Gone for a Week

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  1. There is a small family on the block. A mom, a dad, a big sister, big brother and a little brother and sister. Well, their parents left on a cruise, leaving the younger children to the care of their older siblings for a week. What might happen?

    Spots to fill:

    Little Sister <Taken>

    Big Brother <Reserved>

    Little Brother <Open>

    Big Sister <Open>

    Friend 1 <Open>

    Friend 2 <Open>

    Friend 3 <Open>

    Friend 4 <Open>

    and more people are welcome to join once the positions are filled.

    Character Sheet-

    Spot in rp: (friend, family, neighbor, schoolmate, ect.)

    One character per roleplayer as of now..

    Thanks, and have fun and be original and creative with your characters!
  2. Name: Sky Rasti
    Age: 8
    Gender: Female
    Spot in rp: Little Sister
    Personality: Friendly and afraid of injury. She gets along with mostly anyone and is very depressed about her parent's absence.
    Appearance: Dark brown hair and icy blue eyes. She wears a light gray t-shirt and a black jacket with navy blue jeans and a pair of tennis shoes.
  3. PM me if you are interested. I am unwatching this thread.