Going to a Comic con for the first time!

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  1. So, my Spring Vacation was timed correctly. I go through Indianapolis on the way back Saturday. That just so happens to be the second day of Indianapolis Comic Con. I know, it isn't as fabulous as San Diego's, but still, it is my first time. I am going to it cosplayed, but who should I go as? (Parents insistence, not even joking.) I was thinking either Kirito or something, since I like anime, but maybe something... Different? Something Historical? I have stuff from Drama class to be a Knight Hospitaller. What do you guys say I should go as? And please give me advice about Comic Cons, please. I am going to St Louis's with my Girlfriend, and Memphis's with some other friends as well. So can I have advice?
  2. I was going to go this year, but lo and behold, when I went to go get tickets last month, they were sold the fuck out.
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  3. Which Comic Con?
  4. San Diego.

    The Geek Mecca.
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  5. Going to that next year I believe.
  6. There is lots of walking and lots of people. Keep your money close to you at all times, and wear comfortable footwear!
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  7. Here's a video guide.

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  8. I have comfy footwear, and comfy things to put in my footwear.

    Will watch it when I get a chance (am using Data.)
  9. So, does anyone else have Advice, Stories, or Cosplay ideas for me?
    ((I am a dude who will only dress up as dudes. Sorry!))
  10. Other than the video?

    I've never been Comic Con specifically myself, but I've been to Anime North which is also known for being insanely cramped and crowded.
    But what I can suggest is:

    Prioritize: The video I posted may show two tactics, but lines are honestly just unreliable. Make sure you get seats for the things you 'must' have long in advance.

    Friends: Friends are amazing for these things, pass time in an otherwise infuriating line. Have someone to hold your place when you need to eat, use the washroom etc. Divide cost of a hotel room with.

    Buy Cheap Materials: Go to thrift stores, value stores and buy fabric and used clothing. That will save you a fortune on cosplays and let you exercise your skills and creativity some more.

    Beware the markets: Markets in Cons are insanely overpriced. There can be some cool stuff there you might not find elsewhere. But don't throw your money around nilly-willy, restrain yourself. And better yet, window shop the whole market before making a purchase. That way you can prioritize out of the whole selection, rather than impulse buy and right after find something you want even more.
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  11. Doing all this stuff for the St Louis and Memphis, Indianapolis is kind of "spur of the moment." But thanks!
  12. So, does anyone else have anything else at all?

    And Thanks, Gwazi! Your advice will be used!
  13. Oh look, shit I can put advice without saturating it with cheese and sarcasm.

    Comin' straight from an SDCC veteran with a decade and some under my belt. And lemme be honest, I did not make it past 2:10 in that video. So.

    Yeah yeah, I know "b-but what about the sweet lootz???", and "that just makes less room in my backpack for the good stuff!"
    Fuckin' hydrate your hustle.
    The paper loot, unless it is an exceptionally cool poster or postcard kinna isn't super worth it unless you got a proper storage device on you. Like a legit poster holder. Or a gift wrap tube tied to a string. Whichevs. The substantial loot like keyrings, cheap necklace pendants, sunglasses etc. mmmight be worth it if you don't already have a pile of unused, gifted keychains or you have jewelry and/or make a habit of rotating out what kinda jewelry you wear on the daily. The sunglasses... undamaged corneas are nice, get one-- give 'em out to friends, family, your dog.

    ... I mean, SDCC has gotten better about it but we're talkin' prolonged exposure to your fellow sweating, sebum-producing human beings at varying degrees of excitement. The very, very least you can do is NOT contribute to the exhibit hall miasma. You're also gonna be cosplaying with materials that may or may not hold up well to the wear and smell of the human body. You'll curb the feeling of filthy nerddom at least on that front. Light cologne or perfume is just a nice, considerate touch. I'm not sayin' that all nerds embody the stereotype but... some of those motherfuckers embody the stereotype.

    I could research the con you're going to but those shits are usually at least two days. And you need to invest in some walking shoes and a basic knowledge of even more basic stretching exercises. "o lol no it ok im yung". No. Thefuck you are. That shit will creep up on you like trying out a garlic kimchi hotdog using a bratwurst rivalling the size of your own tiny fairy forearm. Wear the goddamn shoes, practice the fucking stretching exercises. Take the time out of youer geeky baby boner, a quiet part of the hall and be kind to your body and rest that shit. You don't needa be trawlin' the exhibit floor for the 5th time. Not unlike sex, you won't really notice the damage you just did to your body 'til after it's all over. So take time to cool down and give them muscles a break. Eat something. Keep your blood sugar up, fuck's sake.

