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    Genre(s): Anti-hero, Steampunk

    Golden City, a thriving city divided in three layers. The place where dreams are said to come true. A city of endless possibilities with intricate maze-like alleys that have become a trademark for the place. There is enough work for all, and enough to experience, making it so that life is never dull in Golden City.

    However, for some this flourishing city of success is exactly the cause of their dullness. Feeling a little ill-minded they decide to create some havoc. Or perhaps these people feel themselves to be ignored by the city, causing them to rebel so that they can take what is theirs. Anyway, every coin has two sides and whilst Golden City has booked many successes and produced notable figures in history there is also a darker side to it all. We are speaking of the criminal world that Golden City is so rich of.

    Be it mere pick-pocketers, or eloquent conmen, the variety and diversity of criminals and their backgrounds is immense. Some are more subtle and less noticeable, like the accountant who purposefully 'forgets' to add an extra zero to the numbers, or misplaces a comma. Others are less elusive with their business. Straight up stealing goods from shops, and the bags of old ladies. They can be found everywhere and are either well-known or unknown to the community and feared accordingly. Whether it is because of their own brute power, or because they are notoriously known by the legal forces in Golden City for being caught red handed a multiple times, they all carry a story with them. Coming from many different backgrounds and carrying each a personal motive, these thieves, liars, etc, are all driving against the rules set within the city. Some merely do it for the attention, others because they wish to survive, the possibilities are endless with them, and often unknown.

    In any case, the criminals of Golden City are an odd bunch. They usually seem to prefer working individually over gangs. Despite this, most of the (in)famous criminals in Golden City all seem to have an animal-themed nickname going for them as a pseudonym. It makes it almost seem that there is a gang. However these nicknames aren't personally picked. Neither are they given because they physically look like the animals, though there are some crazy cases of mutilation. Rather, the nicknames are given because of their own talents, or character traits that are trademark to the animals in question. The nickname never sticks with one person for too long, however. If the criminal happens to be caught, fades into the background, or if a new criminal comes forward that fits the name better, the nickname is easily transferred by the crowd and the colleagues. It can be thus said, and assumed, that having an animal-themed nickname as a criminal in Golden City is to be carried as a badge of honour.

    Now imagine a bunch of these 'top' criminals gathered together by a mysterious invitation. Some with the promise of a better life, others merely tempted for a good laugh. The reasons to join are diverse, from surviving, to merely entertaining oneself, or wishing to show off their skills. Figures coming from the first to the last layer all band together with their own prejudices and expertises, forced to work together in order to succeed and reach their goal. Their mission; to commit the greatest crime ever! However, can a bunch of unruly people work together efficiently? Or are their differences too great? What about their individuality? Will they be able to share their glory, or end up stabbing each other in the back? Let's find out.


    Golden City is divided in three layers, The Sky, The Land, and the Underground. Each with their own unique traits and people, but all connected to each other through the centre. From a bird's-eye view the city is round and maze like, complex like the inside of a clockwork. Only few know how to move through the entire city and even then it can't be guaranteed that they won't get lost once in awhile. Alleys constantly change on set times, reconstructing the paths again. In the Sky it are the bridges that change the routes. On the Land, and Underground it are the walls that rise up and down from the ground. However, despite the many dead ends and newly opened gates all of the roads ultimately lead to the center, the place that never changes.
    • Everyday at midnight precise the paths change themselves, turning, rising, lowering, themselves to create new routes. It is thus advised to all to stay inside of their houses when the ‘Change’ happens, for it wouldn’t be the first time accidents happen because of the ‘Change’, and they often don’t end well. For both ‘The Land’ and the ‘Underground’ the ‘Change’ comes in the form of walls erecting from the ground and descending back again. It happens frequently that, these who are loitering around at night, happen to stand on top of such wall and are taken by surprise, falling off from the height, or getting stuck because of it. For ‘The Sky’ this is even more dangerous as the first layer is high in the sky, and connected with bridges, which thus means that losing balance on one of the bridges usually leads to death.
    • The only consistent place. A saying in the city goes that every road in the city leads to the centre. It is also the only place that looks the same no matter what layer you find yourself in and thus the symbol of the city. The centre is a round platform around which a circle of numbers, counting from one (1) to twelve (12), surrounds the place. It is also called ‘The Clock’ as the time can be read on the ground with the help of the sun and the numbers surrounding the platform. In the very center of ‘The Clock’ is a fountain located whose shadow functions as the hand of ‘The Clock’.
    • Near the fountain is the entrance that leads to the other layers called ‘The Tube’. From the Sky, to the Land an elevator goes up and down, but between the Land and the Underground there are only stairs that connect the two layers with each other. A toll is usually paid to go up and down ‘The Tube’. However, it happens frequently that the revenue agent sitting there succumbs to corruption and asks whatever amount they want from these passing. Gates are closed after six, so anyone who hasn't returned to their own side then will have to sleep on the cold hard ground. It isn’t unusual either for corrupt agents to close up early, or neglect showing up at all for their jobs. Rats/Undergrounders who are found outside of the Sewers after curfew are usually arrested without pardon.
    • A price is paid for the use of the Tube. Usually this is five silver pieces, or whatever is equal to it. However, it happens more often than not that the revenue agent asks for more, especially from these of the lower layers like the ‘Underground’. The toll is paid for each level that the citizen passes, but only when they enter. Going back down again doesn’t need any payment, but the citizen must proof that they don’t belong to the layer first before passing through with the help of their ID’s. People from the ‘Underground’, who usually have no true, or acknowledged, identity of their own are never allowed to enter ‘The Sky’ for this reason.
    • Like every place, that is worth some notice, Golden City as well has its own local slang to describe some of its more unique places and people. So is 'The Tube' also called 'The Placenta' for the bubble that surrounds 'The Sky', called 'The Embryo'. The people who live in 'The Sky' are distastefully called; 'Foetuses', reasons being again that they 'emerge' from the 'The Embryo'. It was something that started as a (distasteful) joke, but soon gained so much popularity that it now stands synonym to each other.

