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  1. Role Play poster (open)

    In 1954, a nuclear submarine awakened him.
    Godzilla. The following nuclear tests in the pacific were not tests...they were attempts to kill him. In the end, he lived on.
    Now, as the MUTO begin their collossal rampage, this alpha predator is all that stands between the MUTO and global destruction. But as all of this chaos begins to rein, other beings descend from the shadows. They thrive where the dark corners of the world are...and it will prove to be the worlds awakening day, as kaiju appeared world wide. A class system was immediately invented. The God Class- these kaiju are near invulnerable and laugh at any military or hell; any monster that tried to face them. Godzilla is a great example of a God Class kaiju. Next up, is the Warrior Class. Warriors are very durable, swift and strong but not exactly on par with the god class. A good example of a warrior class kaiju would be the MUTO. The warriors cover the broadest range of kaiju.
    Finally, there is the animal class kaiju. These kaiju are mere hunter gatherers trying to survive and can range from many small sizes up to colossal fifty meters. A great animal class kaiju would be something like King Kong. However, all these kaiju are starting to test the humans and the other kaiju...and now, a war is going to begin. To fight this war, the humans forged the AMF. Utilized by the UN, The AMF or, Anti-Megalosaur Force was created many years ago should Gojira ever become malevolent. As this never happened, the organization was buried and forgotten. But as more kaiju came to light, the AMF became more and more popular until eventually they were recruiting soldiers annually. The AMF utilizes Soldiers / Pilots, Scientist, Engineers and Specialized Medical Examiners

    Human character- (open)

    [B]Background[/B]: (two paragraphs minimum, include their role to the monster wars, such as: scientist, soldier or pilot or whatever)

    Kaiju character- (open)

    [B]Abilities and Powers[/B]:
    [B]Size[/B]: (height and length)

    •Note that a class system will be assigned by me based off of kaiju size, background, powers and appearance.

    •Once a class is assigned, please update the character sheet.

    Kaiju creation restrictions

    •Must have a standing height less than or equal too 550ft

    •Must weigh less than 40,000 tons

    •No god modding- you can make a nearly impossible mountain of a monster like Godzilla if you so desire (but where is the fun of always wining?) but remember- godzilla has lost before

    Cannot have an alien origin directly linking to a superior race, invasion or scouting for an invasion. This has to fit in with the Legendary Pictures style of movie origins, which means the monsters need very organic backgrounds or at least seemingly natural backgrounds. (See Mr. v's character sheet for an apt example)

    •must not be longer than 2,000 feet

    Jack of all trades cannot beat a monster with a singular ability- for instance, godzilla is a swimming monster; he is slower on land. A monster fast in water and land cannot outrun the single trade monster in their respective trade. Trades are:
    running, swimming, burrowing and flying

    All kaiju must either have a weakness or weaker armor. For instance, Godzilla is weak against electricity but is invulnerable to conventional weapons and nuclear missiles.

    optional information includes the Roar, Weight, Trade, Strength, Food source and multiple images for the appearance or actions. This information will, however, help me in determining the Kaiju's respective class.

    Kaiju in Role Play:

    Vapindas the Warrior by Mz. Hyde
    Crystaurus the Animal by RahuStalker
    Magna Rapax the deadly Warrior by Mr. V
    Pristis the Ancient God by
    Mr. V

    Godzilla / Gojira the god King of the Monsters by Maddeline
    Magnus Zagas / Akul the Sea warrior by Maddeline
    Maximum Draconis/Aku Ryujin the Pacific Warrior by Brother Gabriel
    Vulcanus Rex the Volcano god and Earth Warrior by MZ. Hyde
    Jormugadr the foreign Worm Warrior by Slayer of Yellow King
    Samael the animal brute by Cheesecake

    Humans in Role Play:

    Sarah the pilot by Maddeline
    Terrus Killua the deranged scientist by Michiru
    Xaio the egineer by Akuma
    Johnathan Amadeus Smith the kaijuologist by Brother Gabriel
    Advent Austins the solider by Cheesecake

    In Character thread (click here)
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  2. I hope this works.

    Species/Name: Vapindas

    Gender(s): Male

    Class: Warrior class

    Show Spoiler

    Abilities and Powers: Able to shoot lightning out of his mouth as well as being able to spit venom like a spitting cobra.

