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Skeleton rules, for the obvious wasn't obvious enough apparently;
  • Banners are encouraged. Make sure to use anime/illustrations, no realistic pictures, please. Sites like pinterest, tumblr, pixiv, or zerochan aresome examples of good resources where you can find a picture.
  • Maximum banner sizes are 500*300 px. You can cut and edit them on sites like;,, or even simply paint with the 'crop' feature.
  • Follow the skeleton. Make sure that all of the information that I ask for you is given. Order may be changed, but keep it logical.
  • I will not review characters before they are finished. This so everyone gets fair chances. I'm, however, open for discussion through PM, or other mediums of contact. If you have an idea that you aren't sure about, message me.


[The (Animal nickname) + Short, but catchy, introduction of your character. Maximum of one paragraph/eight sentences.]



Personality: [List and describe]
Biography: [Optional]

Residency: [The Sky, Land, or Underground?]
Occupation: [They are most likely involved in the criminal circuit, but what exactly do they do?]

Relationships: [Rivalry, family, etc…]


Disclaimer: Only sign up applications here. All questions and ooc chatter goes here; Golden City |

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A few tips on character writing;

Counsellor Character Creator - Counseling

Meh, I'm too lazy to properly rewrite these advices for you guys. So just click the link and read it all through! This is mostly based on my own opinion and how I like to work, but it works for me, obviously. Hopefully it will teach you guys something and help you along the way as well! c:

January 10, 2016 EDIT:

Putting an emphasis on the following before any more misunderstandings happen.
I don’t take reservations. If you want to join, submit a completed character and get accepted. I won’t take competitions either. If your animal of choice is already taken by another you will have to either wait until they drop out or think of another role. Simple as that.
Rule number #10. This also counts for characters that aren't accepted yet, or were rejected. Not everyone diligently deletes their character skeleton after applying, unfortunately. However, that doesn't mean that they have any right or tabs on the role that they were aiming for. If someone else happens to apply for the same character and gets accepted before they do, then it is unfortunate for them, but the role will be given away to the one who finished and got accepted first. No exceptions made.
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♛⇣ also known as 」the arctic fox xx ♛⇣ sex 」♂ xx ♛⇣ age 」24

ON THE UPPERMOST RUNG of the city resides one of the unlikeliest of criminals--an aristocrat with power and riches at his disposal, though in truth he does not hold much interest for such ephemeral indulgences. What he does harbour is a deep, abiding grudge against certain inhabitants of the Golden City, whom he holds accountable for the untimely demise of his beloved mother. Nicknamed the Arctic Fox for his cunning personality and aura of impenetrable coldness, he has earned quite the reputation as an elusive and skilful conman, and while this nickname is known throughout the three rungs of Golden City, the male's true identity remains unknown, such that many believe his existence to be nothing more than a myth. ❞
█████████████████ █ ▌

Independent and Unassuming - Pyotr lives a quiet and mundane existence. Unlike most wealthy individuals, he knows not to boast or spend his money frivolously. Little is known about his past, but this is only because people usually do not find him all that interesting. They say the man is simply wasting his youth. He does not do much other than roam about and attend certain social gatherings. For this reason, and also because he is prone to sickness and his hair is a striking silvery white, he is known as 'Old man Malkovich' throughout the upper realm. But it does not bother him; Pyotr would rather be called that than have his other identity exposed.

Pyotr keeps most of his thoughts and feelings to himself. He would not speak unless it is asked of him, and because of this he is largely misunderstood to be shy and insipid. Nobody knows what kind of person he is or what he is truly thinking. Independent to a fault, he also has a habit of shouldering his own problems and refusing help. This is because, aside from not wanting to be in debt, he does not know how to rely on others. The only person he genuinely trusts is himself.

Perceptive and Sly - Most people see, but do not observe. Not Pyotr. Because he cannot survive in the world using brute force alone, he must constantly rely on his brain and his senses. The boy's sense of hearing, sight, smell, and taste are highly sensitive. The wheels of his mind are constantly turning. If only one would look carefully, they would always find him lurking around, observing and listening in to conversations while going largely unnoticed. This is how he destroys his enemies: by studying them when they are most unguarded and exploiting their weaknesses.

Unexpectedly, Pyotr has a way with words. Most days, he is quiet, but when he does speak it can be difficult not to listen. One would find themselves drawn to his person, hanging on to his every word, because the man knows exactly what to say, whether it is to inspire fear, hatred, love, or some other emotion. In fact, he would lie unflinchingly if only doing so would benefit him. Or romance someone if it is to coax information out of them. It is because of this cold disregard for human emotions and deceptive nature that he is known as the Arctic Fox. He may be weak physically, but his intelligence and cunning make him a force to be reckoned with.

Generous and Passionate - But that is not to say that Pyotr is just cold and unfeeling. At the core, he is surprisingly gentle and unselfish; when the opportunity presents itself, he gives what he can to the poor, and he never takes advantage of others unless it is for a reason. Overall, the man has good intentions. He honestly believes that by killing his enemies, he is serving justice and making the world a better place for everyone else living in it.

It is clear that Pyotr can be very passionate, that is, if his strong desire for vengeance proves to be any indication. But he is more than just vindictive: he can be passionate about other things too. A creative man with an appreciation for the finer things in life, he has an especially refined taste when it comes to the arts and music. He can also be a sensual lover with the right person, although it takes a great amount of persistence to bring this quality out of him.

Curious and Elusive - Information is like a drug to Pyotr. Curious to a fault, he would go so far as to risk his life for knowledge. It is only natural that he would have such an obsession: outsmarting others is the only thing that he seems to be good at. Others rely on their physical capabilities, but Pyotr only has his brain. He would never refuse a good challenge if only to prove his intelligence, the one thing he takes great pride in.

Pyotr also has a love for exploration. When time and energy permits, he likes to traverse exotic and dangerous territories.

Prudent and Meticulous - Because he has never been caught red-handed, the Arctic Fox is considered by most to be a myth. Pyotr is meticulous; he plans everything down to the very last detail, and even when things don't go as intended, he is quick to think on his feet. The male cleans up after himself well. Like a ghost, he leaves almost no evidence of his crimes behind. Though unafraid to take risks, he exercises prudence and often makes good judgments. It is rare that he regrets a decision.

i hope that they choke on smoke 'cause i'm smoking them out the basement !

█████████████████ █ ▌

Though he has lived there for much of his childhood, Pyotr remembers Russia vaguely; only a memory of the cold and restlessness that he had to endure remains with him to this day. The Malkovich family had been rich and prominent in their homeland. Pyotr's father, most especially, was known for his ruthless demeanor, especially in matters concerning war and business. He was vicious and power-hungry, but few were foolish enough to speak ill of him. It was not until he was assassinated that all hell broke loose.

Thinking that they would be next in the killings, Pyotr's mother (Nina Malkovich) relocated to the Golden City with her son. The place just seemed so promising, or so she had heard from her relatives who lived there. And so they took up residence in the Sky. For a time, they lived peacefully, but Nina was lost without her husband, and her drinking habits worsened. She became so addicted to liquor and the Medicine that she ran out of money to sustain a life in the Sky and was forced underground. As soon as this happened, Pyotr was adopted into his Uncle's family. Not wanting to separate from his mother, he ran away to the Underground.

A search for Pyotr ensued, but the boy managed to go unnoticed by masquerading as a female. Since he was androgynous and kept out of the radar, nobody ever suspected him. However, he soon ran out of money. Being so frail and unused to dark and dangerous places like the Underground, he was seen as an easy prey by thieves. Out of desperation, he decided to steal from a random shop. This is how he came to be the apprentice of Mortimer Lindberg, an assassin. For two years afterward he kept a low profile and only trained indoors. Rarely did he ever leave the house, and when he did it was always in a female disguise.

It was not long until Pyotr killed his first victim. It was the brothel-keeper for which his mother had worked, or so Pyotr heard. He sneaked his way into the brothel disguised as a woman desperately looking for a job. Once he had the pimp all alone, he slit the man's throat and pushed him into an oven where he turned into ashes and smoke. But Mortem had one rule: Pyotr was not allowed to kill, simply because the boy was not yet ready. Such a rash act could place both of them at high risk if he were to do so. Pyotr had broken this rule. Filled with guilt and out of sorts for having just killed a man, he wandered outside for longer than he had intended, trying to figure out how to face Mortem after all that he did. It is so that the Inquisition recognized him, though they were oblivious to the murder that had just occurred, and sent him back to the Sky. When he reached home, his concerned relatives asked what had happened to him; but for a long while he did not speak. Many believed that he had been traumatized. This was true to some degree, and they did not press the matter further.

Now, seven years later, Pyotr remains in the Sky. Since then, he has killed many other people whom he believes had something to do with the disappearance of his mother. But such atrociousness have a way of making themselves known. Pyotr was eventually found to be the cause of these murders, but his family, wanting to keep their records clean, managed to buy their way out of the suspicion. Since then the law has been turning a blind eye to Pyotr's misdeeds. The man did not know of this agreement initially, but one could have only so much luck. That he managed to get away with all those murders unscathed seemed like a work of magic. He eventually found out about the agreement. Where others might have found themselves fortunate when placed in a similar situation, Pyotr was only disgusted; but he remained quiet about the affair, as he could not afford to go to prison while his mission was not yet done.

i hope that they choke on smoke 'cause i'm smoking them out the basement !

█████████████████ █ ▌

Pyotr Malkovich has no need for an occupation; he has all the wealth he could want served to him on a silver platter. He normally attends a few parties and other formal gatherings, but otherwise, the man keeps a very low profile. Nobody ever suspects him of anything. The Arctic Fox, however, is another story. When Pyotr puts on his mask, he turns into a notorious assassin who preys after those whom he believes had contributed to his mother's death. Being so elusive, his true identity and gender remains a mystery to all. Some even claim that he is nothing but a myth, a story to tell the children at night to scare them into doing good.

Pyotr wears a hood and a fox mask when doing his errands. He also dons a cloak and often alternates between women's and men's clothing, which causes some confusion about his gender. He only works for himself. No amount of money could ever persuade him to kill for another.

i hope that they choke on smoke 'cause i'm smoking them out the basement !

█████████████████ █ ▌


Nina Malkovich (Mother) - Nina was a beautiful woman, but she was blessed with little intelligence. Shallow and self-indulgent, she would spend the family's hard-earned money on foolish items and affairs. When her husband died, she fell into terrible grief. She drowned herself in alcohol and then got into drugs, until she finally ran out of money to sustain a life in the Sky. She was forced to relocate to the Underground, where she worked as a prostitute for a year so that she might pay for her liquor and meds, before vanishing without a trace. Pyotr has mixed feelings for her: on one hand, she treated him terribly; on the other, she never left his side and was the only person who ever showed him the slightest hint of love. He also has a yearning for his mother: a yearning that is by no means platonic, for he often found himself competing against his father for her love, though of course this competition was one-sided and neither parent knew of his strange inclinations. Oedipus Complex, it is called. These feelings confused him when he was younger, but when he grew of age he learned to accept them. Pyotr currently believes his mother to be dead, and has decided to avenge her no matter what it takes.

Sergei Malkovich (Father) - Pyotr knows very little about his father; the old man was rarely ever around during his childhood. Sergei was known throughout Moscow as a ruthless and corrupt politician. He had a military background and was especially strict towards his son for being an albino, so much so that Pyotr grew to despise him enough to wish he were dead. Pyotr distinctly remembers praying that his father would never return again, and these prayers were soon heard. Not long after Pyotr reached fourteen years of age, the old man was assassinated. Things only headed downward from there. Afraid that they would be killed next, Pyotr and his mother removed to Golden City where they started anew.

--PM me for relationships.
i hope that they choke on smoke 'cause i'm smoking them out the basement !

█████████████████ █ ▌


Residency - The Sky

Name - Pyotr Malkovich is written as Пётр Малкович. His nickname in the criminal world is the Arctic Foxa name that can be rightfully attributed to the man's cold demeanor and deceptiveness.

Appearance - It is ironic how, averse to the cold as Pyotr is, one often finds his presence chilling. Perhaps it is the mercurial quality to his depthless eyes. Perhaps it is his pale skin, so flawless and white one is reminded of snow; that refuses to tan or flush and feels as equally cold in temperature as it seems to be, regardless of how high up the sun is or how many layers of clothing he is wearing. Maybe it is his blond hair, which is just as pale in colour as his skin is, if not paler. Being an albino, he stands out even more in his typical all-black ensemble, which he wears in layers to keep himself warm.

But upon closer inspection, one would find that Pyotr is not so intimidating after all. It is unfortunate that he is not blessed with good health as he is with good looks. Pyotr’s skin is sensitive to cold and bruising. His hair, which is long enough to touch his shoulders, is so fine and delicate it constantly falls over his face in spite of attempts to tie it back. There are also dark circles underneath his eyes—a sign of sleeplessness—but his grey orbs, being so sensitive to light, are often hidden behind black goggles. Though by no means ungraceful, Pyotr is lanky in build; one is often wary that a gust of wind could blow him away at any moment. Despite these, many still consider Pyotr to be beautiful and even ethereal. He stands at 6’2”.

Pyotr’s most masculine feature would have to be his narrow, deep-set eyes, which contrast greatly to the huge irises hidden behind his prominent eyelids. His brows have a delicate arch to them—another feminine feature—but these are knitted close together, making him seem perpetually brooding. The rest of his features are predominantly feminine, such as the thin nose that slopes down to a triangular tip, his full, pink, lips, and the relatively high cheekbones that taper down to a sharp jaw. Pyotr is androgynous and would often secretly disguise himself as a woman for his work.

Chronic Smoker - Smoking is the only vice that Pyotr picked up from his mother. It is rare not to see him surrounded in his usual cloud of smoke. He goes through at least a pack a day, more out of comfort than habit because of his unusual tendency to feel cold even in what most consider to be normal temperatures.

Religious - An Orthodox Christian on paper, but Pyotr does not strictly practice this religion. Rather he believes in the existence of a god and is prayerful, often muttering words of apology and requests for assistance before executing his victims. He believes he has a close relationship with God, and that he was born into the world specifically to kill those who do not deserve to be in it. 'Passing judgment' is what he prefers to call it.

  • Pyotr cannot sleep for more than six hours. Out of habit, he wakes up at precisely four every morning. This was how he was raised by his father.
  • Likes coffee, good wine, classical and church music, opera, fireplaces, and sunlit areas.
  • Dislikes prosthetics, cold weather, darkness, rain, winter, Russia, the Underground, and generally unclean places.
  • Sexual orientation: Bisexual
i hope that they choke on smoke 'cause i'm smoking them out the basement !

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Romance, Fantasy, Horror, Adventure, Action, ect (I'm up for anything)

[BCOLOR=transparent] Omen: The Prodigy[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]The Scorpion[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]"I'm fired up, what about you?"[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Notorious in the second layer of the Golden City for being one of the top major ‘medicine dealers’ around. Whispers of the Scorpion also exceed to the top layer, ‘the Sky’. The Scorpion has a reputation of making an almost identical batch of medicine compared to the factory version. Folks don’t know what gender the Scorpion happens to be because whenever they [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]are interacted with their voice is camouflaged and they wear a hood and mask. Besides being one of the major medicine dealers, the Scorpion is not to be underestimated. Any foe that stands against the Scorpion or approaches them with ill intent is struck down mercilessly. Like a Grim Reaper, the Scorpion makes their death swift and leaves no trace. The former Scorpion was nowhere near as brutal and efficient as the Scorpion of today. But once the former Scorpion felt threatened by the soon to be new Scorpion, they challenged them only to be never heard from again. Much like their namesake the Scorpion deals a lot with poison, their trademark being mechanical tail with a sharpened edge.[/BCOLOR]


[BCOLOR=transparent] Dr. Penelope Anne Banks[/BCOLOR]


[BCOLOR=transparent]“Penny”: Those closer to Penelope address her as such. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]“Dr. Banks”: Her clients address her by this as a form of respect to her title and the hard worked she earned for it. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]“Little Annie”: Some refer to her as this to tease her, because of her height and her kiddish middle name. Of course, she doesn’t accept people teasing her well so this could be met with violence to a degree. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Gender: Female[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Age: 21 || Twenty-one || April 1st || Aries ♈[/BCOLOR]



[BCOLOR=transparent][ Calculating & Observant ][/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]“One does not simply run off without a plan m’dear”[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Penelope credits herself with being somewhat slow to speak. Normally she just prefers to take in a situation and fully understand it before commenting, not wanting to make herself look like a fool or anything. She's had this little habit since she was little, her sister being the more talkative one, and the one that was more prone to get into trouble. Penelope just doesn't scan situations and calls it a day, but carefully takes in everything piece by piece, processing it her brain, then proceeding from there. She also has a nifty little skill where she can remember the majority of what she see's. That comes in handy when she's trying to remember all of the chemical equations and recipes to medicine that she works with on a daily basis. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Penelope also likes developing a well thought out plan as opposed to just jumping in blindly and winging it. Sure, sometimes not thinking about things has it's advantages but more often than not having, at least, a clue of what to expect helps out in the end. Besides, in her business always being a couple steps ahead of your rivals is never a bad thing. How else do you think she acquired her 'Scorpion' title so swiftly? [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent][ Hard working & Disciplined ][/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]“I’d rather handle things myself, it’s the only way they’ll turn out right after all.”[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Penny doesn't believe in doing things half-assed. In fact, that happens to be a huge pet peeve of hers. Why bother doing something at all if you're not going to put your all into it? Besides, the path she's chosen for herself can't be one that's unstable. Everything has to perfect or at least as close to perfect as it can be. Lives are on the line and though Penny might not have any problem ending one, the lives she is trying to protect are unexpendable. That fact alone is enough to make her work hard and go to her limits, then push beyond. She's not a workaholic just for herself but for the people she cares about as well. With that in mind, she tends not to make careless mistakes. A slip of the tongue or a wrong action can get you misplaced in this fragile society rather quickly nowadays. So with that being said Penelope is pretty careful about those she surrounds herself with and she's not easily trusting either. She also has quite a lot of patience for such a violent individual as she. But when more is at stake than your own life you tend to be more...careful about making mistakes that can set you back you basically spell your death. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent][ Passionate & Diligent ][/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]“I always keep my eyes on the prize”[/BCOLOR]

Penelope likes to constantly remind herself of the end game, what awaits her at the end of her road long traveled. Staying focused is what keeps her going in times that she's weak. When she feels like giving up, thinking about what she's doing, why she's doing it, and what awaits her once it's finished gives her the much-needed push in the right direction she needs. She's human, so she has weak moments as well though she would rather not show them. Still, once something is near and dear to her heart, giving up is a much harder feat than completing the difficult task. It also doesn't take much to get Penelope excited about something. She has pretty clear lines of what she likes and what she doesn't. What she will and what she won't stand for. But once she's committed, to whatever has a hold on her, she gives it her all, going back to that not doing things half-assed.

[BCOLOR=transparent][ Reserved & Kind ][/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]“According to my sister I play hard to get?”[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Because Penelope is not a woman of many words, at least not the majority of the time, she tends to just keep to herself. And that doesn't mean that she loathes social interaction, she can appreciate it just as much as the next person but she also enjoys the times she spends alone. Whether it be when she's just reading a book or working on some latest project, there's a certain peace she gains when she's alone and she has learned to appreciate it. Also, considering how this world she lives in is so corrupt and people will stab you in the back, literally, if you falter for just a second, she doesn't exactly wish to let people in so easily. Still, while she might exude a hard exterior she's a softie on the inside. She likes protecting the underdogs too though she doesn't believe that makes her hero if anything she's a villain with a nice streak. At least, that's what she'd tell you. When she deems it necessary she protects the innocent and sometimes works on justice's side for just a moment. Not too long, though, she does have a reputation to uphold. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent][ Loyal & Aggressive ][/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]“You’ll rue the day you decided to cross me”[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]With everything prior being said, though Penelope might have a lot of patience, and yes she might be able to hold her tongue, and she's a major softie, that doesn't mean that she'll let you walk all over her either. Penelope doesn't just own her title for show, she gained it by doing some unspeakable things to people. Does she regret it? No, she doesn't always regret her actions but she does sometimes. The point is that though someone might not take her seriously, it's the quiet ones that you really have to look out for. Over the years, Penelope has really gotten in touch with her more brutal side. She might even find the crimes that she commits to being fun and exciting. Yes she's disciplined and while she might not exactly retaliate in that moment, she does hold grudges and she does remember. Rest assured, if she doesn't pay you back in that exact moment she will hunt you down later, much like how a predator stalks its prey before going in for the kill. There's only so much a person can take and once you've reached the point of no return with Penny then all bets are off the table. [/BCOLOR]

Still, Penelope is a pretty darn loyal person. If she says she has your back then she has it, if she makes a promise to you then she'll keep it. Plain and simple. Penelope is reliable because she always delivers. Having her on your side is certainly the better option as opposed to the opposite. Still, if someone does betray her trust, it's near to impossible to win it back. Like stated earlier, she holds grudges and she refuses to forget. In fact, the thought of revenge is sometimes what makes her so violent in the first place. Still, there have been some cases where she's forgiven someone after they had broken her trust, only a few, though. One could probably count on one hand how many people that actually was.



Penelope was adopted to a loving family named the Banks. Her mother had already arranged for her to be given to them while she was pregnant and had no trouble handing her over. Still, Penny didn't resent her mother for giving her up, her mother was a child herself, so how could she be expected to raise one? In fact, she thanked her mother for the wise though very hard decision to give her away because the family she chose was really loving and she thought of them like her own anyway. Besides, the Banks let her keep in touch with her birth mother anyway, which was nice of them.

Penelope's dad was a doctor and her mother was a stay at home mom. It was because of her father that Penelope began to have a love for medicine and science in general. Penelope took it a step further becoming a little inventor at a young age. She didn't do anything major till she was older, but her father always called her his 'little champion' because of her big bright ideas. Overall they had a peaceful life on the land. They did normal things like some families tended to do, like eat dinner with each other every night, take trips, Penelope got to help her dad out in the clinic and Victoria picked up knitting from her mother.

All in all her childhood was rather easy and stress-free. Still, life had a funny way of just throwing a fucking wrench in blissful situations like this. When Penelope was 12 she was officially an apothecary's apprentice. A rather skilled apprentice at that. She was able to handle some patients on her own without her father's help. That included making their respective medicines and giving correct dosages as well. Her father was really impressed with the rapid progress she was making and he was proud to see her following in his footsteps.

