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Golden Freddy X Security Guard (( FNAF ))

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Hermit, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. "D.. Don't l-let th-them escape."

    Now, I'd like to explain how my Character is going to work. She's the.. Lets just say, Spirit, of Golden Freddy. She controls the Animatronic, even if it didn't Exoskeleton in it.
    She's killed the previous Night Watchers, and she's not afraid to kill the next one.
    Yet.. She just.. Can't.

    So, the reason why I didn't put this in the Fandom Section is because there will be sex and stuff.

    Anyways, this'll be a Golden Freddy x Security Guard thing.

    I'll be Golden Freddy (( Female Version. xD ))

    So.. Yeah.

    Also, Maybe sometime I could do a Group Five Nights At Freddy's Roleplay where we could have all the Characters and shit!. xD

    But, for right now I'll do this.

    OR. If someone else would like to create a group thing, then that'll be awesome!. :D

    I'll totally join by the way.

    Anyyyywaayyys. Who'd like to join this?

    Oh Oh Oh.

    Maybe we could like, do a.. Never mind.

    Anyways, please join c:

    I'll love you forever!.

    | That's What My Character Looks Like. |


    The reason why I put Age Difference, because I've heard that Golden Freddy was used before the actual Freddy so.. Yeah. Also, the Security just started working there ;3.

    (( By the way, Her name will be still be Golden Freddy. Just call her Gold for short ;o Idefk. xD
    She's not going to be the Dominant one either. cx ))​
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