Godzilla: World of Shadows

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    Rp starts in: AMF HQ, Kyoto, Japan
  2. It'd been months now. Months since the only on-site, American doctor had shut herself away in her studies. Sure, the other doctors has threatened to break down the wall around her to get at her research but she never really thought they'd do it. She was there of her own free will to help, and she planned to do just that. However, she had the mentality of an artist. She had an outline and a basic idea for her research, but it was far from complete-- and she wanted no one to see it until then.

    Sudden shouting came from the door, she couldn't ever remember learning Japanese but in her ears, it all seemed to make sense- which honestly scared her a bit. Her blonde head turned and her darting blue eyes peered over her shoulder at the small window of glass on the door at the man looking in at her. He didn't look happy, and thought made her chuckle internally before she looked down at the table which was now scattered with papers. So was the floor. Hell, she even had some marker ink on her forearms. She was close to something, and she didn't have time to waste taking a coffee break or shooting the shit with some general who could take away from a very important second of this.


    He was perfect. He'd been the perfect force of nature and he'd even stopped the MUTO back in San Francisco, and hadn't that been a trip? Thank God for those MUTO. Had they not injured Godzilla alittle bit, she'd never got that small bit of something off of him. Now she had been... making things. At least, the other scientist she'd shared a bit of her research with had. Monsters. Or rather, Kaiju, as they called them. That was a great idea, but they should be trying to recreate the base specimen, Godzilla. Only... better. That way if man ever became a threat to nature, and Godzilla came after humankind they'd be ready for him. With a Godzilla of their own, she burried herself further in her notes, as a shiver ran through her skin. Something was going to happen. Something big, that would shake the earth around, to it's very core.
  3. Advent:

    Aim. The crosshair moved over the enemy, a giant crab with three claws. The beast was heading for a tactical advantage point, a factory for processing seafood. It could fire small, organic projectiles out of its claws and was incredibly fast for its size. It was designated as a warrior class kaiju. Advent readied his finger over the trigger. The crosshair placed itself on top of the crab's claw.

    Fire. The burrowing missile fired from the barrel of his CLAW missile launcher, heading straight for the crab kaiju. The missile hit its mark head-on, then opened its claws and started to burrow into the kaiju's claw. Blood and chitin spattered as the missile made its way inside. As soon as it disappeared into the claw, Advent pressed another button and the claw exploded into gore. The kaiju reeled back in agony, screeching.

    Advent signalled his teammates through the comms. "Take out the claws, then move in on my mark."

    The rest of his team did as they were told, firing their own CLAWs at the remaining claws on the kaiju. Three missed, but the other three hit its mark. Another beat and the claws exploded in gore as well. The crab finally stopped heading for the factory and turned to face Advent's squad. It did not look pleased. It charged, head on. It swung a broken limb at one of his squadmates, crushing him before he could jump out of the way. Advent gave the signal and he and his team headed for the beast.

    Some stayed behind and fired at the legs, rending them apart and causing it to fall on the floor. Advent climbed atop the kaiju, kinetic blade in hand. When he reached the top he plunged the blade straight through the head with both hands. He pulled it out and plunged it in again and again. It felt good. But that feeling ended when the VR ended and his squadmate looked at him with concerned eyes.

    "Addy, it ain't real. This is just a drill." He was younger than Advent. He had cropped red hair and a faint stubble. Torus was the only one who stayed close to Advent after he earned a reputation for being a violent killer. He was the only one Advent considered friend and family.

    "I-I'm sorry. Couldn't help myself."

    "It's alright. C'mon, let's go to the canteen."

