INTEREST CHECK Golden Age Pulp Sci-Fi?

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  1. Mole people.

    Giant lizards.

    Alien Floating Brains.

    Space Amazons.

    Time travelling dinosaurs.

    Invaders from Planet X

    Mutant insects

    Robots who kidnap women... for some reason.



    I'm thinking of using my successful FateGuard formula - a city/planet under daily attack from weird aliens/robots/mutants/evil masterminds with British accents and moustaches.

    Then a team of defenders are assembled and given a trio of "enhancements", in this case Bio Enhancement, Tech Enchancement and Alien Enhancement (from teh friendly alienz).

    With these powers they act like a plantetary/city watch and investigate the daily occurences in this weird melting pot, whilst also trying to carry on their social lives.

    The atmosphere will be classic Sci-Fi, from the 50s and 60s. Think Flash Gordon and Star Trek. Where the men have square jaws and the women scream a lot and have a propensity to get kidnapped by things bigger than themselves whilst wearing minimal clothing.

    Each episode will feature a different Sci-Fi threat, and I'll see if I can mock up posters for each one, so it has the feel of serial cinema.


  2. Well my British friend, this is one of my favorite generas. What sort of plot where you thinking of following?
  3. I've been wanting a pulp-action RP for a while. Also antompunk themes...

    Damn you Asmo. I can't not be interested.

    *Prepares the cheese.*
  4. Updated my first post with story concept.

  5. I like the 'monster of the week' formula. Will this be a deep space colony, glass bubble included? City and the Stars style?
  6. I guess a deep space colony would be the way to go. It gives us opportunity to have things buried underground and for rival territorial claims and strange spatial anomalies.

    Maybe it's Earth's most distant outpost.