    The Sky

    Where the rich lives. It is located high above the mountain with a protective bubble, called the embryo. It surrounds them to regulate the air, for oxygen so high up in the sky is scarce. This part of the city is always surrounded by clouds, and thus layered in a thin layer of mist. When the sun shines the whole city is filled with rainbows due to the droplets of water in the clouds reflecting the sunrays. It is for this reason that The Sky is also called ‘the end of the rainbow’. The majority of the citizens in The Sky are workers who previously lived in the second layer, but made good money and bought their way in. They are usually called ‘New Blood’ by the original inhabitants who are usually from noble, or even royal, bloodline. Life in ‘The Sky’ is usually peaceful with very little happening, except from the occasional poor soul that falls down from a bridge. Security is tight and so are the regulations, making ‘The Sky’ easily one of the most suffocating places to live in despite its luxury.
    • Due to the constantly moving clouds surrounding the city, people may experience some motion sickness. The city prevents that by turning medicine, against motion sickness, into gas and pumping it into the air along with the extra oxygen. The concentration of the medicine is so small so that no one gets overdosed. Inhabitants of the city who need a higher concentration will need to fetch their own medicine, this is however hard to get and very expensive as well. Since the medicine is also a slightly addictive, with dangerous side-effects such as hallucination, insomnia, and hysteria, the citizens can’t get extra doses without the consent of their doctor. It thus so happens that desperate citizens try to get their hands on the medicine through illegal means. The Medicine is developed in ‘The Land’, with the effect that there are many illegal exchanges from there.
    • Unlike ‘The Land’ and the ‘Underground’ where there is ground and walls, ‘The Sky’ has everything connected through bridges. There are twelve ‘main’ bridges that lead to the Centre and never change position. However, all of the other bridges twist and turn with every ‘Change’, which often leads for paths that led to a shop yesterday, to be a dead end today.
    • A thin transparent film that surrounds 'The Sky'. It regulates the temperature inside of the first layer and also maintains the oxygen level inside. After all, living on such a high altitude has its inconveniences without protection. Birds, rain, wind, and the likes can still move through the film without bursting, needing thus no precautions and extra protection. Another one of the many successful inventions of McAllister.

    The Land:

    Located on the surface of the mountain. This is where the machinery and factories are located that keep the city running. Bronze statues that stand tall against the rocks reflect a gold-like hue to the horizon which has named the city to what it is now. The working class can be found on this second layer of the city. The people there aren’t dirt poor, but neither insanely rich. Most of the workers there hope one day to gather enough money to buy themselves a place and the rights to live in 'The Sky'. However, there are a few deranged scientists who insist on staying on ‘The Land’ because of the access to all of the trinkets and the freedom to experiment, for security isn’t as tight in the second layer as it is in ‘The Sky’. It is said that, where ‘The Sky’ is the end of the rainbow, ‘The Land’ is the pot of gold. Though the second layer may be not as luxurious as life is in ‘The Sky’, ‘The Land’ is the heart of the city and its lungs. Most of the success from Golden City comes from ‘The Land’ and whilst the air may be polluted the best adventures are found there as well.
    • Due to the high location in the mountains the people in the second layer live in a rather cold climate. For this reason there is an elaborate heat system going through ‘The Land’ to keep the city warm. The second layer doesn’t rely on the warmth provided by the sun, but on the warmth given by the coals and trash burnt below in the sewers.
    • As the ‘Medicine’ that the citizens of ‘The Sky’ need is developed in the second layer there is a high demand for the production of the ‘Medicine’. It, however, so happens that there are regulations bound to the creation of the drugs and to the amount of it. This doesn’t stop small and illegal businesses to secretly develop, or replicate, and distribute the ‘Medicine’. Especially not when there are rich people willing to pay for it.


