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  1. (The era is the 1920s)

    "Excuse me, sorry-" charles meekly said as he skidded through the crowded party.

    Charles hated parties but he had to come here. Come here and meet this man that his boss said he needed to meet. He didn't give a name or number,just the adress.

    The air smelt like illegal alcohol and smoke. You could only here jazz and abnoxious chattering.
    Flapper girls dancing with a drink in their hand or men loudly laughing.

    As he made through, he was given a small martini. Not knowing what to do he guzzled it down and threw it aside. He finally reacheed the staircase, having to climb through another crowd.
    It wasn't much of a house, more of a castle.

    He reached the top of the staircase and finally could here the crowds of jazz and people going down.
    Charles found the door to the room he was addressed to. A library room.

    As he opened the heavy door to the library room, he could see the back of a wealthy man. Although the lights were too dim and it was basically almost dark, he could see the man standing behind the large, organized desk.

    "Excuse me? Are you looking for Charles Yager?"