Gone At Dawn [OOC-Chat/Plotting]

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  1. [​IMG]

    Free yourselves!
    » Signups «

    Go ahead and find your chara's bestie, bf, and prime suspect. Or just spam away.

    (the bf does not have to be decided rn - it can happen throughout the rp)

    Current Relationships:

    Currently Looking:
    @мι∂иιgнтєя : Mingyu (suspect & bestie)

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  2. I will join you , My love!
  3. I'm glad! Welcome, welcome.
  4. Working on some other rps but joining if u couldn't tell by my ratings lol.

    Will tag some peeps tomorrow since most are sleep now.
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  5. Reserving a Pride Member so u know^^
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. @HIPPIE PRINCE JUSTIN Haha, I was hoping for that to be the case. Thank you for inviting people.
    I'll put you down for a spot in the Pride rn. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
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  8. I will also be taking a Pride spot too! ^^
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  9. Reserving your spot now~
  10. Ooh, I see BTS. I will look into this RP further. mwehehe.~

    EDIT: Hello! I absolutely love all those K-pop gifs, and I'm surprised by my talent at figuring out the groups from the back but FANGIRLING ASIDE, I will focus on the premise.
    Sign me up for a spot in The Pack~

  11. Yessss, my adoration for BTS sort of bled through. haha

    Thank you~ what can I say? Kpop vids are so aesthetically pleasing and just convenient for rp formatting. (riiiight? you know you're obsessed when you know who they are by just a body part)
    I shall. (*´︶`*)╯
  12. I was actually supposed to start an RP with a whole bunch of Kpop gifs for aesthetics but I never got around to it, unfortunately.

    And yay thank you! I'll get to work right away.~ I see your faceclaim is 민 윤기 do our faceclaims all have to be BTS members? I'm assuming not.
  13. I hope not since I know nothing about Kpop.
  14. Hi I am interested in this RP I would just like more in depth info on plot and such ^^ TY TY <3
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  15. Also this is my FC:
    Matt Cook
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  16. Really? It works really well. You should def do it in the future!

    You're welcome~ Oh no you can use whoever/whatever you want. ( ・ ᗜ ・ )
    Haha, no you can use whoever you want~
    Great! What would you like to know? (ˊᗨˋ)◞.*✧
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  17. Have you checked out the signups? If you still have questions I'll be glad to answer them.
  18. Okay, I found it. It may take me a little bit to get a cs up due to finals but i will try. I would like to join.
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