    The poorest, dirtiest, and hottest part of the city. It is located within the mountain where the mines and sewers are located. It functions as, like the name suggests, the sewer of the city from both the top layers, as well as that it serves as the garbage dump. These who live there are usually called 'rats' because of the sewer-like construction and conditions there. There is very little to no light, except from the eternally lit fire in the ‘Heaters'. Trash is littered everywhere. The inhabitants of the third layer literally live in the shit (of their own and others). Usually the inhabitants are convicts, outcasts, or are addicts of the ‘Medicine’ and have lost all of their rights and respect within the city. For the city, the people who live in the Sewers don’t exist anymore, or have never done so from birth. The most unrespectable jobs, such as prostitution are usually found there in the Underground, hidden well from the public eye. Due to the extensive heat system in the second layer the fire is constantly flaring on high and burning coals all through the day and night to warm ‘The Land’. For this reason the temperature in the ‘Underground’ is chokingly hot, giving the citizens a hard time breathing as oxygen is easily consumed there as well. Along with the smoke the coal releases many of the people living in the ‘Sewers’ have lung problems and ultimately succumb to it, if not from dehydration.
    • These giant ovens are scattered all around the third layer. These ovens are the main reason why ‘The Land’ has warm houses, baths and floors all through the city, but they also provide the heat in the houses of ‘The Sky’. Their main fuel is coal, however huge amounts of trash is thrown in it as well, so that the ‘Underground’ isn’t completely drowned by the dump. This usually has the effect that dangerous gasses release and spread in the air that pose as another danger to the health and lives of these living in the sewers. ‘The Heaters’ are never allowed to go out, as the whole city relies on the warmth it provides. Due to their size and the way they are scattered around in the third layer they are also the only source of light for the ‘Underground’.
    • Intricate labyrinths, that are even more difficult to understand than the ever changing roads of the city itself. Here the miners delve the coals, and other minerals, from the mountain. The mines are also the only source of fresh air for the ‘Underground’ if they lead to outside of the mountain. However, more often than not it is a dangerous job where the halls collapse, or water floods due to heavy rainfall or when they accidentally dig under a river. Nowadays the scientist of the second layer have made nifty inventions to avoid such casualties, or to avoid a greater tragedy, but not before sacrificing many lives of Rats.
    • Outcasts, convicts, or anyone else without any grace, or respect of their own and who lives down in the ‘Sewers’. People who have grown so addicted to the ‘Medicine’ that they have given up their whole fortune and life above for it and these who have been banished from ever showing their face on the surface again. Their lives are usually of very little value, especially considering how they don’t exist anymore to the city. They are usually left to fend for themselves. It rarely happens that a ‘Rat’ manages to climb their way out and start a life succesfully above in the second layer. Mainly because ‘Rats’ are given no, to very small wages, and they are given no formal education at all.


    • Golden City wasn't always the thriving city it was today. It started out as an ambitious project high in the mountains by an unnamed pioneer. They bought the grounds, hired the people and started to dig into the mountain in the hopes to find something. People believed that it was bound to become a failure, for the weather was cold, the circumstances bar, and the interest slim. Little to no achievement was made in the beginning, the small amount of oxygen so high up in the mountain making it hard to work for long hours after each other. Very little was expected from this journey. There was a lack of natural minerals surrounding them and the high altitude made some sick. The pioneer was doomed to fail they said, but yet they kept on digging and going. The pioneer forever believed in their dream. However, the rest didn't and many of the miners left for that reason. Progress slowed down, if it wasn't slow before, and the pioneer was losing manpower. A breakthrough was needed to revive their hopes and a breakthrough they got. Coal was found in the mines and soon afterwards copper.

      With natural resources found, the pioneer could start doing business. However, it wasn’t only business that would help the city grow. The pioneer was, as mentioned before, ambitious and had ideas set on how to make the city grow. The pioneer wasn’t only a businessmen, but also an engineer, developing an idea and a system that would soon lay base to the heat ovens under what was later known as Golden City. It was innovative and new, attracting curious minds to see the place that was ‘built on fire’. It also made it automatically a more attractive place to settle down on and the first miner families settled themselves, forming a small village.

      However, with a story of success, dangers came forward. Inventors generally didn’t like to share ideas, especially not with outsiders, and the mines needed to be protected as well from these who wished to pick along on their success with the coals and copper. Portable walls were introduced, walls that could be moved around to block the road of the opponent. It was by some crazy suggestion, of one of the settled inventors in the village, that later the maze-like construction that the city is now known for was introduced. From there on the development of the village developed itself rapidly. The free and eccentric minds could expand and innovate however they wanted, factories, machinery, and mining taking leaps in development as the numbers grew. However, the air grew polluted in the village and the inhabitants had to find ways to preserve and clean their air.

      It was then that a family of engineers and inventors came forward with blueprints of something so immensely idealistic that it seemed unrealistic. The family of McAllister, later known as the ancestors of Golden City. They had the dream for people to live in the sky, high up in the air, with bridges and cables and an elevator leading up to it. A crazy idea, and at first the already settled inventors in the village were sceptical about putting it into execution. However, as the villagers had started to believe in dreams, and the impossible becoming truth, they accepted the idea and started to develop. This was how the upper layer was created, later known as ‘The Sky’. It took years of experiments, and tons of workers plummeting down to their deaths, before ‘The Sky’ finally started to resemble something that was seemingly alike to the present. McAllister’s idea was a success and from there on the city rapidly developed with their fresh ideas. Walls that erected and descended from the grounds were introduced, no longer needed to be pushed around, a clockwork system that set the action in motion, and ‘The Tube’ followed. Golden City became a place where dreams came true.

