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  1. This roleplay is based off the goldfish cracker commercials. I highly recommend you watch them on youtube if you haven't seen them. Below is a Backround or what basically happens in the entire series so far.

    Finn leaves the goldfish bag on a bedside in the house to live under the bed. He heard there was less poverty there, and he wanted to be an explorer. He left his brother Walter from the bag on the nightstand and enters the under the bed colony where he meets Gilbert from the plastic baggie, Brooke from the snack bowl, and Xtreme from the pantry.

    These places are one of the many goldfish colonies throughout the house. They are forced to survive in a world much too big for themselves. And he and his new friends now live under the bed, having fun by playing pretend, racing each other, playing sports, etc.

    There was a giant vacuum cleaner that threatens the lives of goldfish under the bed. Although under the bed is fortified, it is on low ground and vulnerable to attacks like the vacuum.

    A few months later, during rehearsals for a talent show, another flavor blasted goldfish named Swimmington Von Stuffington III Esquire who is Xtreme's snobby older brother from the pantry arrives.

    Later, Gilbert is trapped in the vacuum cleaner after saving Xtreme from it. He was lucky enough to miss the blades. There is about a 5% chance of that happening. He meets IQ who wears eyeglasses, is quite fond of collecting things, and loves the "tornadoes" that happen every so often. (When the vacuum turns on, it shakes everything around inside, sending the objects inside of it flying around everywhere.) They were the only two survivors inside the vacuum. Many other goldfish who were sucked in by the vacuum were shredded into pieces.

    Meanwhile, Finn and his friends sail down the hall in a paper airplane that Brooke had made to find Gilbert. They crash land in a houseplant, and keep searching the top floor encountering The Goldfish Under The Couch Cushion. A goldfish who was left behind on a traveling goldfish caravan. He said his old group and him were leaving the snack bowl and heading for the pantry to seek a better life.

    Gilbert then escapes the vacuum cleaner by going through a zipper hole and lands in a Coo-Coo Clock, then is rescued and the goldfish make it back home where Gilbert gets a heroes welcome.

    Later a chocolate graham fish named Coral who sees them flying and shows up in hamster ball and befriends them. They soon hold another talent show, and Gilbert's singing wins. Xtreme's launching act that shoots him outside the window inspires him and the others (except Coral) to explore the outside world. In the sandbox, they meet King Neptune: Ruler of Sandanavia, an old vaniia cupcake fish with a tin foil crown. They come back inside. They then wish to explore more of the house, places no goldfish has ever seen.


    There is a disturbance from the other side of the house. It's up to the goldfish crew to discover what is going on and stop it if necessary. All goldfish will meet up at the under the bed colony if they wish to help defeat the evil force.


    These are all colonies listed you can choose to have your character originate from.

    A small colony living on the nightstand near Under The Bed. This colony was originally part of Under The Bed but left to create the bag on the nightstand, thinking Under The Bed was careless defensive wise.

    The colony most shown in the goldfish commercials. This very large community is friendly and will let travelers stay for however long they want, and let anyone join them. They have good engineers (A rare characteristic in goldfish) but a low defensive military.

    A larger community of goldfish living in the playroom sector. They are a friendly and strong community, still giving goldfish lots of freedom, unlike the pantry. If a goldfish promises to work hard and help out, they are welcome here.

    The smallest colony of goldfish. This group sleeps in the plastic bag, but spend most of their time on the counter in the kitchen. They don't do much traveling, since if they jumped off the counter they would probably die, and would not be able to get back up. However this colony is not unhappy. They like their simple life on the counter. And it is possible to get off the counter and survive, they would have to jump on cabinets and work their way down.

    The largest colony. Goldfish that are here live a safe, predictable, and boring life. They are not allowed to leave the pantry, and rarely have any events, besides meetings on how to make the pantry a safer place. Basically, this colony is very strict. But it has a high population.

    This colony was originally a temporary camp for a goldfish traveler. When he realized the place was good he decided to live there. More goldfish joined him and there is now a good sized population there. It is the newest of the known colonies. It is very risky to live there. If the goldfish wish to leave the cushion to get some exercise, they are vulnerable to things like the vacuum. The living room sector is not a very safe place at all, this is the only known colony currently inside it.

    This is not a colony, this category is just for goldfish who don't live anywhere and are always traveling and exploring. Sometimes in groups, sometimes alone

    You can have your goldfish cracker be any of these flavors.

    Cheddar (most common & original flavor)
    Whole Grain Cheddar
    Baby (Miniature crackers)
    Grahams (Honey, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Vanilla, S'mores Adventures, Cocoa Adventures, Vanilla Cupcake, Cookies n Cream, Chocolate Chip, French Toast, Strawberry Shortcake, Honey Bun)
    Queso Fiesta
    White Cheddar
    Sour Cream and Onion

    Xtra Cheddar
    Xplosive Pizza
    Nothin' But Nacho
    Burstin BBQ Cheddar
    JalapeƱo Cheese
    Blazin' Buffalo Wings
    Cheddar Pretzel (Pretzel Goldfish with a dusting of Xtra Cheddar seasoning)
    Salt and Vinegar
    Atomic BBQ
    Monstrous Mozzarella Stick
    Racing Ranch
    Slammin' Sour Cream & Onion
    Wild White Cheddar
    Smokin' BBQ
    Xtreme Cheddar & Sour Cream

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