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    Prologue: The Summons

    [Earth year 20XX, Realm of the gods.]

    Galgiel, The King of the gods has ordered that his fellow deities to present them selves before him each with a plan of their own about how they are to handle demigod Dreahyedron. Although he knew many of them were away carrying out other duties that needed tending to, he still could rely on the few that were here within the realm. Though what could only be described as a special link, Galgiel gave the order to all the entities who served him to report to the throne room immediately.

    Elsewhere in the realm was Haila, A young looking being with hair like gold and the ears and tail of a cat. A pretty creature to say the least, who was riding on the back of a magic sea turtle whom she come to name 'Gump'. With a fishing rod in her grasp she waited patiently on Gump's shell for a fish to bite; when out of nowhere she received the order given by King Galgiel and immediately started to search for her mistress Kalliste the Goddess of Love and Beauty. She Climbed off Gump and made here way back to the palace to begin her search. She first started at Kalliste's chamber and knocked on a pair of two gilded doors made of gold. "Mistress Kalliste? Are you in there?" she said in a calming tone. She knew it was not wise to keep the king waiting, so she called out from her side of the door. "If you can hear me will you permit me to enter?"

    [New Bon City, California]

    Meanwhile on earth, The CEO of a wealthy company known as Cyba Corp. was preparing for their annual fighting tournament. People from all over the world tend to gather here to either test their combat skills or to to see said skills in action. A young man by the name of Tyler was completely ecstatic about the event and was looking forward to entering. "Just Two more weeks, and I'll be fighting some of the worlds best fighters!" he said to him self. . . little did he know he was not alone, as a very tall and broad man approached him from behind. "You kind of have an unfair advantage with those powers of your's Tyler", Tyler looked behind him to see one of his friends. . . A man named Cal, who tends to where a backwars trucker hat and was rather tan.

    "It's not like we don't know any unusual people our selves, who knows maybe I'll fight some one who can keep up with me." Tyler said with a grin. "Very funny, but seriously though. Don't go over board, those psy bolts of yours hurt." Replied Cal. there was a moment of silence until Cal spoke once again."So anything new about that vision of yours? Anything that you didn't see before?" he said. "Not one, in fact I haven't had that vision in a while. I'm starting to worry about what it can mean." Cal just smiled at him and placed his hand on Tyler's shoulder "Don't worry about it, what ever it is I'm sure it's nothing you can't handle. Now come on, Lunch is on me." He said, as the two boys walked way from the stadium and into the plaza.
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  2. Darkness. Shadows. Mirrors? All broken, everything broken. Something big. Was it alive? A ominous groaning. Closer. Closer. Clo-

    Joviziah stepped out into the night, fixing the collar of his trench coat. Sometimes the phase between stepping made him shudder, but it was much faster than even flying.

    A large plain opened up ahead of him, all tall grass and flat ground. No buildings for miles. Silence except for the crickets. Joviziah missed when it was all like this everywhere instead of smoke and steel and everyone living together. It made his life easier.

    A small camp had been set up. No campfire, of course. No true follower of him needed the light. Here were his followers now, five of his sleeper agents coming out of their tents. These five were some of his favorites. They hadn't been truly awake for years.

    "Welcome back, Mr. Sandman," the first one said. He carried a large rifle and wore a mask, which had been made with the looks of a dog skull but which also had goggles built in to allow farther sight. Most of his sleepers were subtle; some didn't even know they belonged to him. A rare few, like Garrote and his squadron, were soldiers, hitmen.

    "How fares our friend the teacher, Gar?" Joviziah asked. Before he answered, Garrote offered him a cigarette. Joviziah gladly accepted, and Garrote lit it for him before lighting one for himself.

    "I've been assured it's much harder for him to preach without his eyes," Garrote said, his half-lidded eyes, natural to all sleepers, scanning the dark horizon. His mask hung at his side by a strap. "Or for that matter, his hands." He paused. "I believe feet were vital to his needs too-"

    "Point made, Garrote," Joviziah said. "Glad to see you're as fit as ever. Of course, our work is never-" he stopped suddenly. All of his eyes blinked once, twice. Then he took a deep drag of his cigarette and sighed.

    "Something wrong, sir?" Garrote said. The four other men raised their rifles slightly.

