so he just stood there waiting for their response. Though he was really hoping they send some 1 that would make for better conversation.
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