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  1. I have been busy for a long time, and much of my interest checks are, sadly not around anymore (for the time being until I retry them). So I decided to make yet another one, After playing WAY too much Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Killer Instinct 3 I got the idea of making a... Dragon Ball esk, Role play. This is NOT a Dragon Ball Z RP, but rather something within the same idea. Just hear me out.

    In this RP, you have the option of playing as a god, the attendant of a god, and/or a mortal warrior (yes you can play as one of each) . It takes place in what I guess you could call the modern day, with some futuristic elements implied. I don't quite have the story down, but I do have a bit of an idea... A pan-dimensional demi-god seeks to destroy what else but the universe, and reshape it to his/her liking. The Gods of the universe are in debate of what they should do, while most mortals of the real are unaware of the upcoming arrival of the ferocious tyrant.

    Well that's all I got so far, a lot of this is going to need work and even a bit more structure. But for the time being I suppose I could allow people to claim their roles and what not. But before that I have only one Rule for the time being... ONLY ONE GOD PER PLAYER!

    That said, IF you want to play as a god character please say WHAT you want to be the god of (keep it serious, you will not be accepted if it's something utterly stupid like "The God of Food"). This goes the same for attendants, and each God can only have ONE attendant. Also do say if you want to be one of the Warriors as well.

    As for me? For now (Until I can get some people Interested) I'll be playing as "The God of Destruction" (No I'm not copying from Beerus, I already said this isn't DBZ). I'll be keeping a record of all the people who want what. So step up and show me what you got!



    God of Destruction - @TyranntX
    God of Shadows - @Viral
    God/Godess of Freedom - @Mysty
    God/Godess of Love - @zucca_
    Goddess of War - @Lulunopia



    Kaitlyn Watson - @TerribleName
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  2. interested
  3. Interested in playing the God/ess of Elegance or Freedom, I'm not quite sure which but I'm definently interested in this rp.
  4. Count me as interested as a God of Shadows (think boogeyman style) or Sleep (think sandman style).
  5. I'm actually looking forward to being the attendant of the God of Destruction, would that be okay?
  6. Yes that would be just fine
    I see, so you would be a nightmare based god. Okay I'll allow it.
    I'll put you down for freedom until you finalize that. Glad to have you
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  7. I'm totally interested! Rather than play a god, I think I'm going to play a mortal! Although, if this thing gets going and you allow us to add characters as we go, I may want to play a god. Anyway, as for my character, I already know exactly who I'm going to play: a 21-year-old loan shark by the name of Kaitlyn Watson.
  8. Sounds good, I'll green light it for now
  9. So, is this in a setting where humans are capable of superhuman feats? I mean, we mortals need to keep up with the gods and such if we want to help fight this pan-dimensional demi-god.
  10. Yess Yess Yessss
    I'd be interested in playing God/Goddess of Love and Beauty ^.^
  11. Well, I'll leave that up to you. That WOULD be the case in the DBZ universe but that's not 100% true in the KI universe. I guess so long as no one is going "Super Saiyan Six" the meta human would be accepted. Speaking of I might make a mortal of my own soon.

    Very well then, A Love god/goddess it it then, I'll add you to the roster
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  12. This seems interesting! Can I take the Goddess of War?
  13. Sure, I'll add you to the roster
  14. The Sign Up page is now open! Come on In make your characters!
  15. I'll sign up tomorrow when I can.
  16. @Kōsaki , @Mysty , and @Lulunopia . Please be sure to get your characters ready, we will be starting soon since this is getting attention faster than I thought it would. :)
  17. Oh geez, I forgot to watch this thread! I'll hopefully have my character up tonight, if not by tomorrow for sure.
  18. We will be starting soon. so be sure to make them when you get the chance.
  19. I'll start working on it soon! ^^
  20. Good to know
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