Still one day, a group of thugs saying they worked for someone in the Sky barged into their home demanding to speak to the doctor that lived in the house. Wanting to protect his family his family, Penelope's father agreed to meet them outside to have a talk with them. Of course, Victoria and Penelope were nervous and scared for their father. He was dealing with scary mean on his own. The men wanted her father to make a replica of the 'medicine' that was given to the people in the sky. Her father was a law abiding citizen though so he respectfully declined their offer. But then men weren't there to hear him decline so they decided to rough him up a bit. Worried since her husband was talking a while their mom went to go check on her husband.

From that point forward things continued to escalate and the situation was completely out of hand. Penelope was curious what was taking her parents so long, so she told Victoria she would go check on them. When she walked out she didn't see anything which of course was odd to her because they should've been talking right outside. Calling for her parents, she searched till she reached the alley by her house. She heard a soft groan and that's when she saw her parents. Her mother was silent, laying on the ground covered in blood. Her father was bleeding a lot as well but he was the one that was groaning.

Not sure how to take this situation Penelope started to panic as she called for help while trying to stop her father's bleeding. He only removed her hands shaking his head slightly as if to tell her it was useless. Till this day, she will never forget the last moments she had with her father as she watched the life slip away from his very being. Penelope also remembers how she felt in that moment. Overwhelming sadness, she felt like her heart shattered into a million pieces and to protect herself from losing it she was in somewhat of denial. Still the strongest feeling she felt in that moment was rage. The rage that would later be nourished into strong bitterness towards those who lived in the sky.

Luckily for her, she remembered the face of those thugs and who they worked for. For the longest time, her only goal was to pay them back for what they stole from her that day. That was until having a heated conversation between her and her sister that ended in tears that she realized she was thinking too simply. No, she needed to make them suffer. It would be a blessing for them to just be wiped off the planet so she vowed to herself that she would get a perfect revenge and follow her father's last wishes.



Residency: The Land

Occupation: At a young age, Penelope is a very established Apothecary with a good reputation going for her. She also loves to study and tinker on the side so as a scientist she’s always looking at new inventions and such. (That’s why she has a mechanical tail, one of her many hypotheses that she tested on herself first before using it on other patients.) Penelope worked hard to build up a good reputation for herself so that it would be easier to conduct her criminal business without getting caught. She’s one of the top selling medical dealers out there. Hence, why she was granted an animal name instead of the rest of her competitors.

Likes: Healthy food, being in shape, fighting, reading, working, experimenting, inventing, dancing, taking part in thrilling activities, sleeping, peace and quiet, being in charge, gossip, playing games
Dislikes: Loud noises, losing, not knowing something, pain (though she quite enjoys inflicting it), "Playing the Game" (see others for definition), Seeing her loved ones in pain, being mistaken for a child, having her body made fun of, seeing girls with better body shapes than her, The sky people


"Playing the Game": Basically the game is the faux airs people in very high chains of command put on. When in each other's presence they can be sweet but have running plans of assassination happening in the background. All the lies, the backstabbing, corruption, and the conspiracies that are involved in politics are part of what make up the Game. Penelope despises playing the game, partly for her underlying hatred for those who live in that so called luxury bubble in the sky, and for how much it drains her. Always being on her toes ready for someone to stab her in the back. (She's an on call doctor and some nobles in the Sky trust her and recommend her to others, which is why her business does so well. Because she's on good terms with them she gets invited to events when she has to play the game.)

Mechanical Tail: [spoili]So the story behind Penelope's mechanical tail isn't just because she wanted to "look" the part of her title. Penelope is a tinkerer at heart, so fooling around with parts of machinery was child's play to her. What really got her heart into it was the amount of time she had. And it wasn't necessarily her time but her sisters. The clock was counting down on when her sisters motor movements would begin shutting down due to her sickness. When that was the case, her sister would lose all that was left of her somewhat normal life. Penny didn't want that to happen, so she had been secretly working on making mechanical replacements for limbs. Well, she needed to test this theory but she refused to use her sister as a testing dummy, so instead she used herself. At the same time, Penny didn't want to go so far as to make herself an amputee in the process for the sake of an experiment. So she had to tweak the plans a bit. So now, attached to her vertebrae( to be more specific attached below her sacrum is a mechanical coccyx ) is now a mechanical tail. Within the tail are vials, vials that have poison in them and can be replaced. The poison is used for when she's in combat. (this was similar to what she had in mind for her sister which was to have vials of the medicine she is prescribed (Penny enhanced) be shot into her limbs at selected intervals while she uses the mechanical limbs.) [/spoili]

Playlist: Click Here


Message me if you want anything!

[ Victoria "Tori" Banks: Sister ]

"The closest person to this black heart of mine"


Though they might not be related by blood, Penelope and Victoria are just as much as sisters as are blood relatives, maybe even more so. (As children they did share a blood pact) Their bound is tighter than many siblings that they know around them and they don't mind. Not only are they siblings but they are each other's best friends. The rock on which the other can lean on for comfort. Victoria knows Penelope better than anyone. She can see right through her, which is not always the best thing at times. Penelope will do anything for her sister. In fact, the reason why she is as "damaged" as she is now was for the sake of protecting her sister and providing a better life for her.(Her sister was born sickly at birth. Very much so, that she has to stay bedridden for the majority of the time. And if she does move around she has to do so in a wheelchair) So because she was so determined to do just that she was willing to do anything, even if it meant letting her heart grow corrupted, cold and black, as Penny would describe it. Still Victoria refuses to believe that all hope is lost with Penny, she always claims that there's a light in her that she can clearly see. Penny thinks that's absolute rubbish, she's fallen too far for anything to be left but she knows arguing with her sister is futile. [/spoili]

[ August 'Gus' Graves || Second 'Fatherly' Figure ]

"The old man get's weirder and weirder by the day"

[Coming soon!]





[BCOLOR=transparent]Standing at about the height of 5’5 Penelope is considered quite short for her age. Rounded cheeks and round amber like orange-ish doe eyes also don’t sell her for the adult she is. Actually, she is regularly mistaken for a child. Not a little child but, at least, a teenager. This, of course, leads her to throw a very dramatic temper tantrum. It’s a bit of a land mind if you wish to keep your head you’ll avoid that one. Her small frame is adorned by a chest size that suits her. Yes, they’re there, she didn’t wish to be a cow after all. She has pale white locks that bring out the color of her skin and eyes beautifully. Her dark skin being another obvious feature of hers. Due to the toxic experiments she ran on herself, around her legs, Penelope's skin began to lighten. To the point where it looked like she bleached her skin when she hadn't. So she has some patches of brown from the original pigment of her skin and other places that just turned white. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Body build wise, Penelope is flexible and nimble. Quick on her feet just like her reflexes. She has been trained in hand to hand combat so she can hold her own in at least that aspect. Usually, people don’t expect that either, they just think she’s some wimpy kid. That’s at least until she opens up the can of whoop-ass on them. She does try to take good care of her body, even though she is the one that abuses it most with her scientific experiments. Her body is toned with muscle here and there, but she’s not ripped, she still holds that soft feminine charm about her. As part of an experiment, she works closely with poisons. She’s slowly built up a tolerance to some of the poisons by continually feeding herself small dosages so that her body could become somewhat resistant, which is handy in her field. But she’s not 100% immune or anything. Poison still affects her like everyone else. She just has a slightly built up tolerance for it. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]As for the clothing, she likes to wear, she usually has on a lab coat with a sweater and dark pants. She hides her mechanical tail in her everyday interactions. She hides her tail by wrapping it around her torso(pointed end not showing) so that it seems likes she's wearing a metal belt instead. Of course, when she becomes the scorpion she trades in her lab coat for a sleeveless jacket with a hood that has a scorpion print on it around the neck. She wears a half mask[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] that covers her mouth down (Think Kakashi Hatake) shorts and she always wears boots. She freely lets her mechanical tail show once she’s the Scorpion, it’s her trademark and that’s how people identify her.[/BCOLOR]
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Non Playable Characters

The Game Master
No one really knows who they are, what they want, or what their reasoning is. At a first glance they seem to be a first-rate clown that seeks entertainment by scheming behind the scenes, someone who is bored and entertains themselves by stringing people together like puppets. The Game Master is someone surrounded by many façades and rumours. Some so unbelievable that they become plausible. In any case, the Game Master has decided to orchestrate a new game between criminals, calling it their ultimate 'gamble'

Nickname(s): The Gambler, Puppeteer

Description: No one really knows what the Game Master looks like, or who they truly are. Usually they hide themselves behind masks, but even then it can't be sure if the actual person has come to see them. They like to keep themselves elusive, a mystery, while still trying to maintain some power over the group. All that is for certain is that they have a terrible personality going on, unafraid to use anyone for their own entertainment and benefits.

The Inquisition
These who maintain the law within the city. Hooded figures whose main job is to catch criminals. They are also supposed to reap all of the corruption out of the city. Ill tongues whisper that the favour of the Inquisition is easily bought, however. They are as mysterious as they are efficient. Rumours has it that they were once infamous criminals in the city, whose fame reached even far outside of Golden City, but suddenly disappeared. It would surely explain the reason why they are so well-versed in the villainous world.
Nickname(s): The Blood Hounds, The Fallen

Notable Members

The Inquisition has a vast number of members, usually moving around in teams of five over ground and in the air. They are very recognisable by their deep red hooded cloaks and the jingling sound of their equipment. However, do not underestimate their competence. The Inquisition is, despite their obvious appearance and the betrayal of their arrival by sound, they strategic, versatile, efficient and secretive, having a high chance of succeeding in whatever mission they are put on. This is one of the reasons why one will rarely see the Inquisition move around, for they only take on the largest jobs. However, even within this elite team there is another top who are exempted of the regular formation the Inquisition is known for. Feared and hated by the people they are known as;

The Hunter
Usually found on his own. The Hunter is one of the rare members within the Inquisition that doesn't move around in a team and or uses any of the regular equipment handed. Because of this they can usually not be heard when sneaking around over the ground and through the air. The Hunter isn't any faster than the regular members of the Inquisition, however, it is undeniable that their power is overwhelming. Brute force and sheer determination makes them a feared opponent to have. An one on one encounter with the Hunter is generally considered to be incredibly bad news, for the Hunter is, like their name suggests, unstoppable once they have their target in sight. The Hunter is one of the few people within the city who know exactly how to move and corner their victims into dead alleys.

Appearance: The Hunter's most distinctive trait in their appearance is the monochrome mask they wear and the glowing red eye always set into a sharp glare. For that reason they are often nicknamed 'the One Eyed Hunter', though that is a misconception. The Hunter does still have both their eyes, the red glow comes from an enhancement that they are given for their job and one of the reasons why they are so successful in 'hunting' their 'prey'.

The Reapers
Red and Blue is how they are generally dubbed and individualised. The Reapers always move around in two and always cover the ground and the air together. They are known for their extreme agility and surprising combos. Usually Blue takes the air for their matter, with red running over the ground. However, they can easily switch their roles as well, supporting and filling each other wherever needed. Do not be mistaken that the one is less capable in the air than the other, or so over the land. This duo's teamwork is terrifying, in the sense that they know how to flow into each other effortlessly.

Appearance: As their nicknames suggest the Reapers are clothed in red and blue to set themselves apart from the rest. Blue is a slightly shorter than Red, however, they are faster in speed while Red is more brute. Like the Hunter they don't wear any of the usual equipment of the Inquisition, they choose their own, making them extremely silent while moving and much lighter.

List will be updated as the role play progresses and more NPC's are introduced
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THE OWL Mortimer Lindberg
aliases Mortem, Morti // gender Male // age 52 years old

Darkness is his one true friend
Prowling the shadows during nightfall
Everyone else is blind
But not him
Beware of the one known as the owl
For he could swoop in at any time
And kill you in a heartbeat

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◆ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬


Professional & Impersonal
Mortem was never one to mix business with pleasure. There is no rule in his book stating that he can't befriend a client and vice versa. Anyone can befriend him, even a client. However, his 'friends' must never expect Mortem to lower his prices for them, ever. It simply goes against his code. The same went for his criminal work. Regardless of whatever relationship he's formed with certain people, if a contract is put up for them then he shall deliver. Some define him to be ruthless, but Mortem isn't really ruthless. He's just doing his job. He sees it in the same light as a debt collector collecting debts from his lover if she (or he) owed him (or her). He isn't stingy, it's simply business. Besides, with his work demanding rather high fees from his customers/clients combined with the fact that he doesn't get many clients, Mortem has to put feelings aside if he wanted for his business to thrive and him along with it. A free service is simply something he could never afford. Free services may not be something that anyone could acquire from him--unless they managed to somehow trick him--but discounts are something that he is fine with. It's pretty rare for him to give someone a discount though, so one shouldn't count on it too much either. However, when he does give a discount it ranges from a measly 2% to an absurd 100%. So far, only one person has managed to acquire a 100% discount from him.

Apart from this, Mortem also respects his clients' privacy; meaning he doesn't pry on their personal affairs such as inquiring their reasons for requesting his services. Why should it matter to him anyway, it was their lives not his. His clients could do whatever they wanted for all he cared. Just as long as a) they pay for his services and b) they leave him out of whatever drama that may arise after acquiring his services. Discretion is also something he exercises. Mortem swears to never tell a single soul information regarding his clients. If anyone were to find out things about them then it certainly didn't come from him. Who acquired what service and for what reason--because some clients just love to blab about it even when not asked--will be information that Mortem will take to his grave. He's actually quite paranoid when it comes to customer discretion, so much so that he doesn't even write down information such as their names. He keeps it all in his head to ensure that if he ever one day got raided or a thief broke into his home, no information would be leaked from his end, not even a single letter from a client's name.

Callous & Caring
As impersonal as he wishes to be, there are those certain people who he cares deeply for. These are the people whom he would gladly die for (or kill for) if need be. Mortimer is willing to go through extremes to protect them and ensure their happiness. When it comes to these people, Mortimer tends to forget how to think properly and ends with him making a hasty decision rather than a sound one. He prioritizes their happiness above his own. There are only a handful of people in the world left that's included in Mortem's 'list of people he cares for'. In fact, he could count all of them in one hand. It frustrates him to no end how he is stuck in the Underground while his remaining loved ones were all residents of the Sky. At the same time however, he is relieved that they weren't with him in the Underground as he is afraid that he would not be able to keep them from harm if they stayed in such a dangerous place.

This sensitive side of him is greatly masked by his callousness. He makes no exemptions for his mean-spirited and straightforward remarks, even if it is directed towards people he cares about. Though it has been noted by Vincent Coghlan (see Relationships) before that Mortem is actually softer towards the people he does care for, even if it's just marginal. This shows in the way he speaks towards them. Mortimer doesn't deny this accusation of Vincent's however he also doesn't acknowledge it. He believes and knows it in him that truer words have never been spoken, but he refuses to say that it is the case. Thankfully for Mortimer, no one but Vincent has managed to pick up on this--probably because he was one of the few individuals that Mortimer actually cared for.

Scrupulous & Underhanded
Mortem shows great diligence in his work. He makes sure that mistakes are avoided or minimized at the very least. Making a mistake is the last thing he wants to happen. Being in the mechanic limb business, great precision is required of Mortem. One wrong move and the entire limb may not function properly and would result to him having to start over again. The same applied for his work as a criminal. Mortem simply cannot afford to leave crumbs that would lead to him. He cannot and will not be caught. He can be described as a rather scrupulous person because of this; scrupulous in the sense that he is diligent and has an eye for detail. He is most definitely not scrupulous in the sense of being an honourable person.

Honourable is one of the last words that anyone would describe Mortem to be as. He is a rather dishonourable person who resorts to underhanded tricks. This side of him is most prevalent in his criminal line of work. Mortem will do just about anything to ensure that his work gets done, even if it means having to do it in a dishonourable way. Although quite frankly, his criminal work is already far from honourable. He isn't entirely dishonourable though, Mortem does have a shred of dignity in him. This shows in how he treats his clients. He treats them with respects and certainly doesn't con them; he's an assassin, not a con artist. His prices are what he believes to be just despite them being quite hefty. Mechanic limbs aren't exactly cheap, the parts alone are expensive not to mention the labour he puts to crafting them. It wasn't like he stockpiled limbs, measurements had to be made before he could begin working on making one. Not everyone had the same measurements. Assassinations weren't exactly a walk in the park to execute either. There was always the risk of the target getting away, and once they do they become ten times more harder to kill as they would most likely be suspecting someone to attack them again

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◆ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬


Part I Six
Born a Land dweller, his life was neither extravagant nor horrid. Mortimer may have grown not knowing his father, but at least he had his mother Eloise. His grandfather Maurice served as his father figure. There as also Jeremiah, an old friend of his mother's, who visited them at least once every month. Aside from not knowing his father, Mortimer also didn't know who his grandmother was. His mother neglected to mention anything about the woman apart from the fact that she was dead. What he didn't know was that his mother didn't mention the woman for the sheer reason that she grew to hate her. Mortimer tried asking his grandfather about her, but all he ever got from him was 'you should ask your mother'. Despite not knowing neither his father nor his grandmother, Mortimer was quite the happy child.

Six years after his birth was a significant time for him. A man, claiming to be his biological father, had suddenly barged into his life. His name was Cephas, Cephas Bashford. He wanted to have custody of Mortimer despite abandoning him and his mother the moment he had found out that his mother was with child. Mortimer didn't exactly understand the conversation between the adults that transpired. However, he could tell from the looks on their faces that his mother wasn't happy to see the man, and so was Jeremiah who happened to be around when Cephas came. The man eventually left, but he vowed that he would return and that he shall get his child one way or another. After the (scary) man had left, Mortimer was sent to bed early. That night, Jeremiah suggested that Eloise and Mortimer leave the Land and come back with him to the Sky. Eloise considered it for a moment but decided to that she simply couldn't leave her aged father behind and thus refused.

In the months that came after, Cephas did as he had said he would. He came back for Mortimer and each time he did he left empty handed. Each time Cephas visited he grew more violent and more frantic. It was as if he was desperate to get the son he never knew. Eloise didn't understand why Cephas was acting in such a way, but it scared her. Mortimer knew that her mother was growing fearful, but being the child that he was, he didn't understand why. Jeremiah also noticed this, and so did Maurice. Jeremiah's offer for them to move to the Sky was once again brought up, this time however, it was Maurice who did so. After a good talk with her father, Eloise finally saw reason and agreed to move to the Sky.

'What about grandfather?' He asked Jeremiah as the man helped him pack his things. Mortimer was asking if his grandfather was joining them, to which Jeremiah unfortunately replied with a shake of his head. It was the Maurice's personal preference to stay in the Land where he grew up in. Upon getting the answer, Mortimer rushed to his grandfather to which he said only one word in a sad questioning tone, 'Why?' His grandfather, didn't need any other words from the boy to know what he meant. He got down on one knee so that he could be at eye level with him before giving Mortimer a warm smile. Without saying anything to the young lad, Maurice took Mortimer's hand and placed a pair of goggles on his palm. Grandfather Maurice claimed to have made it himself. He was giving it to Mortimer as a parting gift. With tears in his eyes, Mortimer gave his grandfather a big hug.

That was the last time that he saw his grandfather since they left for the Sky.

Part II Calm
From average to above average in the blink of an eye. Mortimer's first impression of his new home was that it was immensely beautiful. Their new home wasn't the largest in the area, but it was certainly out there. As a six year old kid, Mortimer didn't question it. It wasn't until three years later, when he was nine, did he start to ask questions regarding money. Eloise seemed hesitant to answer but eventually did after being urged by her husband--she and Jeremiah had wed two years after they had moved. It was then that Mortimer found out about his grandmother. As it turned out, his grandmother was originally from the Sky which was the source of their current wealth. Mortimer was surprised by this. He had a few more questions to ask but opted against them; his mother had the chance to divulge them earlier, but she chose not to, Mortimer could only assume she had a good reason for doing so and he respected that.

As for friends, Mortimer didn't have many. Although even back in the Land he wasn't a popular kid, there in the Sky he was even less popular. For one, he wasn't exactly the type to easily get along with; second, he preferred to distance himself from others; and lastly, he was considered an oddball. Instead of partaking in the usual activities that his peers would, Mortimer would rather tinker around with scrapped broken machinery which he picks up in the garbage. It all started when he came across a broken radio as he was making his way back home. He took it home with him and even though he knew nothing regarding machinery, he still thought it'd be fun to poke around with it. He never intended to fix the thing, just play around and possibly learn something regarding how such things work. Even though it wasn't his goal, his prodding and poking on it somehow fixed it. The joy he felt upon hearing the once broken radio emit sounds sparked his interest in machinery. None of his peers at school, or anyone who knew him understood what was so interesting about machines. Even Vincent, didn't understand.

Vincent was Mortimer's closest and practically his only friend. The two met two years after Mortimer and his mum moved to the Sky; specifically, during Eloise and Jeremiah's wedding. The Coghlans and Coopers were friends with each other and thus, the Coghlans were invited to attend the ceremony. It was Vincent who approached him first, but Mortimer being Mortimer tried to shut him out. Yet Vincent was persistent. Vincent was the only person who took the patience to befriend him. That was how their friendship started. By the time they reached their teens, they were almost inseparable. Vincent had become his best friend. For the longest time, Vincent was the only person of his age that he hung around with.

Their happy days didn't last forever. When Mortimer reached the age of eighteen, the Coopers suddenly facing potential bankruptcy. Even with the Lindberg money that her mother had inherited, it still wasn't enough to save Jeremiah's business. The Coghlans refused to help any longer. As it turned out, the Coopers were already greatly in debt to the Coghlans. They needed the money, very badly. Otherwise they'd be forced to leave the Sky and return to land. However, Eloise greatly feared Cephas due to past encounters, so much so that she refused to return to Land. His parents tried hard to hide the fact that they were slowly facing bankruptcy, but he was observant and Mortimer knew what was going on. He went ahead and got himself a job. His parents tried to convince him out of doing so but he refused and rebutted that they needed it, they needed the money. No further arguments were made by Jeremiah and Eloise and so Mortimer worked.

He found himself a job at a recently opened part shop. Mortimer thought it to be fitting for him to work in an environment that he liked. It was his way of trying to look at the positives given the gravity of his family's current situation. Mortimer would've looked for a different job, but really there was hardly any openings at the time. That was the only one he could find that sort of matched with his skill set. In any case, it was here that Mortimer met Geneviéve, the shop owner's niece.

Part III Madness
Meeting Geneviéve brought a new edge to his life, one that he never could've imagined would occur. Merely months after meeting her and working at her uncle's shop, he found out something peculiar about Gen. It was late in the evening, Mortimer had worked overtime despite there being almost no customers. It was more of for his own personal gain. Mortimer was working on his little project: the binocular goggles, a modification he's making to his grandfather's little gift to him. He was just cleaning up when Gen suddenly entered. Both of them wore surprised looks on their faces. Gen, because Mortimer was still there when he wasn't supposed to be; and Mortimer, because of the blood that stained Gen's hands. He froze and remained rooted to his spot. Mortimer didn't know what to do at such a situation. Should he flee? Should he question her?

