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    Hah, so with my general player expectations out of the way... I hope that you are still around and aren't scared off, yet. As some might notice these 'expectations' are largely the same as my own role play resume, so you are free to imagine me as the standard there~

    Decision has fallen on idea#5 there; Golden City

    Shamelessly recycling my interest check thread (open)
    So what follows is a small list of role play ideas that I have. Most of them aren't fleshed out yet, some of them can be 1x1's as well, but I'm mostly here in the hopes to organise a group role play. As to keep the list short I have mostly given out a small summary/pointers over what the general idea is. Feel free to comment on all of them, help me brainstorm, or just a general prod that you're interested! Obviously I won't be able to organise all of the role plays listed here, but perhaps that I can inspire you to do so. With that said, let's get to the list.

    IDEA 1: Jinni | Fantasy, Magic, Action

    Jinni [plural: Jinn] - Arabic for Genie

    Jinn, supernatural beings that stand below the ranks of demons and angels, belonging to neither good nor bad. They don’t have a solid form to assume, and usually take refuge in inanimate objects, such as trees, lamps, stones, etc… However, they are as vulnerable as humans are, they don’t have the immortal life, and neither are they exempt from the mortal needs. Jinn, who usually have no form of themselves, can assume the form of a human or another animal as they wish. The first winning over their preference as the intellect of the jinn and the humans are on par.

    IDEA 2: Gladiator (subject of change) | Action, Horror, Dystopia, Thriller, Psychological

    In the near future, where earth is overpopulated, a new idea rises to cut down the numbers of humanity. In an elaborate set up game people are used as pawns as their lives are gambled on for the entertainment of the rich.

    IDEA 3: Inception | Thriller, Psychological, Action

    Based on the movie Inception (2010) and mused slightly fused with the story of Freebird Games's 'To the Moon'.

    'Sleepers' who infiltrate the dreams of their clients in order to plant/steal ideas, or to reconstruct memories. The borders of reality and dreams are blurred, what is real now?

    Elderly man: They come to be woken up. The dream has become their reality. Who are you to say otherwise?

    IDEA 4: Atlantis | Adventure, (hopefully a bit of steampunk)

    A group of pirates are looking for the greatest treasure when they suddenly are swept up in a mysterious storm and find themselves in a city underwater. / A float of marines on a mission / Shipmen in general / etc...

    The people of Atlantis have lived in peace, away from the 'land dwellers'/'air breathers'/'[insert clever name to describe them]' and their fickle ways until an unruly group suddenly strands/lands/etc... in their city.

    The first interaction between the people of the sea and the land after generations. How will this go?

    IDEA 5: Golden City | Steampunk, Action, Adventure, Villains

    Originally from; WhoAreYou from, a site long closed and disappeared.

    Take a thriving city, with enough jobs, enough food, enough money, enough of everything to care for their inhabitants.


    Take a group of independent criminals, bandits, measly pick pocketers, conmen, who all represent an animal in terms of their ability or personality.


    Add in one mastermind who decides to have a bit of fun with these criminals, inviting them all to join him/her in one cause; to steal the source of the city's success.

    However, what is the source, and where can it be found? What about the criminals that are so used to working on their own, but are suddenly forced to band together? What is the real motive of their new boss, the mastermind?

    IDEA 6: The Inheritance | Horror, Thriller, Psychological, Action, Mystery

    [Insert name of some rich person here] has died under mysterious circumstances. The only heir(ess) of the immense property has disappeared as well and the remaining relatives are fighting for their share of the inheritance, but every time someone succeeds in getting their keys of the house they vanish. The fact that some scrawny orphan child suddenly turns up, claiming their part of the inheritance complicates the whole situation. What is going on?


    So what did you think of the ideas? Saw any that interested you? Please comment and let me know!