    "Something big for me," Joviziah said, a bit gloomily. "A message from the big man. An old threat comes back." He sighed again. "It was hard enough last time, but now it's... uncertain."

    Garrote was silent for a second. "Not something a few bullets can solve, I assume," he said at last.

    "If only," Joviziah said, mandibles clicking in frustration. "No, this is big big. I'll keep in contact, of course. I might need you anyways for this." He began striding back and forth. I can't just deal with this on the drop of a dime, he thought. He'll understand. Just another day, if that. Then he sighed. Better go anyway. Ask for more time. It's big. This requires collaboration, not going at it solo.

    He turned back to Garrote. "Keep safe, Gar. I'll be back."

    Gar nodded. "Good luck with the big man, Sandman."

    Joviziah nodded back - he could always trust Garrote - then dropped his cigarette, ground it to ash, and stepped off, vanishing into the night air.
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  3. Cigar smoke; the smell of alcohol; an atmosphere of hatred, evil, crime. At first glance, this was a den of pure evil.

    But that's why Kaitlyn loved The Underground Shamrock. Sure, she stuck out like a sore thumb; she had morals. They were sparce, but they were there, and that was enough for anyone in this dark world to notice that you were not like them. It was like some kind of supernatural sense, a new power gained from shedding your humanity. They seemed sensitive to goodness, although they themselves never noticed it. But Kaitlyn did, because every time she stepped inside, everyone stole a glance. It wasn't because she was a woman; plenty of women entered without getting looks. Those women were putrid, disgusting people through and through. Of course, so was this young woman, but she spared children. She avoided hurting the weak, the innocent. And that was enough.

    "Brandy," she demanded, slamming a ten down before the bartender. Everything was cheap here; the owner got his product cheap, and anyone who came here was willing to drown in alcohol till they died. Some did, but no one much noticed. Her money was rewarded with an actual bottle of brandy; her body, for some reason, did not get drunk at all. Or maybe it did and she simply hadn't drunk enough. Regardless, she could enjoy all she wanted and not have to worry about any deterioration of her mental faculties.

    Rather suddenly a flier was also slammed on the ground before her.

    The young woman adjusted her jaw - it was a bit of a tic - and followed the pale, slender arm up to the face of a man named Toby. A former partner of hers. Reasonably competent fellow; probably more skilled than her. But it's not like anyone could beat her in a fight. "The hell's this?" she sneered, her eyes lingering on her face as she took the flier, drilling her irritation into his brain. "Why are you here? Thought you didn't like this place."

    "Well, it's your regular hangout, ain't it? Figured I'd find you here... Really, you should find a more respectable joint to spend your time."

    That's one thing she didn't like about Toby. He was probably worse than every low-down criminal scum in this joint, but he had the audacity to stain the most expensive bar in New York CIty - The Champagne Bar in the Plaza - with his dirty presence. Of course, everything there was likely delicious. But he didn't really deserve it.

    She ignored his comment and glanced over the flier. A fighting tournament in California? She grimaced. Any fighter welcome... It was in two weeks. But why should she care? No one put up a good fight. "Am I supposed to be interested?" she asked, her irritation growing clearer. Did he really interrupt her drink for this? She glared up at him, but he seemed at ease. He always was, which was kind of scary for someone so (comparatively) weak.

    "You haven't been in the game for a minute, so you wouldn't know... But, well, the underworld has started finding more... interesting people. Such as yourself," he spoke easily, taking a seat behind her and producing a Cuban cigar and a lighter. He offered them up, and she took them. Damn him for knowing how to keep her interest.

    "That's vague. Doesn't tell me a whole lot," she said, following a deep puff. "What do you mean, interesting? More people with super strength and such?"

    "Not quite. Well... a few. But there's all kinds of powers. There's a guy in California what can throw psychic blasts at people. Well, some of it ain't true. But, if there are people like that, seems like that'd be a good place to find 'em, eh?" Now Kaitlyn was intrigued. She glanced down at the paper.

    "Why are you telling me this?" she questioned, looking at him suspiciously. Toby smiled.

    "Oh, no reason."
  4. The grass felt fresh and tender beneath the Goddess bare-feet.
    She stepped through the wonderful gardens, savoring the beauty of nature, instant by instant.