Before he could do anything, Gen spoke up first. She reveals to him how she's part of a criminal group that does a range of illegal tasks, from thievery to murder, in exchange for money. This left Mortimer in a state between confusion and baffled. Apparently, Geneviéve saw no harm in telling him. Was it because she could easily kill him if he were to rat her out? Despite himself, Mortimer asked why she told him this. Geneviéve responded with a shrug and her words struck him. "Thought you might want to join." She said so casually that it seemed like she was joking. But he knew that she wasn't. Mortimer weighed his options. If he accepted the offer, then he would be a criminal, he assumes that it pays well, but he'll still be a criminal. If he didn't ... she'd probably kill him. While it meant one less mouth to feed for the Cooper family who was now facing a financial crisis, Mortimer wasn't keen on dying at the tender age of eighteen. And so, with his heart thumping loudly against his chest, he asked "Does it pay well?" Geneviéve grinned at his answer.

Thus started his criminal life. Mortimer started simple, thieving. Then it escalated into abduction; then finally, assassination. Geneviéve served as his 'mentor' and personally taught him what he needed to know. Did he care that what he was doing was morally wrong? A little. But if it would ensure that they get the money to stay in the Sky and away from the man his mother feared, then Mortimer was willing to do so. Money was what kept him going. Although he's an assassin, Mortimer didn't specialize in the killing. He was more of recon, a scout. Mortimer was the one who planned things, how it should be executed, where they needed to go, etc. He does dabble in the killing from time to time, but he prefers and so does the rest of the group, to be that guy who works behind the scenes. Was he still an assassin? Essentially. Without him there would be no plans. Mortimer's role in the assassinations was vital.

Part IV Whirlwind
Sometime during the following years, Geneviéve and Vincent managed to meet and even fell in love with each other. Mortimer was twenty when Geneviéve announced that she and Vincent would be marrying. It all happened so fast that Mortimer had a hard time grasping what the hell was going on. Before he knew it, the two were wed and a baby was due in nine months. It felt like a dream to Mortimer, a huge crazy dream. But he knew it was real. His two friends were married. Mortimer still had a hard time believing it.

It was during this time that Geneviéve announced to their merry little criminal group that she was leaving. Everyone immediately made an outburst of anger at her. There weren't many rules among them, not many that they were strict of at least. They didn't really care what the others did. The only rule that they strictly enforce: no leaving. No matter what the reason. But Geneviéve's resolve to cut herself from the group didn't waver. Everyone looked ready to kill her on the spot, everyone but Mortimer. In the end, Geneviéve left. But that didn't mean that they were alright with it.

A week after she left, the group gave Mortimer a task: plan out Gen's assassination. Mortimer refused and much to his surprise, they accepted his refusal. But he had this odd feeling, the odd feeling that they were plotting something. It was only later when he got home that he found out what it was that they were hiding under their sleeve. It came in the form of a parcel, innocently sitting outside the Cooper household's front door and addressed to Mortimer. He paled upon opening it. Inside was the severed ring finger of Jeremiah and his mother; he recognized them through their rings. It was twisted. Mortimer felt sick. Anger followed as he excreted the bile from his system. A note was also attached to it, but Mortimer already knew what it was that they wanted him to do.

So he planned Geneviéve's death. Or at least, that was what his supposed comrades thought. What Mortimer did instead was plan out their own deaths. And they fell for it. Hook. Line. And sinker. The bad thing about his plan however, was that he had to sacrifice himself. Not through death, though it could be comparable to it as well. The plan entailed Mortimer moving to the Underground. He needed to hide. There was simply too many evidence in the group's murder that pointed to him. His plans were sloppy. For the very first time, Mortimer's plans were not flawless.

The only question left in Mortimer's mind was whether or not he would say his goodbyes. His parents were dead, that much he was certain from the moment he received the parcel. He later confirmed this by heading to the only place he knew they would hide their bodies; right under his nose, in his very own house. In the end, Mortimer left but a single trace of him. A note of apology for both Vincent and Geneviéve.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◆ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬


Out of the three places to live in Golden City, Mortimer could say without a doubt and based from experience that the Underground is the harshest place to live in. Mortem's house is situated not far from the tube in an area that was said to be a safe soot from possible wreckage that befalls other houses during the change. It used to be a small quaint house back when he first came to the Underground. It was all that the silver pieces he had could afford; excluding that which Mortimer set aside for his food expenses. The area inside seemed spacious during the beginning, however over time it became much more cramped thanks to his machinery and parts that he uses for his business. It took him a while but eventually Mortimer was able to save up and add a second storey to his home. Now the top served as his living quarters while the bottom was his shop and work area.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◆ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬


Day Job Mechanic Limb Engineer
He is a mechanic; but not just any other mechanic. Mortem specializes in fitting people with machine limbs. His clients vary in age, but majority are in their twenties. Some come in with a missing limb, others request for him to replace one of their healthy limbs for a mechanic one. He never bothers to ask his clients why. Mortem simple doesn't care about their back-story, as long as the client is able to pay then he'll provide. Being one of the few mechanics for mechanical limbs existing in Golden City, Mortem charges quite the exuberant fee. It isn't the prettiest job in the world, but it was better than nothing and at least he enjoys it.

Nightly Sideline Sponsored Assassination Planner
Despite clients being quite scarce as not many need and could afford mechanic prosthetics, Mortem has no problems with regards to money. His sideline job ensures that his pockets are lined. Mortimer is no thief, he is something much worse: an assassin. One would think that such an old man like him wouldn't be nimble enough for the job. But they're completely wrong and Mortem loves it. Nobody ever suspects him to be the criminal. His assassination aren't blindly done of course. A sponsors pays him to kill people.
Normally the payment is in the form of supplies for his mechanic limb business as well as experimental prototype machinery he works on during his spare time, but on rare occasions he asks to be paid in silver pieces instead. Similar to how he runs his mechanic limb business, as long as his sponsor pays Mortem will kill; even if the person he is killing is completely innocent. To him business is business.

But as time passed, Mortimer's body slowly started to deteriorate. He wasn't as nimble as before. He was about to lose his main income generator when his sponsor offered yet another proposition for him. He proposed that Mortimer plan out the assassinations and somebody else executes them. Mortimer was hesitant at first as he was uncertain whether or not the person that his Sponsor hires as the executioner would actually be able to comprehend and execute his drafted plans, but after been given the reassurance that he'll be paid just as long as he provides the plan, he caved in and accepted.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◆ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬


[ Deceased ]
Mother / Eloise Lindberg
Father / Jeremiah Lionel Cooper
Biological Father / Cephas Bashford
Grandfather / Maurice Lindberg

Friend / Geneviéve Coghlan
Best Friend / Vincent Coghlan

[ Living ]
Godson Gearalt Coghlan
Despite being his Godson, Mortimer never did quite bond with the child. But that's mostly because he hastily moved to the Underground before he could even spend a considerable amount of time with the lad. Regardless, Mortimer deeply cares for the boy and often wishes that he could be back up at the Sky to actually properly serve his role as the boy's Godfather, but he knew he possibly couldn't, especially not now. Mortimer made the insane decision to live in the Underground a long time ago, knowing fully well he couldn't possibly return. The two still see each other but not quite as often as Mortimer liked. It was only during Bridget's check ups and tuning of her arm when they see each other. Apart from wishing that he could return to the Sky, he also wishes that Gearalt would never find out about what he does, ever.

Client Bridget Coghlan
Vincent and Geneviéve's second child. Bridget was conceived years after Mortimer moved to the Underground. Mortimer didn't know she existed until his best friend Vincent brought her to him (how he even managed to track Mortimer was still a mystery to him to this day) and asked if he would fit her with a mechanical arm; the child was unfortunately born without one. Mortimer agreed as was about to give a 100% discount when the girl's father refused and practically shoved the silverpieces at Mortimer. Despite not seeing the child all that often, he was quite fond of her. He attributes this to the fact that she looked a lot like her mother except that she managed to inherit the red hair that her father has. As with Gearalt, Mortimer cares deeply for the girl even though they aren't exactly related by blood; it's more of an associated care wherein she's part of the family which Mortimer cares for--and perhaps the fact that Mortimer loved her late mother dearly in the past.

Sponsor Unnamed Man
The sponsor for his assassinations. The man's name and facial appearance are unknown to Mortimer; his body frame though is something that Mortimer is familiar with. They've met in person every now and then, around thrice in the entirety of the assassination sponsorship, but each time his so called sponsor is dressed in a heavy coat which is very attention grabbing in the heat of the Underground, and a not-so-out-of-place gas mask covering his entire face. He also wears a brimmed hat. The sponsor's overall appearance in the limited number of times that they've met seemed very gentlemanly and business like--except with a gas mask. He is quite tall and appears to be lanky, however Mortimer isn't exactly certain about the build due to the heavy clothing. The old geezer is well aware that clothing can easily deceive people. Apart from that, there really isn't anything else that Mortem knows about this mysterious man.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◆ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬


The Owl
Mortem associates himself with the animal as the owl is said to signify a 'harbinger of death'; just like him. As an assassin, his presence before an unfortunate soul means their death. He also saw it fitting considering his nickname, Mortem, which the Latin word for death. The owl also denotes other things which match with himself: wise and observant. There's also the fact that owls are able to see through darkness which Mortimer is also able to do wit the help of his modified binocular goggles that rest on his forehead when not in use.

Mortimer's nickname initially started out as a morbid joke with one of his clients. A joke pointing out his age that was closing towards the average life expectancy of a human being. The client immediately apologized when Mortimer reacted with silence to his joke thinking that he had offended him. However, Mortimer was the least bit offended. In fact, he found it to be rather amusing and ended up giving a hearty laugh as soon as his client apologized. Mortimer liked it so much that he kept it with him and soon became the name he is more known for. Some people aren't even aware that his real name is Mortimer and Mortem is merely a nickname.

Old age clearly shows on Mortem. His grey hair and matching long grey beard are definitely hard to miss. Mortem's eyes are chestnut brown in colour, not that anyone notices. His eyes are rather small and the binocular goggles resting on his forehead often draws people's attention away from his eyes. There's also the shadow that they cast on his eyes and thus making their true colour harder to distinguish. Crow's feet can also be seen on the outer corner of his eyes, yet another clear sign of his age. However, surprisingly, it's the only place on Mortimer's entire body where any semblance to wrinkles could be found. Mortem has one golden tooth located in the upper left side of his mouth in place of one of his premolars. It vividly shows whenever he flashes a lopsided grin. Both of his ears are pierced enabling Mortem to wear a pair of large black earrings. There isn't any real reason for wearing them, Mortem merely does it for the heck of it. He's rather tall, standing at a height of 6'1. Mortimer mostly sports long sleeved and layered clothing, despite the heat of living in the underground combined with the heat from steam which is demanded by his machine work. As for his body build, Mortimer is lean for an old man, though this fact is mostly hidden by his clothing choice.

Binocular Goggles
His most prized possession. The binocular goggles were made from the goggles that Mortimer received from his grandfather Maurice as a parting gift. Even back when it was merely a pair of goggles, Mortimer wore it often on his head. Back then, it had no purpose to him other than as a fashion statement. Then one day the idea of turning them into something came to mind. The first thing that popped up in his head was turning them into binocular goggles. He was eighteen when he started working on the modifications he needed. A lot was changed to the goggles' appearance to achieve his goal, in fact, by the end of it the goggles seemed like an entirely new entity. It disappointed Mortimer how he wasn't able to retain its original appearance, as it was a memento from his grandfather, but he was nonetheless happy when he achieved his goal. The binocular goggles aided him with his work by allowing him to magnify into the things which require great precision. The modifications to the goggles didn't stop there though. Just before he moved to the Underground, Mortimer had the idea of making it such that the goggles would allow him to see in the dark, if not, at least aid him. Drafts were made while he was still in the Sky, but unfortunately he wasn't able to implement any of them before he had to move to the Underground. While he still had the drafts with him on his descent, it became evidently harder for him to gather the resources he needed to implement. It took him approximately three years before he was able to finish the working product. This feature of the goggles proves to be very useful to him with his assassinations.​

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◆ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Lyrics from HeavyDirtySoul by twenty one pilots [link]; Character photo from [link]; Animal information / symbolism from [link]
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Day profession;Linguistic at the land Library
Night profession;burglarie and Forgerie
Residency:Born in under city,lives on the land
motto"I help the poor and myself. I do what
I can to help the outcast back in underground and improve the lives of all
poor souls who were forced to suffer their
fate. But....that doesn't mean I have to be a white knight or play by the rules,I still need to feed myself!" -Alucard

Story:Born in the underground with horrible
conditions and barely anything to do,young alucard often ventured in the underground's"Forgotten paths" to find something interesting.his mother lost most things,even her husband.she told Alucard that one day he would do great things. When he was 10,alucard found a old dictionary mostly intact and saw it was actually a high-standard that was from the sky.he saw this gift and decided to spend his lonely time to learn the great book.after Alucard's 11'th birthday, he had learned most words from the dictionary and decided to give these wonders to other children who were less fortunate by becoming a teacher. When Alucard became
14,He took up hobbies like writing.Alucard had developed a charming approach and felt that the underground has no way to live a happy life.Alucard was 18 when his mother had passed away from sickness caused by the fumes and flames that were always present in the underground.determened to help the poor,Alucard now lives on the land,making fake books to help teach the outcast in the under city.
Animal: Crow
although Alucard has a weak body because of the fumes the under city pumped ,Alucard was able to see very well and noticed anything out of place or didn't belong in the area,he was chose to call himself a crow after he read the sky dictionary and saw that the crow was very much like him.

personality:Alucard is deceptive,but chooses to tell the the truth when politely asked. alucard is helpful and cheerful,but has a dark side to him.his mother was a narcissist,and as a result doesn't feel too many emotions to withstand.when someone is happy,he can feel happy and know that person is happy,sad,angry,etc.
making him able to deceive but holds back lies so he won't feel deceived himself.

underground:the helper,the savior
known commonly to community's that Alucard help deliver needed supplies like water,and books for the poor.

the land:The learner
known to most librarian as a man who had make many books for the library of the land.

appearance:Alucard is 6'0 ,thin,and helpful.
wears a cloak,a black vest, diplomatic pants and shoes,and wears a monoclonal.

preferred specialties:
alucard can notice a forgerie and make his own after all his training and writing in the underground.if he gets in trouble, Alucard most of the times makes a fake pardon or uses his deceptive charm if he has to to get out of a problem in a jiffy.Alucard sells his forgeries to gangs in exchange for materials
he needs to help the under city.Alucard also has a little training in lock picking, but because has to use unorthodox methods,he
makes many sounds and as a result,is likely to alert somebody in the process.


⊥The Hyena⊥


David Fargot
Vid, Dave, Scounger, Davy

The Code
Leave the Fucked-Up Family
Leave the Drinking Mother
Leave the Working Father
Leave the Slutty Sisters
Leave it All

Take the World’s Leftovers
Take the Filling Foods
Take the Gaudy Goods
Take the Pretty Women
Take it All

Leave what you want, Take what you want
Leave the Work, Take the Reward

Leave the Wife, Leave the Son
Take the Life, Take the Fun

Whatever Is Left Is Yours and Yours Is Whatever Is Left

This Is the Life of A Scavenger

Words of all shades come out of David’s mouth, be they slurs or innuendos. Like a child, he speaks before he thinks. That is, if he even cares enough to think at all. Furthermore, sexual harassment is a hobby of his, although he only harasses the pretty ones.

Instinctual and Impulsive
Ruled by his desires, David throws himself in the direction that his short-term feelings point. Taking life one day at a time, he is prone to near suicidal actions such as confronting other criminals for their loot head-on or breaking in through the front door of a bank armed with nothing more than his trusty blades.

Those who cross him are put on a nice little blacklist. David usually prioritizes stealing from other thieves or criminals, not killing his foes. After all, he benefits from keeping them alive so that they can do all the hard work. However, he makes a special exception for those on his blacklist. If he sees those on his blacklist, it is almost certain that he will pursue them and kill them with prejudice.

Everything he does is for himself. He steals for himself. He lies for himself. He kills for himself. He lives for himself. He only wants his young son back because he wants the satisfaction of killing the Silver Snakes, another group who crossed him.

From a young age, David knew that life was meant to be hoarded, not shared, and that whatever was left was whatever he could get. Working with his father in the factory bored him to death. Staying home with his alcoholic mother during the weekends was never pleasant. His 4 elder sisters lived their lives outside of the house as prostitutes to supplement the family income, but by the time he was 15, three of them had been killed by god-knows-who. It was so terribly uninteresting, this family life of his.

It was only a matter of time before he struck out on his own, moving from alleyway to alleyway, rooftop to rooftop. He lived off of what he could find, but soon, he found that he had a talent for taking leftovers. During bank robberies, while the main criminals made off with the big dough, he took whatever little bags of money they had to drop to get away. During riots for food, he would paw his way through the crowd, swiping the pieces that fell on the floor or sat in the hands of the weak who couldn’t grip their meals hard enough in their bony hands. Even his own wife was a leftover from a wealthy family, the West’s. He’d taken her for himself after she had been kidnapped by a petty “social group” called the Silver Snakes. It had been his finest hour. The ransom for the second-born daughter had been dropped off in an alleyway but, of course, every criminal on the block wanted a piece of the action. A rival group, the Bronze Beetles, invaded during the ransom pickup, leading to a bloody confrontation. Both groups were almost completely wiped out after the struggle and yet neither group had taken the money nor the girl. Like the good scavenger he was, David decided to make off with the hefty sum and little miss Charity, the daughter who would never see her family for the rest of her days.
Soon after, the two of them had a son together and while the criminal underworld knew about David’s new family, it wasn’t until the child was seven when the revived Silver Snakes broke into the Fargot family tenement, brutally murdered his ‘wife’ (they were never legally married) and took his son and the family savings. He himself had been taking on larger and larger scavenging operations alone and he had finally pissed off the wrong gang.

Now, he seeks to take his son back and, much more importantly, kill those who had stained his home with the blood of his useless wife and had taken his property. The day he threw the corpse in a dumpster, he made a solemn vow: he’d take back his most important possession, his son, even if he had kill the boy to do so. If he can’t have the boy, then no one can. No one takes from the taker, the Hyena.

The Land

Is currently homeless and lives in a Cardboard Box. Used to live in a small, one room tenement with his wife and son..

All-around criminal who murders and steals, although he is most known for his scavenging. He works on his own and takes what he can from other criminals and from sources that have already been hit by crime like robbed banks and street gang brawl battlefields.

By day, he does odd-jobs occasionally. By night, he risks going outside during the Change in order to hunt for ‘Leftovers’.

Mother and Father
Largely apathetic toward them. His mother would beat him as she drank herself to sleep every night, his factory-working father was almost never home. There was no love in that household, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to get out so that he could live in peace...or at least, leave by his own terms. Shortly after he left, his mother died from alcohol abuse and his father disappeared.

3 eldest sisters
These three sister were the ones who had been killed over the course of his childhood. Prostitution had been their vocations, that much he was certain. However, like his father, they were almost never home, so much so that he no longer remembers their names.

Deborah (Debbie)
A year his senior, Deborah was also a prostitute, although she knew the business much better than her older siblings. The last time David had heard of the brunette, blue-eyed beauty with a slender frame, she had become the alpha female of Bronze Beetles. Deborah was always David’s favorite.

Raphael (Raffie)
His only younger sister, Raphael was the only one of his sisters to not descend into the life of the sexual marketplace. Instead, she stayed at home making little crafts to sell at the district bazaar. She was also in charge of the family finances. A true saint, there would be times in which she’d give her dose of the Medicine to her family members when there wasn’t enough to go around. Perhaps because of that, she was the physically weakest of the family and was prone to bouts of disease, especially during her childhood. The fate of the young girl is currently unknown.

He loves sharp objects and always carries a pair of knives with him wherever he goes. The tail-like protrusion from his backside is actually just a special belt he bought with some of the money he got using part of his wife’s ransom.
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»The Weasel«
Only a few people have heard of "Alette the Weasel". The rest know Alette to be sweet nameless, faceless girl who cooks for a popular restaurant.
Name: Alette Demry
Nickname(s): Ali
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Selfish - In her childhood Alette was always used and abused by others. Now she understands that to get by in this city she can't think about anyone but herself.
Dishonest/Manipulative - To get her way, she won't hesitate to lie or trick others. Her favorite is when she is able to trick two enemies into fighting each other and she comes in at the end to claim the rewards.
Solitary/Secretive - Alette never had many friends in her childhood anyways. Now that she was older she didn't see the point. They only seem to get in the way and distract her. She won't let herself be vulnerable to anyone. After all, in the past she's only gotten hurt.
Hostile/Combative - When her lies are figured out, sometimes it's easier for her to kill the genius instead of trying to make up another lie. Plus she sometimes fights to relieve stress.
Skeptical/Cynical - Alette, though an adept lier herself, seems to also always think that the other person is lying too. She always sees the worst in people.

Residency: The Land

Occupation: Chef/Thief

Relationships: None



The Cat

"Everything has a price."

Weston McMillan || 25 || Male || B-type blood

"It's Feng! He controls everything here. You don't want to cross his territory."

"My name? You can call me Weston"

"Did you know, in civilizations far, far from here, the cat symbolizes wealth and prosperity? Well, I can also be playful...rawr."




As a businessman, usefulness is always an important factor. Anything or anyone deemed useless has no value, and is thus a liability that must be dealt with swiftly. Something with no value might as well not exist. While the few in the upper echelons of his business interpret this as a sign of heartlessness, this is far from the case; as Weston makes sure to distance his family and friends from his operations. An emotional bond is, after all, a liability, and has no room to exist in such a business. There are no rewards for being loyal toward Weston. The sole measurement of a person's worth is their ability. It is a conduct which he follows by strictly and is the main reason he has continued to stay afloat in the highly competitive Medicine black market.

"You're not making your usual numbers. Is there something wrong?"


On the rare occasion a foolish trader or emerging competitor decides to deal in his territory, Weston is not afraid to go all out to make a statement. Rather, he relishes the few moments he gets to make his mark as they are quite fleeting. Losing territory is, after all, bad for business. Weston is not only aggressive in defending territory, but equally so in taking it. Though that doesn't mean he starts sending men out on a whim to random spots on The Land. The businessman he is, he will always view the risks and rewards. He will not fight battles he cannot win, no matter how tempting the prize may be. However, if there is territory that can be taken with fifty men, he will send a hundred.

"Man, woman, or child, they are trying to take over my turf. You don't leave a single one alive."