    Special thanks to @Dredd for the banner!
    Genre: Anti-hero, Steampunk
    Story & Plot: Golden City, a thriving city divided in three layers. The place where dreams are said to come true. A city of endless possibilities with intricate maze-like alleys that have become a trademark for the place. There is enough work for all, and enough to experience, making it so that life is never dull in Golden City.
    However, for some this flourishing city of success is exactly the cause of their dullness. Feeling a little ill-minded they decide to create some havoc. Or perhaps these people feel themselves to be ignored by the city, causing them to rebel so that they can take what is theirs. Anyway, every coin has two sides and whilst Golden City has booked many successes and produced notable figures in history there is also a darker side to it all. We are speaking of the criminal world that Golden City is so rich of.

    Be it mere pick-pocketers, or eloquent conmen, the variety and diversity of criminals and their backgrounds is immense. Some are more subtle and less noticeable, like the accountant who purposefully 'forgets' to add an extra zero to the numbers, or misplaces a comma. Others are less elusive with their business, straight up stealing goods from shops, and the bags of old ladies. They can be found everywhere and are either well-known or unknown to the community and feared accordingly. Whether it is because of their own brute power, or because they are notoriously known by the legal forces in Golden City for being caught red handed a multiple times, they all carry a story with them. Coming from many different backgrounds and carrying each a personal motive, these thieves, liars, etc, are all driving against the rules set within the city. Some merely do it for the attention, others because they wish to survive, the possibilities are endless with them, and often unknown.

    In any case, the criminals of Golden City are an odd bunch. They usually seem to prefer working individually over gangs. Despite this, most of the (in)famous criminals in Golden City all seem to have an animal-themed nickname going for them as a pseudonym, almost seemingly suggesting that there is a gang. However these nicknames aren't personally picked. Neither are they given because they physically look like the animals, though there are some crazy cases of mutilation. Rather, the nicknames are given because of their own talents, or character traits that are trademark to the animals in question. The nickname never sticks with one person for too long, however. If the criminal happens to be caught, fades into the background, or if a new criminal comes forward that fits the name better, the nickname is easily transferred by the crowd and the colleagues. It can be thus said, and assumed, that having an animal-themed nickname as a criminal in Golden City is to be carried as a badge of honour.

    Now imagine a bunch of these 'top' criminals gathered together by a mysterious invitation. Some with the promise of a better life, others merely tempted for a good laugh. The reasons to join are diverse, from surviving to merely entertaining oneself, or wishing to show off their skills. Figures coming from the first to the last layer all band together with their own prejudices, for each other, and expertise, forced to work together in order to succeed and reach their goal. Their mission; to commit the greatest crime ever! However, can a bunch of unruly people work together efficiently? Or are their differences too great? What about their individuality? Will they be able to share their glory, or end up stabbing each other in the back? Let's find out.

    You don't need to read the information in the spoilers now. You may if you are curious, most of the details discussed here will help shape the story of the role play. So it can and may give you a vague idea of the direction I want to go into.

    History (open)
    Golden City wasn't always the thriving city it was today. It started out as an ambitious project high in the mountains by an unnamed pioneer. They bought the grounds, hired the people and started to dig into the mountain in the hopes to find something. People believed that it was bound to become a failure, for the weather was cold, the circumstances bar, and the interest slim. Little to no achievement was made in the beginning, the small amount of oxygen so high up in the mountain making it hard to work for long hours after each other. Very little was expected from this journey. There was a lack of natural minerals surrounding them and the high altitude made some sick. The pioneer was doomed to fail they said, but yet they kept on digging and going. The pioneer forever believed in their dream. However, the rest didn't and many of the miners left for that reason. Progress slowed down, if it wasn't slow before, and the pioneer was losing manpower. A breakthrough was needed to revive their hopes and a breakthrough they got. Coal was found in the mines and soon afterwards cupper.