    Can fly at mach 3. Has incredible agility. Both his fangs and the stinger have their own source of venom. Has incredible jaw strength as well. Can use the stinger on his tail as a spear or use his tail as a weapon as well as his claws. Has pretty good eye sight, but he flicks his tongue in and out to gather scents like a snake. He can also burrow underground. And just like other reptiles it's cold blooded and uses the sun to heat itself.

    Background: Was once a Titanoboa-a type of prehistoric snake, that some how survived extinction and laid dormant underground for thousands of years. It laid hidden on a small island while it laid dormant. Then humans used the island for nuclear testing, testing bombs and other nuclear weapons. And it mutated into Vapindas. It's very territorial and will defend it's territory at all costs. And since it was created by nuclear radiation, that is what it feeds off of. The more radiation it ingest the stronger it gets.

    Size: (height and length) Length: 400 ft Height: 125 ft
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  3. Name: Crystaurus
    Gender: Unidentified, possible genderless.
    Appereance: To be posted, in the meantime imagine a hybrid betwwen a turtle and crustacean, with mineral plating covering it's body and growths of crystal 'spikes' on it's back.

    Abilities and Powers
    : Crystaurus is a natural emmiter of radiation, making it already dangerous to most likeforms by being merely in their vicinity. It is not very fast but it compensates with an incredibly durable armor made out of an alloy that mixes diamond and obsidian. The armor posseses multiple sharp and pointy formations that can function as melee tools however it also posseses a particular set of volatile crystaline spikes that can be aimed and fired, functioning like piercing missiles.

    : Crystaurus is an ancient creature whose formation began during pre-cambrian times. The Crystaurus is a semi-organic lifeform which is by most part a hulking mass of mineral that is capable of making chemical reactions for self sustenance. It feeds on CO2 mainly and the passing of time has made it dormant, but the recent levels of air pollution have awakened it's now grown form to roam the earth with the sole purpose of finding the highest concentration of it's food. Other than that it is rather simple minded and would only attack on the basic instinct of self-defense.

    Size: Aproximatedly 3/4ths the size of Godzilla, however it cannot stand on two legs.

    Class: Animal
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  4. Species:
    Magna rapax
    (Great predator)

    Asexual (formerly female)

    Appearance: evolve goliath screenshot 3.jpg

    Abilities and Powers:
    While it walks on two legs, Rapax has a total of 7 limbs: The two massive forearms that are the primary tools of devastation and combat; the two reserve arms meant to tear at prey captured by the larger arms, catch small prey that escape the large claws, or to hold them for execution from the tail; the two hind legs; and the clawed prehensile tail which aids in climbing, holding prey, tripping or frontally attacking opponents, or executing with a final lash from behind, usually aimed at the base of the brain stem. It also helps to balance Rapax while it runs, exceeding 130 miles per hour. Rapax is covered in massive and extremely thick white scales on the back (enough to stop and withstand the impact of most ballistic missiles), with the underside of the body being less protected, but still strong enough to easily stop bullets and shells. The talons and teeth are exceptionally sharp, enough to tear apart concrete like it was paper. Strength-wise Rapax can lift weights exceeding 1,000 tons. The most deadly weapon is the poison that coats the claws and teeth that shuts down the nervous system while inducing a sense of euphoria in prey (only needing a thin scratch to start the process), which can also be spat from the mouth, typically into the eyes of the victim to blind. When in an environment without another Magnus rapax of the opposite sex, Rapax can reproduce asexually and mate with offspring until a large enough population formed.

    On their gargantuan planet (formerly a massive gas giant boiled away to a terrestrial planet the size of Jupiter), Magnus rapax was a relatively small predator that hunted and lived alone until mating season came around. They succeeded in surviving by being extremely ruthless, hunting competition, and hoarding food. As their planet's life continued, they consumed a massive portion of prey animals, leading to several mass extinctions, which led to widespread cannibalism. The climax of their inevitable self-annihilation was a precursory meteor shower, followed by the impact of a massive asteroid that shattered the world, quite literally. This particular Rapax, the only current survivor, survived by burrowing and hibernating on a floating rock, conserving heat and breathing as sparingly as possible. Eventually, just as it was about to die, it's rock chunk crashed onto the eastern African coast. While the atmosphere was thinner than it was used to, the Rapax still found it suitable for living in and promptly began feasting on the local elephant population, terrorizing the human population in the act.

