GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse

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  1. 1954: Japan is attacked by an extant dinosaur mutated by the testing of Nuclear Weapons, Monster is designated Gojira or Godzilla. Tokyo is laid to waste by radiation and Atomic fire given off by the monster. Monster Status: Deceased by Oxygen Destroyer

    1985: Godzilla returns giving rise to the theory that more than one exists, and is accompanied by more monsters each fighting Godzilla for dominance over the Earth.

    1989: Through the combining of Godzilla's DNA to a mutated Rose bush a doctor creates his Daughter reborn as Biollante it was defeated by Godzilla and it's dust was scattered into space

    1994: A Clone of Godzilla by way of his DNA coming into contact with Extraterrestrial Crystalline formations lands on Earth and is battled by Godzilla and Moguera, Moguera is destroyed along with Space-Godzilla

    1995: Godzilla returns of the Coast of Hong Kong, China, covered in glowing red rashes. It is soon discovered he is nearing a nuclear meltdown which if allowed to transpire would eradicate life on Earth. Simultaneously, new research into the Oxygen Destroyer causes newly discovered Precambrian lifeforms to revitalize and mutate into the Colony Organism, Destoroyah. The Dying Godzilla is killed by Destoroyah's ability to eat away the oxygen molecules in a living organism. This left an immense amount of radiation free in the air while Godzilla's offspring absorbed it and took it's father's throne as the King of All Monsters.

    2000: Godzilla is attacked by an Extraterrestrial being called Orga that was discovered to be the meteor that created the Cretaceous Extinction event 65 million years ago, Orga desired Godzilla's DNA but as it attempted Godzilla's Atomic Blast destroyed it.

    2002: To Combat the living force of Nature known as Godzilla, the JSDF salvaged the skeleton of the original Godzilla that was killed in 1954 to use in the construction of Kiryu, also known as Mechagodzilla. Realizing Godzilla's Immunity to Mazer fire, Kiryu is equipped with an experimental Weapon called the Absolute Zero Cannon and it is proven to be an extremely effective weapon. Upon the return of Godzilla, hearing it roar caused the dormant soul of the original Godzilla to awaken and level much of Tokyo. After it's power source was drained it was reworked and again unleashed on Godzilla, the result leaving Kiryu nearly destroyed and Godzilla returning to the sea to heal from it's injuries.

    2003: Kiryu is again unleashed on Godzilla, who keeps returning because the original's bones are not at rest. A creature called Mothra as it is told to the Japanese government would gladly defend Japan if the bones are returned to the ocean, however if her request is denied she would declare war on Humanity. Godzilla disrupts this negotiation and after a long battle that Kills Mothra and Injures Godzilla, Kiryu is re-awakened and takes Godzilla into the sea.

    2004: Humanity's petty wars and endless pollution have angered the world's monsters and they attack globally leading to the creation of the EDF, a force of Mutated Humans that are duty bound to protect the Earth from being destroyed. In the Process, alien humanoids take control of many of the earth's Monsters. All but one. Godzilla had been trapped by the EDF and subsequently released to fight the aliens off its Turf. His battle with Kaizer Ghidorah turned the tide, and the Aliens are destroyed.

    2005: Captured samples of the Earth's Monsters are now fully grown thanks to being accidentally combined with Godzilla's DNA during his war with the Xiliens. These monsters are now Hyper powered mutant clones of Godzilla and the Earth's Monsters. With their Psyches out of control, the monsters again attacked the Earth, and the EDF was defeated. Society collapsed, and most of the world was laid to waste.

    The Present year is 2014, humanity has been driven underground, in order to Survive. Even underground we're threatened by the mutant descendants of animals we used to know as zoo attractions and pets. We stick to the Subway tunnels, despite the hazards it's still the safest place we have. There's been talk of a group heading towards one of the old EDF facilities to find something combat the monsters, maybe get to the only Godzilla defense platform Earth has......Antartica.....


    Kumonga: Giant Spider Spits webbing from it's chelicerae and can jump rather long distances

    Manda: Sea Dragon (Acts like a boa constrictor)

    Kamakuras: Giant Mantis, Arm Blades Flying and Chameleon Like Camouflage

    Anguirus: Mutant Ankylosaur, spiky body and tail, sonic roar

    Rodan: Mutant Pterosaur; Sonic Boom and Mach Speeds

    Ghidorah: Three Headed Alien Dragon: Tri-beam blast

    Mechagodzilla: Damaged Godzilla Cyborg: Tri-Mazer and Plasma Eyes

    GODZILLA: Mutant Dinosaur: Atomic Blast, Tail Whip, Red Atomic Blast, Spiral Red Atomic Blast.


    Monsters are not playable characters, instead the plot will be driven by played humans and mutants to survive in the midst of the rampaging monsters.

    Apro threw 6-faced die for: Total: 40 $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice