Going crazy in a not fun way? Talk about it!

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  1. Sometimes, we all have times where we think we are going insane, crazy, bonkers, off the fuckin' wall. Well, here you can talk/rant about it, and see if others are experiencing the same ordeals, or if it's just you. You might also find support or help from fellow Iwakuans (is that right?) to help you sort your shit.

    Personally, I see/hear/feel things that may or may not be there. In the past month around my house, I've seen a creepy, short girl peeking out at me from behind a little playhouse for small children, a silhouette of a man behind a tree, heard a doorbell when there isn't a single doorbell within earshot, heard the giggling of a little girl who isn't there, saw a face of a boy/short haired girl peeking out at me from around the corner of my house at ground level, like it was crawling, when I run past my van at night, I swear I can see the face of a child peeking through the two front seats, from the backseat, and I've seen a creepy girl in a white nightgown with her long, black hair draped over her face standing in my yard. All coupled with an occasional feeling that something is staring at me like it wants me dead, and when I turn to where the feeling is coming from, nothing is there.

    Anyone have anything similar they'd like to share, or something different?
  2. Back when I was a proper insomniac, going days without sleep at some points, I could find myself hallucinating all manner of bizarre and creepy shit. I'd be out walking, just trying to tire myself out a bit so I might finally get some kip later, only to start seeing trees forming faces and beginning to lean in towards me. Or else I'd be spotting silhouettes moving just on the edges of my vision, coupled with the nasty impression that you're being followed.

    Just remember that there isn't anything paranormal or supernatural that actually exists in this world. Try and sleep more consistently, adjust your diet so you're eating more healthily, start exercising regularly. Meet up with friends and do as much as you can to take your mind off such matters, and maybe lay off the horror films a bit. The brain is an immensely powerful organ, capable of making you experience incredible and sometimes terrifying sensations and visions that aren't actually there. Just remember that you're in charge of it, not the other way round; if you monitor the way you act, what you write and what you watch, you can really help cut down on the amount of time your brain spends fucking with you.

    And if that doesn't work, consult a doctor. There's no such thing as the supernatural, but seeing weird things can at times be an indicator that there's something up with your head.
  3. Whenever something seriously out of the ordinary happens, you should immediately talk with your doctor.
    Even if it is just sleep deprivation, it's best to have an official diagnosis so you're not left wondering what's happening to you.
    If it's been happening for a month now... Yeah, it's time to get a check-up.

    I do think there are things in this world we can't explain yet, but this sounds more like a chemical imbalance than suddenly meeting some new ghost friends.
    Have you ever tried approaching them? It'd be interesting to see what they do; maybe your subconcious is trying to tell you something.
  4. Sometimes I feel like the walls are leaning in on me, or that the dark spaces are getting larger. But mostly I have these weird delusions, and I looked them up, and at least half of the ones I have are symptoms similar to delusions in psychosis =/ so yeah.
  5. Actually when I was just four years old I heard voices (well, a voice) talking to me and it didn't feel as though I was controlling the voice. It always sounded negative and criticized everything. I had this voice accompany me through elementary and middle school without saying a word, until freshman year of high school I couldn't take it anymore and I admitted it to a close teacher who then helped me with my parents. I went to go get diagnosed and everything and they can't put their finger on what I have since I've got such strange symptoms. My mom puts it down to me being stressed, but my parents are very strict and sort of would hate to think they had a daughter that has a mental disorder or issue.
    My symptoms include vivid dreams, repetition of dreams, voices, visual hallucinations, feeling/touchy hallucinations and occasionally paranoia. I've learned to deal with it but it's very hard for me to actually talk about all this crap.
  6. Towards the end of my drug use I began to experience symptoms of substance abuse and withdrawal psychosis. I suffered from persecutory delusions in which I believed that there was a conspiracy to have me thrown in jail or an institution. I also began to have hallucinations in which I would come home from work and see someone running out of my house or picking my locks. Hell, I even thought someone climbed a ladder in my back yard and climbed in through the window once. These people had conversations with me sometimes, said they were gathering DNA evidence to get me put away for good so I coouldn't harm anyone else. Scary stuff. I was even living with my parents at the time, and people would show up in other rooms, or just before they got home. I demanded that we change our locks and all of our alarm codes, get security cameras, I even put tape on door openings so I would know if it had been disturbed. Through out this entire period my parents would spend hours trying to convince me that none of it was true. But it didn't do any good. Eventually I went to the hospital and got on to some proper medications and I started to work may way through the delusions with help. But the craziest thing about the whole experience is that these memories are so vivid that they feel real even to this day. If it weren't for the fact that I got proper treatment, I'd STILL believe all of these things actually happened.

    This experience helped me to realize just how powerful the human mind is. And how easy it is to cause yourself some serious damage. Whether that damage comes in the from the use of drugs, trauma, sleep deprivation, depressive/anxious thinking. The results can be dramatic if you don't look after yourself.

    I agree with the above suggestions, if something seems off, go see a doctor before it gets out of hand. They don't lock people up in institutions the way they used to. Not since the late 70s. Its inhumane and it costs too much money.
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