    Kalliste had left her godly palace the night before, overwhelmed by the pressure of those golden halls.
    The atmosphere of Chryseum was similar to the Earth's: the same sky towered above the Goddess; the lakes, the dirt, the trees. Everything resembled just perfectly her first memories of her home planet. Incorrupt, beautiful, wild. But men, they destroyed her world, turned it into a machine, filled their lands with metal and cement.

    Her mind blurred at the thought of Earth collapsed, she could feel anger growing from inside, almost overcoming her.
    The goddess closed her eyes and breathed. "Fresh air, finally." Kalliste determined she'd never let those beasts take her too, her grace, her benevolence. No. She could have never let that happen.

    So she stepped through the Paradise Garden, how she loved to call it.
    There she dwelled, where her true home was. Not Earth, not Palace. No halls, no rooms, no corridors.

    Her blessed and most favourite children lived there, sorrounded by the joy of nature and beauty. For hours, days or months they'd fill those gardens with their dances and laughters. Kalliste joined them and for a second, she actually believed she could be one of them, for a single moment she had forgotten everything. But the most beautiful of the things never last, or do they?

    The goddess felt to her knees, a harsh taste overrunning her mouth.
    At that very moment, Kalliste felt what was about to come.

    "MYLADY!" someone cried out.

    At the sight of their own mother reaching the ground, music stopped. All of her children approached the goddess, attempting to help the lady. But she stood there no more. In what seemed like nothing, Kalliste had disappeared.

    The goddess pale eyes were dark, yet her tone was serene as always. Kalliste cared too much for her aura of peace to let it go. "My child." the goddess announced "His Grace, my father has requested the presence of Gods and attendants. Come, the King dislikes those who retard." She had appeared to Haila in her Monday-form. The one with auburn hair and celestial eyes. The other gods loved it, and so did she.
  5. [Haila] & [Xai]

    As her mistress appeared before her Haila greeted her with a bow and a smile. she looked up to her and saw that she too had been summoned. "Lady Kalliste, Allow me to escort you to the throne room" she said standing on top of Gump's shell. She then roes up, still looking up at Kalliste. " By the way Mylady, I was wondering if you would -" Hailia was then interrupted by an explosion, as debris falls from he ceiling just a few feet away from them. From the large hole a tall creature emerged from it, landing on its talons and causing the ground beneath them to shake. The Creature was reptilian in form, with a long tail and a saurian like head. There was no mistaking it anymore, It was Xai the God of Destruction. Haila slowly stood behind Halliste as the powerful being took notice of them and approached.

    "Well, if it isn't Kalliste the goddess of love. How long as it been? One, two, maybe three thousand years?" He said causally, as if he expect respect from her in return. Then again Xai is know for being friendly to most others, even after destroying things. Xai then looked down behind Kalliste to see Haila taking shelter behind her with a giant turtle. He didn't question it, He knew Haila didn't like him and he didn't question why. "Hello Haila, I see the turtle is doing well." He said to her as he looked back to Kalliste, with a rather intrigued grin on his face. Xai too had been contacted by The king of the gods, but then again why wouldn't he? He is a god like all the rest after all. Even if he doesn't have the best reputation out of all of them.
  6. The goddess stared without batting an eye. As the great rumble resonated aggresivively, Kalliste knew perfectly who could have caused such a disaster. She seeked the figure among the dusty fog. "Xai." the goddess should have expected all of the other gods to come, even the least pleasant of them.

    "They're never enough, I'm afraid." a half-grin growing in the corners of her mouth.

    "Haila, dear. There's no reason to be afraid."
    Kalliste stepped forward, her head slightly tilted upwards but her eyes fixed on the reptile's ones. "I assume you've received Galgiel's call. Who better than you could explain all of us what is happening. Or better, what is going to happen." Her eyes went across his body, studying him as if she'd met him for the first time. "I'm glad to see you in good shape..." the goddess teased, her hair flowing around as if they were made of gas "...Atleast the king will find a use of you."

    "Come child, the king is waiting. It was a pleasure as always, Xai."
    "Oh, and. Next time, just be careful where you land at."
    she chuckled, pointing at the marble rubble that once depicted the goddess herself.

