Gods on Earth

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  1. In the year 2020, the United States government began experiments in the fields of DNA mutation. They formed a group of the world's best scientists and doctors to work on this project. A project labelled, "The Deity Project". The goal was to create genetically enhanced humans.

    They took four infants, wanting to mutate their DNA and watch over them as they grew. All the tests went on successfully. At the ages of 12-16 the children began showing signs of superhuman abilities. These included: speed, strength, immunity to most virulent things (having being exposed to rattlesnake and black widow venom, among other poisonous plants and animals), as well as a shocking ability to control weather. The last result was a strange one, one unexpected by the scientists. It was wonderful nonetheless.

    However, something shifted the childrens' minds. They became incapable of thought and emotion. They were like robots, only able to take orders. That was no big problem though, an advantage if you asked the scientists.

    The scientists moved on to a greater part of the project. "Could these traits be passed on through genes?"

    And so, three eggs from each female were taken, as well as sperm from the males. These six "babies" grew in an incubator type machine that mimicked growth of a fetus in the womb.

    Unlike their parents, these children grew up normally. Well... As normal as a life in a laboratory could be.

    Their parents died, and that was the end of the first half of the project. Now began the second half.

    Of course, as expected, the children exhibited the same abilities as their parents before them. They also showed signs of average intelligence.

    What scientists didn't expect was that the children were smarter than they thought. They also didn't expect for the childrens' parents' memories to be passed on to them through genes. The young ones knew everything. They knew about every test, every chemical, every needle. They didn't tell though.

    And now, at the age of eighteen, they are discovering that their powers are far greater than those of their parents.


    There's the intro :)

    So, tell me what you think. I was thinking of having sort of a 'Ultimate Decision' thing where the six make individual choices of what they'll do with their powers. Will they attempt to take over the world? Will they help the world? Will there be some show-down between them at some point, 3 v.s 3?

    I'm thinking it could be like the hero v.s villain stories, but instead of some having an advantage over the others, their all equally matched. That way we have sort of a battle that will pretty much tear the world up since they're all so powerful.
  2. I'm interested to play, but I wanna be a Dr Manhattan-esque guy, who's largely neutral.
  3. Ah yes, that would be quite cool ^^ A neutral character would make things more interesting
  4. Id like to take over the world
  5. I'd be interested in this. Let me know if you put it together! :)
  6. May i join?? Please.
  7. This is such and interesting idea! And...my evil side is tingling with enthusiasm...muhaha.
    Are there going to be bios or something for the characters?
  8. Yeah, I'll make an OOC for it.

    Still not sure if I should do it though ^^ I'm debating with myself
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