Going Down With The Ship (Mels & Uni)

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    //drags Karisia into thread
    Posting this ooc thread discussion mainly to store character skeletons and gradually lose our goddamn minds over these stupid ships. I swear to god I know we're going to flood this whole thread with ships and pictures of said ships. We'll talk about AU's, come up with ideas for possible new ships, and plot like crazy till our brains rot.
    Also, I shouldn't have to say this but if you're not @Melody1911 please do not post in here.

    No rules. Just go be your buttcrack self and fail at writing smuts with me. <3

    Basic Character Skeleton (open)

    Biography: (Optional)
    (We'll add sections into the skeleton for some role-plays if need be)

    Ships (copy&paste this off my MCL profile orz (open)

    Antonio Ramon Beaumont x Marie Rose Beckham (Maronio)
    Gerson Bloise x Eleanor Sophia Ross (Elson)
    Rhydian Jensen x Danielle Mia Hale (Rhynielle)
    Florian Matsuda x Haley Miranda Kennedy
    Colton Bloise x Berlin Beaumont (Bolton)
    Otis Ackerman x Hayley Mason (#Muse)
    Aeron Tobias Espinosa x Aeron Braxton (Aeron^2)
    Dexter Miguel Hernandez x Amethyst Lila Lennox (Fledglings)
    Matthew Ethan Ibnijah x Lydia Rosette Sutton (#Satan)
    Jaslyn Isabelle Moore x Astor Tobias Huntington (#Assholes)
    #Forest Friends
    Emma Louise Jenkins x Andrew Devon Bradley
    Evan Martinez x Celeste Acacia Valkyrie (Evaleste)

    Bruh, I feel so uncomfortable without my banners and pretty decorations omf what is this. >:
  2. omfg
    did I do this right
    waaaay too used to MCL

    My internet finally let me post. orz​
  3. Idk did you??
    MCL is so slow right now though
    but look on the bright side
    we can smut and swear without censorship * ^ *

    Should we plot here or nah

    also look I made a thing for our toxic ship < 3
    I might use it as the cover. When I get around to posting the IC.
    But we should plot first.
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  4. A P P E A R A N C E ; ;
    { E Y E S } A dull, plain dark brown that's always glaring at one thing or another || Almond-shaped || Framed by natural long lashes
    { H A I R } Chestnut brown with slight golden highlights || Unkempt but silky and smooth to the touch || Tad bit longer than he wants it to be, thick fringe falling barely past his eyes
    { H E I G H T } 6'1" || Lean
    { W E I G H T } 178 Lbs. || Packed with good amount of muscles
    { C O M P L E X I O N } Pale as fuck || Burns easily
    { D I S T I N G U I S H I N G - F E A T U R E S } Plain looking on the surface, wild ass mofo on the inside OTL

    N A M E ; ;
    Daryl Hernandez James

    N I C K N A M E ; ;
    None but if you can come up with something to shorten "Daryl", then feel free to nickname him.
    Just nothing repulsive, please.
    He'll gouge your eyes out.

    A G E ; ;
    . . . for the most part OTL

    G E N D E R ; ;
    Cisgender Male

    S E X U A L I T Y ; ;
    Homo for Thorn

    P E R S O N A L I T Y ; ;
    d e v i l - i n c a r n a t e
    If there is a specific redeeming quality Daryl lacks completely of, it's compassion. Human empathy and connecting with another being are two concepts he has little to no knowledge of. His indifference towards the grief and pain others endure and his inability to understand why they go through such a state in the first place, makes him quite the apathetic recluse. Don't come running to him in dire need of comfort and expect him to lend you a shoulder to cry on; otherwise, you'll only be met with harsh, cold disappointment. Granted, he will not go out of his way (not even if you beg him) to lift up your spirits or defend you against all odds in a way any normal, real friend would have done. Oblivious and generally ignorant to how the emotional barriers of a typical human being work, Daryl doesn't go about things the way he is expected to. Mending broken hearts is the last thing on his mind that he could even think of doing and rather, is more likely the one breaking them.

    [ w i p
    * terrifying douche bag with a whole lot of psychological issues
    * v violent and possessive; he doesn't joke around when it comes to his possessions
    * narcissistic and obsessive
    * the type of person who doesn't think twice about gutting someone else alive and smiling while doing so
    * salty as fuck
    * hates people who throw shades but does it too like all the time
    * passive-aggressive maniac with a thirst for danger and a little bit of adrenaline rush
    * yells a lot at Thorn because he's obsessed with him < 3
    * thinks hurting the ones he cares for is the best way to go about things
    hold on let me try to reorganize my ideas and attempt to put them into something descriptive and coherent. ]

    B I O G R A P H Y ; ;
    or nah

    O T H E R ; ;
    seme or uke???
    probs seke
    idk help me out mels​
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