    Of course Kalliste wasn't trying to provoke Xai, but she loved to play. Every god in the kingdom knew the goddess could act a bit distant and sarcastic at times, but she'd never shown disrespect to anyone, not officiously atleast. "I've missed you, my dear..." she begun when they had finally got distant enough from the god.
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  7. It's not enough time, Joviziah thought to himself, scowling. The mental comment was partially about the summons to the throne room, partially about the re-emergence of the Demi-God threat. As if it wasn't bad enough last time...

    He rubbed the scar on the skin below his left eye, or more accurately, the scar on the exoskeleton section right below his main left eye. It took a lot to injure a shapeshifter, much less a shapeshifting god like him. Most minor scars he could get rid of, but this one was stuck.

    Best I look human for the big man, he thought. He stood. He had been taking time to think in someone's dreamscape. It was a forest at dusk and quite enjoyable. Of course, he didn't have time for this now. He had to go. He looked at the starry-eyed young man sitting on a log a few feet away who was looking up at the sky. He filed away this one's dreams as a nice place to lounge. He might stop by later.

    He stepped to the next closest dream. An elderly man fed some birds. Inexplicably, they were also on a volcano. The lava flowed around the man and the birds. Or were they birds? They had human eyes and were the size of small dogs. Joviziah looked closer at the man. "Not my style," he muttered, then stepped off to the next dream.

    "Good morning, Sandman," the young girl said. She was sitting on a chair many times her size. The house they were in was giant, and in fact had two giant humans yelling at each other in deafening tones.

    "Morning to you, girl," Joviziah said, nodding politely. He could hear the girl perfectly fine through the yelling of the giants. Such were dreams. "Do you know these two?"

    "My parents," the girl said, smiling.

    "I see," Joviziah said. With a flourish of his hands the two giants went mute, screaming silent words at each other. With a tip of his hat, Joviziah went off.

    He went through a multitude more dreams before he stopped at one he liked. It was one of those old cities, not up with the times. A man dressed in the uniform of a copper patrolled by foot in a dark city, alone. No one else walked the streets. No cars, no lights on inside, no sound.

    Joviziah looked closer at the man. Grey-haired but wiry, maybe early 60s, with the looks of a jaded and cynical man. They both tipped their hats to each other.

    "I like your looks. Think I'll borrow them," Joviziah said. His face changed - the insectile appearance shifting to the other man's, identical except for Joviziah's ever present scar. He fixed his trench coat, adjusting the size, then nodded to the old copper again and began stepping through people's dreams.

    Eventually, he stepped back out into the real world. The walls of the divine castle surrounded him now. I hate meetings, he grumbled to himself. Then he began making his way up to the throne room.
  8. [Haila] & [Xai]

    Haila was, displeased. It wasn't that she was scared of Xai, it was more of she was afraid of what he had the potential to become. But something was troubling her as well. She looked over her shoulder to see the destruction god still standing beneath the hole in the roof "How did Xai even break the roof of the palace? I know he's strong but not even he can -" At that moment something else fell through the hole, an object of some sort which he caught with his right hand. The answer then became clear as to how Xai broke the seemingly invincible roof of the palace, The Glave of Ruin... The Very weapon that decimated worlds without fail. Haila turned back to the hall in front of her and kept walking beside Kalliste, "N-never mind." She said feeling as if she said something blatantly stupid.

    After catching his glave, Xai warped out of sight and caught up to Kalliste and Haila. "So Tell me, Kalliste. Do you even have an idea for a plan to present to the king?" He said with an almost smug tone. He then looked down to Haila, and gave a friendly grin "Do you even know what's about to happen?" He then laughed as he remembered something obvious. "What am I saying, of course you do. you wouldn't be on your way to Lord Galgiel if you didn't." Said Xai. Haila then glared at him, as she noticed something was off abut him, something that was bugging her. "What do you want Xai? And where's your Attendant?" she snaped at Xai. His overconfident face lost all expression, as he looked Directly at Haila and spoke to here in a very serious tone. "They are on leave, Something about their family." He then returned to smiling like is overconfident self again and turned back to Kalliste "Besides, Is it really wrong of me to want to catch up with you two, it has been a few thousand years give or take" He said. Haila then gave a bit of a pouty expression "Not nearly long enough if you ask me" she grumbled. "I missed you too, Haila. and your turtle friend too." Xai said as he focused his attention back to Kalliste. He retained his friendly expression and spoke to her once more "As I was saying, What plan of action are you going to suggest to the king?"
  9. Location: New Bon City, California