    Height- 250 feet.
    Length- 524 feet (counting the 274 foot tail).


    Note: Disregard the Game Informer type on the image. As well, this is only numero uno kaiju. Leviathan comes up next.
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  5. @Mr. V
    Definitely a high warrior class due to the extreme speed of Rapax, I think that's faster than zilla runs or swims and may be faster than rodan flys!
    No, scratch that- rodan flies at mock four or something ridiculous like that.
  6. Name:



    Abilities and Powers:
    With his enormous size, the Leviathan (as he is called in several religious texts) can often simply constrict rivals, smashing scales, breaking bones, and disabling weaponry. In events that it is itself captured, Pristis is capable of slipping out of the grasp of foes by secreting a slimy mucus out of its pores, which also allows it to slip and slide. It's talons are gargantuan, each one being about as long as the lower jaw, capable of slicing easily through most substances (though likely to meet resistance out of Godzilla). While it's scales aren't necessarily as strong as someone like Godzilla's, they are more than enough to stop small arm fire, tank and cannon shells, and small missiles (but not large ones). Pristis is incredibly agile, dodging missiles, claws, and falling buildings alike. As well, it's enormous muscle strength (capable of lifting 2,467 tons) allow it to coil up and launch in a single direction, frequently breaking the sound barrier at least to Mach 4, but can't fly in a traditional sense. It slithers across the ground at a normal speed of about 90 mph, and through the water at about 200 knots, though it can move far faster in short bursts (excluding the massive speeds it attains from propelling itself from a solid base). It's most unique weapon is the venom pouch beneath the jaw that serves as additional mechanical digestion for food captured by the jaws (which can crunch on concrete without negative effects), as well as a chemical that converts normal water into deadly acid that burns through solid rock in a matter of seconds, or, in an environment lacking a sufficient source of water, can be ignited with a pair of fangs at the back of the mouth (that exist to produce a spark) and converted into a pillar of blue fire to melt buildings, boil flesh, and cook armored enemies.

    Born to a species of enormous sea serpents at the end of the Triassic period, Pristis and his race ruled the ocean until the Chicxulub asteroid ignited a mass extinction. Pristis was left a survivor, only 6 others surviving with him. Over time, as they continued to survive (as his kind lived practically forever), Pristis began to spark legends of sea beasts and dragons, frequently surfacing to eagerly claim the sacrifices human zealots offered up to him, sinking ships that strayed too far into his territory (a small section of the vast ocean spanning from the southern corner of Florida to Puerto Rico and north up to Bermuda, though he does often migrate around the world's oceans to gorge on the exotic prey), and slaughtering small groups of humans who summoned and tried to kill him. The only group who was mildly successful was the one led by the knight George, who managed to force Pristis back underwater, where he slept for a while after mating with one of the few remaining females. In the modern day he was awakened by a research mission, one that strayed too close to the nest which housed his one egg. The enraged Pristis rose from the depths after devastating the miniscule sub and began to ravage the island chains off the coast of Florida.

    1,500 feet in length, 500 feet wide, 200 feet high (when flat on ground), 600 feet high (when slightly reared on tail), 1,456 feet high (when fully reared on tail).

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  8. @Mr. V
    Definitely a God Class!
  9. Species/Name: Godzilla/Gojira
    Gender(s): Male
    Full Body (open)
    from the front (open)
    swimming (open)

    Abilities and Powers: Atomic breath, extremely powerful body, extremely heavy, Extreme regeneration, breathe underwater and swim
    Background: An apex predator from a primordial age, for all intents and purposes, a god. This behemouth's species actively absorbed nuclear particles from the sun during the days of the dinosaurs. However, once the meteors blotted the sky, Gojira's kind adapted to better live deep beneath the sea and absorb radiation from the earth' score. Gojira was content to do so until 1954, when the USS Nautilus reached the lower depths. The surge of radiation allowed the monster to awaken and began actively swimming the waters of the pacific- many attempts to kill the creature were staged by the United States and Russia by hitting the creature with nuclear bombs. The throwback easily survived these bombs and in fact, grew stronger from their radiation. Gojira has a natural instinct to listen for other kaiju calls and attempt to defeat or kill them to protect his territory or local ecosystem. Upon analysis,Godzilla weighs in at a staggering twenty five thousand tons and can easily toss around twenty thousand ton monster.
    •When standing: 393 feet and seven inches
    •tail: 550 feet and four inches
    •when swimming/laying down: 944.1 feet in total length
    Roar: Click here for Roar + Growl
    Weaknesses: Kaiju with piercing attacks, anti-radiation weapons and prolonged fighting causes him to tire
    Class: God
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  10. I think we'd all know about Godzilla by now, lol.
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  11. I thought he was bigger.
  12. @Mr. V this is the legendary Godzilla but still the biggest Goji ever created- he's like, 120 meters or something like that.
  13. Species/Name: Mangas Zagas/Akul
    Gender(s): Male
    from the side (open)
    tail (open)