There isn't anything that happens in his business' operations that he doesn't know about. Everything from manufacturing, to distribution, advertising, and selling; if he isn't in direct control, he will make sure he can observe properly. Each piece of territory is managed by a single person in Weston's upper echelons and they report directly to him. Only those in the upper echelons have ever seen Weston in person. They are there because of their own ability; indistinct of age, gender, or how long they have worked for him.

"Logistics is everything. Water cannot flow properly through a leaky pipe."


Though at first, second, and third glance, Weston comes off as someone overly careful, he is at heart, a positive and outgoing person. He will always see the best in people and is usually willing to give the benefit of the doubt. In the few times he can afford to loosen up, he spends his time out on strolls in The Sky, gambling in the back alley shops of The Land, or chatting up with the regulars in his legitimate business. He does not hold grudges easily. He understands those who jump ship from his business, as it simply is a business move. Those that jump ship to his organization will also be welcome just as equally, regardless of their past. While he has no problem with Defectors, Traitors suffer the full wrath of his vengeance. Those that reveal the inner workings of his business, no matter how small, are subject to punishment. Usually by public execution.

"Gambling is fun once in a while!"


Exceedingly so. Not in his methods, but in his manners. Though he tends to act more seriously to those he is close to. The disarming personality confuses many of his competitors and his own people; acting in direct contrast to his methods. He has an obsession with mysterious cultures; particularly a mysterious faraway civilization that resides in the east. He wasn't always eccentric however. For most of his life he was quite timid, not wanting to be exposed. Not many people know the reason for this change. The few people close to him believe it was the result of [spoili]the death of his younger sister.[/spoili]

"The Sky? Why would I move there? The people are dreadfully boring!"



"I don't really know what I can tell you. I'm a person of the Land through and through. My parents were born here, and so were my grandparents. My parents used to work for a small gang involved in the black market. I guess I just...followed in their footsteps! Or maybe it's more accurate to say I ran through their path and continued to build when there was no more track to run. A lot of the gangs here, you see, are small. Families like mine looking to make some easy money. And they were content with where they were. Being content is really just an excuse for a lack of aspiration. The drive, the spark; it was sorely lacking in this city. I took it upon myself to be that spark."



The Land



During the day he manages a modest trinket store that proves popular among the few tourists that visit The Land from The Sky. In the shadows of The Land, he manages one of the biggest organized Medicine black market operations. He has influence over various groups in the three layers. While his main source of revenue comes from Medicine sales, he also receives money from Toll keepers, donations from Sky residents, and his small human trafficking business; mainly creating fake passes for those in The Underground looking to find a better life up in The Land. Though usually such people fall into an extended debt to him.



"My parents? They are the most valuable people in my life. They are the ones that gave me life. Cost? Hmmm...ten trillion gold pieces. Each."

"Friends? Well, there's Brittany and Will. Quite the lovely pair. Ok, yes. They're my neighbours."

"The Scorpion? I did try. I truly did. But she completely shot me down!"

"I am completely open, darling."
((Message me for potential relationships!))



Weston stands at 176cm (5'7"). He is never seen without his signature top hat and goggles. His more casual wear consists of an unbutton red or brown vest over a white shirt and a pair of matching beige trousers. A necklace can be seen around his neck, but its jewel is hidden underneath his clothes. Formal wear consists of a black coat with coattails reaching down to behind his knees, along with a black vest over a red shirt, black trousers. He also keeps a gold pocket watch. The necklace is nowhere to be found. He also has a mechanical right leg and walks with the aid of a cane after a failed assassination attempt involving a hidden bomb. Because of this, he always wears pants that cover his legs. His cane can be removed to reveal a hidden blade, though his combat skills are less than adequate.
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Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Magical, School, Modern, Slice-of-Life, Post-apocalyptic etc. Also, fandoms are my kind of thing. Yes, I'm one of those people. Be afraid.


[glow=blue]"No one gives a shit about a nobody.

People don't see a nobody, people don't remember a nobody.
They forget a nobody. Because to them, a nobody didn't matter in the first place.

I'm that nobody. And it's perfectly fine with me, you see.
Let them underestimate me."

A Perfect Circle - Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums


Jac[[glow=blue]q[/glow]]uez [[glow=blue]"Jazz"[/glow]] Rou[[glow=blue]x[/glow]]
[ Gender: [glow=blue][/glow] ] [ Age: [glow=blue]24[/glow] ] [ Residency: [glow=blue]Underground[/glow] ]

[ [glow=blue]The Black Jackal[/glow] ]

A master thief, a swift killer, a shadow, a wealthy man's worst nightmare.

A man of many names and faces, a flash of a blade in the night and splatter of blood, a reason to your broken locks and missing diamonds. The Black Jackal is no ordinary petty thief, but a man to be taken into serious notion. He is a threat to the citizens of The Sky and The Land, to their personal safety and valuables. Make sure your door is locked before you go to sleep. Hide your treasures. Sleep with a weapon under your pillow.

Not that any of it is going to help you, though...

Notorious, ruthless, cunning. These are the words that are used to describe the infamous Black Jackal -- the master thief of Golden City. He is an enigma, shrouded in shadows and mystery, evoking fear and unease within the denizens. He is the reason why people install multiple locks in their doors, hide their riches and sleep with a gun under their pillows. Nothing scares more than the fear of the unknown. And that is what the Black Jackal is; the unknown. No one knows what he actually looks like, because he always wears that signature black jackal mask over his face and a hood that covers his head. He could be anyone among us; your friend, your neighbor, your teacher, your father, your regular customer. You could be talking to him daily and you would never know.

This mystery is exactly what has made the citizens of Golden City make their own stories of him, just to make him seem more human. He is said to be a man of great power and intellect, someone with much wealth that buys himself around the city to cover his tracks, lives somewhere in The Sky they say. Someone with lot of experience and wisdom, probably in his forties or fifties even. He must have even the Nobles dancing on his palm, as the Black Jackal must be a very charismatic and influential man; how else would he remain hidden? All people know for sure about the Black Jackal is that he is unpredictable and dangerous, and scarily good at what he does. No target is out of his reach, no lock a challenge, no guard an obstacle. Nothing and no one will stop the Black Jackal. What the Black Jackal wants, the Black Jackal gets.

It is known that the Black Jackal leaves destruction in his wake. His methods sometimes seem almost questionable and reckless, as if he would have improvised everything and by some miracle, whatever crazy he did ends up working anyway. But surely it must not be the case, it is not like one manages to break into a high security bank, take down dozens of guards, avoid alarm systems and traps and by sheer luck, somehow manage to walk out with barely a scratch with the treasures. He must know what he is doing, his jobs are too professional. The Black Jackal has killed several people in the past during his heists, and is known for specializing in handguns, knives and swords, and because of his tendency to try and not leave anyone alive to tell the tale, the survivors are scarce. There are a handful of men who have stood against the Black Jackal and lived, and all of them say the same; "When he cut me up, he was laughing the whole time. Like a goddamn maniac! Laughing! What kind of man laughs while he mutilates another man's face?"


Don't fret precious I'm here, step away from the window
Go back to sleep
Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils,
See, they don't give a fuck about you, like I do.

[ Pers[[glow=blue]o[/glow]]nality ]

[ [glow=blue]Impulsive & Reckless[/glow] ]
[glow=blue]"Honestly? I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. I just wing it most of the time."[/glow]

Meeting the Black Jackal, the real Black Jackal, will shatter all the images you might have had about him. If you were waiting for a middle-aged charismatic man with many secrets and endless knowledge in thieving, plans with backup plans and careful scouter... you are going to be really disappointed. The Black Jackal is the complete opposite. Jacquez Roux, or as he prefers to be called, Jazz, is a young man with deeply burning passions and quick wit that tends to make last second decisions. He is very impulsive, and his plans tend to be very vague. Let's just say that if Jazz is a natural in something, it is improvising. He more than often leaves everything up to fate and tries to fill in the gaps as he goes. His ideas and entrances have the tendency to be very flamboyant, not to mention absolutely insane at times, and if it was anyone else, they would have probably gotten caught long ago. But somehow, Jazz makes whatever he does work. Maybe he just simply is one lucky son of a bitch. Or, maybe, by some chance, he is fooling everyone all along and he actually has planned everything in perfect detail? It is honestly hard to tell. Either he is crazy or brilliant. Possibly bit of both.

[ [glow=blue]Cunning & Resourceful[/glow] ]
[glow=blue]"I'm a mediocre being, a bit cunning."[/glow]

One thing the rumors about the Black Jackal that people have gotten right is, despite what the first impression would hint, that he is actually pretty smart lad. Jazz is quick witted and ready worded, and he knows how to play people, often referring to himself as a 'people person'. He relies on the fact that he is born a Rat, letting people believe that he is nothing else and nothing more, and never will be. Yeah, he often pretends he is more stupid than he actually is. It is a great act of cleverness to being able to conceal one is being clever. Who would even think for an one serious moment that someone as insignificant as a Rat from the Underground could be the infamous Black Jackal? A prostitute's bastard, a poor drug addict doomed to die in the dark alleys by breathing the smog of the Underground? What a folly! Jazz also might have or might have not participated himself in spreading some of the baseless rumors about the Black Jackal around the city. His cunning is unmatched and height of his cleverness almost terrifying in its own brilliant way. One of the reasons how he manages to improvise his way out of many tricky situations is also his ability to be ultimately resourceful. Jazz knows how to take in his surroundings and use them to his advantages in the most imaginative ways. These are also part of the reasons how some of the craziest stories about the Black Jackal's antics have come to be. And it is usually the most craziest ones that end up being true.

[ [glow=blue]Sarcastic & Blunt[/glow] ]
[glow=blue]"I'm not insulting you. I'm describing you."[/glow]

Jazz is the guy who often is described of being tactless and brash. His sense of humor is dry and vulgar, and he swears so much that it makes a sailor blush. His brutal honesty manifests itself in sarcastic commentary, and he has the tendency to take the cat out of the bag and notify everyone of the elephant in the room. If he is tired of someone's shit, he lets them know. When girls get too bitchy, Jazz informs them about it and holds the record in getting slapped many times in one night in the bar he regulates. (Also one of the reasons why he does not get laid too often.) He has absolutely zero problems in addressing the problem straightforwardly as it is, making people with more tact often cringe. It is not like Jazz does not know how to be more subtle, he just simply does not give a shit about bothering to be. This is a reason why Jazz does not make many friends, as it has the habit to rather put people off. But it is an ensured way to make sure the friends he does make are real ones.

[ [glow=blue]Sultry & Unscrupulous[/glow] ]
[glow=blue]"Mm, you know, you're just my type. What? Last week I claimed I liked gingers but you're blonde? When did I ever say that is any kind of obstacle, love?"[/glow]

Jazz has an insatiable sex drive. He would probably take your grandmother home with him if he could and no one else offered to leave the bar with him. He is a natural flirt and very smooth with pickup lines, though tends to flirt more for the fun of it rather than to actually trying to get into someone's pants. But hey, if someone responds positively, it is a win anyway. Under certain... influences, Jazz has the tendency to become very touchy feely with the people around him, and it is already bad when he does not seem to understand the meaning of 'personal space' while completely sober. When it comes down to partners, the Black Jackal is not very picky and rather takes what he gets. He is rumored to be a great lover, and it is true. That is quite given, as you tend to pick up a thing or two when you are born to a prostitute and have lived most of your life in a whore house. Sex is something that Jazz has no problems about speaking openly, and has the habit of offering too much information about. His understanding about chastity is pretty much nonexistent, and as a romantic tool, sex means very little to him. It is just a physical act and good fun when both parties are willing. Just because Jazz sleeps with you, you should not expect a romance to bloom. You are just going to get your heart broken. He does one night stands, and leaves in the morning. You see, he does not make love. He fucks. There is a distinct difference. For Jazz, the meaning of love died long time ago.

[ [glow=blue]Unpredictable & Intimidating[/glow] ]
[glow=blue]"What a pretty face you have! Shame if something happened to it..."[/glow]

There is something a little unnerving about Jazz. The way he moves, the little twitches of his fingers, the way he looks at you, the way he walks and talks. Something about him just always seems a little... off. Mostly he seems pretty harmless kind of fellow. He smiles and laughs, makes casual jokes and flirts, like any normal young man would. Everything should be perfectly fine and dandy, there is nothing that should make anyone wary of him when it comes to logic. It is not like he has done anything to you, probably. But still, your instincts tell you to be cautious, for whatever reason. And it is a very healthy decision that will keep you out of harms way, if you are smart enough. You see, Jazz has had a little... problem for few years now. He is dealing with it in his own way, but he has some bad days and bad moments. Jazz has a severe drug problem. The chemicals in his brain make him sometimes do weird decisions, laugh a little bit too loud or a little bit too long, smile just a bit too wide, stare at you a bit too intensely and tad bit too long with those full blown pupils. When Jazz is high in whatever he has put in his system to get by another day, he becomes unpredictable and dangerous. Whenever he has withdrawals, he becomes unpredictable and dangerous, and very, very irritated. He is known for suddenly to point a blade at someone's throat or a gun at their head. His methods to taking down people in his way are sometimes cruel and like the work of a madman. He has mutilated the faces of men, cut off ears, carved his initials 'BJ' into someone's skin while joking about blowjobs. He has shot men for saying the wrong thing and for less. With Jazz, you can never be quite sure what he is going to do next, and if he is ever your friend or foe. How exactly his loyalty works is a mystery, or if he ever even had any in the first place.

[ [glow=blue]Elusive & Vague[/glow] ]
[glow=blue]"Why are we talking about me, anyway? Let's focus on you instead. You're much more interesting. C'mon now love, tell me about your exciting day!"[/glow]

One will quickly learn that Jazz is not the type that likes to talk about himself. In fact, he avoids it like the plague, always eager to direct the conversation away from him to something else whenever he feels the questions start getting too personal. Much like the jackal, Jazz is very secretive and elusive by nature, and he is quite good at distracting his conversation partners. He likes to keep the conversation topics inane and lighthearted if possible, and not think about his own problems. He is the master in avoiding reality and responsibilities, a skill that is perfected within years. For someone with such a fucked up background as his, that is simply a way of coping. He has managed to avoid stopping to take a good look at his life so far, so why break the good streak. Not that anyone really cares anyway, he is just a Rat. His value as a human being is and never will be on par with the Landers, or with the Foetuses that he despises so much. No one gives a shit about an Undergrounder. The best way to keep his mind off all the crap is a to keep himself busy with his hedonist life style. As long as he is high on drugs, alcohol, sex, a well performed job, anything, he will be fine.


Count the bodies like sheep
Count the bodies like sheep

Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums

Count the bodies like sheep

[ B[[glow=blue]i[/glow]]ography ]

Jacquez Roux was a boy meant to lead a miserable, harsh life the moment he was born. He was brought out to the world from the womb of a prostitute, never knowing his father, and living in poverty of the Underground. Thankfully the whore house where Jazz spent most of his childhood and adolescence, he was with some luck as they did take care of their employees and whatever offspring they might have had by providing them with filtered air indoors and gas masks for moving outside. That is the reason why Jazz did not develop a severe lung problem that would hindrance him today and get him killed young, though he does get out of breath easily like a smoker if he exercises too much.

Born as a Rat in the Underground, every day was a struggle, lucky with clean air or not. The world under the earth's crust is a lawless place where a dog eats dog. Jazz's mother's income was never assured, and getting safe edible food was always a challenge and having a constant source of clean water was always a little personal miracle. Little Jazz learned the ways of a scavenger from young, joining in with the gangs of other prostitute children and picking up scraps from trash and eventually, pickpocketing the careless ones. More than often when he was small, he would get caught and badly beaten by the angry victims, and he has the scars to prove it. But Jazz would always stand up back again and continue fighting for his right to live, no matter how miserable his life might have been seen by others. It was the only one he knew.

As he grew up, Jazz had picked up tricks here and there. He joined new gangs, broadened his skills and lead the life of your regular Underground teenage thug. He robbed another brothel's strongbox the first time when he was thirteen, and spent all the money in cheap alcohol. He shot a man first time when he was fifteen. Jazz still remembers exactly how the man looked like, and it still haunts his dreams sometimes. He started doing drugs the first time he was sixteen. He lost his mother to an unknown lethal disease at the age of nineteen. He bribed his way out of the Underground and breathed clean air first time when he was twenty. He became the infamous Black Jackal by the age of twenty-two and has held the title ever since.

Despite his reputation as a master thief that has obviously gotten him well-off, Jazz refuses to leave his residence from The Underground and buy himself a permanent residence into The Land. In fact, by now he could probably buy himself a permanent residence into The Sky. But no, Jazz believes that once a Rat, always a Rat; he has no place elsewhere, ever. They would pick him out of the rest quickly if he did, and if he remains as an Underground denizen, he will attract far less attention to himself than he would as someone living in The Sky or in The Land. Jazz prefers to play smart, and he likes living. He likes living a lot. This is why he only occasionally comes up to have a breath of fresh air, meet up with few people, have a heist or two and relieve some from their riches.


Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep

Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums

Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep

[ Oc[[glow=blue]c[/glow]]upation ]

Jazz is an Undergrounder. In The Underground, the smart ones do not ask questions and do not tattle. Not if they want to see another day. Pretty much everyone is doing something illegal or has done something illegal, but that is just the way it is. Jazz does not have an official occupation, because under the earth's crust, there is no need for pretense. The Inquisition or anyone else, they do not suspect the Rats for anything else than petty crimes and fighting among themselves for the scraps of food and water. They won't be caring enough to look into them that much. However, Jazz had made sure that he has the miner's clothing and tools in his house just for the show. So if anyone asks, he mines coal for a living. Otherwise, his thieving side-job he gets him by more than enough.


Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums

Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep

Counting bodies like sheep

[ Relationsh[[glow=blue]i[/glow]]ps ]

None so far. Hit me up if you have any ideas!


I’ll be the one to protect you from your enemies and all your demons
I'll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason
I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and your choices son
They're one in the same, I must isolate you…
Isolate and save you from yourself …

[ Oth[[glow=blue]e[/glow]]r ]

[ [glow=blue]Appearance[/glow] ]
Jazz stands six foot and two inches tall and has a slender but masculine figure. He has toned muscle around his abdomen and arms, strong wide shouldered back and thin waist. His complexion is pale from spending most of his life Underground and getting too little exposure to sun. His hair is naturally dark in color with a bit ashen shade and wavy, buzzed short from the sides and left with a long mohawk that is dyed in deep indigo color. His eyes are blue and harbor this lazy looking half-lidded expression by default, like he would be always a bit dazed. Jazz sleeps pretty poorly, so his eyes are often rimmed with a little sickly looking dark circles of an insomniac. His face has two visible scars, on his left eyebrow and on the right side of his lip from brutal fist fights. The right auricle of his ear is missing a little piece due to a knife fight years back. There is a silver nose ring on the left side of his nostril, and his earlobes are pierced. His arms are tattooed with rather simple one-colored designs near his elbows. Jazz prefers comfortable clothing that is easy to move in and that suit his style. Usually something simple like a button up, and slacks with suspenders and combat boots. Sometimes a coat or a vest to go along with it, but Jazz rarely bothers 'fancying up' so to speak. But when he dresses up as the Black Jackal, he goes all out. After all, dramatic is a big part of his character and helps to keep his reputation up.

[ [glow=blue]Addiction[/glow] ]
As mentioned prior, Jazz has a severe drug addiction. He is a polydrug abuser, and takes whatever he can get as long as it gets him high, but he is smart enough to regulate his dozes to avoid over-dozing. Jazz has accidentally O.D'd himself couple of times in the past, and neither of those trips were good ones. But he is the one who learns from his mistakes, and nowadays he just wants to keep a nice buzz going and get high as hell on his day offs, maybe have a good shag on the side. It is what makes sure that Jazz can go on another day and does not make his life feel as miserable as it is in actuality. He just wants to forget most of the time. Is it too much to ask?

[ [glow=blue]The Black Jackal Mask[/glow] ]
While disguised as the notorious Black Jackal, Jazz always wears a gas mask in the shape of a black jackal that can be linked into a small oxygen intake bottle. The mask has a voice distortion built into it, and it makes his voice sound very low and robotic. He would put Darth Vader in shame with that, minus the labored breathing sounds.

[ [glow=blue]Pictures[/glow] ]



















Art: ribkadory from deviantArt
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Saint Allison

"Why're you askin' 'bout Carlson, anyways? That tart is good for only two things: Fixin' a steam-sledge and makin' us all look bad to the foreman. I hear she's got a fine hand for gunpowder charges too, I'll give her that, but holy shit that woman stinks! She don't got an arse to speak of, apparently she's 'too good' for the medicine, and Jordy swears she pulled a pistol on him the other week! Just take my advice and keep your distance, she ain't worth the hassle."

Name: Maxine Carlson
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Nickname(s): "Max" to her friends, "Ferret" to her criminal customers, "Carlson" to the public.

Biography: Public records show that Maxine first arrived in the Underground a decade ago. Nobody remembers why. She was just another nameless rat, valued only for what her hands or legs could do. She chose to work in the ovens, forging a reputation for herself in the eyes of the management by being exceptionally dedicated to the quality of her work. She was rewarded for her loyalty by being given a modest salary, and out of jealous spite her coworkers began calling her "The Ferret" (Referring to the animal's popularity as a pet of the rich in the Land & Sky).

Three years have past since those days however, years that saw "The Ferret" leave the oven cleaners, join the slightly more prestigious miners, and earn enough money to set herself up as a humble dealer of junk... and a furtive accomplice to crime.

Residency: The Underground

Maxine earns money publically by freelance repair of mining equipment, and the sale of mining blast-charges.

More of a hobby than a profession, she also has a limited supply of refurbished items for sale that vary widely depending on what people trade with her, and what she finds discarded in the garbage from the Land.

Her primary involvement in crime includes the maintenance and sale of black-powder firearms/explosives/equipment. She also has varying levels of private experience in trespassing, spying, burglary, fencing of stolen goods, and murder.


Maxine is friends with some of the locals in the Underground.


-Defensive: Whether it comes to her workmanship, or her lifestyle, Maxine is a very proud person. She has worked very hard to earn what she has, and criticism is something she takes far too personally as a result.

-Judgmental: Living in the Underground, Maxine stereotypes and judges people as a coping mechanism. She could not stay sane if she took to heart all the suffering and loss she has witnessed there. She especially despises medicine addicts and those who prove unintelligent, because of her negative experiences with being forced to work alongside them in the past.

-Compassionate: Maxine's cynical attitude that helps her survive in the Underground prevents her from being kind very often, yet when she is she is undoubtedly sincere. It is a facet of herself she guards carefully, not obvious to onlookers but undeniably present in her own mind.

-Reverent: Maxine holds a deep respect for death, and does not take the lethal nature of her criminal business lightly. She strongly believes that it is a grievous sin to kill without intention, and she places great importance in the acknowledgment of human remains.

