God's Sandbox

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  1. In the beginning, there was Light.

    How to play this:

    -Write what happens with the last object added to the game.
    -Then, add one new object with your post.

    Add only ONE thing per post. It can be anything from weather phenomena to a simple coin or a plague or a tree.
    Things will start to accumulate in the sandbox; new introduced stuff can interact with anything that is in there already, it does not have to be only with the newest addition.

    I introduce A Moth to the sandbox.

    Now you tell me what happens with the moth and the light. Then, add your object, and let the following player note down the reaction for you and so on.
  2. Drawn to incomparable beauty and warmth, the moth flutters. Its path is direct, pulling and pushing with desperate strokes of its wings. The light is salvation, utopia, a primal attraction. As it struggles forth it is joined by a sound, nay, a voice.
  3. The moth was now able to speak, as it found a voice.
    ''Hello?'', the moth asked.

    A cloud appeared.
  4. The cloud darkens the sky making the moth blink.