Godzilla role-play: Make your own Kaiju!

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  1. Genre: Scifi or Miscellaneous
    Plot: Kaiju appear world wide and cause extreme mayhem and destruction- Godzilla hunts them down.
    Character roles: Human (soldier, scientist, civilian), Kaiju (Animal class, monster class and God class)
    Time period: 2014
    Longer plot:
    In 1954, a nuclear submarine awakened him.
    Godzilla. The following nuclear tests in the pacific were not tests...they were attempts to kill him. In the end, he lived on.
    Now, as the MUTO begin their collossal rampage, this alpha predator is all that stands between the MUTO and global destruction. But as all of this chaos begins to rein, other beings descend from the shadows. They thrive where the dark corners of the world are...and it will prove to be the worlds awakening day, as kaiju appeared world wide.
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  2. (Bump)
    C'mon, people don't want to make a giant monster role play?
  3. I just saw the new godzilla movie yesterday...so I am in the mood for destruction...would you mind if I join?
  4. Of course not!
    I just need to get a few people willing and then I can make the OOC thread!
  5. Ok. I'm a big fan of godzilla, so I'll be excited for this to get started.
  6. If you can think of anyone else, feel free to invite them!
  7. Ok, let me think and I'll see if I can come up with someone.
  8. Much obliged
  9. I'll come up with a kaiju myself, just let me think.
  10. That's two, if I can get one more then I'll make the OOC thread
  11. Origin limitations?
  12. @Mr. V
    Within reasonable scope-
    If it's backstory would allow it to meld with the new 2014 movie or isn't completely outlandish, it's good.
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  13. Ah, this is the Godzilla universe. So, irradiated lizards and primeval abominations?
  14. @Mr. V
    As well as some monsters with alien origin as long as it isn't like an obvious invasion plot.
    Say something like Orga that has been unconscious for millions of years and reawakens- humans wouldn't know it's backstory and it can't directly contact aliens to attack humans and so on and so fourth- all monsters must stay fairly grounded to the legendary universe
  15. I've got several images prepared. Will we need to keep a flow of kaiju coming since no doubt a few are going to die in battle?
  16. @Mr. V
    The idea is that I'm going to use a randomizer to pick two monsters- in the OOC it can be determined by vote as to which monster wins the stage of course will be random. If a monster that is not God Class stacks up against a god class monster or Godzilla, they will automatically be given three votes against them, and if Godzilla, four.
    I'll have a more in-depth system ready soon, but I'm thinking this:
    If of lesser class-
    Godzilla- four votes against
    God class- three votes against
    Warrior class- one vote against
    Animal class- N/A

    The flow of kaiju could be consistent but maybe just make a species and use it's species name as the kaiju's name itself. Of course, if two kaiju from the same RPer's are chosen, the names must be re-randomized.
  17. Alrighty that works for me. :)
  18. I will probably be in. But I disagree on your power level = votes thing. The only consistent thing in Godzilla power levels is that, eventually, the Big G wins. There's pretty nuts variation between then. Even the military being useless isn't always consistent for the entire movie.
  19. I suggest no automatic votes against is all. If this human manages, though believable (for the genre) guile, skill, and science, to outwit and outmanuever a Kaiju, then they can. Your voting system is, otherwise, pretty fine. "Defeated" doesn't always mean "killed", after all.
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