Godzilla themed role play

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  1. I was thinking of creating a sci-fi world featuring all of the godzilla content, starting in 2018 and then ending much later.
    Players would make younger characters that are AMF soldier recruits and throughout the rp would get older and such.

    I was also thinking of having some other media thrown into the story that inspired me, maybe Jaeger like Kaiju fighters or something.
  2. I love anything to deal with godzilla! Sign me up xD lol
  3. I must admit, when I clicked this topic I thought I would get to be a Kaiju.
  4. Well, controlling a kaiju is far from out of the question!

    I just want some human characters to advance the plot while the kaiju are obstacles.
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    Any more nibbles?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.