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  1. A city in Japan, a higher class town, and everything is pretty much normal, or so it seems! A new class of people were leaked into this world from birth people who have a different signature in their blood that can't be detected normal by anything, only instinctive, and can be noticed by those who are aware. These people are known as "Hakuven"s. These Hakuvens are very rare in the world, but there are many to be found, and they are naturally stalked down by something in another dimension, these things do not have a name or look, but we know that they are other worldly. Normal humans can not see them, and they are safe from harm, but the war between Hakuvens and these "things" rage while normal life goes on. Hakuvens are mostly hunted down at birth, and killed, but they are torn from the world, as if they were never alive. A group of Hauvens in a "secret society" are formed, put into teams and are sent to protect and find other Hakuvens before they are killed. Now it may not seem as if it is a threat to real life, but slowly the world is being torn apart. These "things" feed off of human souls, and they are the cause of death in most humans but it is appeared to be normal in the eyes of the unknowing. That is why they must be destroyed and ridden from this world. The Hakuvens tend to live out normal lives, but at the same time they meet up at a college, the college of philosophy, a large place, with a lot of space, run by the Head mistress. She is the founder of all of this, as she was the first to survive an encounter at a young age. She lost her family and started this group as a way to stop this from happening ever again. I is told that the government is the cause behind this, but they are unknowing of what they caused. The best way to describe this is a rip between 2 worlds. When a person is confronted by the evil, they are put "under" other wise, sent to a void. Time passes much much slower in the void than it dose in the real world, about 10000 years under can be about a second in the real world.

    The Hakuvens are split u into 3 classes depending on what ability's they were born with. Some were born with the blood that lets them do things inside there body to protect them, such as making there arms into large hammers, or summoning swords from light. They are known as Endo's. Another type is known as Exo's They are knowledged in tracking down both the evil of the "things" and other Hakuvens they are trianed in making large spell like things, often encasing themselves in light to preform there spells, often carry soul guns that shoot small bullets of flaming holy light that are able to harm only the evil. And lastly, a 3rd class, the edevs. known for there mental tricks, and being able to e telekinetic powers and such. There is a rumor of a 4th class from the Head of the College, but it is still unknown.

    What we need is a few people of each class, some back-story of characters, and some people need to be unknowing of all of this. Also, being between the ages of 15-22

    Class(Even if your character doesn't know yet.):
    Knowing or unknowing:
    Weapon of choice:
    Powers(Things you can do while being "under"):
    Abilitys(Things your powers let you do in the real world):
    Skills(Personal skills):
    Thoughts on all of this:

    I'm excited to see what everyone thinks, this is based off a small book a wrote a few years ago.
  2. Name: Blaise Stellan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Race: shapeshifter
    Personality: Indepentdent and spirited but can be shy at times
    Occupation: Highschool student
    Appearance: Boot cut jeans, tee-shirt and hoodie, tennis shoes and long dark brown hair always in a pony tail
    Class(Even if your character doesn't know yet.): Endo
    Knowing or unknowing: unknowing
    Weapon of choice: Dual knives or pistols, that or bare hands.
    Powers(Things you can do while being "under"): Empowers her animal form, Specalized knives while under
    Abilitys(Things your powers let you do in the real world): Shapeshift
    Skills(Personal skills): Independent, good in hand to hand combat and acccuracy with pistols
    Goal: ??
    Thoughts on all of this: Seems fun I'm in :)