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Golden Waters Underground Student Council

Golden Waters Academy has been around for more than sixty years and has been one of the most elite schools in America. It's also one of the most strictest school as well. In the school there is a Student council that controls all events and clubs in the school as well as keeps boys and girls separated from making contact with the approval from the chairman an headmaster of the School. Those who don't abide to the rules are found to be expelled at once. However, things have been different from back then.

Today was another day for a small group of students. Another day to 'Abide' to the school rules while hiding a secret that could potentially have them expelled. These group of Students were the recent members of the USC or the Underground Student Council. A group that rebelled against the Student Council in Secret and have those who felt 'imprisoned' have freedom. However this wasn't a new thing. This was something that had been around for fifteen years. Fifteen years that had made Student Council Members for years make sure to find out who these Students were and have them Expelled at once, even creating a plan called 'Operation USC termination' that has been in the works for years. And this year, the USC president and Student Council President knew one of them would prevail by the end of the year.

Lily McCartney got up around 6:40 or so in the morning, about a hour before the rest of the USC members and residents of the 'less classy' Silver Century dormitory would have to get up, get ready for classes, and leave their dorms to head to the cafeteria for breakfast, which was on the first floor and the left side of the school. The Reason why the red head was up? For preparations. The reason the previous USC was expelled was because of not being prepared for anything the Student Council could do. He was tricked into revealing he was the President of the Underground Student Council after being Hypnotized by the Current Student Council President. There was no way she was letting that happen again. To anyone in the group. She put down her notebook and pencil and adjusted her glasses, looking towards her clock to see the time was 6:56. 'Probably should get ready then.' She thought, getting out of her lace nightgown and putting on a button up long sleeve white shirt, a black plaid skirt, a button up Dark Red Cardigan, and to finish it off had a red bow around the collar of the long sleeve shirt. She put her hair up in a small side ponytail and closed her notebook and put it in her binder, picking it up along with a few books and headed out of her dorm room. "I'm heading out early. See you there." She shouted towards the other members, walking down the hallway towards the stairs that would lead down to the second floor in the girls left dormitory areas.

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Role in USC/SC
(Underground Student Council/Student Council):

My Characters:

Name: Lily McCartney
Nickname: Lil, "The Alien Enthusiast".
Age: 16 (Sophomore)
Underground Student Council, The E.T. Club, Nature Club.
Role in USC/SC: President (Formerly the Vice President until the President at the time was expelled), Members in the E.T. Club and Nature Club.

Name: Zaylee Aaron
Nickname: Zayn, "The Sweetheart of the USC".
Age: 15 (Freshman)
Appearance: image.jpg
Underground Student Council, Anime/Manga Club, Tea Ceremony Club, Roller Derby Club (Formerly).
Role in USC/SC: Newest Member of the Underground Student Council. Was taken in By Lily after being Humiliated by the Student Council President.
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Name: Harvey Thompson
Nickname: None...yet
Age: 14 (Freshman)
Appearance: Student Council, Pottery Club, Politics Club, History Club
Role in USC/SC (Underground Student Council/Student Council): Student Council Member, transferred specifically by the Student Council, spy

Name: Harriet Thompson
Nickname: Harry
Age: 14 (Freshman)~ Twin of Harvey
Role in USC/SC: Student Council Member, spy, transferred

Harvey could never understand why he was in the Student Council. He'd just kind of been invited. Maybe it was because he was a people person; he could be persuasive when he wanted to be. He hadn't been at the school for very long. He was now part of a master plan. Join them. Of course he was. He was the new boy. Nobody suspected the new boy. Ever. Of course, there was a catch. If he went wrong, both sides would hate him. And if he betrayed the Student Council, he'd still have both sides hate him. He tried not to think about this. He was woken up sternly by the alarm he'd set. It was too early, but the last thing he wanted was for everybody else to get really annoyed at him and his alarm. Switching it off, he dragged himself out of bed, stuffed his clothes on, and brushed his teeth. It was one minute past seven, but everybody seemed to be sleeping. He sneaked out, and picked his bag up, that he'd left by the door. If he was truly honest with himself, the school was bigger than he'd thought. How was he supposed to find the Underground Student Council here. He was guessing it wasn't literally underground. In fact, he didn't even think that was the group's real name. But there was no problem.

The corridor was long and empty, and silent apart from his footsteps, which were barely audible. He'd been sneaking around a lot in his lifetime. Maybe that was why he had to come here. If it was, he didn't like their game plan. Well, hopefully class happens soon. He wondered why his sister, Harriet, had not got in touch. Probably she wasn't awake, which sucked because he really wanted to try the walkie talkies that he'd bought for them to use (because he decided sneaking around is so much better with a cool device to mess about with). Of course, he was right. Harriet stayed in her dorm, sleeping softly, unaware of what she was supposed to be doing because the boarding school had comfortable beds compared to some other schools. Really, she just wanted to sleep. That's why she was only a member of the Student Council and no other clubs. In fact, if Harvey hadn't existed on his older sister (by exactly thirty-six minutes) to come too, she wouldn't be here. And Harvey thought she wasn't really appreciating it the way she could. Two was better than one. Unless it was these two.