    They headed to the canteen. Torus looked forward to pizza. Advent looked forward to killing another monster.
  4. Sarah was striding down the hallway, water in hand. She was stationed at AMF headquarters and would always be on standby until a kaiju surfaced-
    The AMF airport was less than a hundred meters from the main building, so she could respond quickly with her attack jet.
    She calmly sat down in the cafeteria, with only her water. She didn't need much more than that- she was a pilot, after all. She had to stay thin and scrawny to keep the blood in her body and her heart strong.
    That's when she looked down, and noticed her pager going off-
    An unidentified object was skulking around the coast of china and was curiosly bumping boats to see what they were...
    Without a second thought, Sarah ran off for her jet...
  5. Godzilla

    A primordial alpha predator that resurface after 15 years and battled the M.U.T.O.S and destroy half wait no . . 70% percent of San Francisco while saving us and inspired me study Kaijutology. But after the battle a strange phenomena occurred that changed the world " The K.D Event " a event or phenomena were sightings of Kaijus are reported all over the world. He visited the ruins of San Francisco and was one of the Officers that had a face to face encounter with Godzilla when he was knocked down with Dr. Ichiro Serizawa and Dr. Vivienne Graham of Monarch

    Present Day

    AMF HQ , Kyoto Japan

    Scientist Johnathan Amadeus Smith was stationed at AMF HQ , Assigned there for Observation and Research duty and Field worked yeah right " Doctor were here " says the pilot of the Helicopter. The airport was than a hundred meters from the main building but he ordered the pilot to land at helipad near the main building because he got a bag load of Equipment. Gadgets and papers for Research. As they landed Johnathan gives the man 220 Dollars. The pilot smiled " Thank you doctor "he opened the door and got while the guards help him with his baggage " Its a Scientist " and shuts the door . .
  6. Soon, as awareness rose boats began to leave the bay.
    The kaiju remained curious- a large black splotch under the surface for all anyone could tell.
    Suddenly, a warship appeared...the kaiju curiously approached the vessel, only to be fired upon. His deep pressure hide allowed him to withstand great amounts of kinetic force and heat due to his natural habitat along oceanic plates, however it didn't mean he didn't feel it.
    The 130mm round smashed into the shark monster's shoulder, knocking it deep under the water. The previous curiosity for the boats turned into rage-
    The kaiju jolted forward with its entire speed that it could muster and ripped the ship in half.
    Then, using it's gripper tail, the kaiju threw chunks of the warship onto the shoreline.
    The behemoth made landfall, beginning to walk through buildings- it was curious at first, but became more and more angry as bullets ricocheted off of his hide and electric lights blinded his eyes.

    "Target designated will be named in the manor of the downed warship, the ROCS Khanate. As response, the creature is designated as Akul, mongo an for shark. Target Akul is sensitive to bright lights, loud noises and has a skin style that bends against kinetic force rather than absorbing the impact- Heavy rounds will knock Akul into buildings. Over watch copies all" the military sergeant said over the headset, Sarah and all of her pilots hearing it. As her A-10 screamed across the East China Sea, going at Mach 2. These weren't normal A-10's, which couldn't go faster than the speed of sound. These were heavily modified and were fast as hell.
    "Roger that, Loading the 110mm cannon, over" Sarah said, speaking firmly into her microphone. This was her first time being dropped into the actual field and she was, reasonably, nervous. As the jets made their flight, which took all of forty five minutes, they saw what looked like hell in front of them. The city was ablaze, and smoke clogged the sky. The kaiju was throwing cars and ripping apart smokestacks, angrily trying to destroy the bright lights and sounds.
    Without much thought, Sarah pulled the trigger on her machine gun. The explosive rounds tore into Akul's side, firmly planting into the beast but not harming it. It's thick hide prevented the rounds from causing major damage, only inflicting pain. Her wingmen fired at the giga shark as well, completing a pass.
    "okay, let's circle around and do another fly b-" a flaming smokestack shot through the air, breaking into hundreds of pieces. The stones broke on her wingman's plane. Sarah gasped into her microphone, and made a sharp left to pull her friendly jets away from the kaiju.
    "I'm going down!!! NO! N-" The kaiju smacked the slowed plane out of the sky as it flew near it. The beast was very intent on staying in the city until it's work was finished.'
  7. Kaiju are all over the world, rising left and right. At this point every sudden anomaly is believed to be the result of the appereance of one of these behemoths, and yet not only do we know so little about them but our very oceans are large enough to hide an unbelievable amount of these monsters of mysterious origins.