    A finger tapped on an empty glass, signaling a refill. The waiter quickly sauntered over, filling the cup with a house Merlot. Gold sat on luxurious chair, curling his fingers under the glass, lifting it for a sip. His eyes remained glued onto the battlefield, watching competitors practice. He studied, none dare to break his attention.
    "Gold." Except for him. Gorron stood behind Gold, looking down upon him. Gold gritted his teeth, slowly tilting his head upwards to match eyes with Gorron. "Gorron." Gorron moved around his chair, stepping to the edge of the balcony. He watched the competitor practice as well, responding with soft nods. "He's good." Gold smiled, placing the wine back onto the table and standing up confidently. "Not good enough." Gold made his way around the table, standing beside Gorron. "Shouldn't you be up in your mountain waiting for next Braveheart?" Gold teased, placing his hands on the railing, watching the competitor deliver fierce blows to practice targets. "I would," Gorron paused, scratching his beard. "But we are called upon by the King." Gorron wasn't subtle.
    Gold rolled his eyes, turning his back onto Gorron. "I know. Kalliste told me." "That's a lie. You despite all other Gods but me. I have to be the one to come get you." Gorron continued without subtly, speaking firm truth. Gorron and Gold have been best of pals since centuries ago. Gold broke a more broader smile, revealing his pearly white teeth. "True that." He turned back to Gorron, pointing a finger at him. "But if this shit last longer than an hour then-" "Then I will sit on you until it is done." Gorron interrupted, gazing at Gold. Gold lowered his finger, firing back a matching cold stare to Gorron. The two of them remained silent, staring like a western duel.
    Gorron cracked first. He let out a heavy laughter followed by Gold's distinct player's laugh. Gorron placed his hand on Gold's shoulder, letting the last of his laughter trickle out. "Ready then?" Gorron asked. "Go for it, G-Man." Gold affirmed, the two of them beaming upwards, leaving nothing but a small cloud of dust.

    Location: Meeting Room

    Gorron entered the room where the meeting would be held first, looking behind him to make sure Gold was following. Gold tailed him, looking around the room with curiosity. "Alright," Gold yelled out. "Who kissed whose mama?" Gorron shook his head at Gold's comment, crossing his arms.
  10. [Earth - New York, New York] [Lisa]

    A loud blast came from the entrance, Forcing the door of the bar to open and causing a man with some pretty bad burns to come flying in and crashing into the nearest table. He was Barely alive, but he would defiantly live. Three young girls entered the bar, the leader of the trio had long vibrant red hair. Her name, Lisa Sandere. With her where her friends, a pale almost sickly platinum blonde by the name of Sabrina and an African American with short black curly hair Named Shauna. They all made their way to the counter and took seats by each other.

    "Whiskey, Three bottles. and JUST the bottles." Said Lisa, with a bit of anger in her tone as she slamed a fifty on the counter. Not even drunk yet and already she was acting feisty. The bar tender looked at the girls with a strange look, a look that Lisa didn't like. "Didn't you hear me? We want some Damn booze, Now give us our drinks!" She snapped at the bar tender as steam seemed to seep out from her hair. Feeling a bit threatened the bar keeper got the girls their drinks as fast as he could and then left them alone to tend to other customers. "Damn Lisa, you could scare a TIGER with that attitude of your's." Said Shauna, who had a smug grin on her face since they arrived. As if they were in the moral right, but when you are with a person with a reputation like Lisa that's not the case. "Honestly Shauna, that animal keeps getting bigger every time you tell us that joke. What's next a tyrannosaurus?" Lisa said sounding almost completely cocky. Sabina just stared at them both, it was a very vacant stare. As if there was no soul to be seen in her eyes. And yet some how, the other two girls were still able to communicate with her. "Yeah yeah, I know the tournament is only two weeks away from now. I already told you girls that I'm entering."

    Sabrina continued to stare at both of them, only occasionally did she take take a sip of her drink to break eye contact. What was probably the scariest thing was that she was some how communicating with Lisa and Shauna without even saying a word. "Yeah sure you can, I don't really see what's stopping you." Lisa said with a more confused tone. Shauna then replied "I think We should just let Lisa enter the tourny, no reason all of us have to enter. I'm sure she can win this year". Sabrina slightly tilted her head, but retained her lifeless stare. "Oh yeah, I guess it would make sense for Tyler to be there" said Shauna. "Just another reason why I am entering again this year" Said Lisa, as her voice went from mildly annoyed to very annoyed. Once again what seemed to be steam seeped from her body when she was clearly getting a bit angry about something.

