Golden City

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    Genre: Steampunk & Anti-hero

    Golden City, a thriving city divided in three layers. The place where dreams are said to come true. A city of endless possibilities with intricate maze-like alleys that have become a trademark for the place. There is enough work for all, and enough to experience, making it so that life is never dull in Golden City.

    However, for some this flourishing city of success is exactly the cause of their dullness. Feeling a little ill-minded they decide to create some havoc. Or perhaps these people feel themselves to be ignored by the city, causing them to rebel so that they can take what is theirs. Anyway, every coin has two sides and whilst Golden City has booked many successes and produced notable figures in history there is also a darker side to it all. We are speaking of the criminal world that Golden City is so rich of.

    Be it mere pick-pocketers, or eloquent conmen, the variety and diversity of criminals and their backgrounds is immense. Some are more subtle and less noticeable, like the accountant who purposefully 'forgets' to add an extra zero to the numbers, or misplaces a comma. Others are less elusive with their business. Straight up stealing goods from shops, and the bags of old ladies. They can be found everywhere and are either well-known or unknown to the community and feared accordingly. Whether it is because of their own brute power, or because they are notoriously known by the legal forces in Golden City for being caught red handed a multiple times, they all carry a story with them. Coming from many different backgrounds and carrying each a personal motive, these thieves, liars, etc, are all driving against the rules set within the city. Some merely do it for the attention, others because they wish to survive, the possibilities are endless with them, and often unknown.

    In any case, the criminals of Golden City are an odd bunch. They usually seem to prefer working individually over gangs. Despite this, most of the (in)famous criminals in Golden City all seem to have an animal-themed nickname going for them as a pseudonym. It makes it almost seem that there is a gang. However these nicknames aren't personally picked. Neither are they given because they physically look like the animals, though there are some crazy cases of mutilation. Rather, the nicknames are given because of their own talents, or character traits that are trademark to the animals in question. The nickname never sticks with one person for too long, however. If the criminal happens to be caught, fades into the background, or if a new criminal comes forward that fits the name better, the nickname is easily transferred by the crowd and the colleagues. It can be thus said, and assumed, that having an animal-themed nickname as a criminal in Golden City is to be carried as a badge of honour.

    Now imagine a bunch of these 'top' criminals gathered together by a mysterious invitation. Some with the promise of a better life, others merely tempted for a good laugh. The reasons to join are diverse, from surviving, to merely entertaining oneself, or wishing to show off their skills. Figures coming from the first to the last layer all band together with their own prejudices and expertises, forced to work together in order to succeed and reach their goal. Their mission; to commit the greatest crime ever! However, can a bunch of unruly people work together efficiently? Or are their differences too great? What about their individuality? Will they be able to share their glory, or end up stabbing each other in the back? Let's find out.​

    We haven't started yet, so you're all more than welcome to join in and fill out an app~ c: ​
  2. We're still open for sign ups, in case you were wondering. c:

    Planning to start the role play this weekend, however that doesn't mean that the sign up will be closed!
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