    Some are more unusual than others...

    "The seismic activity came right from this point, right beneath us all the way to the deep." Said one of a group of four scientists, their location was the middle of the Pacific Ocean, directly on top of the bottom of the deepest parts of the abyss.

    "How can we be sure it's really one of those monsters? Underwater tremors happen all the time, what makes this one so special?" Asked another scientist, only to be replied by the first one "It was a very specific spot, and is advancing, almost as in a line. So unless tremors suddendly gained sentience a monster is our best bet."

    "Uh guys, we have a problem..." The third scientist said, pointing at the water as the rest of the research team looked overboard. What they say was fish, lot's of it, all suddendly rising up dead, but seemingly unharmed. "The geiger counter is going crazy... I think we should get out of here, I don't want to die of cancer" The team, nevertheless, had a face of shock and disbelief.

    3 hours later the same scene was witnessed in a line, heading straight towards the shore, seismic activity followed it closely. It was a monster indeed, and it's very prescence was claiming the lives around it. Soon they'd nickname it "Crystalaurus".
  8. With all the seismic activity that was going on lately because other Kaiju were awaking, not to mention the rumble of cannons and other weapons that fired large rounds. It was bound to wake something up or maybe the monsters themselves were waking the others. The Kaiju, soon to be know as Vapidas, a large snake behemoth was curled up underground in it's burrow, in some form of a hybernation. Years ago it had managed to some how find a large amount of radiation and ingested it. So it was merely sleeping off a large meal. Since it was once a titanoboa, an ancestor to all snakes, it still had snake-like properties to it, even though it had two legs. So the Kaiju could feel the slightest vibration...it was laying dormant under what is a tourist spot. People above ground were oohing and ahhing at the sight. It was mount Fuji, and the land that surrounded it. Then a tremor happened and it began to shake the earth. People began to panic because they thought that Mount Fuji became active again. "I can asure you that Mount Fuji is dormant, those are just natural tremors." The tour guide says trying to reassure the tourists. Then there was a huge cloud of dust from the gound around Mount Fuji. People began to scream in terror and once the giant snake-like monster's head and part of it's body appeared out of the ground, people began to run away in terror...

    The Kaiju that is going to be known as Volcanus laid deep within mamgic channels deep beneath the ocean floors, it was the very thing that had cause Japan's Mount Fuji to erupt in 1707, feeding off it's lava and volcanic gasses. After that it had laid dormant for hundreds of years. Even though it is in a deep slumber, it some how is aware of the other kaiju that are being awoken as well as the seismic activity they were causing. But it wouldn't rear it's ugly head...not just yet...
  9. The world was full of Monsters, that was revealed to humanity. Many of them of them came from the sea, awakening from earthquakes.

