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  1. Alraz bin Adeola
    Sirdar of the Alizarin (Second-highest rank; one of several directly below the Mushir, who leads the entire organization)
    Age: 38
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: aromantic bisexual
    Eyes: Deep brown, slanted distinctly upwards at the outer corners, shifty and untrusting.
    Countenance: Sharp features dominate his face- a stern brow, aquiline nose, and lips like a razor's edge give him an intimidating appearance that he rather enjoys. He is handsome enough, but in a cruel and harsh way.
    Physique: With medium-dark skin usually wrapped in loose-fitting sandsilk, Alraz proudly displays his heritage from the Southern continent of Namir. He is a sharp man, not tall or strong but wiry and angular. His body is covered in scars, few of them serious, but enough to tell of a rough and warlike life.
    History: He once served a Tyrant when he was younger in Namir; the circumstances of that Tyrant's death remain a mystery, but what is known is that Alraz joined the Alizarin shortly after, already highly skilled, and has risen through the ranks by ruthlessness, talent, and a keen eye for danger.
    Psyche: He trusts no one, and likes even fewer people. In his world, people are merely tools, means to an end. He has lost a lot, and feels that the best way not to lose something is not to have it in the first place. In spite of, or perhaps because of this outlook, he makes an excellent commander and is known for being fair but stern, and unflinchingly loyal to the cause.
    Weapons: All Alizar Officers are required to carry katanas. His is crimson with golden characters in Namiri heiroglyphs, a beautiful and mostly ceremonial weapon. It hangs at his right hip. On his left hip is a scimitar of combined black and red steel in the wavy pattern of well-forged metal. Is is undecorated but for a snakeskin-wrapped hilt, and receives most of the use. He is deadly with the katana, but with the scimitar he has no equal.
    Skills & Talents: Besides the obvious swordsmanship, Alraz is a decent archer and knows his way around a spear. He speaks four languages and is literate in two, in addition to being an excellent horseman and well-versed in history and military knowledge. This makes him an even better commander than soldier, though he does both jobs well.
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  2. Name: Fane Jumal

    Age: 35

    Race: Elf

    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Gay, although he seems straight and definitely not super flamboyant. The only thing that might give him away is how soft his voice is.

    Appearance: http://moe.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/5688-2126607878.jpg All credit to the original creator!!

    History: Fane and his family had been a part of a nomad group for all their life. Once they were stopped by the Alizarin and a few people had been taken away from the group. Fane did not understand what had happened until he was eighteen. When he first learned he knew he had to figure out who else was immortal in the group. Once he figured out who it was, Fane sent them away to protect them.

    The Alizarin stopped the nomad group again and they did not find immortals. Fane was proud of himself, however, if this ever got out he knew he would be looked down upon by both the immortals and Alizarin. He later had joined a group that knew they had to keep the immortals from being part of a genocide. Once all the immortals were in hiding, Fane decided to go off on his own. He would protect anyone he could with his magic. Although he was mostly adept in defensive magic, he can still fight.

    Psyche: Fane is very kind, caring and will protect anyone he deems pure/good. He doesn't trust anyone right away, but it only takes a few good deeds to gain his trust. He does not have a main goal in life, except learning all he can about the world.

    Weapons: A sword and shield carved with ruins adorn his side and back, respectively. He usually channeled the magic through them while he was fighting. Although not a weapon, he has some metal boots to hopefully protect his mobility.

    Skills & Talents: Although it is not a well known form of swordsmanship, Fane had developed his own style of fighting that was not to be underestimated. It was very unpredictable, but it definitely had a lot of openings. Magic was available to him mostly in defensive styles. He had to incorporate this into his fighting style and that was what made it mostly unpredictable.
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  3. Hey guys! We don't allow purely OOC posts (and this INCLUDES character sheets) in the In Character sections of the forum. This is your shiny new OOC thread! You can use it for character sheets, plot discussions, and what have you. Enjoy your RP!
  4. Name-Axel
    Age-22.. elf age 100
    Appearence -http://digital-art-gallery.com/oid/...warrior_fantasy_picture_image_digital_art.jpg
    History-Axel was the third child in a family of 12 each third child in the family line was a male and destined to carry on the family's evil biding. They were born with the ability to manipulate to e in some way . After all his siblings were born their father told them of their duties and trained them accordingly. The mountain that their clan lived in was comprised of only dark elves. Axel wanted to see new things but it was forbidden to leave the mountain. His father begin to see this in his son and went to kill him in his sleep but Axel outsmarted his father and left. Self exile.
    Psyche - Axel is always happy. He is a logical thinker and hates ignorance. But his evil ways can sometimes be seen when he is fighting or planning an attack.
    Weapons .a blade 5feet in length and at the base it is 1foot wide and narrows toward the tip. He has a bow and arrows and a dagger
    Talentsand abilities -axel is very skilled with his bow and arrow . And his dagger. His sword is used more like a shield for defense and has dark magic running through it . When held he is able to throw fire balls and heat the air. Magic in him that is natural he manipulates space and time. When around other influences his powers are out of control. And he some times does things he did not know he could do but does not keep the skill until it is naturally learned. Skilled in mapping out routs to achieving a goal . Fast thinker
  5. Name: Erek Atman (Adapted last name, given by monks)