      And the story is still ongoing! Golden City is still developing itself, introducing new inventions on a daily base, some working, some failing, but it is proof of the creativity of the people living inside. The city is flourishing, showing no sign that it has reached its peak as it keeps on rising. Rising up, and up, and up, and up, and never falling down, that is what they hope, ignoring the poor conditions of the people in the ‘Underground’.
    • A darker part of the history of the Golden City is corruption. No one likes to speak of it and any of the nobles hush up once the word ‘corruption’ falls. Only a select group of citizens of ‘The Sky’ and ‘The Land’ would dare to speak up about it, for it is undeniable that it happens. However, ever they rather not do so in the presence of a noble. The only one who can freely speak of the corruption in the city would be the ‘Rats’, these from the ‘Underground’. No one believes their word anyway and because they have no rights on their own. Corruption started to become obvious after ‘The Sky’ had been formed and people started to move into the first layer. Due to the high demand of housing in the first layer the city had to bring the numbers down of the amount of accepted citizens, thus showing biasm to these who paid a ‘slightly’ more to gain entrance to ‘The Sky’. This continued to work when toll fees were demanded at ‘The Tube’, where administrators would try to go above the regular price to catch themselves some extra loan. As no one went against it, or filed a complaint, the corruption started to become more frequent. People started to believe that they were invincible, which they essentially were as long as ‘The Sky’ and the nobles weren’t bothered. In fact, there is a rumour going down that the nobles have ordered the revenue agent to purposefully rise up the toll for the second and third layers so that they won’t come out anymore. The fact that the medicine, mixed in the air of ‘The Sky’, is a slightly addictive is a fact that the city tries to cover up, not wanting to look for another medicine that could help their people against motion sickness. That would consume time and be expensive to reintroduce. They do, however, try everything in their power to protect their citizens against the medicine. So they have limited the supply and raised the price. However, this has as the devastating result that the citizens span out to more illegal means, thus giving room to dealers.
    • As the city grew, and more people started to settle down in Golden City, it was starting to become harder to keep up with the demand for housing. Especially expanding in ‘The Sky’ was hard for that would mean expanding the embryo. So prices rose up dramatically, often leading to the tragic consequence that there is a family or two who couldn’t keep up with the rising interest rate on their mortgage. This ultimately has them fall back down into the second layer, or worse. The nobles then decided to be selective in the people the city housed. These too much in debt, these who spoke up against the city, convicts, and the addicted were all thrown into the mines, later known as the 'Sewers', or the 'Underground'. As it wasn't, and still isn't, a place for people to live in, the third layer is never acknowledged as an official part of the city. So being thrown into the 'Sewers' basically meant that one had 'died', and thus no longer existed. An effective way to make liabilities 'disappear'.


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      2. Following the general role play ethics would be nice as well. This means no godmodding, powerplaying, and the likes. Unless you want your character to lose a limb that is, read the tab ‘penalties’ for more information.
      3. This is an intermediate-advanced role play. Players are expected to know how to take the initiative, to adapt, be able to write a story, and most importantly; have a general grasp of the English language.
      4. Posts are written in third person and generally around the two paragraphs long. The definition of a paragraph in this role play will be around seven (7) sentences each. I won’t count them thoroughly for you, however know that there is a difference between three and seven.
      5. Members will be expected to be at least able to post once a week. If you believe that you will need an hiatus of sorts please communicate with me. Ideally I would like for members to be able to post multiple times a week.
      6. Communication. Please, tell me when you are leaving for a while. Talk to me when there are any dissatisfactions. I don’t read minds and frankly, I’m more than happy with my lack of telepathy. You will however have to compensate my disability by properly talking to me.
      7. Recognise the differences between the OOC thread, S/U thread, and the IC. Use them also accordingly to their role. So all casual chatter can go into the OOC thread. However, if there is any beef between members I suggest that it is taken care of over PM instead of the public OOC.
      8. Let’s start with one character each. I will control all of the NPC’s and act as a DM of sorts. If I feel that the story has moved enough, and you are willing, I will allow a second character.
      9. Banners are necessary, yes. Don’t make them overly huge like wall papers. 500*300 sounds like a reasonable size. Oh, and make sure that the pictures you use for your character presentation aren’t real people pictures. If you need help for your hunt I can provide some sources.
      10. I don’t take reservations. If you want to join, submit a completed character and get accepted. I won’t take competitions either. If your animal of choice is already taken by another you will have to either wait until they drop out or think of another role. Simple as that.
      11. All skeletons will be thoroughly reviewed and will receive the needed feedback before they are accepted. Please respect whatever may come your way.
      12. I’m generally a nice person until you cross my rules and decide to test your luck. If you think you can be an exception I will ask you to check again. I don’t want to offer any of my attention and energy to people who think they stand above the rest.
    • One of the lovely advantages as a GM is that I can make anything happen in the story and to your character. This also means that I get to punish a character with a setback, or a liability of sorts, if a player thinks they can godmod, powerplay, or metagame their way through. Of course you shall always receive a warning first before I abuse this little power of mine, however, if that is disrespected, or repeated, you may expect on of the following depending on the degree of the offense;
      • In moderate cases the character is given a (permanent) liability. e.g: losing/breaking limbs, getting caught by the inquisition, et cetera… They are subjected to my lovely, creative, and morbid mind.
      • In extreme cases I will execute the immediate death of character. Which also means goodbye player. Again, subject to my lovely, creative, and morbid mind.
      However, rules can also be broken outside of the IC, unfortunately. Again, as rule 12 mentioned, don’t test your luck with me and think of yourself better than the rest. If I find rules to be broken I will always approach the involved members first and talk about it after warning them. However, if this goes on repeatedly I will take action in the form of elimination.
    • Golden City is an original product by WhoAreYou from Otakuzone. A site down and lost since long ago. Permission to revamp the story and plot has been given, by WhoAreYou. The original idea and the name of ‘Golden City’, however, are still credited to her.