    Not all, Hohever

    Jormugandr burrowed below the earth, the potent acid melting through solid rock. He was moving awfully close to the surface, it's 80000 tons heavy body causing major earthquakes and fissures as it moved below. He was headed to where the rest of the kaiju were. He had little care for their little fights with humans, but he instinctively knew some was about to happen, and event important to the great Serpent. With that thought on it's primordial brain, he doubled his speed.
  10. As Akul rampaged on, the AMF HQ blared red alarms as a gigantic radar blip approached.
    Suddenly, the rampaging shark kaiju stopped.
    It let out a groan, beginning to speedily walk through the city, trying to get far away from the shoreline.
    Then, gigantic dark earth mountains rose from the depths...jagged rocks of dorsal fin jutting from the ocean that sliced boats in half as it speedily approached the rampaging kaiju. Akul wasn't stupid, and his prey instincts kicked in-
    He may be a predator, but Gojira was the Alpha predator...a title the monster king well deserved.
    Then, a ear piercing roar echoed from the harbor as he rose, exposing his primordial head. The likes of his species having been un-touched and forgotten by time since the Permian era, when his amphibious dinosaur kind began to disappear. He could very well be the last of his kind- but he was much more intelligent than those that came before him. In fact, he was an excellent fighter...acting on instinct but solving problems with a complex brain.
    For all intents and purposes, a god.
  11. The room is dark, to dark, but a comfortable dark a type of dark that one would sleep in, a snore interrupting the room's bleak and utter blankness. A red light then sounding off in the room giving light to a man laying in a bed, his body moving slowly to rise from the bed and stumble about through the red blinking room. " Jesus, couldn't there be a much nicer awakening " the man dressing in a simple uniform and leaning on the door which slid open as he stepped into the hall, much taller than most and stretching. He rolled his neck and opened his eyes reading a report that was placed in his hand by a man running past him in a big rush, his eyes scanning over the information that riddled the paper oh so simply. His crimson orbs then widened as he noticed what name came up on the recent report. " Gojira...what an event...looks like im deploying " He rubbed his neck and looked around the hall and began running, he was going to have to catch the next heli drop off. He rushed towards his gear that was mounted in the armory room. His body quickly slipping into it, pulling over the protective vest, boots, and other accessories to the uniform of combat. Once formally fitted and weaponized he rounded the corner and ran up onto a helicopter that was just about to take off, it was about a 6ft off the ground. He leapt up and grappled a hand that reached out to lift him into the heli, His body landing into the seat and a formal nod to the familiar helicopter man. He was now on a mission to learn about the arising monsters and learn there tactics, along with their annoyances and even do combat.....
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  12. Gojira rose from the ocean, water falling off of his scales. As the dinosaurian inhaled the hateful chemicals that plagued the factory air, he smelled what had gotten his attention. He lumbered through the city, walking through entire buildings as if they were paper. Soon enough, he spotted the shark beast. The too lived far enough apart on the world that they never encountered each other, and more importantly, has never fought. Gojira let out a earth-shaking roar that broke nearby windows as the monster king began his pursuit.
    Akul realized he couldn't escape, and briskly grabbed a handful of a smokestack. The mortar and iron broke into his hands as he tossed the stones and rebar into Godzilla, hoping to buy him some time-
    However, this only made Gojira increase the speed of his walk. He threw his head around, and then threw his head sideways and sunk his teeth into Akul's much smaller shoulder.
    Akul screeched, and returned the favor by biting into Gojira's forearm- drawing blood. Suddenly godzilla let up his bite- he was feeling quite a bit of pain from this creature's extraordinary bite.
    So, he reared his head back, which prompted Akul to look up and leap to bite the dinosaurs neck-
    Only to be confronted by a head crashing down at 86 miles per hour. The blast created an air wave that knocked out local power from its sheer kinetic force. Akul was sent into the ground, his legs sinking fifteen feet into the pavement and gravel layers bellow his feet. The gigashark let out an extremely loud howl that echoed across the city- before using his gripper tail to grab godzilla's mouth and pull him out of the rubble.
    Godzilla struggled, throwing his arms about and clawing at Akul's hide; suddenly, three A-10's circled around and emptied about eighty five 110mm explosive shells into Akul and Godzilla. The shells exploded against Godzilla's epidermis harmlessly, however the explosions and heat that found Akul's open wounds caused the monster to feel great amounts of pain. It began to hastily jog to the ocean, Godzilla hot on the kaiju's trail. Suddenly, it jumped into ocean- wiping out a dozen fishing boats.
    Godzilla chased the beast into the ocean as well, following as fast as he could before transitioning to his 'fast' swimming formation-
    The city in ruins and on fire.
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