    You gonna cosplay, that's fine, cute even. But I don't know your XP level or if any of your friends do it but know these things: Assert your boundaries-- you don't owe any flopsweat geek shit. You don't wanna pose with them like you're about to kiss? You very literally do not have to. Say you don't wanna and if they throw a hissy baby shiteater fit? Duck out, throw up the kawaii uguu deuces and keep your shit moving. And bring a change of clothes bring a change of clothes BRING A CHANGE OF CLOTHES INCLUDING UNDER GARMENTS. Sweat pants and a tee with slippers, something for the situation where you're 100000% Done with cosplaying before your day ends. If your cosplay includes the matching shoes then I also cannot stress enough you bring you the comfiest spare slippers, sandals whatever to give your feetsies a break and a lesser chance of developing a fungus.

    ... Buying the convention vendor food is not worth it. How long was that nacho cheese sitting out uncovered? You don't know. No one does. Eat outside. BYOB.

    Pre-game... without the alcohol. I didn't research what the con you're going to is like but you mos def should. Figure out beforehand what panels you want to see, what booths are doing which events when, is your favorite artist/writer/Let's Player doing a signing? Figure that shit out. If you wanna dive blind, do it booboo. If you don't, make like The Goddamn Batman and put in the prep time. Make sure you have all your contacts down, who to call if you can't reach emergency contact 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. You a minor and you think you're grown enough to know whe---HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA NO, YOU'RE NOT JUST FUCKING WRITE DOWN THE NUMBERS AND STICK 'EM WHERE YOU'LL REMEMBER THEM. Seriously, the grand and beautiful bond of shared geekery and nerdity is something predators will use to lure you somewhere and then we're all getting amber alerts about your ass. Be friendly but do not be foolish.
    "But Koori, I've been through abc and I know about xyz so I think I'd know if I'm bei------ HAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA no. Talkin' a smart game and tryna prove to some rando-ass adult online that you can take care of yourself is pretty much key note #1 that you needa be reminded. Your ass gets invited to go anywhere outside the convention or leads to a part where there are not many people around-- jet, bow out, split, parkour out a window if you have to. Trash is easy to avoid, but if you cover a pill in chocolate you're not really gonna question if there's a pill under the coating, are you? Metaphors, I'm talking in them to remind to you to be friendly not foolish. Predators thrive on gullibility and kids high from being in their element have that shit in spaaades.

    whatevs, legit sure I'm forgetting 2-3 more shits but that's what double posting is for.
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  14. ^

    Never have I wanted to give a post two seperate ratings before ("Useful" and "WTF Did I Just Read?" in this case).
  15. ... You read my advice. Like. That shit is p. obvs. Duh bruh.
  16. I know the Convention Center pretty well. I am taking a change of clothes, and am going As a Knight Hospitaller. I always carry a bottle of water, and have my contact info on me. I typically do not eat at public events, no matter how hungry I am, and always stay in areas where there are people. I also shower every morning.
  17. Fix this.
    Going without nutrition at such a busy event all day can be very bad for you.
    Especially if you plan to be getting there early and staying late (which for comic con, with crowd/lines extreme? That's a requirement to be able to even attend most things).

    Granted there are people who tough it out and starve themselves, but their body pays a terrible price.
    Thankfully Cons tend to have enough gimmick events that you should be able to find an hour or so with nothing going on that you can eat during.
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  18. I'll take some fruit or go to a nearby restaurant.
  19. Plan out your schedule ahead of time.

    It should be easy to get your hands on one -- they're usually in that cool block layout that makes it easy to visually conceptualize where and when everything should be. Take some time (before the actual con starts -- preferably at least a day or two in advance) to highlight everything you wanna make it to. And take into account the fact that you'll want to take breaks for meals/snacks, shopping, or just hanging out (the people at conventions tend to be awesome and there are a lot of awesome cosplayers to see. Events are cool, but, sometimes it's nice to just absorb the atmosphere).

    If you don't take the time to plan out your schedule, you'll likely stop for many of the above things whenever the mood pleases you, which will probably result in you missing some events that you wanted to get to, or maybe even some events that you would've wanted to go to, if it wasn't for the fact that you didn't know they were a thing until they're over with.

    Cons are great, lots of cool things to see -- but if you wanna get the most out of the day(s), I don't advise winging it. Sketch your schedule out at least partially and make sure you can get to as many things you wanna see as possible, while still having time to eat.

    And yes, eat. Cons can be exhausting -- you need the calories, yo.
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  20. I'd personally let the need of "Socializing with others" vary with your personal priorities and interest.

    Some people see it as a prime time to expand their social circle and meet new people.
    While other's like myself see it as 2-3 days to geek out and cram in events with famous Geek celebs.

    (I mean seriously. Nostalgia Critic, Chuggaconroy, Angry Joe, James Portnow, Mark Meer etc. > Your average con goer. At least in terms of priority to meet).

    Now, that doesn't mean be a social recluse and don't interact.
    You want to socialize regardless, but if you're not typically that out goingly social don't feel forced to be.
    You'll meet enough interesting characters just by taking part in Panels or talking with others in line ups.
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