    "Aw let's just forget about Tyler, the dude's all the way in California. You can cremate him after you win the tourny" She said as she took a swig from her drink. Once again Sabrina just stared at them, quietly without saying anything. "Good question, HEY BAR KEEP! You got any food in this piss hole?"
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  11. Joviziah burst into the room - perhaps a bit more dramatically then necessary - and spotted the the two gods here before him, Gold and Gorron. He stiffened slightly, then smiled, tipping his wide-brimmed hat. "Evening, gentlemen. Or... afternoon, or night. It escapes me." He takes a cigarette out, lights it, then offers the pack to the other two. Of course, what he had thought when he first walked in was something like Oh look, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, but it had seemed unecessarily rude to say out loud, so he hadn't.

    Gods lived a long time - he had had encounters with both of them plenty of times, good and bad. When was the last time? He thought. With Gold it was... a tournament, maybe? I made one of the contestants a sleeper agent and bet on him, or something like that. Or was that four thousand years ago?

    Gorron was better, in Joviziah's opinion. Joviziah tended to stay off his turf, even though he remembered at least one occasion where he had a sleeper agent steal one of the Arsenal's weapons off a hero, dead or alive, but he had never actually tried anything with the Arsenal itself, and Joviziah was never sure if the weapon retrieved was actually the one from the Arsenal. Either way, it wouldn't do to be rude to either of them, especially in an emergency like this.
  12. Stars fill the night sky, a quiet breeze ruffles the trees and brings with it the scent of a campfire.
    A small village seems to have come alive as the villagers sit and listen to the strangers words. Words that describe places beyond the stars, of wars long since over. That morning the stranger had come as if blown in by a breeze, and instantly a feeling of happiness had spread over the village. He walked throughout the town gathering provisions, and for some reason he also took things that would do nothing but slow down his travels.
    "In the end the only thing that I personally learned from this story when I first heard it, is not to anger a beaver!" As Lycros finished this word all those that had heard him burst into laughter. When the laughter finally died down he made as if to speak again, but suddenly one of his hands shot up to his temple.
    And Lycros said " It seems I have been summoned, I must go." He then stood up took a piece of paper crumpled it up into his hand and said to it " The king calls, meet me in the realm of the gods my faithful guard." when he opened his hand back up a paper bird flew out of it much to the amusement of the villagers. He turned and with a wink to the people he disappeared.
  13. Obnoxious people. The worst kind. Kaitlyn craned her neck again to get a good look at the burned body, and glanced at Toby, who rolled his eyes and stepped away after pulling his phone. And then, the girl stood up and grabbed the door with one hand, the burned man with the other, and disappeared outside for a good five minutes. And when she returned, she looked... well, pissed. Which was never a good sign for anyone. She took a step and the floor cracked.

    That made Kaitlyn grimace a bit more as she glanced down at her foot. Goddammit... She hadn't been paying very much attention to her leg strength. With that now in mind she stepped back to the bar, and ended up missing these girls' entire conversation. Not that she would have honestly cared to listen. All she cared about was the fact that 1.) these girls had lit some random passerby on fire for no good reason and 2.) they were loud and annoying. An absolutely dreadful, intolerable conversation.

    "'Scuse me, ladies." She stepped back to her seat, leaning against the bar as she turned her head towards them. They probably weren't going to take her seriously, at least not at first, but that was fine. They'd learn their place. "Normally, I'd be buying you three some drinks, and we'd retire back to my place for... let's say, a night of passion." The tall woman leaned down, grabbed a stool at its base, and with ease, ripped the thing right out of the ground. "But, well, loud and obnoxious isn't exactly sexy. Neither is lighting people on fire. Unless you're into that sort of thing, I guess."

    One hundred and ten miles an hour ought to be a good speed to hit these women, right?

    And so her arm swung at that speed. Luckily, no one skimped on the seats; solid stainless steel all the way through. The nearest girl was the one with the blank, soulless stare. And so the seat of the steal rushed at her head at very nearly a hundred miles an hour - easily enough to kill someone.

