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    • GoldenClan

      GoldenClan is named after the big rapefield which fill almost a half of their territory.
      Their camp is center to the forest, the territory ends to the thunderpath and end for the rapefield is two legs Place.

      Founder for the Goldenclan and it's first accepted leader was Copperstar, Which was born as a kittypet, lived as a rogue and get friends with wildcats.
      Now many years is gone, Goldenclan is very big now and lived peacefully far from the other clans.
      Which is purposed to change now, for good or bad.

      Hello I am Rosemarystar newly leader for Goldenclan and so one accepted ruler after the great Copperstar. Now you know something about who I am, so is it time to tell who you are? And the most importand question? Will you stay and prove your trust to this clan or will you put your tail between your legs and leave?
      Choise is all yours?

      Goldenclan's members


      Rosemarystar|She-cat|Crush/mate: open|

      Ravenmist|Tom|Crush/mate: open|




      Other mentioned clans (Max 5)

      1) IceClan (Ally/ Open to join)
      Members (open)

      Snowstar (male) open to claim
      Iceheart (Female warrior)
      Desertpaw (Med. app)

      2) SilverClan (Enemy/ open)
      Members (open)

      Silverstar (male)

      This is jump for it rp, but there is little form you to make
      Your look?

      Who are you?
      Fenale or male?

      Your rank?
      Your lovelife?

      Make your own clan Form?

      Your clan name?
      Is it Private or not?

      (What this means? Private: Clan played only By you.
      Not Private: Clan maked By you but other players can join there)

      Ally or enemy?

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