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  1. It's a warm summer night in the mountains of Colorado. Chris Howes, one of the popular school kids in school, decided to throw a huge end-of-school-bash up at his parent's cabin. If you could call a two story, fully loaded, pool and hot tub included in the woods a Cabin. You were either invited to go, or you snuck in with a friend. Your night is filled with loud music, drugs, and partying like there's no tomorrow.

    The next morning you awake to the sound of your banging head, and at the door is a massive hangover. To your surprise the cabin seems quiet. Leaving whatever room you crashed in, you notice that nearly everyone is gone. Only six people in the house, including you. Chris Howes is one of them.

    The cars and vehicles that were parked out side and along the street are gone. You're far up in the mountains. No neighbors, no cell service, no way home.


    I'm SLAM here to slam down a few rules for all of you. A few things I want to mention quickly is that there are no content rating set, that is because this RP can go basically anywhere. However... there are a few things I'm going to make very, VERY, clear:

    There will be no sexual content. Talking rated R stuff. Kiss, sure. Make out, okay. Doing the dirty? No way, Jose. Along with that obviously follows with no rape, molestation, and other adult themes like that. Though this RP is about anything, I certainly don't want it about that.

    Okay, here are the quick rules followed by some elongated rules:

    • Don't bother with a CS, you won't need one.
    • This is free form meaning there is no GM to control our actions or guide us.
    • Be a problem maker, not a problem solver. It's more interesting if you create problems than solving them.
    • The goal of this RP is anything, really, you're a bunch of kids stuck up in a cabin unsure of where everyone is. What really happened is up to us to decide as the story goes on. Apocalypse, invading spies, angry bees, or any number of things could be the reason why everyone is missing. Let's discover it together.
    • I encourage back stories, but tell them through narrative, not through a spoiler. That ruins the surprise of it.
    I ask that we keep a certain theme to this. Let's not derail too much, make the story more about our characters or our own progression, but rather the progression of all of our characters together to make a beautiful story where we all possibly die at the end. Who knows.

    Also, keep your posts nice a pretty. A paragraph would be nice, but half of one would be fine as well as long as you can keep your character active and interesting.

    Please, please read everyone's posts. I know it can be grueling and boring if it doesn't pertain to you, but we are all writers spending out moments on this site creating art for everyone to enjoy. It's disrespectful to not read a post and then contradict the one right before you. I have little to no tolerance for this.

    Finally to join this RP, post below that you're interested and I'll look over your profile, your resume, etc and see if you're a good fit. I'm looking for six people, three have already been selected. When we've got enough people, we will begin the roleplay. Let's do the thing.


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  2. Just posting so you know GWYN SPRINGSTEEN is still totes there (in all her disheveled ginger glory.)
  3. Reservation for one, please.
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