Godzilla: World of Shadows

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  1. @Brother Gabriel, @RahuStalker, @Mr. V, @Mz. Hyde

    This is here for some more public planning.
    Our only problem now is a lack of human characters, and while we can make some simple ones, some full time human role players would be really cool.

    Anyone who is good at modern style role playing would be good, as they would be a civilian or scientist experiencing or studying the kaiju phenomenon. I think it would be more interesting if we could get people to post something on here!
  2. So I Can't get to play as A KAIJU. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  3. What?
    No, that's the whole point of the rp! XD
    To advance the plot we require a human element and so, to allow you all to focus on your kaiju, I was wanting to recruit people to play it all mundane and then have an eye view of the kaiju fighting. Just to progress the story.
  4. Name : Johnathan Amadeus Smith
    Age : 21
    Job : Scientist on Kaijutology ( Made it up )

    Background : Johnathan was always a lover of Monsters since his childhood and used science as a proof monster do exist . and he found his answer when Godzilla showed up . He then dedicated himself as Kaijutologist ( He who Studies Kaijus ) Studying all kinds of Forms of Science . From Astrology to Geology to Help Understand the Kaijus more

  5. Yeah- but put it with the character sheets. I was implying that we should get people outside of the RP who haven't joined yet and use them to do most of the human parts to keep us from getting bored.
  6. Not a bad idea, considering that I feel rather disfunctional with human characters.
  7. @RahuStalker
    I always figured that with the input of scientist and soldier human character, progressing the story would be fairly easy. Then we could simply introduce our monsters whenever it seemed appropriate or maybe have them "on the radar" and watched by different AMF groups or something.
  8. Not a bad idea, I am only saying I am not very good at playing human characters.
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Thread Status:
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