      Credits for the banner goes to @Dredd.

      A special thank you to @Dredd, @darkflames13 & @ Misaou for helping me flesh out ‘Golden City’ to what it is now and by giving me continuous feedback.


      • Female:
      Misaou - The Scorpion {Penelope Anne Banks}
      Saint Allison - The Ferret {Maxine Carlson}
      WishfulNemo [GM] - The Pigeon {Fanny Winterson}
      Fieryfly - The Gray Parrot {Alona Cary}
      Misaou - The Praying Mantis {Jacquelyn Roux}
      • Male:
      Wicked - The 'Black' Jackal {Jacquez Roux}
      Cold - The 'Arctic' Fox {Pyotr Malkovich}
      Tyrannosaurus Rekt - The Badger {August Graves}
      Gerontis - The Raccoon {Robert Donnel}
      Darkflames 13 - The Owl {Mortimer Lindberg}

    • The Game Master: No one really knows who they are, what they want, or what their reasoning is. At a first glance they seem to be a first-rate clown that seeks entertainment by scheming behind the scenes.

      McAllister: Often dubbed as the ‘founders’ of Golden City, though that isn’t entirely true. They merely made the biggest inventions possible, such as the creation of ‘The Sky’, and numerous other inventions that have made Golden City to what it is today. They are the richest and most respected family in Golden City, living high up in ‘The Sky’ which they also own for creating and claiming their patent on it. Business-minded and innovative, they are the family who made the big dreams possible. The McAllister are easily the most powerful and richest family in the city, being the ‘official’ manufacturer of the ‘Medicine’ in the city.

      The Pioneer: Not much is known about this figure, only that they had a crazy idea, a surplus of money, and a crazy amount of time. However, after finding the coals and attracting inventors to the city, the Pioneer has pretty much disappeared into the background because of the success of McAllister.

      The Inquisition: These who maintain the law within the city. Hooded figures whose main job is to catch criminals. They are also supposed to reap all of the corruption out of the city. Ill tongues whisper that the favour of the Inquisition is easily bought, however. They are as mysterious as they are efficient. Rumours has it that they were once infamous criminals in the city, whose fame reached even far outside of Golden City, but suddenly disappeared. It would surely explain the reason why they are so well-versed in the villainous world.

      [List of NPC’s will be growing as the story advances]

    Disclaimer: This is the OOC page. All of your questions and chatter may go here.

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    • This is where all newly released information shall be released along with announcements of new chapters and the likes.

      • Slavery labour
      Since ‘Rats’ don’t have an officially acknowledged identity, as they are basically are considered dead or non-existent by the city, the ‘Rats’ can’t make any use of their ‘rights’. This places them in an extremely vulnerable position that is frequently abused. Case proven with the slavery labour that they are pulled through. Forcefully they are put on the task to maintain the Heaters of the Underground and make sure that the rails, leading to the mines, won’t overheat. If they are lucky they get paid a little, but it is never enough for a proper living, and certainly not enough to get upstairs through the Tube. Of course this abuse is carefully hidden away by the upper-class, just like the fact of life in the Underground is being denied.

      The three layers can be described and compared to political system known and used throughout the world. That doesn’t mean that such a charge is going on, but it does give off an image on how the people live and their attitude towards the city’s top.
      The Sky
      could be described as an oligarchy that covers itself up as a democracy. People are allowed to voice their opinions freely and speak, breathe, stand wherever they wish to. However, whilst there are elections for the city council, the people only get to choose between a select few members of the city. Most often these are very notable and noble families that have contributed to the city like the McAllister did.

      The Land can be compared to a communistic system. People are generally all considered equal to each other and so are their jobs. Taxes are paid in percentage over wages and everyone contributes in the same amount. However, again, this is only a façade. Ideally a communistic system would close the gaps between the rich and the poor, but due to the corrupt way the Sky works, influences of the faulty system can be found in the Land as well. The people in the Land generally experience a limited sort of freedom, being that they can talk and stand around freely. However, not all opinions are accepted as well and the walls frequently like to listen into conversations. Though there is nothing that can’t be bought with money in the Land.