-Curious: Maxine loves to learn how systems operate. She has a basic grasp of human anatomy, an advanced comprehension of the Underground's infrastructure, and an expert's understanding of firearms. She is always willing to learn anything, finding comfort in understanding "why" and "how" something occurs, even if she doesn't necessarily like the answer.

-Obsessive: Maxine is doggedly passionate about her occupation and personal pursuits. She treats every piece of equipment she touches with care as if it were her own, and it is this level of dedication that has earned her such a high reputation in the community.


Maxine drafts maps and charts of the Underground for her own personal use. "The Change", enigmatic and unpredictable, intrigues her. She considers it both an ally, and an adversary.

She is a marksman with her personal flintlock firearms through rote practice in the mines.

She practices terrible hygiene. Her frequent exposure to temperature extremes, combined with scavenging trips to garbage dumps and pure complacency, Maxine at best smells like gunpowder with a side of onions.

She despises "the medicine" because of it's addictive nature, preferring the "purer" pleasures of tobacco and alcohol.


5'10" tall.
Slim, "efficiently muscular" build.
Dark Green eyes.
Dark brown hair, worn in a relatively short style with bangs.
English heritage/accent.
Pale skin and dirty clothes common in the Underground.

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Tyrannosaurus Rekt


People laugh at the name Badger. Really, what about that could strike fear into the hearts of the Golden City? Yet, they stop laughing when everything their wealth hinged upon is turned to smoke and ash. When their business are collapsed, their farms destitute, or their ships landlocked. The Badger doesn’t destroy everything, he just chips away at the small cogs that make a far larger clock. His power lies in the knowledge of mechanics and how to slowly tear the machine of commerce apart. The Badger’s never killed anyone, but the ruin he leaves could bring people to the brink of it.

Name: August Graves
Nickname(s): Gus
Gender: Male
Age: Forty-Five

Amicable, Loud, and Personable
Gus volunteers himself for most situations. He’s the first one to help a person and the last one to leave in a dire situation. He believes in the good of mankind and tries to embody it the best he can. He laughs at bad jokes, smiles in sad situations, and knows exactly when someone needs a drink. He never speaks of himself. He always ask people about their life. So, how is Gus even this line of work? He’s idealistic in the worst sort of way.

Wise, Humble, and Vindictive
After a time of watching good people constantly being put upon by the worst humanity has to offer, Gus decided to take things into his own hands. He’s not a vigilante. No, he just equalizes the playing field. He doesn’t bring the evil of the world down to zero, instead he just lowers it to the level that everyone else is at. In short, he tries to humble the world. And by doing so, he proves he has a bit of a wicked streak.

Vulnerable, Disillusioned, and Relentless
Once someone has managed to land on Gus’s list, whether it be through gossip, idle chatter, or being hired, he would take the job. He spent hours looking over the schematics to their estate. He’d get them by being the great engineer Arthur Malcoms, no one realizing how old the man would be at this age. No matter the cost, he’ll bring them down. Gus has no problem sacrificing people and things to save those. Yet, he realizes that every step he takes is only a grain of sand in a far larger desert.

Gus knows that he wasn’t ever to be the man he was supposed to be. After his apprentice ship he was supposed to be married and a father. Yet, that was all ripped away from him due to the machinations of a much higher power. Since then, he takes in any stray or abandoned child he can find. Sure, it isn’t the most luxurious business, but he does make good money with his day job. Things are hard but not that hard. And if anyone threatens them… well they get to know why Gus’s earned the title “Badger.”

Gus’s childhood wasn’t important. He was born, he grew up, and he had dreams on what he wanted to do in life. The important part was what came after his dreams were destroyed.

Let’s give that a bit of background, though. Gus loved to tinker. He’d find things throughout the Land to fix, improve, and repurpose. He was young though, and his interests were taken advantage of more often than naught. One day, he ended up on the wrong side of a gang member’s boot. He’d asked Gus to fix a heating component for their hideout. It was beyond Gus’s expertise, and he ended up destroying it—setting fire to the gang’s hideout.

Fortunately, the police saw the fire and was able to track both of them to the alley where Gus was being held. The gang member got away, and Gus was arrested.

Barely a teenager, he didn’t look at a long sentence. Still, it would tarnish his reputation. How was he going to work after this? It was then a man paid his bail, and the charges were dropped. Gus was released into the custody of Mister Arthur Malcoms, one of the engineers that took care of the heating system. He patted Gus on the head and smiled. “I saw your handy work. You came close for someone that’s had no training. How about I show you how to do it correctly?”

Arthur Malcoms had been looking for a protégé to teach his methods. He was getting old and there weren’t very interested in this line of work. Gus’s parents gave him permission to be under Mister Malcoms’ tuteledge. That would be the last time he’d see them.

Years passed, Gus became a very talented engineer. He tended to more than the heating system. He’d help with many resource-related problems. The young man was a quick study. Yet, he didn’t just want to fix things, he wanted to improve them. So, he spent many nights taking things apart, learning every small component, and putting them back together—better than they were before. What he couldn’t physically tinker with, he’d make massive schematics for. He’d show each of them to Mister Malcoms, who’s health was failing. The old man nodded and smiled. “I think you could fix the Golden City,” he’d say.

There was a short period of time, rumors really, that Gus fell in love. What came of it was unknown. It happened in the lull between his rise to adulthood and the catastrophe that would shape him. He still has a ring, though. He wears it on his chest, not his finger.

Gus’s parents died shortly thereafter. Apparently, the gang held its grudge against him. They threatened worse on his neighborhood and, more importantly, Mister Malcoms. Gus fell into their pocket as easy as a stolen wallet. For all intents and purposes, he disappeared then.

Years passed, and he helped the gang of criminals case places, using his engineering prowess to find quick ways in and out, to tinker with their utilities, and to entirely wreck the estate. It was there he learned how to be a sabetour. It was there he also learned that there was more to this than he first realized. He became a trusted enough member to go on a “drop” with the gang. It was there that he witnessed that the gang was not a band of like-minded criminals but an instrument for one of the nobles that lived in the Sky. The nobles had the power to do this, to turn land and underground dwellers against each other—to create chaos for profit. They ruined lives to get ahead of their fellow rich people. It was deplorable, disgusting, and cruel.

That discovery fell in tandem with Mister Malcoms’s death. The man had practically raised him and given him the gift that he only used for wrong instead of right. Gus made a pact with himself. He was going level the playing field. He was going to let those in the Sky be face to face with those from the Land, and he was going to elevate those in the Underground to stand with them.

The first thing Gus did was blow up the gang’s hideout—this time on purpose. Years of working of them had given him the knowledge and the know-how. It was a quick and decisive move. He then meticulously planned how to take down that one Sky noble that had fronted the gang. It didn’t take long for him to not only ruin their estate but ruin their livelihood. It was so easy. Too easy.

Gus pretended to be Arthur Malcoms, people second guessing the man’s age, and began to fix the heating on those that needed it. All the while, he mapped the schematics of the Sky, Land, and Underground. Now he has full knowledge of almost everything. He can pull a schematic on most places in the Golden City. From there he uses his knowledge to offer the best way to take them down. Some of it obvious and some of it not-so-much. Gus’s sabotage is selected based on power wealth. It may call for an explosion or it may call for a few pipes to be down. Whatever makes the most impact.

Residency: The Land:: Gus owns a shop there. It isn’t much. He lives above it in a small loft. There’s a kitchen, living space, two rooms, and one bathroom.

Occupation: Gus offers his expertise as being a fixer of mechanical things. He’s a “Professional Tinkerer.” Occasionally, he’s also Arthur Malcoms. His shop is very vague. Unbeknownst to many he’s also “the Badger,” professional sabeouteur. He takes his job from rumors, that he hears at the bar, and actual employment. He’s only interested in them, though, if they align with his own goals. Given his reputation, they usually do.

Ethan and Iva Graves:
Gus’s parents. They were good people and let Gus do what he wished. There wasn’t much to know about them. Ethan worked as a carpenter, and Iva was a seamstress. They died when their son’s actions caught up with them.

Moira Winterson: Gus’s wife. Nothing is known about her, or he doesn’t say anything about her. He left her when was forced into the gang.

Arthur Malcoms: He was a well known and well loved engineer. He tended to most of the heating systems in the Golden City. He took Gus on his apprentice. Things went well for a while until Gus fell into some bad dealings. He lost touch with the boy, until right before he died. He received a message from the young man. He died with a smile on his face.

Penny and Tori: Two orphans that Gus took in after he managed to make a life for himself. He raised them from kids to adults and currently shared a storefront with them. Currently, they make sure the old man doesn't accidentally kill himself by not eating and drinking too much.

More to be added.

Physical Appearance: Gus is a large man. He's tall and burly. His hair has long since grayed. Across his bodies are numerous tattoos from the time he spent in a gang. One can spot them if he doesn't have his collar up or his gloves on. Yes, he wears glasses, but they are for his farsightedness. He can't inspect a map without them. He makes no apologies for this.

Notes: He smokes cigars. They smell of clove and mint. He also has a pocket watch that he consults more often than he does other people.

Music: Stay Gold -- First Aid Kit
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Name: Leonard Maxwell
AKA: The Raven
The Angel of Death
Gender: Male
Age: 27

Quiet and introverted
Leonard Maxwell is not the kind of person you’d find in a bar being loud and rowdy, hanging out with a bunch of mates. Rather, he is a quiet loner, as he has been since childhood. With no real friends or allies, he has grown detached from other people. In fact, his main past time is reading by himself in his home. He barely ever says anything, and when he does it’s short and to the point. If you miss the point he’s trying to make…chances are he killed you five minutes ago.
Calm and collected
Maxwell always keeps a cool exterior, no matter how bad a situation seems. He never lets his emotions get the better of him, or cloud his judgment. He believes what has to be done has to be done, no matter what the situation calls for, though he is willing to change plans when he has no other choice or realizes that he was wrong about something.
Though he is calm on the outside, on the inside he is having a war with himself. Part of him is sympathetic to the Rats and their horrible situation, another part is hateful and angry with the rich bastards of the Sky, and there aristocracy, another part believes he is a horrible person; a scumbag and a murderer, and yet the last part doesn’t care about anything, and urges Maxwell to give up on his mission and think about himself. He refuses to let these emotions get in his way, however, and forces them back. These conflicts are affecting his grip on reality. He partially believes that he himself is the Raven, and that Leonard Maxwell is his disguise.
Tactical and intelligent
Maxwell can be described as a genius, both academically and in battle. He analyzes his opponents, taking in their moves and fighting styles, and uses this knowledge to utterly destroy his enemies. He is not perfect, however, and can be defeated, as shown by the fact that he lost his left eye in a fight with another killer called the Raccoon.
Not much is known about his early life. He never knew his parents and was constantly living with foster families. He went to college to get a degree in mechanical engineering, but later dropped out.
A couple years ago, numerous murders began to take place all around the Golden City. These ranged to petty drug-dealers to major crime bosses, to, at times, corrupt politicians. In a few accounts, some witnesses claim to have saw a darkly-dressed figure in a gas mask around the scene of the crime. The figure began to make a name for himself, first as a psychotic mass murderer, and then as a radical activist. They began to call him the Raven…

Residency: Land (spends a lot of time Underground, though)

Activist and terrorist. Though he is famous for a couple of assassinations, he doesn’t kill super important people all the time, or he risks attacking the attention of the Inquisition, the only thing that he really fears. He also spends a lot of time committing sabotage and arson, anything that would cause trouble for government officials is okay in his book. During the day, he runs a book store of all things.
-Loves reading
-Is fascinated by history, specifically ancient weapons. He typically fights dual-wielding swords from different eras and civilizations.
-Lost his eye in a fight with another Animal.
-Is fairly good with machines, and built himself a replacement eye for his costume.
-Without his costume, you can clearly see deep, permanent scars and scratches on his pale skin.
-He often loots from his targets, giving what he takes to the Rats of the Underground.

-No known family members.
-The Raven spends a lot of time Underground, and sometimes employs some of the people there willing to help him.

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[The Pigeon; ‘Look, there she goes again, the pigeon. Always in such a haste, that girl, as if the devil itself is chasing her. Though, I suppose she would embrace that like an old friend. Crazy kid, with no sense of self-preservation, or manners. At least my mail is always on time with her. Though I would like it if she learnt how to knock for once.

What? You telling me that girl is a woman now? Hah, as if. She has the body of one, but that mind-set is forever that of a child.’]

Fanny Winterson

{ Female, 25 years old, the Pigeon }

"It is accurate! I was born from out of a *redacted*."

Delivery girl; Unofficially she is dubbed like this amongst the citizens of Golden City when at work. Since not many care enough about her as a person they never hear of her name, or rarely do so. In any case, when people refer to 'that delivery girl' in a mocking tone everyone usually suspects that they refer to the ash coloured blonde.

The Road Hog; Though not exactly so on the road itself she is a danger on the cables. Not because she lacks the power to hold herself up, or because she doesn't have the technique down, but because she has all these down to a 'T'. It makes her confident, and her natural thirst for adventure makes her reckless and experimental as well. The act is often greatly enjoyed by the kids, but not so much by the adults who expect mail and packages and her colleagues who worry of literally falling to their doom.

The Pigeon; One of the few troublemakers in the city whose face is well-known by many. Most of the people, especially these in the legal force, know that the Pigeon is Fanny. Or at least, that she has gained this nickname from the public who often like to name their criminals after an animal. She is proud of the accomplishment to be recognised as an criminal, even though she never had truly been put into jail for more than a week. The animal name, of course, springs from the fact that she is frequently seen soaring through the sky, if not all the time, to deliver mail and occasionally her races.

Fan; A shorter version of her (unfortunate) name. Fanny prefers to be called by this name over her actual one, reasons being obvious seeing the meaning of it.
"At least I'm not an aborted foetus!"


Loud & Reckless
She stomps around, never steps. She yells, never hushes. Even sleeping is done so loudly, her neighbours all sleep with earbuds in by now. Fanny is loud, capitalised and with an exclamation mark behind of it. There is never silence with this woman, and if there ever was she is sure to break it through when she arrives. Fanny can't ever be quiet, do thing silently, or sit still for a moment. She needs to be on the move, hear a sound, or talk. Everything is loud and clear with her, which is the reason why she would make a terrible spy. It is impossible for this woman to sneak up on anyone, with the way she stomps around like a boor, or to be able to catch someone off guard.

Fanny likes to take risks. Lots of risks, big risks. The greater the risk, the more she adores it. This is one of the reasons why she adores her job so much. The chance that she may fall down to her doom, that she may smash into a wall harsh and painfully. The thought that at any given moment her life could be ended because of the unpredictability of the city. Fanny adores it, loves it, lives for this adrenaline. With the little value she gives her life and her eagerness to get into danger she often experiments as well, making for the most dangerous jumps and moves just for the heck of entertainment. Something that has her mother often faint at sight.

Impulsive & Undeterred
Never one to think anything through. Just as much as she loves risking everything she has, just as little does the girl ever think things through. She does things on a whim, deciding that, because she felt like it, that she will do it. A dangerous combination when paired up together with her reckless behaviour. Fanny often likes to claim that it is because she lacks a brain of sorts, but everyone knows that, however little education she had, Fanny does own some intelligence. She just doesn't like to use it, not wanting to think of the consequences and just want to have her fun.

Unstoppable she is once her mindset is set onto it. Fanny can't be bothered once she has decided that something is to happen, or that she will do something. Her determination is great, and so is her preservation, even though this is not always proven. Fanny doesn't back out if she really wants it, neither is she of the sorts to admit defeat either. She goes for the win with whatever she does, and she doesn't settle for anything less.
Unashamed & Vulgar
Shameless she is about everything. It is a much needed trait with a name like hers. Fanny doesn't let people get to her, or have herself be embarrassed. She doesn't have the time for it, but neither does she want to spend the energy on it. The woman has learnt to cast everything off her with an invisible shield in the form of a wicked smile. It is for this reason as well that the Pigeon has little problem with unashamedly blurting out everything she has on mind, even if this might be a secret. The female is one of the worst secret-keepers in the city and unphased about this title as well. Nothing can really bring down her mood.

Cursing, or crude threats. Fanny has learnt both of them from Grandmaman who isn't exactly elegant in her choice of wording. Whilst her mother tried to teach her some manners the female can't be bothered. Or rather, she doesn't want to be bothered with it. Speaking wildly and without shame suits her character, but it also goes against the image Moira is trying to craft inside of her mind about her father. Yes, it is one of her tactics to not look like that 'Absent Bastard'.

Fanny's entry into the world was loud. As a little naked shrimp she cried the whole neighbourhood together after a long and heavy delivery. Moira Winterson, her mother was so exhausted from giving birth to the child that she had immediately fallen asleep once everything was over. The midwife stayed whilst she tried to calm the child down and a civil servant of the townhouse came around to register the name of the newborn. As the father was nowhere to be found and Moira being out cold the midwife took it upon herself to give the child a name. Fanny Winterson it became, and a still delirious Moira agreed to it, not minding whatever the name was at the moment. She soon would, however, once she got better, but by then it was already too late.

Moira Winterson was a single parent. Or so they called her. Though many men tried to make a pass on the woman she always claimed that she was already married, showing a ring on her hand to serve as proof. The young Fanny however always wondered who this man was, as she had never met her father. The man, dubbed as 'AG', was nowhere to be seen. At first the girl didn't seem to mind it, as she couldn't really miss something she never had. However, as she grew up older and more questions came she felt confused. Why did everyone else have a complete family?

It was especially after graduating from elementary school that she realised how much she missed a father figure. Whilst most of her peers could pursue their education Fanny was held back and forced to work. Grandmaman, though she loved the woman, told her that they simply did not have the money for her to study more. "It is because of that absent bastard," was the only explanation she received. It was the first time that Fanny tasted the bitter defeat of growing up without one parent.

After this first realisation the rest followed after very quickly. Fanny started to see how weak her mother was for still clinging onto the phantom of her husband. She claimed that the man was still alive, but everyone else in the neighbourhood thought andn claimed otherwise. He had abandoned them, switched them out for another woman and a child, loved another family, or died. Many rumours circulated around and whilst Fanny attempted to look for her father at first, being just as hopeful as her mother, she soon realised how fruitless everything was. The man wasn't returning and her mother was still wailing. It all depended on her, just like Grandmaman told her.

It wasn't until she was around the age of eighteen that Fanny solicited for a job as a deliverer. It was a job that earned a good penny, if one stayed alive during the delivery, and something else than helping with the delivery of a child. It was then that she had the first taste of adrenaline. She wasn't very good yet at her job, stumbling around a little and unable to carry too much mails with her as her arms weren't strong enough yet. However, gradually, Fanny started to get better, like everyone did after repeating it endlessly. It was then that, when she felt bored again with her job, that she was introduced to cable racing where she watched the racers do the most impressive stunts to survive and to keep their place in the front. It ignited another feeling of excitement inside of her that she wished to be part of.

Soon after that the Pigeon was born.

The Land; Born and grown there. Even after Moira's decline in her mental health they managed to maintain their lives on the Land, albeit difficultly. A good thing, for Fanny surely would have turned for the worst if she grew up on the Underground.


Postal Service; Formally Fanny is a postal deliverer. She delivers the mails and packages to the doors of the citizens of Golden City, a job mostly done by muscle power and with the help of the cables. Usually she is found in the second layer, the Land, as it is the biggest area, but also the place she is the most familiar with, having grown up in it. However, that doesn't take away the significant risk there is to the job. It happens plenty that a deliverer falls to their doom because of a careless grip, or because the smashes straight into a wall. Luckily for her, Fanny has managed to avoid such accidents most of the time, but there is certainly a high chance in her ending up in a vegetative state because of her job. Nonetheless the female wouldn't trade her job for anything else, much too delighted she is with the rush of adrenaline when going down a cable.

Illegal Cable Races; With the introduction of the cable system it was bound to happen that people found their way around with it to earn money with. In this case the people of Golden City figured out that they could earn a pretty penny by combining racing and gambling together with the cables. Seeing as there are significant risks to going down the cables and the route is unpredictable, this added another element of surprise to the races. Fanny is well-known for participating in such competitions, loving the pure rush and adrenaline of the races. Though she isn't the fastest racer she is known as to be one of the most versatile ones, being able to quickly react to everything. With her reckless and wild nature combined she is an even more precious element within the races as her style is so aggressive without any care about safety at all. This certainly makes people run for their money. However, she is also known for the fact that she doesn't bother to hide her identity at all, making it easy for her to be caught by the legal forces. However, as cable racing is only counted as a 'misdemeanour' she has never been locked up in jail for longer than a week when the bail couldn't be paid.


Moira Winterson; Fanny's mother. She fell into a deep depression when her husband disappeared and never returned. Moira was known as a beautiful woman who could have easily remarried if she wanted. She had many pursuers after all, however, she believed that her husband was still alive and refused to acknowledge the fact that she and her child was abandoned. It is a sad tale. Fanny views her as a weak woman with little respect. She doesn't exactly hate her, though Fanny does act with contempt when around Moira. Rather, she pities her deeply, finding it a shame that such a virtuous woman let herself fall so deep by a mere guy.

Absent Bastard 'AG'; Fanny doesn't know this person who is supposed to be her father. She refers to him as the 'Absent Bastard' rather than as 'father' like her mother wishes to. The female blames her father for all that is wrong in her life, believing if the coward had just owned up to his own that she wouldn't have to grow up as miserably as she did now. She only has heard of this 'AG' in stories from her mother, great stories that emphasised on his good virtues and smarts. According to her mother she shares many aspects with her father, but Fanny refuses to acknowledge any of that and tries to go against anything she knows of the guy. Or so she thinks.

Grandmaman; The cranky midwife who helped Moira give birth to Fanny. She also happened to be the neighbour, so she was always around when Moira needed help with the care of Fanny, who was a handful. Though the woman is very much a chagrin and seemingly permanently pissed, she is a very kind and caring woman as well. Fact proven when she decided to support Moira and Fanny when it became clear that Moira's husband was never returning home. She is also the reason why Fanny got such an unfortunate name. Fanny adores the old woman, calling her lovingly 'grandmaman' for how royal it sounds and how unroyal the midwife's character is.


Semi-Literate; Fanny only received minimum education. Though she did like to learn her letters and do a little of maths she could only follow it until primary school before they ran out of money. Education was far too expensive for them, and her having at least covered the basics was enough. Such was the opinion of Grandmaman who was very much the same. It didn't matter that the girl showed a sharp soul and a raw curiosity for knowledge, her hands were needed for labour to bring in the money they didn't have. Fanny finds this a little regrettable, for she would have loved to pursue her studies a little more, but understands that she needs to be able to take care of her family.