    With natural resources found, the pioneer could start doing business. However, it wasn’t only business that would help the city grow. The pioneer was, as mentioned before, ambitious and had their ideas set on how to make the city grow. The pioneer wasn’t only a businessmen, but also an engineer, developing an idea and a system that would soon lay base to the heat ovens under the city of Golden City. It was innovative and new, attracting curious minds to see the place that was ‘built on fire’. It also made it automatically a more attractive place to settle down on and the first miners families settled themselves, forming a small village.

    However, with a story of success dangers came forward. Inventors generally didn’t like to share ideas, especially not with outsiders, and the mines needed to be protected as well from these who wished to pick along on their success with the coals and cupper. Portable walls were introduced, walls that could be moved around to block the road of the opponent. It was by some crazy suggestion of one of the settled inventors in the village that later the maze-like construction that the city is now known for was introduced. From there on the development of the village developed itself rapidly. The free and eccentric minds could expand and innovate however they wanted, factories, machinery, and mining taking leaps in development as the numbers grew. However, the air grew polluted in the village and the inhabitants had to find ways to preserve and clean their air.

    It was then that a family of engineers and inventors came forward with blueprints of something so immensely idealistic that it seemed unrealistic. The family of McAllister, later known as the ancestors of the Golden City. They had the dream for people to live in the sky, high up in the air, with bridges and cables and an elevator leading up to it. A crazy idea, and at first the already settled inventors in the village were sceptical about putting it into execution. However, as the villagers had started to believe in dreams and impossibles becoming truth they accepted the idea and started to develop. This was how the upper layer was created, later known as ‘The Sky’. It took years of experiments, and tons of workers plummeting down to their deaths, before ‘The Sky’ finally started to resemble something that was seemingly alike. McAllister’s idea was a success and from there on the city rapidly developed with their fresh ideas. Walls that erected and descended from the grounds were introduced, no longer needed to be pushed around. A clockwork system that set the action in motion and ‘The Tube’ followed. Golden City became a place where dreams came true.