      The Underground is unfortunately, but also expectedly, a tyranny, with a hint of anarchy. Ruled by powerful hands of the top layer who are brutal in their lead. Very little is tolerated from the people, freedom is extremely limited and generally all consumed in by work. Laws aren’t regulated at all in the Underground, it being a free-zone and generally considered to be too troublesome to control. Crime rates are high in the Underground, but what else do you expect if one throws all of the convicts into one place? Safety is very low in there and if one doesn’t know how to move and breathe around in the wilderness the survival rate is even lower. Everyone is on their own.
      • Change in the Underground
      Like explained before, the Change in the Underground happens by walls moving, erecting, rising up, from the floor. This also affects the ‘climate’ within the Underground. Sometimes a wall happens to cut off a mine that provides them with fresh air, thus lowering the already low oxygen levels. Sometimes it opens them up, making life somewhat more bearable down under. It is like the changing of the weather, but a little more predictable with the walls.
      • Irrigation system of the machines
      To keep the machines, and the rails, cool an irrigation system has been designed in the Underground. One through which water can run through without risking it that ‘Rats’ will steal them. Water is scarce in the Underground and very much wanted, being one of the life sources humans depend on. However, exactly because it is so precious they have to keep the ‘Rats’ away from it. Clean water runs through long tubes that go across the ceiling of the Underground, where the ‘Rats’ can’t reach them. At the lower parts, where it goes to the machinery, or iron work, they have put other counter measures to keep ‘Rats’ from getting too close.
      • Rosters on the land
      Throughout the Land rosters are found in the ground through which hot air, and steam, floats up from. These rosters are the ventilation of the Underground. Since hot air is lighter than cold air it will ascend, escaping through the rosters and warming up the air of the Land as well. It is also one of the main reasons why it is always so smoggy on the Land.
      • General wall changes
      One can map and observe the wall/bridge changes, however, one can’t predict what the next change will make the city look like. The walls/bridges never change in a pattern and neither do they move in a formation. Each Change, though happening on a set time, always brings a certain degree of randomness to it, making it hard to predict accurately its appearance for tomorrow. Speculation can however be made and it does happen often that the citizens make a whole gamble out of it to see who comes the closest to guessing the Change.
      • Weapons
      The only limit to weapons in Golden City would be; Steampunk. Make sure that your weapons are falling within the genre and you won't hear about me. If your weapon, however, happens to have an auto-hit, or a follow system, or blasts lasers, etcetera... I will cut you. c:

      Resource list:

      - Steampunk Weapons -
      - Steam Punk & Urban Weapons | Steampunk & Urban LARP Gear | Knighthawk Armoury
      - 24 Cool Steampunk Weapons from Another Era
      - Steampunk Gadgets

      - Special thanks to @Saint Allison for their questions.

      • Shops in the Underground
      As mentioned before, there is an economy going on in the sewers of Golden City. The Underground houses many of the illegal business for the lack of supervision that there is. Most of these businesses are brothels, selling the human body to the lustful. However, there are also few shops with a more morbid content, abusing the situation in the Underground by acting as charlatans. Surprisingly there are also small tinker shops that sell little items, or workplaces for mechanics. Usually they rely on the trash thrown into the Underground from above, making these shops essentially recycle shops. However, a few lucky places manage to get hold of something that isn’t discarded, or trashed. This is usually done through illegal business, such as thievery, or a noble sponsoring an illegal project.
      • Currency in the Golden City
      The currency system in Golden City is very simple and straightforward. The valuta are simple silver pieces. As mentioned in the extra information, found in the overview, going up and down the Tube costs five (5) silver pieces, when the people aren't asking for more.

      However, as unique in GC, you can also go for a simple exchange in trade of goods if you rather have so. For example; A delivery of medicine in exchange for an extra pair of mechanical limbs. Really, just do your alchemy there, in which I mean; exchanges of equal worth. I don't want to see people going around demanding a limb for a nonsensical piece of information. c: Do keep your basic rules of economy in mind.

      Special thanks to @darkflames13 for the questions

      • Skeleton tips & Rules
      As some of you might have noticed, and if you haven't you do now, I had added some rules to the Sign Up thread.

      ... What more rules? Yes, unfortunately. However, they aren't very hard to follow, I think, and are mostly a repeat of what I had written down in the actual rules. So, peace to your mind, and mostly mine...

      But there is more! I've noticed a lot of people struggling with filling out their character skeletons. May it because I'm being too demanding, or other reasons, but I decided to help a little.

      Haha, no, unfortunately that doesn't mean I will loosen up my own expectations. I will instead link you all bits of my own advice and reveal my own methods of writing a character. I admit, I'm not perfect, far from it, however, I do see myself as a standard for the average (sounds more arrogant than I actually think it was...). Anyway, I hope that my tricks and methods may help you understanding what I value in a character and what I expect to see. What I hope most of all is that you will have an easier time writing a character thanks to what I shared with the lot of you. It certainly did for me when I stumbled across the methods and tricks myself. c:

      Sign Up
      The tips, methods, advices

      - and since the GM is lazy once again I will just link you the bits mentioned.

      • More details on the Medicine
      Officially the Medicine is delivered in gas form, pumped into the air of the Sky as to prevent motion sickness. For medical uses it is also available in a solid form, usually in the form of pills. As mentioned in the ‘overview’ this extra dose of the Medicine can only be obtained through a doctor’s note and thus the production is limited. However, as with everything, there are more ways to obtain this drug even without a doctor’s note. Illegal businesses know how to play into the demands of the customers and have started to bring a drug that is almost similar to the Medicine in substance. Though the qualities vary, for the exact recipe of the Medicine is kept a strict secret, and the ingredients used are sometimes difficult to obtain, or just plain expensive, they can serve as a cheaper and easier solution to the fallen addicted souls. Sometimes these slight alterations in the chemical combinations make the drug lethal, or ineffective, especially when done by the hands of laymen. This makes this fabricated Medicine business extremely risky for the buyers as they aren’t always guaranteed a safe and happy use. At the other hand it can be devastating for sellers as well as this can affect their reputation greatly. However, there are a few easy tell-tales that give the user some idea of the quality of their drug. A thumb of rule goes around that any liquid sold as ‘the Medicine’ is a folly that shouldn’t be trusted. The same goes for any drug sold as ‘the Medicine’ that is bright in colour.
      • More on the valuta of Golden City & wages
      To give everyone a better impression on how the economy of Golden City works;

      The toll to pass the Tube; five (5) silver pieces, averagely. However, revenue agents tend to go above the price when guarding the elevator that goes up to the Sky. Averagely we can speak of seven silver pieces with corrupt agents.

