Going for a long shot

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    It's so nice to see you!
    Let's introduce myself.
    They call me

    I'm looking for something out of the ordinary.
    Something that for some might be a little scary.
    I want something consuming, I would like more than one post a day.
    I'd like at least 1 paragraph, but more is always better.
    Creativity is a must.

    I don't have any hard limits when it comes to sexual themes, except for bodily fluids.
    I want a mixture of romance, smut, and slice of life.
    So without further to do, let me give to you..

    The story revolves around a man, and a mtf trans person.
    She has had a hard past, and was caught in the prostitution circuit.
    Since then she has been trying to better her life, but even though she have been receiving hormone therapy, she hasn't had the operation yet.
    This is where my character would come in.
    They both receive an invite to the same party, and decide to go.
    It's a chance meeting, but the instant attraction is there.
    She's afraid to trust him, will he show her that he's kind hearted?

    something blossoms between the two on the dancefloor, and he decides to walk her home.
    When he asks her on a date, what will she say?
    How will he react to his her secret?

    We decide, will you follow on their quest through trouble and love?​
  2. Are you still looking for a partner for this? :)
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  3. Well then... :) I would love to give it a try!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.