    And the story is still ongoing! Golden City is still developing itself, introducing new inventions on a daily base, some working, some failing, but it is proof of the creativity of the people living inside. The city is flourishing, showing no sign that it has reached its peak as it keeps on rising. Rising up, and up, and up, and up, and never falling down, that is what they hope, ignoring the poor conditions of the people in the ‘Underground’.
    • Corruption: A darker part of the history of the Golden City is corruption. No one likes to speak of it and any of the nobles hush up about it once the word ‘corruption’ falls. Only a select group of citizens of ‘The Sky’ and ‘The Land’ would dare to speak up about it, for it is undeniable that it happens, but rather not do it in the presence of a noble. The only one who can freely speak of the corruption the city would be the ‘Rats’, these from the ‘Underground’, for no one believes their word and for they have no rights on their own. Corruption started to become obvious after ‘The Sky’ had been formed and people started to move into the first layer. Due to the high demand of housing in the first layer the city had to bring the numbers down of the amount of accepted citizens, thus showing biasm to these who paid a ‘slightly’ more to gain entrance to ‘The Sky’. This continued to work when toll fees were demanded at ‘The Tube’, where administrators would try to go above the regular price to catch themselves some extra loan. As no one went against it, or filed a complaint against it the corruption started to become more frequently, as people believed that they were invincible, which they essentially were as long as ‘The Sky’ and the nobles weren’t bothered. In fact, there is a rumour going down that the nobles have ordered the revenue agent to purposefully rise up the toll for the second and third layers so that they won’t come out anymore. The fact that the medicine mixed in the air of ‘The Sky’ is a slightly addictive is also a fact that the city tries to cover up, not wanting to look for another medicine that could help their people against motion sickness. That would consume time and be expensive to reintroduce. They do, however, try everything in their power to protect their citizens against the medicine. So they have limited the supply and raised the price. However, this has as the devastating result that the citizens span out to more illegal means, thus giving room to dealers.
    • Disappearances: As the city grew and more people started to settle down in Golden City it was starting to become harder to keep up with the demand for housing. Especially expanding in ‘The Sky’ was hard for that would mean expanding the embryo. So prices rose up dramatically, often leading to the tragic consequence that there is a family or two who couldn’t keep up with the rising interest rate on their mortgage, ultimately having them fall back down into the second layer. This then had as the effect that the second layer started to be crowded. Thus the nobles decided to be selective in the people the city housed. These too much in debt, these who spoke up against the city, convicts, and the addicted were all thrown into the mines, later known as the 'Sewers', or the 'Underground'. As it wasn't, and still isn't, a place for people to live in the third layer is never acknowledged as an official part of the city. So being thrown into the 'Sewers' basically meant that one had 'died' for the city and thus no longer existed. An effective way to make liabilities 'disappear'.
    The Golden City (open)
    Golden City is divided in three layers, The Sky, The Land and the Underground. Each with their own unique traits and people, but all connected to each other through the centre. From a bird's-eye view the city is round and maze like, complex like the inside of a clockwork. Only few know how to move through the entire city and even then it can't be guaranteed that they won't get lost once in awhile. Alleys constantly change on set times, reconstructing the paths again. In the Sky it are the bridges that changes their route, on Land and Underground it are the walls that rise up and down from the ground. However, despite the many dead ends and newly opened gates all of the roads ultimately lead to the center, the place that never changes.
    • The Change: Everyday at midnight precise the paths change themselves, turning, rising, lowering, themselves to create new routes. It is thus advised to all to stay inside of their houses when the ‘Change’ happens for it wouldn’t be the first time accidents happen because of the ‘Change’ and they often don’t end well. For both ‘The Land’ and the ‘Underground’ the ‘Change’ comes in the form of walls erecting from the ground and descending back again. It happens frequently that, these who are loitering around at night, they happen to stand on top of such wall and are taken by surprise, falling off from the height, or getting stuck because of it. For ‘The Sky’ this is even more dangerous as the first layer is high in the sky, and connected with bridges, which thus means that losing balance on one of the bridges usually leads to death.
    • Centre: The only consistent place. A saying in the city goes that every road in the city leads to the centre. It is also the only place that looks the same no matter what layer you find yourself in and thus the symbol of the city. The centre is a round platform around which a circle of numbers, counting from one (1) - twelve (12), surrounds the place. It is also called ‘The Clock’ as the time can be read on the ground with the help of the sun and the numbers surrounding it the platform. In the very center of ‘The Clock’ is a fountain located whose shadow functions as the hand of ‘The Clock’.
    • The Tube: Near the fountain is the entrance that leads to the other layers called ‘The Tube’. From the Sky to the Land an elevator goes up and down, but between the Land and the Underneath there are only stairs that connect the two layers with each other. A toll is usually paid to go up and down ‘The Tube’. However, it happens frequently that the revenue agent sitting there succumbs to corruption and asks whatever amount they want from these passing. Gates are closed after six, so anyone who hasn't returned to their own side then will have to sleep on the cold hard ground. It isn’t unusual either for corrupt agents to close up early, or neglect showing up at all for their jobs. Rats/Undergrounders who are found outside of the Sewers after curfew are usually arrested without pardon.
      • The Toll: As mentioned a price is paid for using the Tube. Usually this is five silver pieces, or whatever is equal to it. However, it happens more often than not that the revenue agent asks for more, especially from these of the lower layers like the ‘Underground’. The toll is paid for each level that the citizen passes, but only when they enter. Going back down again doesn’t need any payment, but the citizen must proof that they don’t belong to the layer first before passing through with the help of their ID’s. People from the ‘Underground’, who usually have no true, or acknowledged, identities of their own are never allowed to enter ‘The Sky’ for this reason.
    • The Cables: Because of a lack of solid ground, in 'The Sky', and certain roads on 'The Land' and 'Underground' transportation is mostly done in the air with cables and slings. They are usually only used for long distances or by deliverers. Some upper body strength is needed to use these slings as one has to take hold onto them for an extended period of time. Of course it often happens that children use them as well to play, which leads to numerous accidents in which they lose their grip on the sling and fall down to their doom. Unfortunately, due to gravity, cables can only be used into one direction and that is from one higher point to a lower point. In order to go back to their original point one will have to walk back.
    • City Lingo: Like every place, that is worth some notice, Golden City as well has its own local slang to describe some of its more unique places and people. So is 'The Tube' also called 'The Placenta' for the bubble that surrounds the 'The Sky', called 'The Embryo'. The people who live in 'The Sky' are distastefully called; 'Foetuses', reasons being again that they 'emerge' from the 'The Embryo'. It was something that started as a (distasteful) joke, but soon gained so much popularity that it now stands synonym to each other.