    After all, an MLB player's swing was between seventy and eighty miles an hour, if Kaitlyn recalled correctly. That would definitely kill someone no problem. So, about one and a half times that speed had to count for something, right?
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  14. Location: Meeting Room
    Interactions: @Viral

    Gold kept a steady look at Joviziah, curling his top lip and shooting a squint. His skin bubbled with discomfort. He didn't like Gods, other than Gorron. Everyone likes Gorron. But Joviziah was one of the more shady ones. Gold doesn't sleep but paranoia still arouses around him when Joviziah is in the air.
    Gold shot a glance to Gorron as a pleading look of 'get me the hell out of here'. Turning his attention to the cigarettes, Gold released a fake cough, tossing him a cold shoulder.

    Gorron kept his arms crossed, chuckling at Gold's actions. "Thank you, Joviziah, but I decline your gracious offer." Gorron dug into beard, striking a sharp itch only to pull out the Arsenal. The sphere danced around his hand as Gorron stared blankly at it before shaking his hand, throwing the Arsenal back into orbit around his body. The Arsenal trailed around his torso, beaming with bright, varied colors. "Do you know why we are required here?" Gorron asked to Joviziah. He didn't mind the Gods but he enjoyed his time much more with the brave adventurers. Nothing brought a more meaningful smile to Gorron than a brave soul accomplishing their life's more vast task to claim their needed treasure.

    "If Sandy is here then it ain't important." Gold burst out, throwing an intentional verbal fire to Joviziah. "I got a tournament I need to get to, and you keep your damn voodoo out of it, Inception!" Gold exclaimed, narrowing his eyebrows to Joviziah.
  15. Interactions: @The Crimson Crow

    Joviziah stuck the pack of cigarettes back into his trench pocket, smiling benignly. Then he fixed his suddenly bloodshot eyes on Gold, his smile fading. While outwardly he only looked more serious, there were a few more signs that the barb had irritated him besides his eyes. His skin seemed to shift as he leaned against the wall, decidedly less fitting on his frame.

    Addressing both Gold and Gorron, he said,
    "I believe the meeting to, actually, be personally important to each of us." His voice rasped, clicking as his form grew more sharp, ominous. Then he reasserted his human form, breathing deep.

    He paused before he continued, rubbing at the scar on his face as he said, "I believe it concerns the Demi-God. We all knew he wouldn't be sealed forever." He took another drag of his cigarette. "So let's forget old grudges-" he directed this one at Gold "-because we all remember what happened last time. Unless you'd prefer your tournament," He ended acidly. Again he rubbed at his scar, the one thing he couldn't change in his forms. He wouldn't forget the Demi-God easily. Sometimes he missed the action of the past, but he never missed those battles. He had lost many good men - many gods had lost servants - and afterwards Joviziah had retreated to the dreamrealm for years recovering. Of course, he had been a bit more injured then others; he had made an almost grievous slip in battle.
  16. Haila and Kalliste were almost half way to the Hall when the god of destruction reached them once again. The goddess didn't personally dislike the reptile, besides she found him pleasant at times, but his nature was disruptive, grown upon barbaric roots and this for the lady was too much to accept.

    "Does anybody? I honestly doubt many of us actually know the reason of this meeting." she pointed out, her feet moving with such grace that it seemed as if she were still walking on the soft grass of Chryseum. "Au contraire, my dear. I am utterly clueless. That's exactly the reason why I am here." Kalliste grinned at Haila's questions. The girl was getting older and it impressed the goddess the way her wits were growing with her.

    "I beg your pardon, but we're running late, Xai. If you wish to walk with us, you may want to increase your speed."

    As the three of them made their way into the Palace, her eyes crossed a few familiar figures.
    Joviziah, a god with whom she had little to no familiarity; Gold, much disliked and distrusted by Kalliste; Gonnor instead was a loyal and honest god. The goddess of love liked him and bestowed great trust in him. And so there she stood, spreading light into the room, her eyes fixed on the other gods, studying them. "Haila dear, stand by me."
  17. [Haila] & [Xai]