    Abilities and Powers: swims at 158 knots, invisible to sonar and echolocation, spiked tail
    Background: Akul belongs to a species that predates all sharks. It is highly possible that the Mangus Zagas are the ancestors of the multi-million year old family of fish. Akul is not the only one of his kind- in fact, many of them live in the Bermuda Triangle where the earth's magnetism goes haywire. Here, there are uncharted depths that the species 'thrives' in. A total of a bakers dozen individuals live there. The Gigasharks eat large quantities of whale, fish and squid. With an average lifespan of four hundred years and an average quantity of two to three eggs per life cycle, the species population is relatively high. Akul is relatively young, only a hundred and five years of age. Akul swims by either propelling himself with his tail or by 'climbing' across the ocean floor. The tail can exert eight thousand tons of pressure while Akul can move around three thousand six-hundred five tons. Akul himself only weighs five thousand fifty six tons
    •Standing: 215 ft
    •Tail: 198 ft
    •Swimming/Laying down: 413 ft
    Roar: click here
    Weaknesses: Bright lights, Loud noises and ranged opponents.
    Class: Warrior

    Name: Sarah A. Franklin
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Cute Red headed pilot gal ;) (open)

    Background: Sarah is a pilot for the newly created AMF. The Anti-Megalosaur Force was established in 2015, after the surfacing of MUTO and subsequently the spike of activity by Godzilla. Flying a
    FairChild Republic A-10 thunderbird II (open)
    , animal class kaiju might be harmed or extremely annoyed by the rounds her attack jet can fire. A 110mm explosive machine gun nose mounted on the beastly Warthog can prove to be quite the intimidating noise, at least catching the attention of smaller kaiju. While she (nor anyone else) have bagged a kaiju kill, she has supported ground troops assisting in evacuating civilians from kaiju attacks and even flew an osprey out of San Francisco. She has flown a total of ten times during kaiju attacks but often loses her temper and had a habit of disobeying orders if the prior order seemed "wrong" in her eyes.
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  14. @Mr. V, @RahuStalker, @Mz. Hyde

    Please update your character sheets with their appropriate class!
    It might not end up doing anything, but if it does, at least it's organized!
  15. So we're doing roars, huh? I chose mine from this link, and since I'm inexperienced with putting stuff on these comments I'll just tell you which ones I chose for who. I'll update this as I make more Kaiju. And trust me. There will be more. I'm thinking of a T-Rex dragon, but wondering what special abilities such a beast could have. Any suggestions? Automatically a breath of some kind would be nice, but venom-spitting doesn't seem very Tyrannosaurus.

    Pristis: King Kong roar howl.
    Rapax: Lion-beast roar.
  16. @Mr. V
    That's just something extra I threw in there, haha.
    I edited it after the sheet, anyhow.

    Flight, jaw strength, fire breath- maybe something unique like maybe it can move at triple the normal speed when struck by lightning or something. Or, I got it, it can absorb moisture and use that moisture to make like a hydrogen flamethrower breath attack or something xD
  17. Primal air dinosaur versus primal water dinosaur. WHO WILL WIN?!
  18. If you want to go there, I could have him sucking in helium and hydrogen, kickstart nuclear fusion, and release it in massive solar flare breaths. He'd have to be gargantuan though, a true Emperor of the Heavens. Godzilla would never stand a chance.
  19. @Mr. V
    It's kaiju, nothing has to be xD

    It's really up to you! If you want just straight fire breath that's fine- it's just that a lot of beam weapons are powerful as fuck and I don't want you to feel outclassed!
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