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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Jihae, Jun 7, 2016.

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    [ M x M ]

    Two groups from ancient grudge broke to new mutiny.
    One town both alike in dignity.
    A life lost.
    Survivors soon broken beyond repair.



    They had called themselves by many names - gang of geeks, the pack, brothers. Andrew was the pillar of their little group.
    The silent leader. He took care of everyone behind the scenes, an ever flowing fountain of advice and support.
    But one day he wasn't there. They'd planned to meet at early dawn to plan their next move against the Pride.

    Andrew never made it.

    Hours later his body was found in the forest near their meeting place by a jogger.
    A quiet chaos reigned within the pack. They were lost - unseeing, deaf, and numb; until one spoke out.


    And with that one word they had a purpose.



    Organized when they were erratic,
    tidy when they were slovenly,
    well behaved when they were unruly,
    the Pride was the antithesis of the Pack.
    The two "gangs" for lack of a better term, were rivals in everything they did.
    It of course made them prime suspects when Andrew's body was found.

    But did they do it?

    The Pride themselves were in disarray. They didn't know how to progress without one of their rivals.
    He had always been there with a teasing word or flip of the finger and now he was gone.
    They slipped into turmoil, friends suspecting each other when they never had before
    until one voice brought them back together.


    And with that one word they had a purpose.

    The original plot maker for GONE AT DAWN.

    This RP is a reboot since he/she disappeared. If he/she decides to come back,
    this RP will automatically fall into the hands of the original GM.

    1. Grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. is important.
    2. I want more than a sentence or a few lines. I'm not talking novels, but I don't want minimum effort.
    3. No Marys or Garys. You know the drill.
    4. If you are going to be gone for 3 or more days, please let the group know about it.
    5. There will be no female characters allowed in this RP. This is a MxM RP.
    6. There will be no OOC Drama whatsoever. IC Drama is fine! But OOC Drama will be dealt with immediately.
    7. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask.
    8. If you have read and understood these rules correctly, please pick any card suit and place it in your CS.

    Q: "I think @Jihae said they might use a number generator to pick who the killer will be or something like that. Other than that, I'm not sure if the two "gangs" are still fighting with each other and if both "gangs" have drama within them for some reason." - Pray4Me

    A: Unfortunately for plot aspects, our previous GM was the one who had all the ideas. I'm the one who just copy and pasted that onto a new thread.
    But, to think of it logically, the two "gangs" for a lack of a better word would still be fighting. The Pack thinks that one of the members or all of The Pride killed Andrew, so there seems to be some hateful tension there. As for The Pride against the Pack, because The Pack is wanting to get revenge (according to the previous thread I copied and pasted) The Pride would probably do anything and everything to protect their members while still figuring out how to seek the truth of what went down when Andrew was murdered.

    As for the killer. In my personal opinion, I kind of don't want people to know who the killer is other than the killer himself. It's kind of like XMan, that game BTS played on Rookie King. If you're unaware of what I'm talking about:


    So, basically, the chosen XMan (in our case, the killer) will be notified of their role without anyone else knowing. This killer would then have to distract the other members of his group and the other to make sure that he doesn't get caught. Along the way, he will have to drop little hints (can be one per post or many hints all at once) that may or may not be noticable to the other people reading the IC post. During this time, each person who was not selected as the killer would have to just look out for the hints, make assumptions about who the killer is, create blame, create drama, etc.
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  2. [​IMG]


    Choi Yoon Tae || The Planner

    Cyrille Nesrus || The Spy

    Soo Noeul || The Hypeman

    Bambi Derric Hemlock || The Fixer
    @Prince Justin Perfection

    Hyun-Ki "Kiki" Chae || The Spy

    Axel || Role
    @T E R R O R

    Derrick Amell || The Leader



    Dominique Vincent Westwood || The Leader
    @Prince Justin Perfection

    Seok-Jae "Momo" Mo || The Dealer

    Min Ki "Minnie" Kim || The Party Boy

    Ash Messick || The Spy

    Ma-Kon "Mako" Jeon || The Figther

    Ehtan Price || The Newbie

    Ji-Yeon Min || Co-Leader
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  3. I will copy and paste my cs later.
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  4. Let's get this OOC party started!

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  5. Oooh I'd like to join! :)
  6. A BTS lover

    who also loves Jimin

    o m g
  7. Trying to remember what FC I wanted for this >.> Hurrrrrr xD


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  9. @Luxii I think you wanted Kookie if I remember correctly! :p
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  10. Hmm hmm hmmm.....

    Who to use....
  11. *Sits over here... chillin in the don't know the fuck is going on corner*.... XD I love how fanatic you all are for KPop and I am just like... yeah, nice xD
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  12. I couldn't remember if it was him or Taehyung! Bratty rich kid Jungkookie :X
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  13. Shattered, become one of us!!
  14. I mean... with you and Crystal... I'm surprised I am not one already XD. lol every rp we're in I learn about a new Kpop guy XD lol.
  15. ㅋㅋ 안녕하세요! (Look at me breaking into my Korean.) Please do join! But the only spots available are those within The Pride. I'm editing a post now so other people can see the spots that are taken.
  16. Awesome! Will be getting a CS up in the next day or two. ^^
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  17. Oh wow! You all got so much done! Thank you for setting the new ad up! @Jihae

    And hello to those new or who I haven't met! This will be such a fun rp. Hopefully we get some new Pride members so we can finally get this in IC soon!

    XD and I feel you Justin. I'm not familiar with K-pop at all, but I'm learning much here~

    I'll be transferring Noeul's CS to the new sign ups tonight~
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  18. So are we allowed to come up with our own gang roles for our character?
  19. Yeah^^
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  20. What he said!

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