    Haila followed Kalliste's orders, and stood close by her side, it wasn't long before Xai appeared once again. Like before he was smiling about something, It was very unsettling to her. Why was he smiling? was he just in a good mood? Could it be that he knows whats going on? Or could it be that he was up to something? All these questions and more drifted around in Haila's mind, "Lady Kalliste, what's going on? Everyone sees uneasy about something." She said as Xai walked right passed them. He seemed more focused on the other gods. He knew all of them by name but had different ideals about all of them, even with Kalliste. He well never understand why Gold dislikes him so much, but much like Haila he didn't ever question why. Gonnor on the Other hand Xai respects a lot, He trust him so much that once every 1000 years he gives The blacksmith of a god his glave for maintenance. Joviziah was to him 'An Interesting Man' He always seemed to be some one Xai could respect, or at least tolerate. Kalliste on the other hand Xai had mixed feelings for, He didn't hate her or even dislike her. She was beautiful yes, but her ideas and morals seemed... Timid, and a bit too peaceful for his liking. None the less though Xai still was friendly to all of them.

    (@The Crimson Crow & @Viral)

    Xai approach the trio of gods speaking to one another, "Ahem... Gentlemen" Xai said with a grin on his face. He didn't exactly know what they were talking about, but he might as well catch up with them before the meeting starts. "I see you are all doing well, what's been going on with all of you?" he said looking at all of them. He defiantly seemed proud about something, but what was it exactly? What could possibly be the reason for his good mood?
  18. Location - Meeting Room
    Interactions: Kalliste, Haila, Joviziah, Xai @zucca_ @Viral @TyranntX

    Gold fired back a wicked smile to Joviziah, withdrawing a deck of cards from under his vest. He let the cards flow around his fingers, deftly spiral shuffling them. He made it look like a simple fluid motion as if it were a toddler could do it.
    Gold showed no intimidation of the mentioning of the past and what could come of it, but he knew that it meant bad news. Unwilling to say, Gold relied mostly on the other Gods to handle such crucial business.
    Gold let his attention focus on the cards, cutting them into different shuffles. As Kai entered, his look drew to his scales. Reminded him of a lizard, and a lizard is an animal. Gold hates animals.. He let out a feint moan of disgust, gradually increasing the tempo of the shuffling.

    Gorron stiffened, noticing the entrance of Kalliste. "Lady Kalliste. Pleasure." Gorron waved his hand in open friendship, also noticing Haila. Gorron stood dumbfounded for a moment, not knowing the slightest clue of who she was. He tried to trace back any memories of meeting her, but couldn't recall. Gorron could definitely be known as a forgetful type though. He instead just offered a nod attached with a friendly smile to her.

    Then came Xai. Gorron was not one to judge. Joviziah may be shady by nature but Xai was suspicious to Gorron. He never displayed actions to it or even let it affect any of Gorron's judgements. Gorron took particular notice in his mood, shooting a glance to Gold. If Xai is joyous right now that means.. "Liz if you don't wipe that stupid, ass grin off your face I show what cold blooded really is." Gold erupted, gritting his teeth in spite. It was more than obvious now that Gold's speech patterns picked up from what Gorron would recall as 'The Hood'.

    Gorron coughed, grasping Gold's acknowledgment slightly. He gave Gold a firm look of disapproval. "Xai, apologies for Gold. You know how jumpy he gets when tournaments are about to approach."
  19. Lycros materialized right before the great hall he took a deep breath, it had been quite awhile scince he had seen any of the gods, in fact it was not since he first set out on his jurney when was that again? At least a few thousand years, but he was still looking forward to seeing them, well maybe a few more than others.
    With one final moment to gather himself Lycros walked into the great hall.
  20. [Xai]

    "A Tournament you say? If Lord Galgiel approves of my plan I just might enter myself. It's been a while since I had a good fight" He said as he turned his head toward Gorron. He summond his glave and pierced it into the floor in fount of everyone, He had a favor to ask of Gorron. "That reminds me, would you mind taking my glave to your forge, it's about time for its millennial tune up" he said looking right at the God of Gifts. He then focused his attention back to gold, still retaining his smug expression. "Now then, tell me more about this tournament." said Xai, practically eager to hear more. Xai loved to fight, and he loved tournaments. Come to think of it no one could ever recall a time when he ever lost a fight, even before he became a god. Xai then noticed another god warped in, Lycros. Now that most of everyone was here it wouldn't be long before the meeting started. Xai then fouced back on the group. "Well Don't leave me in suspense, tell me more about this tournament."
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