Midwifery; Believe it or not, but Fanny is actually capable of bringing life to the world. Taught by Grandmaman, Fanny was forced to follow the woman for her first jobs. At first it was only bringing and cooking clean water, afterwards, cleaning the baby, and slowly she learnt about all of the aspects of the job. Though she never had any formal education and neither is a licensed midwife, she is as good as any other for the lower class. However, Fanny despises having to be around happy families and helping them out with their birth. Mostly because it reminds herself of her ill fortune. For this reason she doesn't practise it much and rather keeps quiet about this surprising piece of information.

Children; She adores them and is great with them. Probably because she is one herself, or so Grandmaman always says. Fanny is surprisingly tender with young life, dropping her vulgar ways and turning into something more caring and sweeter. A great surprise to anyone who knows the usually very reckless and very crude deliverer.
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The Grey Parrot remembers
All the faces, all the voices
The Grey Parrot remembers
All its friends, all its enemies
The Grey Parrot remembers
Every little word, every little thing
The Grey Parrot remembers
Simply everything

- - - - - - - - - -

Theme Song

- - - - - - - - - -

| Alona Cary |

| Gender: Female | Age: 28 | Residency: The Land |

| The Grey Parrot |

- - -

Some say that the most powerful weapon is money. The Grey Parrot begs to differ. It is knowledge.

With the right information any man will bow his head. With the right information any business can be overtaken, destroyed. With the right information anyone can be bribed. And for those who seek the right information the Grey Parrot is there to help them. The Grey Parrot will seek whatever knowledge you desire and deliver it to you. For a reasonable sum of money of course.

- - - - - - - - - -

| Personality: |

- - -

| Obsessive: |

Be it history, the personal details of a client, or the ingredients to a new dish she ate, Alona has a tendency to become obsessive over anything she doesn't know. As soon as she finds a topic of interest she needs to know everything about it. Everything. She will delve head first into the newly discovered topic until she has completely figured out what makes this new object/person/subject tick. If solutions or explanations do not show up easily it will not annoy, but rather excite her. Alona loves puzzles, riddles or other still unsolved mysteries that she can poke her nose in. Once, however, the puzzle is solved the interest is gone. She will store it away in case of future use and collect the money she might get for it, but the subject is no longer a matter of importance and is therefore boring.

- - -

| Confident: |

Confidence should generally not be confused with arrogance, but in the case of Alona these two are nearly connected. Alona is absolutely certain of herself to the point that this can become dangerous. She generally believes that she is the smartest, or at least most knowledgeable, in the room and carries herself around in this style. Sure she is fairly capable of showing herself differently to the world but generally just doesn't feel like it. Her confidence helps her in striking up conversation with generally everyone and bullshit her way through certain things.

- - -

| Resourceful & Patient: |

You can't retain a career in information collecting if you aren't resourceful. Alona has quite an extensive network of people she can contact to start her investigation regardless of what the subject could be. There is always someone who knows someone who has heard of someone whose sister was married to someone who might know something about whatever it is she is looking for. Adding to this is the fact that Alona is extremely patient. If the person she is tracking doesn't do anything strange today, she will wait till tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next day. Alona has been known to monitor people for quite an extensive amount of time until she is sure she has what she finds.

- - -

| Sarcastic & Playful: |

Alona likes to have fun, often on the profit of others. Her sharp tongue will lash out to any unexpected words thrown her way and she isn't afraid to speak her mind. Yet her words are often playful and not meant to be overly mean despite the fact that they might sound like that. Her humor hinges on this sarcasm and sometimes fails to effectively reach others making her sound rude and/or inconsiderate.

- - -

| Flirtatious: |

Alona is thus an easy talker. Her confidence in relation to her playfulness makes that she easily walks up to basically anyone. To top this off however she has a nice flirtatious side to her. Alona isn't necessarily out for love, but enjoys bantering with the opposite sex, the whole game that has been created around it, and considers herself fairly good at it. It doesn't happen often that she actually takes someone home, but on the occasion she generally kicks them out the next morning.

- - - - - - - - - -

| Biography: |

Alona grew up with a younger brother, a father and an uncle surrounding her. It would be the only family she would know. Her mother, who died after the birth of her younger brother Set three years after Alona's brith, would forever only be a picture on the wall and a vague memory of a ruffle through her hair. Her father was a simple man who worked every day in a factory doing simple tasks. It paid the bills though not by much. Alona, one of those annoyingly smart kids, could never talk much with her father. He was just... too simple. He was her father and she liked him, but the conversations between them never moved beyond basic topics.

Because the income wasn't particularly high Alona early on found herself a job in the factories as well. An education that could possibly bring her far in life had to be left behind and it seemed that Alona would face a life without learning much beyond the skills she needed in everyday life.

Salvation for her, however, actually existed in the form of her uncle. Unlike her father, her uncle was an extremely clever man who saw the potential in this little girl and started to educate her in the late hours of the night. Eager to learn, Alona soaked the information up like a sponge. Her uncle taught her history, math, biology. He taught her to read and appreciate literature, brought her books. Moreover he learned her things that would later become the staple of her career. He taught her to listen, to look, and to talk. She never questioned where he himself had gained these skills, instead she did her best to learn as much as possible between shifts of work.

When she was 15 (and her brother 12) her father suffered a fatal accident in the factory. With their main source of income falling away the task fell on Alona and her uncle to keep the family alive. That worked pretty well with Alona working more shifts and her uncle also bringing in money though she was never quite sure where that came from. During those years her uncle pushed her to hone her skills in gathering information as well as learning how to fend for herself. He would make it a game where she would have to listen to people at work and find out a secret every other day. It seemed fun and a distraction from the normal life. Until one day their uncle disappeared and was never heard of again.

At this point Alona had already realized the power the truth could have. Having an extensive memory full of dirty little secrets could bring her profit. So she used this to quit the factory and start her own little workshop of selling secrets to the highest bidder. This brought in considerably more money and eager to spend it Alona moved to a larger apartment and put her brother in school. Slowly she got sucked deeper in the criminal world and slowly her name became known on the streets. She never did anything to stop it as she enjoyed all the new challenges she got. At the same time she makes sure that her brother stays on the right path so that he can again what she could never have. In the back of her mind, however, questions still linger about her uncle. What happened to him? Who exactly was he? Should she set up a grave or search for him?

- - - - - - - - - -

| Occupation: |

Alona is an information broker. This means that she is paid to get information. This can include personal details, histories, and the like. What it doesn't mean is that Alona pokes her nose into everything that goes on it the city. She only researches those people that she gets paid for (one exception is the case of her uncle who she is still researching) because getting involved with everything would most likely get her killed.

Alona has made her criminal activities as information broker her full time job. She earns enough money from it to not need a secondary job. The amount makes that she can afford a rather spacious apparent in The Land above a rather popular shop where she is seen 'working' on occasion. She could probably, if she wanted, make a move to higher standards but the Land provides better cover than the Sky and she also finds it rather hilarious to have people from The Sky come down to her level to seek her out.

In general Alona is hired by companies in basically all layers of the Golden City who feel the need to pry into the head and personnel of other companies and find any hidden scandals lying around, waiting to be discovered. And truly companies have scandals galore. People who hire the Grey Parrot for her skills can expect facts and nothing short of it. The Grey Parrot might chase rumors but will always confirm them. A contract between the Grey Parrot and its customer will therefore also be based on loyalty. The Grey Parrot will provide the best information there is, the client pays the sum of money that the Grey Parrot demands. The Grey Parrot will not betray its customer and the customer will not betray it.

On occasion Alona is hired to perform more personal jobs and she has worked with a few named criminals before. So far however she has kept her curiosity about figuring out the identities of other animal names criminals at bay, realizing that that information could possibly lead to her death and although Alona has this obsession about finding juicy facts she values her life just a tad bit more than information.

- - - - - - - - - -

| Relationships: |

| Set: |

Alona's brother is 3 years younger than she is. She has been looking after him basically since forever because her father and uncle were mostly working and their mother had died at his birth. Alona is rather protective over the boy. She doesn't want him to be involved with any shady stuff and as soon as she was capable she put him in school. She wants him to be what she could not, not because she hates her own life but because she knows what he can get. Sometimes she might push him slightly too hard because of this.

- - -

| Cyril: |

Alona's uncle who is still missing. As mentioned previously Alona doesn't know if he is every still alive and is on an everlasting quest to figure this out so that she can at least put his memory to rest might he be dead.

- - -

| Open for further relationships. Hit me up if you have any ideas! |

- - - - - - - - - -

| Other: |

| Appearance: |

Alona is a woman of average height, standing around 1,70 m. She tends to give preference to simple clothes, not very interested in following strange fashion trends set by others. If anything she will make her own fashion statement. Her brown hair, spiky up front and longer in the back, falls easily around her somewhat round face with a small nose and not very accentuated lips. Her eyes are a bright brown.

The good thing about Alona's job is that often she doesn't need a special attire to go around collecting information. Just striking up conversation with someone is not a crime. However if she needs to get dirty and sneak into places to get access to files or letters she tends to wear a grey outfit and a black mask to cover most of her face, her hair tied up in a high bun. Because of these nightly activities that she has necessarily build up some form of physical condition. She is not the strongest person around and certain can't hold out long in a fight definitely not against professionals, but she is a good runner and climber and being not that tall means that hiding in The Land gets just that tad bit easier. (She also has some very decent lock picking skills.)

- - -

| Spender: |

Why have the money but not spend it? That is Alona's mindset. She likes spending money as it is something she could not do in the past where every penny counted double. Now that she has the money she finds herself enjoying the many things in life like a large bed, good food, and other nice things. Alona isn't an unreasonable spender though. She makes sure that she is never without money and always has extra stashes hidden for emergencies. She never wants to feel the helplessness of not having a penny ever again. Yet when a nice object presents itself it would be a waste to just leave it there.

- - -

| Music Lover: |

Alona is a huge music fan. While she isn't much of a player herself (the most she can do is play some basic tune on the guitar) she enjoys going out to listen to it. Dancing for her is something that belongs to music so when going out she will be the one on the dance floor. She has a thing for the more raw music things like blues and rhythm and blues.

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A lot. Can't really pick a few out as it depends on the lore etc. etc. etc.
[The Raccoon]


"The lack of money is the root of all evil is what my father used to say. My mother always said that money isn't nice, but doesn't buy happiness. If you ask my grandfather, then you would be a little bit too late for that. He had no money to begin with. Want my opinion? All I can say is that with money one can buy the right kind of happiness and drive away evil. What is yours?~"


| Robert Donnel | male | 26 years old | Residence : The Land |

* Nickname(s) *

The Raccoon, though he has several aliases that go with various well practiced and honed accents. Don't mistake this as that he isn't sure who he truly is, but when knowing who he is going to deal with as well protecting him as good as possible from rivals, he is more comfortable with taking up a disguise and acting underneath a cover to gain the best benefits for himself.

* Personality: *


If anything that Robert has learned it is for the best to not involve too much into the affairs of other people. They get irked and angry, which is rarely good for business or for his health if the other is more at home with martial arts or carrying a weapon. He rarely shows his genuine emotions as he has done some experience to where he learned that if you show emotions to the wrong people that you can end up broken, poor and angry. Not a great combination.

[Lack of morality]

Morality isn't something Robert is bothered with. In his line of work, it isn't too much surprising, but he tends to be quite apathetic towards even the lives of his fellow men. If anything, Robert has the idea that everything and thus also everybody has a price. Some more expensive than another, but that is what business is. He wouldn't mind helping an old lady to get accross the street and then the next day make sure that she will not see her grandchildren again cause of some snobs in the Sky somehow with their money can't get their own child.


Not a man of morals, but not certainly without emotions or desires. A side he does dislike about himself as it sometimes provides more problems than benefits, but Robert wants to commit himself to any job or activity to the fullest. If he is somehow held back, it tends to irritate him and causing him to grow silent and grumpy. This is also extends to some people that he isn't unable to see as resources, as Robert isn't a man without emotions - as much he does try to hide for most people. Though he has been betrayed before due to his emotions getting too heated and driving him instead of reason, it is unlikely thing to say that it can't happen again.


Unhealthy at times, Robert does fancy a gamble or challenge now and then. Life can be quite dull, so sometimes all it needs is a bit of spice to give some desired taste to it. While Robert does carefully chooses his challenges and doesn't possess a pride, the man doesn't mind to throw money at a game of poker or liars dice. Sometimes he tends to lose more than gain when he gambles his chances when it comes to his work. As one might know, the problems that arise when wandering the street around the time of the Change or ticking off other criminals, won't provide results that one should be looking forward to.

[Bitter and vengeful]

Once a man that had loved, Robert is quite sour and gotten bitter over some subjects. Love for another person is just one of them as he also seems to get mildly annoyed when one brings up the importance of family, honor and matters he doesn't like or find trivial. Though not one to be quickly bothered by his fellow men, Robert is quite good in remembering slights. From just a payment that went wrong and a dime too less from somebody who declared the Raccoon to be a rat belonging in the sewers, Robert tends to listen and remember. And repay when the chance arises.

* Biography: *

Growing up in a large family in the Land, Robert's youth isn't that spectulair different from others that have spend their childhood in the Land. His father worked during the day in a factory, that produced shoes, and in the evening till the late hours he could be found spending the money in a nearby pub. His mother was actually not that much 'better' as she had found work in another pub and even to this day Robert isn't sure how many half brothers or sisters are walking around as both his parents would get quite loose once they had a taste of booze.

This meant that Robert and his three brothers and four sisters had to fend for themselves. It was a hard life, where they had to try to gain coin for their own food as avoiding getting abused by two drunks and people on the street that didn't take kindly to being pickpocket or bothered by beggars. This did create a strong bond with the Donnel children, who would look out for each other. If only life on the street was more gentle to young souls as the many siblings of Robert would start to dwindle to just two. The oldest two brothers vanished without a trace from Robert's life when he was around eight years old. Presumably joining a gang, deciding to leave home or ending up bad somehow. This left Robert to be the oldest and as good as he tried to earn a coin with delivery work, pickpocketing and begging, the young boy would lose another brother and two sisters to diseases.

Things didn't get much better when their mother died as well, when Robert had just reached the age of eleven, and their father started to even drink more. Something that did fascinate Robert, wondering how the man even got more coin than before to spend on alcohol. The occasional beating and verbal abuse became more frequent until one of Roberts sisters - actually his favorite, that goes by the name of Belly - decided it was enough. During a beating where their father had the 'reason', more so excuse, that she had deserved it for not bringing enough coin back, the girl had managed to grab a knife and ram it into the eye of the angry drunk. The situation escalated as a fight would take place within the residence of the Donnels, where only two bodies would be found. That of their father and the youngest daughter. The remaining siblings of the Donnels never would however speak of how the youngest daughter had found her end.

After that eventful evening, Robert was thus left to fend for himself as his two younger sisters at the age of barely twelve. Somehow he did manage to find a home for him and his younger sisters at the home of their uncle, who was a kind and soft man that owns a small pharmacy. While he did need to work to bring in some more money, Robert was able to get some education. Something he enjoyed greatly as his uncle stated that with the right education he would be able to fullfill his dreams. Which was at the time to live in the Sky where he and his siblings wouldn't have to worry about the trouble of needing more coin or desiring luxury that they had only ever heard off.


Though he would be able to live a better life and enjoy some education, Robert strove to become something that could work his way into the higher echelons of society with knowledge. He even managed to become at the age of eighteen acquainted with a daughter, Seline Smith, of a rich merchant. Who was getting close to migrate to the Sky. Where romance was genuine, it wasn't really an accepted idea by the parents of the girl. Yet surprisingly enough the romance would continue two years until Robert would be invited to the home of the parents. Though the start of the meeting with the parents went fine as Robert tried to do his best to give a good impression, it wouldn't last for long. The cheerful and friendly atmosphere would be ripped apart as the father stated that the romance had to end. It was unfit for his daughter to be affiliated with somebody below her 'rank'. Where Robert tried to fix the situation, desperately coercing the parents of his goal and future it would all be for naught.

The meeting with the parents would end up in a heated argument, where Robert would angrily walk out of the house. Not that he was going to give up as he would continue to meet with Seline in secret. The latter was worried that bad results would follow if they would keep meeting in secret. More out of desperation and passion, Robert suggested that they could elope. Realizing what he had asked, Robert wouldn't be granted the time to answer back as Seline agreed that she would rather elope and live a simple life than to facing a broken heart. The two plotted together during their next following meetings. Planning it out, Robert had designed the plan that they could try to go to the other side of the Land and attempt to stay low. If anything, they could try to dye their hair and further attempt to mask themselves until it would be safe for them to stop hiding.

At the destined night where he met Seline in the cover of the night, both only having one bag with clothes and other essentials, something went wrong. One of the maids had caught air of the plan and for a small sum of money sold the information to Seline's father. Just as Robert and Seline were about to get going, the local authorities were closing in and demanded that Robert would halt as they stated he was under arrest. Though the two ran and tried to lose the police, who gave chase, Seline got scared for what it would happen to Robert. Pleading that he would save himself and not forget her, it would be the night where Robert's life would forever change. He ran and left Seline behind, managing to evade the authorities. Seline would be brought back to her family as they shortly after the whole ordeal migrated to the Sky.

Robert's life would collapse quickly afterwards. He was being accused of kidnapping, abuse and what not. The twenty year old Robert swore he would never trust anybody who he desired again as well just looking out for his own benefit. Angry, Robert tried to forge a plan to get back int touche with Seline. The authorities were still on the look out for him, but after some time Robert took a risk as he would attempt to become a private tutor as he contacted several families in the Sky. Showing that he knew how to read and write, knowing about the laws of trade and how to approach certain business, he would just be turned down. Born as a commoner, why would the people of the higher places accept somebody like him in their midst? Educated or not, he still had little wealth to his name or any successful company. Turning more sour, Robert decided to prove them wrong. Instead of using his education and experience to start a successful legal company, Robert would turn to more illegal activities. At first he wanted to use smuggling to create a solid network to build a foundation from where he could work on a fitting revenge. Thoughts as poisoning the Medicine as trying to break apart the social ladder into chaos were what drove Robert for some time to try to become the best smugglar in the Golden City. At a certain point, Robert managed to do some business with the Grey Parrot. As he was still trying to keep tabs on the girl and her family that had set him up, the Grey Parrot would prove quite useful if not sometimes in Robert's opinion a bit expensive. But everything and everybody has a price. That and he rather avoided to cross and end up in the bad spot of somebody who could very well work against him instead of helping him when being hired.

With becoming somewhat successful, Robert would however be waking up at one night to find three men with knives in his bedroom. He was offered to join the smuggling connection and helping the previous Raccoon to best all those who were becoming too successful or die at the age of twenty three. Not really eager to die that young with his last words being : "Could you please bugger off?", Robert accepted it. His lust for revenge didn't change, but he instead try to learn more about the illustrious Raccoon that started use Robert and his small ring of connections. This did allow Robert to climb higher in the chain of command in the group of smugglers and thugs as he proved his worth over time.

Over time his anger and desire for revenge cooled down as he started to aim for his own benefits. Which seemed to be working out as the previous Raccoon somehow managed to vanish just a year ago and while probably a few are aware of how Robert managed to become the Raccoon, it makes the man friendly smile whenever somebody has shows interest in the history of his predecessor.

* Occupation: *

Robert is a smuggler. He has a network of clients and some informants that keep him updated on the prices and values of supplies and people. While he is more involved in making sure that the shipment of some extra Medicine, alcohol or luxury is somehow ending up in the possession of it, he is also requested at times to make certain material and people disappear. Not that he or some of his employees murder other people on a regular base, but sometimes those who do murder others wish to have a crime site being cleaned up. Certain tools that had the bad luck of getting traces of blood or just aren't necessary anymore but are hard to get rid off. The same goes with people as has been stated before. Everybody, excluding of course a precious few, have a price. Whether it is just the satification of getting rid of some folk or earning a good sum of money, Robert has started to invest in certain establishments where both women and men can find themselves indulging into carnival lusts and desires.

And not all of those men and women are there because they so lovely volunteered for it...

* Relationships: *

| Belly Donnel | younger sister | Sibling love | Residence : In the Land |

The favorite of Robert. This isn't just because of all the siblings Belly was the sweetest or the most innocent. Belly was the one who was quite open about her feelings and thoughts. Which ended up bad most of the time for her and others, but something that did inspire and motivate Robert in making sure that she wouldn't need to change that. Honesty is after all something Robert can respect, even with his occupation. Lately Belly receives donations from some sponsers - that oddly remain anonymous, very odd - so that she can continue her study as she wishes to become an inventor. She is currently nineteen years old.

| Cassy Donnel | younger sister | Respectful sibling relation | Residence : In the Land |

Though Robert and Cassy aren't on any bad grounds, the very silent girl isn't that close with Robert. She was never one that talked much and while she and her siblings do have some good memories, it was Cassy who often took the lead. While she didn't say much, she somehow learned how to make her messages clear. In how she walks to how she just glances at people with a calm expression, Cassy had both been somebody the other siblings looked up to as well instilled a certain fear that one day she would become more loud. Currently Cassy has taken over the pharmacy of their uncle and aunt. She is at the age of twenty five.

| Marcel Donnel | Uncle, father's side | Respectful and loving relation | Residence : In the Land |

A sweet old man. The kind that you just want to call 'Gramps' and listen to his stories of how he found his wife, about his first dog and the likes of that. Though he is quite forgetful, the man is being taken care off by the (remaining) Donnel Siblings as repayment for the care and love he had given them as well taking them into their home when they were unable to go anywhere else. At the age of seventy two, it isn't likely a surprise that the man has retired and lives with the Donnel sisters in the pharmacy that used to be his. His wife, Marrel Donnel, has however passed away a year ago.

| The Grey Parrot| Business | Respectful, but wary |

Though Robert have some experience in dealing with the Raven as he can't state information isn't necessary with his occupation, the man is quite wary for the information broker. While he is more keen on staying on her good side and hiring her to figure out information that his own (and quite inferior) network can't provide, Robert knows that in the world of crime it is quite healthy to distrust others.

*[Open and eager for more relationships ideas!]*

* Other: *

| Appearance |

Sporting the length of 1.82 meters (5ft 11) Robert has a normal build. While he has some scars from old fights, he isn't really the muscle man. He knows how to fight decently, but would likely be the underdog against anybody who clearly has invested more time and interest in fighting than he has. He has a small stubble beard that he isn't fond of shaving. On a regular base he wears clothing that are fitting to a man of the middle status on the social ladder, favoring clothing with a beige or brown tint to it. Though he isn't known or practically trained to be an expert, Robert does have a knife hidden at the inside of his jacket or just at his left hip.

| Business and network |

While Robert owns a decent sized general store, his residence is a small home that serves as his hideout - both from work and to indulge into other affairs than the criminal career he has. The HQ of his smuggling activities is located into the general store that is nicked : "The Tattered Hat". A name that used to be a reference to some previous owner that had a tattered hat that he always wore. When one enters the store, it looks like a normal general store. Selling household, some books, simple clothing and etc.

| Richard |

Richard is the 'mascot' of Robert's business. A small raccoon that has been trained to do more than just throw aside your trash bin, but to steal wares. While this often is done when Robert whistles, the creature has his own devious mindset and is known to participate in trying to get a grip of jewelry and other wares if he spots a chance.