      Average daily life expenses in Golden City; three (3) to fifty (50) silver pieces, depending on where in the city you live. Obviously living in the Sky is more expensive than in the Underground. However, along with its cheaper costs the quality of life is also way beyond that of the Sky. With daily living expenses only the bare necessity has been covered of an average habitant in their respective layer. Luxuries, rent, or medical bills if any, haven’t been calculated into this sum. One can generally expect their wage to at least be able to cover up their daily life expenses, however, in the Underground this has proven itself to be tricky.

      Wages in Golden City; Generally the wages of the habitants of Golden City vary from none to over thousands, again depending on where in the City one lives. A general thumb of rule is that the wages corresponded to what the daily life expenses are in each respective layer, however that is not always guaranteed, especially when one lives in the Underground.
      • Housing in the Underground, another ranking system
      As the Underground is actually just a cave of mines, with fresh air and light falling in from the rosters of the Land, houses are generally build as much near the Tube and to the sides as possible. It thus so happens that the Underground is infamous for its layered structure, much like how the City in its whole is built. Circling around the Tube, like terraces, the higher the building is build, thus closer to the fresh air and light provided through the rosters of the Land, the more expensive it is. Naturally, for the air is cleaner the higher you get into the Underground and certainly not as exposed to the ovens as the houses below it.

      Ladders are used to connect these layers to each other and change along with the walls with each ‘Change’. Usually the prices asked for the houses in the higher layers of the Underground is too much for the average Rat to cough up, leaving it only to be affordable to small businesses like whorehouses. As such these ‘upper’ layers in the Underground is usually considered to be ‘enterprise’ district, for only these with a guaranteed income can afford itself the ground and room there. The entrance and the exit of the Tube is also found in the same district, so that the nobles from the Sky can go straight to the prostitutes without having to deal with Rats or the oven below. Rats that live below but wish to go up will have to climb up to the ‘enterprise district’ in order to make use of the Tube.

      As most of the things in the Underground is illegal, so is most of the housing there. Illegal buildings are one of the biggest reasons why everything is so packed near the Tube and in some of the higher layers. However, this all doesn't go without a risk. It happens so frequently that houses are destroyed because of the Change, with walls

      (See the picture in the overview to get a better idea of what I’m trying to describe here)

      Credits to @Saint Allison & @Misaou for their questions this round! And to @darkflames13 for her opinions.
    • After lots of patience Golden City has finally started!

      Golden City [In Character] |

      Players may start posting now. c: Have fun y'all.

      If there are any questions, feel free to message me. If you have anything to discuss plot-wise, you're more than welcome to waltz my inbox over~
    • Everything from the tabs has been fused together in one post in preparation for the upcoming Iwaku update.

      • Jails in Golden City
      Crime rate is high in Golden City, the officers are always on the move, filling out papers, detaining people, chasing after them, and the likes. As such there are many detention cells as well where the criminals can be locked up. Whether it is for one night because they were caught drunk outside, or it is for murder, there are various jail centres in the city, all for varied purposes with their own level of security.

      First up, and of the lowest rank, are the police cells. These can be found at all police stations in the city, so also the Sky. These cells are usually only used for the small and insignificant crimes in Golden City. Public drinking, peeing on the streets, you name it, the small crimes that have a low bail sum and for which the criminals are usually detained for no longer than a week. The cells are usually large and spacious, but shared with the rest of the criminals stuck at the police station. There are no private rooms and neither are there beds. A few blankets are given and some water to wash yourself with, but other than that it is a hard concrete ground with bars surrounding them. Criminals are usually locked up at the nearest police station they have been caught at. In the Pigeon’s case it was near the centre of the Land, so she would have been brought to the police station nearest to the Tube of the Land.

      Then we land to the bigger and more serious crimes. Anything above the ranks of the police cells can’t be found in the Sky anymore, only on the Land. Here criminals are locked up for months, sometimes even years. Unlike with the temporary cells of the police station there are rooms in this detention centre, however, these are usually shared rooms. Criminals share rooms with three other people with bunkers to safe space. They usually get one hour of fresh air outside, surrounded by high fences that are put under electricity. So that no one thinks of climbing over them. Asides from that windows can’t be opened in the rooms, making it chokingly hot in the summer. The life circumstances inside of the jails aren’t ideal, but neither so unbearable that one would rather wish to die or to go down the Sewers. Exactly as jails are supposed to be like. Security in these jails is high and the criminals are under constant watch. Asides from the conditions the criminals live in they are also ruled by fear and intimidation within the walls. Chores must be done by the inmates themselves as Golden City does not wish to pay any money to the expenses of their household. This also happens under strict surveillance of the guards who are also allowed to give out physical punishment to these who refuse to obey. Shortly put, the true jails in Golden City are also discipline camps where the criminals are taught to obey and to fear. In total Golden City has five of such detention centres, with each their own fearsome reputation and specialties. These will be revealed throughout the IC at a later moment.