    The Sky (open)
    Where the rich lives. It is located high above the mountain with a protective bubble, called the embryo, surrounding them to regulate the air, for oxygen so high up in the sky is scarce. This part of the city is always surrounded by clouds, and thus layered in a thin layer of mist. When the sun shines the whole city is filled with rainbows due to the droplets of water in the clouds reflecting the sunrays. It is for this reason that The Sky is also called ‘the end of the rainbow’. The majority of the citizens in The Sky are workers who previously lived in the second layer, but made good money and bought their way in. They are usually called ‘New Blood’ by the original inhabitants who are usually from noble, or even royal, bloodline. Life in ‘The Sky’ is usually peaceful with very little happening, except from the occasional poor soul that falls down a bridge during the ‘Change’. Security is tight and so are the regulations, making ‘The Sky’ easily one of the most suffocating places to live in despite its luxury.
    • The Medicine: Due to the constantly moving clouds surrounding the city people may experience some motion sickness. The city prevents that by turning medicine, against motion sickness, into gas and pumping it into the air along with the extra oxygen. The concentration of the medicine is so small so that no one gets overdosed. Inhabitants of the city who need a higher concentration will need to fetch their own medicine, this is however hard to get and very expensive as well. Since the medicine is also a slightly addictive, with dangerous side-effects such as hallucination, insomnia, and hysteria, the citizens can’t get extra doses without the consent of their doctor. It thus so happens that desperate citizens try to get their hands on the medicine through illegal means. The Medicine is developed in ‘The Land’, with the effect that there are many illegal exchanges from there.
    • The Bridges: Unlike ‘The Land’ and the ‘Underground’ where there is ground and walls, ‘The Sky’ has everything connected through bridges. There are twelve ‘main’ bridges that lead to the Centre and never change position. However, all of the other bridges twist and turn with every ‘Change’ which often leads for paths, that led to a shop yesterday, to be a dead end today.
    • The Embryo: A thin transparent film that surrounds 'The Sky'. It regulates the temperature inside of the first layer and also maintains the oxygen level inside. After all, living on such a high altitude has its inconveniences without protection. Birds, rain, wind, and the likes can still move through the film without bursting, needing thus no precautions and extra protection. Another one of the many successful inventions of McAllister.
    The Land (open)
    Located on the surface of the mountain. This is where the machinery and factories are located that keep the city running. Bronze statues that stand tall against the rocks reflect a gold-like hue to the horizon which has named the city to what it is now. The working class can be found on this second layer of the city. The people there aren’t dirt poor, but neither insanely rich. Most of the workers there hope one day to gather enough money to buy themselves a place and the rights to live in 'The Sky'. However, there are a few deranged scientists who insist on staying on ‘The Land’ because of the access to all of the trinkets and the freedom to experiment for security isn’t as tight in the second layer as it is in ‘The Sky’. It is said that, where ‘The Sky’ is the end of the rainbow, ‘The Land’ is the pot of gold. Though the second layer may be not as luxurious as life is in ‘The Sky’, ‘The Land’ is the heart of the city and its lungs. Most of the success from Golden City comes from ‘The Land’ and whilst the air may be polluted the best adventures are found there as well.
    • The Heat system: Due to the high location in the mountains the people in the second layer live in a rather cold climate. For this reason there is an elaborate heat system going through ‘The Land’ to keep the city warm. The second layer doesn’t rely on the warmth provided by the sun, but on the warmth given by the coals and trash burnt below in the sewers.
    • Dealers: As the ‘Medicine’ that the citizens of ‘The Sky’ need is developed in the second layer there is a high demand for the production of the ‘Medicine’. It, however, so happens that there are regulations bound to the creation of the drugs and to the amount of it. This doesn’t stop small and illegal businesses to secretly develop, or replicate, and distribute the ‘Medicine’.
    Underground/Sewers (open)
    The poorest, dirtiest, and hottest part of the city. It is located within the mountain where the mines and sewers are located. It functions as, like the name suggests, the sewer of the city from both the top layers as well as that it serves as the garbage dump. These who live there are usually called 'rats' because of the sewer-like construction and conditions there. There is very little to no light, except from the eternally lit fire in the ‘Heaters’ and trash is littered everywhere. The inhabitants of the third layer literally live in the shit (of their own and others). Usually the inhabitants are convicts, outcasts, or are addicts of the ‘Medicine’ and have lost all of their rights and respect within the city. For the city, the people who live in the Sewers don’t exist anymore, or have never done so from birth. The most unrespectable jobs, such as prostitution are usually found there in the Underground, hidden well from the public eye. Due to the extensive heat system in the second layer the fire is constantly flaring on high and burning coals all through the day and night to warm ‘The Land’. For this reason the temperature in the ‘Underground’ is chokingly hot, giving the citizens a hard time breathing as oxygen is easily consumed there as well. Along with the smoke the coal releases many of the people living in the ‘Sewers’ have breathing problems and ultimately succumb to it, if not from dehydration.
    • The Heaters: These giant ovens are scattered all around the third layer. These ovens are the main reason why ‘The Land’ has warm houses, baths and floors all through the city, but they also provide the heat in the houses of ‘The Sky’, but not as much as they do for the second layer. Their main fuel is coal, however huge amounts of trash is thrown in it as well so that the ‘Underground’ isn’t completely drowned by the dump. This usually has the effect that dangerous gasses release and spread in the air that pose as another danger to the health and lives of these living in the sewers. ‘The Heaters’ are never allowed to go out, as the whole city relies on the warmth it provides. Due to their size and the way they are scattered around in the third layer they are also the only source of light for the ‘Underground’.
    • Mines: Intricate labyrinth, even more than the ever changing roads of the city itself, from where they miners delve the coals, and other minerals, from run through the whole mountain. The mines are also the only source of fresh air for the ‘Underground’ if they lead to outside of the mountain. However, more often than not it is a dangerous job where the halls collapse, or water floods due to heavy rainfall or when they accidentally dig under a river. Nowadays the scientist of the second layer have made nifty inventions to avoid such casualties, or to avoid a greater tragedy, but not before sacrificing many lives of Rats.
    • Rats: Outcasts, convicts, or anyone else without any grace or respect of their own and who lives down in the ‘Sewers’. People who have grown so addicted to the ‘Medicine’ that they have given up their whole fortune and life above for it and these who have been banished from ever showing their face on the surface again. Their lives are usually of very little value, especially considering how they don’t exist anymore to the city, and are usually left to vend for themselves. It rarely happens that a ‘Rat’ manages to climb their way out and start a life succesfully above in the second layer. Mainly because ‘Rats’ are given no, to very small wages, and because they are given no formal education at all.
    Notable NPC's (open)