    Age: 27

    Race: Human

    Sex: Eunuch

    Orientation: Asexual


    Additional Description: Sans goatee due to lack of testosterone production. Usually wearing a traveller's cloak with an obscuring hood.

    History: Erek never had an easy life. He used to be a slave; both of his parents were indentured to one of the several Sirdar, and both died at the hands of a Tyrant's forced labor project. The same tyrant ordered any and all male slaves who were not part of the 'breeding stock' to be gelded...

    The fall of this Tyrant was one spurred by betrayal. The individuals in his court were unhappy with his maddened ways and unusual cruelty to those in lesser positions, and thus was brutally murdered at the hands of his subordinates a la Julius Caesar. The death of his master freed the then half-dead Erek, who, with no practical experience other than what was learned in servitude, took to the streets as a beggar during the discord following the death of the Tyrant. Erek grew wiser upon the streets, learning how to stretch coin, as well as defend himself against attack from unsavory individuals looking to steal what little he had.

    It was upon one miserable, rainy night that Erek, while begging, noticed one of the numerous sanneyasin, or ascetic monks, wandering through Alrouk, the merchant city. They noticed how Erek was a soul that needed help; they took him in, the eunuch donning the saffron robes and learning the basics of ascetism, and the joys of seeking the Path. Erek had no concept of wealth, for he was a slave, and no tendencies towards debauchery, due to his lost... appendage, making him a highly promising Apostate in their eyes.

    What is not widely known about sanneyasin is their skill with their bo staves. As well as learning how to read, write, and meditate, Erek was taught to utilize the basic, unassuming, yet surprisingly viscious potential power of the staff. The staff of the sanneyasin is made out of a special hardwood two times more durable than oak and as flexible as bamboo, making it capable of stopping weapons and dishing out intense beatings.

    It was from here that Erek left the monastery to seek his purpose; a purpose that could help him better trod the steps of the Path.

    Skills: Erek is a good unarmed combatant and an exceptional staveman, his whirlwind blows a problem for even heavily armored foes. He knows basic first aid, enough to staunch bleeding, set fractures, and suture lacerations. Erek has a ridiculous pain tolerance, as well as endurance, due to his time as a slave and his training with the monks, as well as latent reserves of Qin, or bodily energy. Sanneyasin can utilize this in order to power through injuries, perform feats of agility and strength, and resist magical damage and compulsion. His experience with meditation also grants him increased willpower when he 'finds his center.'

    Weapons: Hard-cored Bo Staff. His toughened fists.

    Personality: Erek is quiet and reseved in interaction, a remnant from his years as a slave and as a monk. He is not stoic, just highly repressed and unable to properly show his emotions. Despite what little he owns, Erek is altruistic, seemingly aware that no matter how poor, there is always somebody more disenfranchised.
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  6. Wow, would have been nice to have been told this thread existed. :/ Just noticed the linked addition to the post.

    Anyways, feel free to post away, guys. ^^ If you have any questions or suggestions, I'm all ears... now that I'm watching it. XD
  7. My CS is gravy, right? I think it's in keeping with the RP's lore, but a second opinion would be great.
  8. It works well enough. ^^ Might be a bit of conflict with the monks residing in the Tyrant's territory, which would be focused on the worship of native animal deities, but it's believable enough.
  9. In my opinion, the monks that live in the region of the Alizarin would be cloistered. They let bygones be bygones, ignoring the animal worship that is predominant, only accepting the most devoted of potential sanneyasin. Also, their belief regarding the Immortals is as follows: No mortal is worthy to eat of the Tree of Life, as such power is an affront to the following of the Path (think the Eightfold Path from Buddhist practice.)

    How are you able to reach Nirvana if you are unable to reincarnate, your flesh intangible and ever youthful? This doesn't mean that they are genocidal, like the Alizarin. They just refuse to accept or harbor Immortalkind, is all.
  10. Cloistered or not, the various sects tend to be very violent, especially the Lions who are currently in power (though weakly). It's not a big deal but they don't share nicely with others.
  11. Any problem that Animistic sects have against fantastical Buddhist monks have to deal with their wire-fu and mad Bo staff skillz
  12. Just a general problem with anyone in their area who doesn't believe the same things they do.
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