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Free to roam a world of gold, hidden behind a mask of grace and lies is a ruthless and cunning killer with the face of an angel and the vocabulary of a Rat. A beautiful rose with to many thorns oh the The Lynx the masked and gender less figure that hunts the dreams of many is a delicate young woman who has no reason to take the path she is on.

Vivian Luella Pyn



Viv: From a young age, for whatever reason, people started calling her Viv as if shortening what she believes to be an elegant name to its first three letters would make her happy. Over time it has gotten to the point that she can now tell the outsiders who only pretend to know her in public and her true friends by whether or not they use this nick name. Sadly, she only has two friends.
Louie: Though slightly masculine this is her preferred nickname, only her closest friends call her by it though. She likes that it is rough and doesn’t match her out term appearance but does a grand job of entertaining her when someone is introduced to her for the first time with it. The first time it was used was by a Underground boy when she ran away for the first time.
The Lynx: Do to her graceful movements, the cat like stealth, and her uncanny ability to see in the dark she was given the name Lynx, it wasn’t a name she would have chosen for herself but it stuck and fits rather well. Picking her prey and stalking it is fun for her, almost like a puzzle before the end they know it’s coming but don’t know when or where and the surprise when it happens makes want to keep doing it.


{Sweet and Charming}
Vivian is truly sweet and caring to those she likes, which is rare for her because for her to like someone means she trusts them. That doesn’t mean she goes out of her way to hurt people though, it just means that she keeps a close eye on those people that she is unsure about. As she has grown Vivian has become charming to say the least, flirtation is one of her best weapons when dealing with both sexes to get information and to stay on top. Her sweet nature comes from practically being raised by her Land dwelling Nanny, and it was one of the few character points that have stuck even from childhood. She likes people and to be around them, which is hard to believe because her family is hard and cold so her warm disposition comes as a surprise to those her are meeting her for the first time. Even if she doesn’t like a person she will great them with open arms but some are wary of the sweet tempered and charming young lady because not all are blind to the sharp intelligence or the cunning glint in her eyes when she gets information on someone who she doesn’t like very well.

{Mysterious, Intelligent, and Cunning}
For all of her sweet nature Vivian is still cunning and has a mysterious air about her, her intelligence which she hides to the best of her ability makes most uncomfortable around her especially when she starts talking about things well over their heads and it causes some to wonder how she gets her information. She very rarely goes out of her way to harm anyone and when she does it’s with a well-aimed remark that the person would understand and wonder how she knew that bit of information but would go over any eavesdroppers head and have them wondering what she had meant. Most men are daunted at the idea of even courting the cunning young lady for though the mystery around her makes her an attractive prize the idea that she would be smarter than them and a better scholar has scared them away. Her intellect along with her cunning nature has secured her in a network of information and in such, allowed her to do her criminal work uninterrupted for the most part.
Vivian though has very rarely used the information as herself to destroy anyone around her, it helps her plan her attacks and pick her personal marks as The Lynx. What she uses the information for, for the most part, is to help her whenever her skills as The Lynx have been paid for and her connections to the upper-class allows her almost unrestricted access to gossip and in rare times allows her to blackmail the information she needs out of someone. Her sweet nature makes it hard for her to purposefully harm someone if they are doing very little wrong but there is a sick and twisted part of her personality that she keeps hidden that likes the damage she can do.

{Shy and Temperamental}
Do to having a cold but popular family, which have more often than not embarrassed Vivian for the simple fact that they could, Vivian is rather shy when she first meets someone. When she has gotten to know someone and decided whether or not she likes them, she is warm and charming but that doesn’t mean she likes being in the lime light. Vivian much prefers to spend her time at parties or balls hidden away in whoever’s residence she is visiting’s library or sitting in a quite intelligent conversations with the other ‘Black sheep’s’. Few know that when truly displeased or pushed to hard Vivian becomes very temperamental, and can become vicious in her anger. Few have made the bad call of laughing or even mocking her when in such a state because the first sign of her being in said state is for her to start to silently cry.
Do to the regularity of what her parents called ‘tantrums’ when she was younger they had put her through lots of extensive and “most unladylike” physical training as to tire her and to teach her how to control her emotions, because of the training she now has a very long fuse and can put up with a lot of nit picking before her normally sweet nature is replaced with a spiteful and mean person. Of course, though the training did wonders on allowing her to stay calm longer it has also allowed her to be far stronger than one would expect and that in itself has sense caused problems of its own.

Vivian was born on a late stormy spring evening, though exceptionally beautiful her parents were disappointed by the birth of another girl and spent very little time with her. This allowed her to spend most of her days with her Nanny, Marie Von Horn, and occasionally with her older siblings even though they were ten years her senior and found her crying and immature ways disgusting. The youngest of three children she grew to see her family putting pretty much everyone but the few they called friends down with well-hidden comments, do to her overabundance of time spent with her Nanny and her trainer Marcus Travels, who were both kind and caring people, Vivian hard a hard time watching the glow leave people’s eyes of see their smiles quiver. It was about the time she was ten when she runaway for the first time, at this point she had had four years of training and was exceptionally good at the basic self-defense as well as a few other types of kick boxing so there was talk of moving her training into something abit harder, this made her over confident in her abilities and somehow she had found her way into the Underground but instead of being confident she could protect herself on her grand adventure she soon found herself scared and anxious. This is where she met an young man who, though dirty and older then she, gentle talked her out of her hiding place and helped find a way home, he was also the one who gave her the nickname Louie though he never gave her his own.

After her first failed attempt at having a grand adventure Vivian went back several times, for nothing else then to prove that she could and would be ok. When she was thirteen she joined a small group pf thugs for a one time gig, only for the fact that she felt that she needed to help those around her, and pulled off being a cat burglar gracefully do to her tiny compact build and the her years of training had given her finely toned muscles that allowed her to enter with ease. It was a few months after that that she went on another run with the same men that they encountered an addict passed out and near death, where the men all stepped over him she bent down and gently brushed the grimy hair from his face. When his clouded eyes opened and he smiled an innocent but dirty smile at her she smiled softly back and in a quick motion hit his nose with her open palm pushing the cartilage straight up into his brain. It was a self-defense move she had learned but as she gentle shook out her hand she discovered that she had not only surprised the men with her but had done it incorrectly and harmed herself. Though to most killing would be wrong, Vivian truly believed she was helping him for she knew it was only time before he died anyways and this way at least he didn’t suffer long but in the back of her mind was a rational part of her brain telling her that no matter the justification killing was wrong and it weighed heavily on her soul for years until her first reasonable kill. It was her first kill and though shocked and slightly afraid of the tiny cloaked figure with them they went on to finish the run, spreading rumors of the delicate cat like figure who had killed a man for simple being in their path. It was with this one act the name The Lynx became more than just a murmur of a small time thief and a simple name to call her by when she did a job. It became a calling he name and it fit her, from the graceful movements, the uncanny night vision, and feline hunter like skills she possessed.

When she was fifteen she was introduced to society where fine jewels, gowns, food and information practically landed in her lap. It made it much easier to go off on her own, she knew which houses were commonly empty do to the owners rarely being home and which families were having arguments which would make it easier to sneak in and out unnoticed. As information reached her ears and few started notice that Vivian was much more interested in the gossip then talking about herself, she started to blossom from slightly awkward looking teenager to an attractive young lady and in such few took notice of her odd habits. This was also about the time Vivian realized that she could get more information from both sexes with flirtation if done correctly, though the best information always came when those around her believed she wasn’t paying attention which exactly how she came to preform her first assassination. It was an older man who was believed to rape and strangle his maids if they had displeased him, it wasn’t hard to track down the truth behind the rumors by speaking to a few servants. At this point she had come up with a calling card, a simple thing she had started leaving when she took an item from a household, it was the letter L written in fine calligraphy on poor paper. Silently she slipped into the man’s house and just as he strangled his maids she strangled him but as he was bigger and stronger then she, she used his strength against him and as he slept she slipped a noose over his head and over the top of his bed before tightening it. It was that motion that awoke the man and as he reached for her she lunged off him and gripping the rope held tight as he fought against the noose never realizing he was killing himself. Leaving her calling card on his chest she left the still sleeping household and awaited for his death to reach the news which it did about a day later.

Two years later a rich and well respected man asked for Vivian’s hand in marriage, he had truly wanted Margo but she had dedicated her life to religion so Vivian’s parents gladly accepted his proposal. Though upset about the arrangement Vivian saw no way out of it until as The Lynx she was hired by a man of the Sky who’s five year old son had gone missing and he believed that her Fiancé’s son-in-law was the one behind it. Excited for not only had she find a reason to use if it was true to break the engagement and to finally stop the abduction of children that she had noticed was happening she went to work. Three weeks later the son-in-law was found with The Lynx’s calling card pinned to his shirt chained in his basement with children of all ages and backgrounds sitting around him eating a bounty of food that they would later say the cat person brought. The embarrassment that racked that once respected family was too much for Vivian’s family to bare and immediately they cut ties with him allowing Vivian her freedom.

As the years have passed Vivian has grown into a world class lady with elegant manners who her family deals with as she brings praise to them even though they find her lack of enthusiasm for the rich life style disconcerting and the fact that she much rather read or have smart conversations tiring. They Lynx has also grown, and it is hard pressed to find someone who hadn’t heard of them, whether their opinions of her being good or bad.


Vivian has secretly started a fashion company that is highly recommended and sought after that is called Snow Cats, she doesn’t need the money and as The Lynx returns about half her profits to the Underground and the Land. Her family believes that when ever she holes herself up in the old attic that she is reading or painting and they don’t interest themselves in her so it makes it easy for her to hide a major source in her personal income which she understands will come in handy when her brother inherits all of the family money. When she is The Lynx she allows her services to be bought on occasion and will go out and do things on her own, she has a hard time killing but does rationalize it as long as she knows whoever she killed deserved it or that killing them was a kindness to society.


Vivian has two older siblings: Robert Pyn and Margo Pyn, both successful in their chosen fields of work. Her parents are William and Margaret Pyn, both of which were only children and come from old money. Vivian is the black sheep of her family, not only does she look different but she also acts different. Outside of her few friends in the Underground that only know her as The Lynx and her family she doesn’t have any friends and as of yet doesn’t appear to have any enemies.


Not a typical beauty Vivian is short but curvy, with a delicately built face; large dark red brown eyes with full lips and a gently sloping nose. Though the black sheep of her family she is anything but dark in coloring from her soft porcelain skin tone and her silky smooth silvery white waves that fall past her hips if she allows it to hang loose. Typically when at home or out in societies eyes she wears lots of pale blues and purples with gold accents as is deemed acceptable by the mass. When alone or entertaining herself with designing a new frock for someone with far to much money she wears similar clothing of her Lynx persona. Black tunica top, dark gray and bronze corset, dark gray leggings and over the knee leather boots in black is her personal favorite outfit though as long as the colors are dark and a contrast to her skin and hair she is happy. By adding a black scarf of sorts to cover her mouth, bronze googles with large cat ear like attachments that have a earplugs as to help her hearing and a dark multi colored cloak, that allows her to blend into the shadows, she becomes The Lynx
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+ The Wolf +
She has a certain allure.

The kind that makes you
want to watch from afar with great caution
but at the same time you wish
you could reach out.
And that's your mistake.
You must not touch the wolf,
for she will bite.
And if you are bitten,

you will stay with her forever.

[dash=#6e4ff7]Name: Graceful Dancy
Nickname(s): Grace to her 'pack members' and friends
Alpha to her newer 'pack members'
The Wolf to those who don't know her, her enemies, and others.
Gender: Female
Age: 25[/dash]

Socially Awkward and Shy
Despite being the leader of quite a large group of 'wolves', Grace has always felt a sort of distance and a lack of connection to others and has a hard time expressing herself to non pack members. Her 'wolves' get her personality and she's used to hanging out with and talking to them, but when it comes to other people, she turns into a monosyllabic, grunting and looming shadow. The cause of this is her introverted personality and she does practice in front of a mirror when she has to leave her comfort zone and speak to non pack members, but she usually clams up when it's her turn to speak.
Colorful and Humorous
Grace swears like a sailor. She strings together various crude phrases and words and makes newer even nastier ones. She has a pretty morbid sense of humor but tries to real that and her cursing in when she's around kids. At which point she will attempt to substitute her curse words with lesser curse words or words that still convey the general feeling. (Ex: Instead of "Aw fuck!" she'll say "Aw shit" or "Aw forks!") She's also the type of person to hear about someone dying in an unfortunate or unusual fashion and make a pun.
Strategic and Responsible
Being the Alpha of her group forces Grace to be the most level headed one and she constantly tries to think of ways for her pack to operate without getting hurt or at least not getting damaged as badly as they could have. She puts the kids first and then works her way up to the older ones who can better take care of themselves, but even so she will still hover over all groups when they're hurt or upset.

Residency: The Land
Grace runs a large thieves guild consisting of her pack members. The thievery ranges from pick pocketing to embezzlement. In order to properly disguise this organization, Grace also runs a home for lost souls called The Den which also consists of her pack members, even the ones who don't want a part in the real business.

Grace is on good terms with all of her pack, but there are some notable relationships;

Moira Dancy
17 Years Old - Omega - Grace's Youngest Sister
Moira is a shut in who suffers from severe anxiety, which is why she's an Omega. She excels in anything that has to do with food and is The Den chef.

Jess Tagget
23 Years Old - Epsilon - Grace's first non blood related pack member
Jess is the pack's best con woman and often acts as a second opinion for Grace. Usually if Grace is gone, Jess is acting Alpha.

Toussaint Greer
29 Years Old - Epsilon - Grace and Moira's cousin
A passive guy, Toussaint prefers to work behind the scenes. In the past he performed several robberies but after dislocating his knee, he retired to a more relaxed lifestyle. He helps Grace find assignments as well as helps the Omegas find their true calling.

Assata Greer
14 Years Old - Pup - Grace and Moira's cousin, Toussaint's sister
A rebellious and excitable young lady, Assata would have graduated to BETA a long time ago, but she tends to be insubordinate and keeps getting demoted for various infractions.

There is only one Alpha, and that's Grace. She handles the income, gives out the assignments and calls the shots. However for large scale cons and robberies, she usually heads the excursion. She is also the one who determines who gets adopted by the pack.
Usually adults, these are the ones who perform the larger scale thievery such as cons, and embezzlement.
These are the ones still learning to be better thieves, but still able to be on their own and perform robberies, and burglaries. They're usually teenagers.
The children! They are either learning to pick pocket or are pick pocketing and waiting to graduate to BETA status. Some of them of course lean more towards OMEGA status and are exempt from learning the trade.
These are the ones who don't want to be thieves and are trying to find their own paths in life.​

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[glow=pink]You think I'm crazy? You should see my brother. [/glow]

Get Jinxed: Agnete Kjølsrud (From the band Djerv)



[glow=cyan][ The Praying Mantis ][/glow]

[glow=pink]You're going to need to do a lot better if you want to catch me~ [/glow]

Though small in stature, it would be wise not to underestimate this one, looks can be very, very deceiving.
Some consider the Praying Mantis a hero others consider her a bad omen, what doesn't change is the fact that people know who she is.

The Praying Mantis doesn't use masks or large clothes to conceal herself, no, the best way to hide, is to hide in plain sight. That is if she so chooses to hide. Notorious for her and her crew only leaving destruction in her wake, the Praying Mantis is one of the most dangerous criminals ever to walk the streets of Golden City. Just when officials believe that they've captured this crooked criminal for good she manages somehow, through connections or just skill, to escape right through their fingers.

The folks underground love her (those in the sky fear her), some people even aspire to be like her, which she doesn't mind, she loves the attention. It's universally known that the Praying Mantis is a rat from the underground. It's not hard to guess at all. She's not embarrassed about where she comes from, in fact, she embraces her culture and wears it like a badge of pride. Besides there are some perks after all, how are the law enforcement supposed to catch someone who "doesn't exist?"

Not to be confused with a vigilante, the Praying Mantis a seasoned killer, a professional in her art. Normally just seeking after her next coin, though twisted she might be, she does have things that can make her blow her top. So when she intervenes and she gets nothing in return it's usually something serious. But she is no hero that is abundantly clear. She likes killing because she enjoy's watching people suffer. Much how the bug, praying mantis has an appetite to consume other bugs, our Praying Mantis has an appetite to devour other humans.

Now don't misunderstand, she's not a cannibal, but in a way, taking their life is like devouring their soul. As far as everyone knows there hasn't been a previous Praying Mantis before, making this blue haired female the first. Which makes her very happy, she loves that she's leaving her mark on the world.

There are rumours that the Praying Mantis kills her lovers, just like the bug kills and eats their mates. Those that have been in connection with the Praying Mantis end up missing, not a trace of them left. Almost like they have never existed in the first place. There is still law enforces searing for her missing victims. No one knows for sure if these rumours are true, but no one has had the guts to ask the Praying Mantis outright.


[glow=pink][/glow][glow=cyan] G e n d e r[/glow][glow=pink] [/glow]

[glow=pink][/glow][glow=cyan] A g e[/glow][glow=pink] [/glow]
24 years old

[glow=pink][/glow][glow=cyan] R e s i d e n c y[/glow][glow=pink] [/glow]

[glow=pink][/glow][glow=cyan] P e r s o n a l i t y[/glow][glow=pink] [/glow]

[glow=pink][ Dramatic & Flamboyant ][/glow]

[glow=pink]Ha! I just love it when things go... BOOM~ [/glow]

Jinx has been a little firecracker ever since she was little. Commanding and demanding attention from those around her and soaking it all up when she could. The key, was to put on a show entertaining enough to draw their gaze and then in the right moment...BANG! You've captivated them. For some reason, she's always loved the feeling when she's had someone's full attention on her. It made her feel...wanted, at least, in that moment. Every bone in her body seems to have a dramatic flare to it and it shows in her actions. Even down to the way she dresses herself, it's all for that moment when the spotlight is on her. It's a little selfish but she doesn't care. She can't help but feel what she feels and she wants to feel like she belongs and that she's needed. If she needs everyone's attention to do so, then dammit she'll get their attention one way or another.

[glow=pink][ Spontaneous & Impetuous ][/glow]

[glow=pink]Who needs reasons? [/glow]

Jinx is the type of person people have to look out for because she always keeps them on their toes. Hell, she even keeps herself on her toes because half of the time she's just bullshitting her way through life. Not really putting much thought into her actions but just "winging it" because it "felt right". It's crazy, and it would seem like it wouldn't work, but for Jinx, she seems to be a natural. Maybe it runs in the family because her brother is the same way. Jinx isn't complaining, though, not at all. This whole doing things on impulse seems to be working just fine and Jinx wouldn't want to...jinx herself. (Hohoho! //shot) But what's life if it won't throw a wrench in your lovely plans? There have been times when Jinx has had to revise her game strategy because things just weren't working out. Or basically she ended up making a really reckless decision without thinking and ended up getting herself driven into a corner, so now she has to actually use her brain to help her out of this situation instead of just crossing her fingers and hoping for the best.

[glow=pink][ Brutal & Barbarous ][/glow]

[glow=pink]You're starting to bore me, and I loathe being bored. [/glow]

Jinx has two extremes, not trying, and trying to kill you. And usually, she's set on her trying to kill you mode. There isn't really any middle ground with her. She's ruthless with her attacks, not going easy on her opponent at all. She'd rather just hit you with the heavy stuff and maybe, if she's lucky, in the process have some collateral damage as well. Jinx's love for fucking things up and the adrenaline rush she gets as well is unparalleled and there's no stopping her once she gets started. Not to mention she loves watching someone suffer. Yeah, it's a little sick in the head but who said she isn't crazy? Hell, people don't give a damn about her so why shouldn't she bask in their demise? They dropped her in that pit hole called the underground, or rather, dropped her mother down there and she was unfortunately born down there as a result. So she'll sit back and relax, laughing while enjoying the screams of her victims without a second thought. Just like they didn't give a second thought to dropping people down below, innocent or not.

[glow=pink][ Hyper-active & Easily Distracted ][/glow]

[glow=pink]Wait, I'm thinking! Urgh... how do people do this? [/glow]

Jinx has ADD and ADHD and normally the ADHD goes away once adolescent years have passed, but unfortunately, for Jinx it has stayed with her. So she's bouncing off the walls like she's on some sugar high, basically a big ball of energy. Not to mention her inability to focus. Her ADD messes with her a lot sometimes. No matter how hard she tries she can't help the fact that she's easily distracted. And it doesn't matter what, she can be distracted by anything. A bird chirping, a chair falling, an animal, her own freaking thoughts. That's the worst part, when she's really excited and she has so many thing popping into her head at once and she just wants to get it all out, but in her excitement she ends up not forming coherent sentences and looks a little stupid even when she's not. She'll end up cutting herself off or overly explaining something. Taking 10 minutes to tell a short story when it should just take a minute. Her struggle is a hard one.


[glow=pink][/glow][glow=cyan] B i o g r a p h y[/glow][glow=pink] [/glow]

[glow=pink]If my brother was unplanned, then I was the even bigger surprise! [/glow]

Jinx's story goes a little like this, her mother was a prostitute in the Underground and she got knocked up by some customer, she didn't even remember who. Now, of course, she wasn't planning on getting pregnant but she wasn't going to give up her child either. When she was about ready to burst she gave birth to a baby boy, which she was glad of, he wouldn't have to follow in her footsteps at least. However it seemed that if there was a god up there he was playing tricks on her because she didn't give birth to just one baby, but two. That's right, Jacquelyn "Jinx" Roux is the twin sister of Jacquez "Jazz" Roux.

Jinx was an adventurous girl, and growing up in the sewers, or the Underground didn't offer much to do. Besides, her mother rarely allowed her to leave the whorehouse. Since she did, after all, end up having a daughter, she made Jinx help her and her co-workers in the house. Which didn't make little Jinx happy at all, while her brother got to go make friends and have an adventure, she was stuck helping some prostitutes make some money. So since she was usually shut up in the whorehouse that, luckily, had filtered air, Jinx isn't used to the constant smog that's outside the house. And when she did leave she would always wear a mask.

