Gone for good? [Need new members]

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  1. Ok so here is the plot we defiantly need lots of new members so we can start:

    Some people have been kidnapped and experimented on. They have become mythological beasts with great power. They are things like werewolves, vampires, centaurs, shape shifters etc. They're being watched by these mysterious people unable to leave. They have no clue what these people have planned for them. They also remember little of their life before they were kidnapped. You can also give your character your own flair. Add stuff to them to make them your own. For example I am making a demon and he's going to be different. He can sense his surroundings, steal peoples souls, and control people by them looking into his eyes. So add some of your own ideas to different creatures, creativity is encouraged just keep the basic premise of the creature. You may also sign up for one of the three most powerful creatures. So my girl a siren is one of them. They keep her in a glass cage with white walls all around the room inside is rocky and a very deep pool which the people go down stairs to look at. All 3 most powerful are in one room side by side but with a little space in between. Now what happens next in this story is up to you.

    If you would like to join: