Going to Holiday Alone or with friends?

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  1. I want to ask you all what do you think of this topic. I don't want to be rude or anything, but in my opinion is a rather Important matter.

    Therefore, the question is:

    Is it a good idea to spend your Holidays Alone or with Friends?

    The reason why I ask such a simple question is purely because Something always happens during a holiday.

    I shall tell you what happen to me for instance exact this year in the spring.

    I try to keep it as short as possible. So, it happens that I went on this holiday this year in Spain( doesn't matter the exact location ) and I didn't go with nobody. I was by myself for one month.

    I rented I place somewhere in the city centre close to the tourist attractions. Anyways, it was this parade and Open market Day. Of course I went to have a look around, enjoying my time etc.

    As then, because I was alone, with my headphone listening to music and wearing summer clothes( not dresses, I hate them) I was walking around where all the people were to.

    And so, after a while I had my coffee and went to some Chinese shops( they have really nice clothes etc), and all sorts of clothing shop.

    As I entered this particular shop, many women around, I see from the corner of my eye this man looking at him. I decided to ignore him and walk out of the shop crossing the street. Then it turn around cause I wanted to go somewhere else, and I see this man coming at me. I continued to walk( mid day!) and he kept walking besides me speaking in spanish(I understand most of it) and asking me to go with him for a drink.. That I'm beautiful and I do look like I'm lost. I said to him to leave me but no.. He fallows me down!

    Anyways after a while I explained to him that I'm engaged so he can go away. Dumb man, after more minutes of almost arguing he finally left me at peace as I run onwards my rented place.( I never was stalked in my life ! It's a true story.)

    Over all, I think is not a good idea to go in a holiday by yourself. You wouldn't know what may happen when people see you alone all the time etc.

  2. I came across the US on a train alone, I took as many precautions as you can take and always stayed in places where there were lots of people. I had a cell phone on me. I am almost sure that anyone can travel and go on a holiday alone if they wanted. Being alone just means you must be more aware of your surroundings and just don't wander off to somewhere where dark and scary. I wouldn't go exploring on your own because thats just dangerous without guides or numbers.

    It also helps that ahead of time when you do these holidays to use Google earth and virtually walk around the area you'll be in, sort of familiarize yourself with that area before you get there.

    keep your cell phone charged and regularly stay in touch with family or friends.

    If precausions are taken and its done safely then yes, Its possible.

    Would I want to....Yes, Its an amazing feeling to travel and make it places on your own. It's quite the accomplishment, but ignoring the dangers of it can land you in situations you have to be ready to handle quickly.
  3. Yes I totally agree with you there. I did had my phone with me, always in google maps in case I got lost.
    But you know a funny thing which occurred ? I did try to call somebody when this pers was like stalking me but He didn't pick up the phone, then I called my brother to. No answer!

    I really begun to panic.. Like I said never has happened before.:'(
    It's like, you're in trouble but when you try to call someone nobody answers the phone! How stupid Life is lol
  4. at that point PRETEND to be on the phone :) Most of the train ride I had no service and no bars, so when someone was making me uncomfortable at one of the stations I pretended to be talking to someone on my phone.

    EDIT: talk about GPS and microchips and trackers and stuff
  5. Well I thought of that but my headphones were connected to my phone, for the music lol. Walking the streets. Weird anyways.

    Ahh yes that's true :) I am a bit paranoid after that. Always think like someone is looking at me ._.
  6. I am glad that you are safe I would be paranoid too, but have faith in yourself and others. That paranoia if kept in check will make you more observant and safe.
    and its a great idea to ask Iwaku what they think. Maybe some other people have suggestions and tips for the travelers and vacationers I know that @Myrnodyn has traveled.

    Myrn do you have any tips for those traveling alone?
  7. Oh yes I agree with the statement. As anyways after that small incident I am always with somebody. At least I try xD. Not like I need a bodyguard.

    The thing is I've been travelling all around Europe until I stopped to the UK all by myself. I know maybe sounds idiotic or hard to believe.. But it's true. As I don't trust many people, no many friends.^^'
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  8. It's always better with friends. I've traveled all over the world. Always with different people (one the same, my sis~). In my experience I have come to a conclusion. Being by yourself isn't as fun as sharing an experience with other people. That being said, too many people spoils the fun. A small group 2-4 is just right for travelling and enjoying oneself. I also have found it's far better to explore by yourself than with a guided tour. It's no fun being stuck on someone else's "ideal" trip. You need to take time, wander off the main road, and explore the places you visit. Plus, as it's been pointed out, travelling alone comes with risks. In Western countries it's not dangerous, though it can be depending on where you go. But in other countries is can be extremely dangerous. But I digress, off topic.

    Holidays are best when shared with friends or family. Whether you stay in or go out isn't a factor in my book. Humans, by nature, need other humans. Even if there's only one person to share it with, share. No one should be alone because that's just sad.
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  9. I agree with that as well @WesteriaVale . It does make complete sense, I know that the most powerful Drug in this world for a Human is Another Human.^^

    I just wish I had more friends to share the holidays, for now it's just me and myself. That sounds sad to a certain point, as I don't mind being alone.. Yet I do crave for other human contact just to share stuff and laugh etc .

    That's why I am here on the forums to, meeting other people except me and my phone and some co workers :'(
  10. It wasn't a Holiday but one of my Spanish teachers told us once how she spent her trips to Argentina during college and this one time she spent an entire week traveling South America without anybody knowing (they didn't tend to have fancy cellphones when she was a kid, so she didn't even call her parents). She just went where she wanted and stayed with random people. She met up with the same groups of people several times too on her journeys. She almost died a few times too I think. But she said it was amazing.

    Tbh I probably would never even bother with traveling on my own like that. Not unless I have a safe destination or something. I wouldn't even go out to dinner on my own; I'd get lonely or something.
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