    • The Game Master: No one really knows who they are, what they want, or what their reasoning is. At a first glance they seem to be a first-rate clown that seeks entertainment by scheming behind the scenes. However, as the 'game' progresses the realisation comes that everyone is part of a bigger game.
    • McAllister: Often dubbed as the ‘founders’ of Golden City, though that isn’t entirely true. They merely made the biggest inventions possible, such as the creation of ‘The Sky’, and numerous other inventions that have made Golden City to what it is today. They are the richest and most respected family in Golden City, living high up in ‘The Sky’ which they also own for creating and claiming their patent on it. Business-minded and innovative, they are the family who made the big dream possible. The McAllister are easily the most powerful and richest family in the city, being the ‘official’ manufacturer of the ‘Medicine’ in the city.
    • The Pioneer: Not much is known about this figure, only that they had a crazy idea, a surplus of money, and a crazy amount of time. However, after finding the coals and attracting inventors to the city the Pioneer has pretty much disappeared into the background because of the success of McAllister.
    • The Inquisition: These who maintain the law within the city. Hooded figures whose main job is to catch criminals. They are also supposed to reap all of the corruption out of the city, but ill tongues whisper that the favour of the Inquisition is easily bought. They are as mysterious as they are efficient, rumours has it that they were once infamous criminals in the city, whose fame reached even far outside of the Golden City, but suddenly disappeared. It would surely explain the reason why they are so well-versed in the villainous world.
    [List of NPC’s will be growing as the story advances]