      At last we discuss the last form of detention, which is the heaviest and often means the end of one’s criminal existence and life in overall. This is the Underground. As often mentioned the Underground isn’t meant for people to live there, yet many can be found there. Though there are some who fall into the Underground because of their debts and the likes, there are also many criminals who are sent to the Sewers. They are stripped of their identity and chained down into the hellhole, where they are forced to work all day like slaves. The only difference in appearance between these criminals and the true Rats are that they have their hands and feet cuffed, so that they can’t run and fight. They are also at all times forbidden to go up to the Land or the Sky and won’t make any money while in detention. This is usually the sort of judgement given to these who are judged for a lifelong sentence, so truly the last resort. There is no escape from this life after one criminal has been condemned to labour in the Underground, none except from death, which is usually what their end is. The few guards who are there to watch over the criminals are exceedingly cruel against them. However, usually the watch is given and handed over to a few eager Rats who wants to earn a good penny for there is no guard who would go there on their own volition. The top usually leave these people to do whatever they want to do with the criminals, as long as the said labours check in and out every day at their jails. The cells of these criminals can be found at the lowest level of the Underground, near the ovens and the mines so that they can get to work immediately. As one can imagine it is the hottest there and life is pretty much unbearable.

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  2. Then I shall go ahead and reserve the "Viper" sobriquet for the time being...
  3. I don't take reservations for spots and roles, @Jet Jaguar. You guys will have to make sure no one else snatches it away. (See the rules)
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  4. I feared that that would appear to be the case. In the light of that possibility I've shaped my words earlier to be as a call to courtesy, as well. Only time will tell if my efforts are to be in vain, I suppose.
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  5. Very interesting concept! I am curious to see how this works out. Steampunk is usually not my cup of tea, but you did a good job catching my interest. I however do have to consider if I have the time to join and deliver decent quality.

    Also I was wondering would it be possible to play as a layer who keeps other criminals out of trouble? By being verh creative? Or would that not be possible?
  6. No problem. I will think about this. I find it hard to think of a stable character idea for now, since it is such an unfamiliar setting to me. So I might not sign up in the end, but I will definitely keep my eye on this. Plus I have to reread all the information when I am more awake xD
  7. I'm still working on my skeleton. It should be up soon.
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  8. In case anyone is wondering because I wasn't clear:

    I won't be posting a character skeleton myself. Since I will be busy with moving around the NPC's I would like to focus myself on advancing the story as a GM rather than a player.

    Some additional notes:

    - Characters are allowed to have mechanical limbs if explained how they got them and why. Be creative, think steampunk.

    - The top part of the skeleton where I ask for an introduction is just a short character description. Think of how you would summarise your character in a few lines.

    What @Jet Jaguar did there was a smart move. I don't accept reservations, but letting others know what your intentions are isn't forbidden. That way people will know what is in the planning and we can avoid the awkward feeling of people aiming for the same role.
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  9. Alright, throwing in a general 'hey' of interest, I'll cobble somethin' together soon enough.
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  10. @WishfulNemo, I managed to crank out a lovely lady...Pretty quick. Check 'er over when you have the time. Don't ask who's talking in her intro, it's just a...General person. Probably a street rat judging by the accent.

    If anyone wants relationships with 'er, she's open. ^^
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  11. (MRW when someone calls me smart)

    I'll have it up later today, hopefully. I have a doctor's appointment in a few hours, so maybe after that.
  12. Just wondering: would a nickname like the "Centipede" classify as animal-themed?
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  13. I would even consider a 'butterfly' as an acceptable choice. ;D So, go ahead.
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  14. By the way! You can post unfinished skeletons like @Dredd and @Lissamel did, however, do be sure to finish it within a timely manner (I give you one month before I start bothering you) and tell me when you are finished. Especially the last part is important. Tag me, PM me, leave a comment on my profile page, Skype me, whatever... You may even send me a handwritten letter! (Though if you know my address I will most likely be really freaked out.) Just make sure to inform me when you are finished.
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  15. I am currently hammering out a sheet for my version of "The Ferret", however I'm having a hard time finding artwork that fits my imagination. Is there anywhere anyone would suggest searching I may not be aware of?
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  16. Working on Hare, have the general, important info filled (personality, basics,etc) but i basically just need to put in detail..
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  17. What sources are you using now?

    I usually use sources like tumblr,, or is a good source as well and is useful as well, but the site is in Japanese, so a bit hard to use.

    My best guesses are usually and tumblr. I don't know about the others. If you want I can give you some art blogs from tumblr with anime styled art?
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  18. Pinterest is my go-to site. ^^

    Some links that you might find helpful:
    Link 1
    Link 2
    Link 3
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  19. So I'm almost finished with Penny (just have that damned bio to do now//shot Bio you are the bane of my existence! //shakes fist) So I was just posting this here if anyone wanted to form some relationships let me know. I'm up for anything really. And I promise I don't bite so don't be shy ^.^ Penelope CS

    Edit: I have finished my Skeleton //falls asleep
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  20. @Misaou: I will get to reviewing your character today!

    As for the rest. Misa there suggested to me that I should explain the NPC's a little more. So I'm going to post skeletons up, for the most important NPC's you will encounter, so that you guys know what you are up to.
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