Godzilla: Official Japan citizen

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  1. He is from Japan, of course he should have a Japanese citizenship :D
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Japan, why can't you at least TRY to become like Western Civilization? I mean, you're at a great start with Romaji, and American Culture, and Christianity, but, you need more progress!
  4. You say that like America's the ideal that other countries should aspire to. :P
  5. I said Western Civilization. More Rome than America.
  6. Then why specifically address american culture later on? ;A;

    But really though, I think the best culture would be a merge of the two.
    Not one simply taking over the other.
  7. Just because I couldn't think of what to put.
  8. That sounds like culture imperialism.
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  9. Well, yes. The West has pretty much always been Imperialist.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Pretty much, yeah.

    By the way, I was joking when I said it should be like the West.
  12. Of course! Is there any other thing to do on Iwaku?

  13. Nukes make more zillas

    Good job usa
  14. My inner fanboy had a moment.
  15. Sooo...ever seen Big Hero 6?
  16. Bottom line of this whole thread: Japan is dumb. America rulez. Japan sucks. 'MURICA is the best.

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