    If you are interested, or have further questions, please comment down below. c:
    How many interests do I need?: As many as I can? A small group of four/five will do it for me.
    When do I plan on releasing this?: Somewhere in December, hopefully.​
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  2. Idea six sounds interesting! Then again horror and psychological plots always catch my attention. ​
  3. Djinn tempts me like crows to a corpse.
  4. Golden City is Golden. Vote Golden City (Idea 5) ;3
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  5. I saw steampunk. Ideas 1, 4 and 5 have caught my interest; especially 5 :D
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  6. So far I have for:

    Idea #1: 2 vote(s)
    Idea #2: 0 vote(s)
    Idea #3: 0 vote(s)
    Idea #4: 1 vote(s)
    Idea #5: 4 vote(s) (Two submitted through PM's and the likes c:)
    Idea #6: 1 vote(s)

    Looks like Golden City is leading up there (and due to the enthusiasm I have also started writing ^^';).

    If there are any questions about the plots, please feel free to ask them ~

    As to give you all a little sneak peek and taste for Golden City: Golden City is divided in three layers, The Sky, The Land and the Underground. Each with their own unique traits and people, but all connected to each other through the centre. From a bird-eye view the city is round and maze like, complex like the inside of a clockwork. Only few know how to move through the entire city and even then it can't be guaranteed that they won't get lost once in a while. Alleys constantly change on set times, reconstructing the paths again. In the Sky it are the bridges that changes their route, on Land and Underground it are the walls that rise up and down from the ground. However, despite the many dead ends and newly opened gates all of the roads ultimately lead to the center, the place that never changes.
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  7. So a little over a month later and I have decided to do Golden City. That if these who showed interest in it are still interested. See the first post to see the story/plot of Golden City and more.

    So: @Ritual Lobotomy, @darkflames13, @Dredd, @Misaou, @Wicked
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  9. Still interested c:
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  10. I would like to join.
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  11. Yo, of course. I need to get to channel my inner Jazz.
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  12. Wonderful~ Seems like I hit my bare minimum amount~

    I will notify you guys when I put it up. Maybe that I will do so earlier since I gave up on NaNoWriMo. XD

    In any case, you may abuse this time to ask questions if you have any. Questions regarding characters, story, city, etc... whatever may bother you.
  13. I already have my character planned since yesterday on a doc OTL. I'm currently in class but I'll look over it for questions that'll pop up later and ask you... I'll be doing a witty rabbit seeing as rabbits surprisingly arent made to be tricksters when they can be too.
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  14. I'm very interested in this! I love your pre-set amount of lore and the chance to visit the Golden City would be an honor :)

    Color me: Very Interested!
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  15. this seems cool, i am very interested!
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