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  1. Who's gonna die when Iwaku is "out of service" tomorrow? I know I will~ xD
  2. Yup..... Yup gonna do a lot of cleaning....yes indeed....
  3. I might. But only because I have to stare at scripts running for hours and it's quite boring. o__o
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  4. Fucking no. I just got here!

    But I suppose it's for the best, those of us from the great migration can hardly remember a day when there would actually be downtime for actual site maintenance. This should be very interesting. :D

    Plus It'll get me time to actually write up some RPs. So not all is lost.
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  5. Like Drakel, from the prospective of those of the Great Migration, it is a welcoming sight to see that actual MAINTENANCE WORK IS GOING INTO THE FORUM. I am most certainly not going to die for one day, I will actually be doing other RPs on other sites. Nonetheless, its refreshing to see owners/admins actually working on their forums.
  6. Took the words right out of my mouth :rotfl:
  7. I will not die.
  8. I will survive~ ♪( ´▽`)
  9. I am almost certain I won't die. Then again, it's possible a car will hit me or something, so you never know. I will report with my findings... Or not, in case I will be actually dead.
  10. I'll wait here for you~
  11. In my time of dying~ ♪( ´▽`)
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  12. We're all totally going to die but we're trying to act tough and such so no one can see us crying in the corners about how the sites down or committing seppuku.

    Still worth it though.
  13. I might just get a mild case of rigor mortis. Nothing an aspirin can't take care of.

    Take a shot every time a member says "When will Iwaku be back up?" or "How much longer?"

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  15. Hell yeah!! 8D
  16. Oh please say there's a chatroom where exactly that happens.
  17. As someone from the Great Migration, I would have to say that the Great Migration was great because we had things exactly like this before we migrated, but then one day we didn't do this, so we had to migrate. It was the Great Migration, and we migrated here. But Littlefoot's mother died and we were sad.
  18. I have a life... outside of the Internet...
    -Nope. Couldn't even type that with a straight face.

    I'm not gonna die, though, I still got YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, and the like.
    Also Facebook, if I'm ever that desperate for entertainment.
  19. As I just got here, I think I'll survive. Gloria Gaynor'd be proud.
  20. Y'know. Soon nobody in spam will not be here.