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  1. The preview for Godzilla Resurgence came out yesterday. I personally am not a huge fan of how Godzilla looks. The tail just seems wayyyyyy too big, even for Godzilla, while Godzilla's arms are just so small. Still pretty cool looking, but the tail and arms still get me.

    Nevertheless, I'm still excited. I'm a big fan of Godzilla.

    So what do you guys think of the trailer?​
  2. Honestly? I'm surprised the animation/visuals for Godzilla aren't better considering the last movie.

  3. This movie has nothing to do with Legendary's Godzilla though. This is toho's own Godzilla trying to rival the success of Legendary's film back in 2014. Also, from what I've read:

    Show Spoiler
    Godzilla looks like that because it's his first form. He has two other forms with the third being his original look everyone loves.
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  4. I got it was a different company and adaption seeing as it was a Japanese movie. But wouldn't the effects still be similar, or do they have a smaller budget to work with?
  5. I have no idea. Each company has their own own ways of creating films I guess. Regardless, I'd still watch. Kind of interested if this'll start a rivalry between Legendary and Toho tho...to see who's the better movie maker.
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  6. Whatever you may think about Godzilla's new look in this trailer...
    You just can't say no to that epic music playing in the background.
  7. That would be interesting to see.
    Yea I'll grant it that. The music is pretty good.
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  8. The budget is nowhere as big for the western movie Gwazi. Nor can they use the same effects as they are two different companies in different countries with entirely different contacts.
  9. This, plus Toho are probably going with similar effects they've always done just updated to get that nostalgia feel for the Godzilla Veteran Fans who enjoyed the awesome shit Toho made over their half a century of making the Kaiju-verse.
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  10. All I wanted from the Murican Godzilla was Bryan Cranston, not some stereotypical shithead of a soldier.
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  11. Oh, I see Hideaki Anno is hard at work on Evangelion 4.0

    God damn you Anno you son of a... e_e
  12. Godzilla confirmed for being undead.

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  13. I love it already. It's not my favorite design but I am in full support of their decisions. It's a reboot of the original so it's going to have more of a horror slant than the others. His disfigurments make him terrifying and unnatural in all the best ways. He is the embodiment of nuclear warfare gone wrong, as he should be.

    My single complaint is that his tail moves a little too much for my taste. But that's a tiny detail that I can live with.

    I need this soundtrack like air~
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  14. I think money is a large factor, but Toho also loves their puppetry and blowing things up in the studio/pool. <3
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  15. Lifelong Godzilla fanboy here. The only part of the trailer I don't like is the roaring at the very start.
    It looks like a spastic puppet.
    Other than that I am super-excited. Needs more Anguirus though, but sadly he's neither here nor there.
  16. I can also see this being a reason.
    I was never defending the American Movies Story, Writing or Characters. :P
    Other than Bryan Cranston (who they killed WAY too early) that was all pretty shit.
    Do you mean literally blowing up the puppet?
    Or it's just easier to edit it explosions?
  17. I don't like the look either. It looks like they tried to update the old version of it and failed miserably.

    I'll probably watch it though, just because my youngest daughter is a huge Godzilla fan.
  18. A little of both. The mostly blow up the building miniatures though the suit has gone through its fair share of firecracker hell. Many honors to the actors that wear those suits. They are put through a lot.

    Back to talk of budgeting, they also changed the suits only when they absolutely had to. The tail fell off of a suit during a water fight and they had to keep it the in the shot because of film budget. They kind of tried to crop it out, but you can still see a good foot of the tail break off. I half wonder if this new design is making references to the trials of the older suits. Like if you look at the first suit prototype they made for the first film, it had super skinny arms too(this suit had to be scrapped for better airflow). And the new one's tail doesn't taper which is different to previous designs. Maybe its a callback to the tail incident. Purely speculation, of course.

    It was interesting to see them go all out in special effects for Final Wars(which was one of many films that was supposed to be the last). They had added a CG alien army, CG set expansions, two monsters that were entirely CG, and a couple animations of the creatures doing things that suits could not do. I imagine they won't go quite as far with this one, but I'm excited to see how they marriage CG and puppetry together with more modern programs.

    Sorry, I rambled a bit. =_=;
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  19. I liked both Legendary's Godzilla and the classic Toho Godzilla movies, but I'll be honest: Godzilla is the weakest part of this trailer. Music is good, JSDF is good, actors look like they're really going (although the trailer showing no dialog means anything could be happening)... Godzilla looks terrible. Not only is the suit really stiff and artificial looking, but it's a very amateurish thing to do, showing that in full daylight. Undead nightmarish zombie Godzilla would be best served being shown at night where we don't see the full thing at once and get to pick apart every part of the suit that looks bad.

    That'd they'd make this amateurish mistake is really weird since, y'know, Hideki Anno and Shinji Higuchi are working on this and they're both ~big name talent~.
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