Watching her mother day after day Jinx realized that she didn't want to live this boring life that her mother was living. Then again it wasn't like her mother had a choice, but she refused to let that be her story. Jinx had big dreams, she was the ambitious one of the pair, Jazz being the more realistic one. By the time Jinx was thirteen she decided to take matters into her own hands. She joined one of the local gangs, much like how her brother did. While she spent her time there they trained her how to use weapons and the art of killing and survival of the fittest. She went to the surface for the first time when she was fifteen to help out the members in her gang with a 'job'. At nineteen, the twins lost their mother to an unknown yet lethal disease. Jinx wasn't prepared for that at all, she was very close to her mother.

That day is the one she will forever describe as the day something within her "cracked" That same day was when she shot a guy for the first time, pure self-defense. And even though she had shot guns at targets before, shooting and killing someone was foreign to her. Her brother would describe his first memory of killing someone was one that will haunt him forever. But for Jinx, she recalls it as one of the most thrilling, breathtaking events of her entire life. This was when she started to crave it, the mayhem, the destruction, death.

At age twenty Jinx had become a little better at killing and finally the group let her in on jobs when they went to the surface. It was there that she was recruited to join a real mercenary guild. She quickly left her gang and joined the new people she would be spending her days with. She was stuck in some group with a snot-head that thought he was the hottest shit since baked bread. He would always try to limit her fun and take the credit from Jinx when she would do exceptional things. One day he took it too far and during a mission and she killed him, later said it happened during the mission and then became the leader of her own section within the mercenary guild.

She earned her title as the Praying Mantis at age twenty-two, the same age when her brother got his animal name, and she has kept her name ever since. Even though Jinx is an independent girl, who prefers to do things her own way or no way at all, she sticks around her brother because he's the only family she has left.

[glow=pink][/glow][glow=cyan] O c c u p a t i o n[/glow][glow=pink] [/glow]


Jinx is muscle for hire, or rather a mercenary. Now normally titles like this wouldn't matter in the underground. The reason being because no one gives a shit what your title is, honestly. The rats do a little bit of everything, a little bit of dealing, a little bit of killing, a little bit of stealing, you name it, they've probably done it. Still you need just a little bit more to get by and you simply can't find that by limiting yourself to the underground alone. So with that in mind Jinx decided to branch out and got herself a nice little job as a Mercenary with her...special talents. Thanks to this lovely job a bunch of opportunities have opened up for her, not to mention the pretty penny she makes per successful job she completes and Jinx rarely has an unsuccessful job.

[glow=pink][/glow][glow=cyan] R e l a t i o n s h i p s[/glow][glow=pink] [/glow]

If you want a relationship PM me~


[glow=pink][/glow][glow=cyan] O t h e r[/glow][glow=pink] [/glow]


Jinx stands at five feet two inches tall or one hundred and sixty centimeters, whichever you prefer. Still, that's fairly short for her age, not to mention short in general. Her brother's six foot two inches for crying out loud, he's a fucking giant compared to her. Still she doesn't mind being short, she compensates for her height issues with big guns. (Hehe~) Jinx has a slender build to go perfectly with her short stature. She does, however, lack in the chest department, but for what she lacks there, she makes up for slightly in the hip region. Not too large, but actually perfect curves that suit her nicely.

Jinx might look like your average skinny girl but in fact, her body is pretty toned from all the constant work she puts in. Here's the benefits of being short and small(weight wise), speed and being able to fit into small places. That's right, Jinx is one of the fastest people she knows and not only that, she super flexible to boot. (The boy's will just love that~) After all, she was bound to gain some muscle here and there with all the fighting she does, plus she usually carries around her big guns on a mission. Jinx is on the pale side, much like a lot of other people she knows because of her life underground.

Like her brother's, Jinx's hair was naturally dark in color, but once she saw her brother dye his hair a deep shade of indigo she followed suit choosing a brighter sapphire color. Her hair is ridiculously long, so she has to keep them in braids. Usually opting for the two pigtail look. But even with her hair in braids, the length of her hair extends to her calves. She blames it on the fact that her mother liked her hair too much and would never let her cut it. "A woman is supposed to look like a woman. And beautiful women have long hair," is what her mom would say when Jinx was young and would complain.

Unlike her brother, she has pink irises instead of blue. The reason being that Jinx has very little to almost no melanin in her eyes so the color didn't form. So all that can be seen are the blood veins in her eyes, which she has plenty of, which is why she has that pink color. It's a rare occurrence that would be more likely to be seen in an albino, which Jinx is not. (Lucky her) Jinx has a smoke and bullets tattoo on the right side of her body reaching from the right of her neck, down her chest ( even a bit of her boobs are tattooed, I know, badass right?), down to her pelvis and down her right arm and the back of her right shoulder blade.

She got it done on an impulse and adrenaline run. Once again tiny Jinx was following in her brother's footsteps. The little copy cat, wanting to do what she saw her twin do. She also has a tongue piercing, another impulse run. Her ears, however, were the first thing she pierced. One hole each and her left ear cartilage has been pierced twice. Jinx has a huge appetite and a high metabolism. She can eat as much as a boy in his puberty stage can. She also loves taking naps when she's not out wrecking havoc. She is, however, a light sleeper, should she ever need to be awoken to defend herself against someone or something.

As for her clothing choices, Jinx prefers to...stand out. Usually going for odd patterns, bright colors, oh and of course, showing a lot of skin. The whole modesty thing went out the window the moment she was born. She would've never been raised to be "modest". Her mother was a prostitute for goodness sake, she could care less about how she "draws attention" to herself. In fact, that's the whole purpose. Jinx loves to be the center of attention.

Her usual get up is some sports bra/bikini top item paired with a belt bottom for the bikini top, where she can store her extra bullets in the slots, shorts with a pattern on them paired with another belt for storing extra bullets and explosives and knives and whatever other weapons she could possibly need. She wears a thigh holster for her pistol on one leg and the other has a different patterned thigh high stocking. All of this is topped off with some combat boots and she calls it a day. Don't forget the glove she wears on one hand and the partial sleeve and glove combo she wears on the other. Her gloves have the fingers cut out. She also wears a necklace with a cheap leather bound strap and attached to it is the first bullet she ever fired. She keeps it for sentimental value.


Weapon Master

Jinx got fascinated with weapons the first time she fired a gun. That was when she joined this gang when she was in her pre-teens. At that point, she didn't really have too much field action but the people trained her to be ready for anything. After some grueling practice, Jinx started to get the hang of it. To be honest, she was a natural, she picked up the skill a lot faster than most people. She showed great potential, not to mention she wanted to learn everything there was about weapons. For her, it's not just about using the weapon to get what she wants, but more so becoming one with it. The weapon being an extension of her own body. She has so much book knowledge about a lot of weapons and explosives and knows how to use them like using a part of her body.

So taking her gun away from her won't make her any less dangerous, she always has another trick up her sleeve.

Romantic Relationships

Being raised by a prostitute in a whorehouse had it's ups and downs. One of the downs being how Jinx views relationships. She sees them as pointless because no matter what the underlying desires are physical. What is love really, but the dressed-up version of lust? She watched as men and women customers came in and out of the prostitute house. Either spending a night with her mom or some other woman, even male prostitutes. She would hear some of the lies the customers would tell the newer prostitutes. About how they love them and they're the only one for them, and despite the wiser prostitutes warnings the newer one's would engage in relationships only to end up heartbroken. Love was a fairytale that Jinx could not afford to entertain. So, if she ever got into a romantic entanglement it stayed strictly physical, she made that clear. It made things easier for her anyway, it was all about the pleasure and the fun they had at the end of the day. Besides, the men that she has engaged in sexual relations with always prefer keeping it physical like her. Jinx is honestly just too fucking crazy to have as a girlfriend. At least, that's what they tell her.

Voice Samples
Play "I'll give you to the count of - time's up!"

Play "Duck! Hehe, just kidding, that won't help."

Play "Smile! It's called gun play."

Play "Any last words? Ha! No, just die."

Play "Seriously, screaming helps... not at all."

Play "You're starting to bore me."

Play "You're my favorite waste of bullets."

Play "I feel like I forgot to shoot something..."

Play "Wait, I'm thinking! Urgh... how do people do this?"

Play "Whatever, let's just start shooting!"

Play "I don't even think once about blowing stuff up!"

Play "I have the best intentions!"

Play "I'm crazy! Got a doctor's note."

Play "Aww, c'mon, what's the worst that could happen?"

Play "I really need a new gun. But don't tell my other guns."

Play "What's in my violin case? Violence."

Play "Guns don't kill people. I mean, until you shoot them. Then they kill everything!"

Play Jinx's Laugh

Play Jinx's Laugh

Play Jinx's Laugh

Play Jinx's Laugh




































Credit goes to Riot games for making this character design and the character in general. My own personal twists have been added to this character. League of Legends character Jinx: The Loose Canon

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(Faceclaim: Aozaki Touko "Type-Moon")

"Is it sick of me
To need control of you
Is it sick to make
You beg the way I do
Is it sick of me
To want you crawling on your knees
Is it sick to say
I want you biting down on me"


"Is it sick of me
To feed the animal in you
Is it sick to say
I tease the hunter like I do
Is it sick of me
To watch the wicked way you thrill
Is it sick to say
That I live to break your will"

In This Moment - Sick Like Me


"The Death Adder"

"You can run, but you can't hide. Once you see me, it is already too late."
The death adder is a master of camouflage. Unlike other snakes, the common death adder lies in wait for its prey (often for many days) until a meal passes. It covers itself with leaves—making itself inconspicuous—and lies coiled in ambush, twitching its grub-like tail close to its head as a lure. When an animal approaches to investigate the movement, the death adder quickly strikes, injecting its venom and then waits for the victim to die before eating it.

"Father did you miss me?
I've been locked up a while.
I got caught for what I did but took it all in style.
Laid to rest all my confessions I gave way back when.
Now I'm versed in so much worse,
So I am back again.
And he said

For the lines that I take, I'm going to hell!
For the love that I make, I'm going to hell!

Gettin' heavy with the devil, you can hear the wedding bells."


"Father did you miss me?
Don't ask me where I've been.
You know I know,
Yes, I've been told I redefine a sin.
I don't know what's driving me to put this in my head.
Maybe I wish I could die, maybe I am dead!
And he said

For the lives that I fake, I'm going to hell!
For the vows that I break, I'm going to hell!"

The Pretty Reckless - Going To Hell

Victoria Edward

Vicky - For those close to her and a certain amount of constant clients that believe they are on the right level to be able to call her so (doesn't necessarily mean they are)

Redhead - Not quite insulting per se, but often used as a mockery or by those that hold grudges against her accompanied with an insult such as "The Redhead Satan's Bitch" (she is very proud of that one)

The Death Adder - Nickname given to her according to her "off scene" profession

Gender: Female

Age: 26
15th of June (Gemini)


"You say I'm a freak
I say I am free
Come take a shot at me
I love the way you hate me"


"You say I'm insane
I say you're afraid
I get stronger from the pain
I love the way you hate me

Take another shot at me
I love the way you hate me"

Like a Storm - Love The Way You Hate Me


"Well now, that is perfectly fine if you all of a sudden wish to drop out of our little deal but, you do realize the taxes just might get magically fucked up on their own, don't you? What was that? You changed your mind? You tease."

Being one of the people that would manage to sell a sand in the dessert for a high price, she rarely faces any difficulties when it comes to convincing and persuading people in doing or allowing something. Trait like that most definitely helps a great deal when it comes to satisfying the patrons and gaining their trust. Depending on whether it is related to the accounting job or a bit darker side of her curriculum vitae, she is skilled in hitting the weak spots to get the person where she wants them to be and gain advantage. Accounting position she is assigned in, makes it a perfect center for both controlling the outer connections and holding her faithful patrons and clients on a tight leash while giving them enough freedom to ignore the shackles they get to deal with as soon as the contract is signed.

"I can point a finger and destroy your rival for you, but never consider me your friend. It would be the last mistake you would dare to allow yourself. Everything comes with a fair price."

One day, she can kiss your hand, and the other you may just find yourself in a gutter. As long as she is being paid a fair amount for her services and intermediations, she will make sure her job is well and thoroughly executed. Her interest is won simply by offering the highest bid on the service and enjoying it before someone else would appear with a better deal. "Friendships die but gold is forever" is what Victoria loves to make obvious during the negotiations, right before the point of no return. It is safe to say that by signing the contract or any other kind of a deal with Victoria Edward is just as bad as selling your soul to the devil and, because of it, people that refer to her as a "Satan's spawn" and such aren't as rare as you may think and even those that wouldn't use it would know exactly who are you talking about.

Down to Earth
"I didn't get where I am now with relaying on empty promises and Gentlemen's agreements. No paper, no deal."

Knowing better than to leave anything to chances, Victoria strongly believes in the unquestionable power of the written word and signed piece paper. There is no such thing as Gentlemen's agreement in her dictionary and she couldn't give less shit about how desperately you need a shortcut from the standard procedure. It is usually said by her clients as a part of bitter jokes that she would buy a chewing gum over a contract if she already doesn't do so. As much as she gives importance to contracts to back up her deals, she is also prone to easily refuse any deal that wouldn't benefit her as much as she planned in the first place and it is extremely hard to make her take any kind of risk or do anything that isn't of certain outcome for at least several years ahead which caused many clients to dismiss her as incapable, maintaining her cover of an average accountant that would draw little to no attention during the day-to-day transactions and business.

"Even though my intelligence, as a positive characteristic of mine, is for others to decide on, I must be doing something right so far."

Followed by the fact that she isn't prone to taking risks, she is also quite skillful in determining whether she should fight or flight in a situation where not everything runs as smoothly as she would hope. Her intelligence involves more than the ability to convert and sum large numbers in her head as it includes a smart approach to social interactions and problem solving on the point where it seems impossible to save the deal. Maintaining a great deal of contracted relationships requires the direct contact with the patrons, but even so, they are rarely or never in a face-to-face contact with Victoria but rather completing their shady business over a well trained and trustworthy intermediators from both sides that promise both clients and their provider a complete discretion, leaving patrons in belief they are in control and oblivious of the fact that they were already checked up on and decided as potential clients according to the old faithful written and documented word. Even though she most certainly loves to dwell on the other side of the lawful, she is equally able to use the law against the rebels.

"I rarely ask for a favor but if I do, it is a big one and once I do, it is too late to back out."

As much as she is repulsed by any kind of meaningless small talk, she is also repulsed by asking for meaningless favors and therefore, she isn't prone to asking for them either. If there was a favor demanded from Victoria Edward, it is a big deal and the moment when one would wish they thought twice about signing the primal contract. Those not nice enough to return the nice little favor to their accountant, might as well find themselves in a maze of unfortunate events that would make it excruciating hard to be able to point the finger at the culprit behind it with enough proof and not sounding like an utter fool. Too bad rarely any of the rich snobs are to be bothered enough to read the small letters thinking money buys them freedom. But hey! The good thing is that the favor demands are pretty rare, right?

"Are you stupid? Stupidity ticks me off. Just a friendly reminder. Think about your answer."

One of the two rare opportunities for her clients to meet her face to face, is when she is not quite in a good mood, whether it be because of the deal itself that was broken, or her clients suffering from "big mouth" syndrome and jeopardizing her disguise. The main reason for avoiding overly stressful situations is her short fuse. There is only as much idiocity she has a tolerance for and everything above it is simply a call for a disaster.

"Compromise? No. I want what I paid for. I am not getting the similar one just because you are incapable of working it out."

Victoria usually demands to get what she asked for in the first place. If you are looking for the least flexible and understanding person, look no further. She takes no promise seriously, but a straight forward "yes" or "no" is good enough for her when it comes to small things that can't possibly be put on the paper. If the answer is "yes", she will expect that "yes" to completely fulfill her demand and no less than exactly that. Maybe the only good thing about this trait of hers is that if she agreed to do a job, she will do anything to accomplish her mission 100%, whether it means asking for the impossible. Her customers, regardless of the nature of their business deal, never end up disappointed.

"I have to admit, your poker face is probably impressive to people but... it is simply not good enough to use on me."

Years of experience made a master for details out of Victoria Edward. It is not without use, for she effectively applies it to catch up to the weak spots that somehow managed to slip though to her, whether on paper or in person. As well as with her customers and patrons, she is skilled in choosing the right man (or female) for the job when one is needed and, even though she couldn't care less of their personal needs while they are on the job, she does her best to indeed choose the most fitting person and avoids conflicts due to the incapability as much as possible. She also applies the similar strategy in deciding on the contestants in her "games".

"I am not afraid of social contact. I simply choose who and when is suitable enough for one. I am not planning on being social if it is a complete waste of my time."

Rarely seen in person by an "average" people, one would thing Victoria prefers a life of a loner and of only several close friends. However, Victoria is a life of the party whenever she attends one. During her daytime job, she is barely noticeable and rarely seen outside with someone accompaning her. During the night, she is an admirable host and a talkative individual that carries close to no resemblance to her accountant image. She functions like a fish in a water in both social and solo situations.

"There is nothing truly fun in being predictable and truly known."

Just as she manages to successfully juggle between her daily job and her night time activities, she equally changes her face to compliment it. Victoria can be both the nicest and the worst person you know, depending on which side you are on and some time afterwards, completely opposite, if she decides that she might found herself in the loosing team. It makes her hard to fall for the same tricks she's been using thus making it even harder for her clients to screw her over.

"You know there ain't no rest for the wicked
Money don't grow on trees
We got bills to pay
We got mouths to feed
And ain't nothing in this world for free"


"No we can't slow down
We can't hold back
Though you know we wish we could
No there ain't no rest for the wicked
Until we close our eyes for good"

Cage The Elephant - Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

As she is quite secretive about her origins, her biography is unknown to many.
(Bits of it will be RPed and depending on a relationship with some characters, they will know more or less about it)


"You won't be satisfied until you save my life
Questions followed by reasons you'll pray for me
And how you'll sacrifice when it's you who's lost inside
I'm not your fault
I'm your disease"


do you hold back the anger?
do you hide the insane?
won't you channel the rage
And use what your God gave you!"

Evans Blue - iGod

Residency: The Sky


Daily Job - Accounting
Good old "oh so boring" accounting job is a job she inherited from her caring uncle, but her uncle never would have imagined that it could be taken to higher levels. Victoria managed to push her way through with some, more or less, unconventional methods such as an occasional "slip" in minding the economy rules and an occasional additional payment (read: racketeering the shit out of people) for such service and alike. Now, she is more or less behaving herself, allowing little to no such slip to her entire loyal partnership and, ironically, her humble and fair approach make people willing to trust their financial books to her and her partners throughout the layer. However, some layers may or may not have an upper hand...

Night job - Illegal fighting sessions and betting
Maintaining her position and her residence in The Sky would be close to impossible while staying faithful only to her modest daily job. Being born and raised in the family that happened to be destined for her, she'd learned the hard way that things get ugly really fast. Even so, turning the ugly to your advantage was a skill that would get her out of the gutter no matter what. Following her independency, she had also managed to conquer another aspect of her heritage. Getting the grip of the underground gambling community, she soon brought it up to the higher level, incorporating a bit of a live fun to it all. Instead of the plain poker tables and gambling games, she incorporated her business knowledge and her cunning personality to create a series of illegal cage fights which would satisfy her clients more. Fights are usually between the lover level contestants that fully agree on it through contract and often fight brutally (sometimes to death) for a decent amount of money or the Medicine. Everyone wins, right? The fights are held in a secluded area in the middle layer of the Golden City to where the observers and the contestants arrive unaware of the way that leads to it and under strict but discreet surveillance and agreement. Victoria herself is actually often present during the big fights, but always without turning too many heads, with altered appearance and going under her known nickname "The Death Adder", keeping all the links to Victoria Edward on their minimum.


"I created the Sound of Madness.
Wrote the book on pain.
Somehow I'm still here,
To explain,
That the darkest hour never comes in the night.
You can sleep with a gun.
When you gonna wake up and fight... for yourself?"


"I'm so sick of this tombstone mentality,
If there's an afterlife,
Then it'll set you free.
But I'm not gonna part the seas
You're a self-fulfilling prophecy.
You think that crying to me,
Looking so sorry that I'm gonna believe,
You've been infected by a social disease.
Well, then take your medicine."

Shinedown - Sound of Madness

[TBD. Please do let me know if you wish for any kind of relationship and we can work something out ^^]


- A heavy smoker
- Enjoys a nice drink or two...or twenty...
- She has a scar oh her left shoulder blade from her father savage ordeal when she was ten years old
- She is responsible for her father's death by making him one of the fighters in the cage. It was an easy thing to do, considering he was already deep into the addiction to the Medicine she found easy to get to
- Her mother died of cancer when she was fifteen years old and ever since she developed an unusual hatred towards odd numbers (especially number 15) and she insists on everything being in pair numbers, including the winners in the cage and the sum of numbers in the books (if it isn't possible, her assistants do the sum up for her)
- She is of sadistic nature
- She has strong and trusted connections throughout the Sky and the Land, necessary for executing her betting games
- She always excelled at math and science, but always failed in many other subjects
- She is heterosexual, even though she is somewhat afraid of romantic relationships and affections of any kind so she can come off as asexual
- She plays piano and collects rare and unusual ceramic figurines


"I am the bad one,
Distant and cruel one,
I am the dream that,
Keeps you running down,
With distraction,
Violent reaction,
Scars of my actions,
Watch me running out,

Hell doesn't want them.
Hell doesn't need them.
Hell doesn't love them.
The Devil's Rejects"


"Yeah, I am the brains,
Some say insane,
Blood is the rain,
That's way life's about,
In the great wide,
Head split and tongue tied,
Watch the sun die,
When you're running out,

Hell doesn't want them.
Hell doesn't need them.
Hell doesn't love them.

The Devil's Rejects
The Devil's Rejects"

Rob Zombie - The Devil's Rejects


Victoria's secret to successfully avoiding detection is her ability to toggle her appearance from a confused and overly polite accountant to cunning and aggressive "game master". In general, Victoria Edward is 5ft 8in tall, slim in the right places, but also quite curvy in all other places, and of straight and proud body posture. She is of pale skin complexion with close to no flaws, terracotta red hair and amber colored eyes.



During her daytime ordeals, Victoria often wears elegant and somewhat expensive clothes to defend her status as highly respected, professional and wealthy accountant. She goes a long way in protecting her identity, that she chooses to wear a high quality wig of the same color as her hair so it appears that her hair is always being cut short.









At night, Victoria, or, as she is more known as in those circles, The Death Adder, chooses a loose but still somewhat professional clothing. Her look often consists of plain white button up shirt and, trousers and a brown coat, with her natural hair always tied up into the messy pony tail and cigarette in her mouth.







Voice claim:
Aozaki Touko
(Since I was unable to find pieces on English, this will do. You get the picture...)​
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