Goldmoore Class of 1994 - 1 x 1 x 1 Partner Request.

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  1. Welcome to Goldmoore High -
    Home of the Goldmoore Lions!


    So Me and @N/A are looking for a third partner to join our 90s High school Roleplay. Hopefully somebody is interested and we can discuss more plot lines and character detail together!
    The basic idea is to have a friendship group, similar to the Breakfast Club, in a 90's school.

    What we're looking for:
    + A partner who can double as a male and female student
    + Somebody who can type between 1 and 6 paragraphs in third person and past tense
    + OOC chat! It's really not necessary, but it makes the whole experience even more fun!
    + This is based in 1994, try to keep your technology, culture and music well tuned to the setting.
    + This is a relaxed RP, have fun!

    Characters [So far]:

    J o r d a n H a l l a s

    D u s t i n F o r d e

    Z a i n e A n n e s l e y
    If you're interested, please respond! Or, PM Me or N/A!
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  2. I'm up for this. I have characters I should probably ask about though.
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  3. Hey! I'm super sorry but somebody has Pmmed me about the roleplay, so you just missed out my a second!

    Sorry again ^w^ <3
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