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    Greetings, If you came here then you are obviously here to Role play.... or maybe this just caught your eye and you are thinking about it. Either way, welcome to "Gods of the Universe". First here is what the RP is about.

    The Plot

    Long ago, Dreahyedron the Demi-God of Chaos Decended from the Void to bring ruin to the universe. He called upon the power of evil its self, and conjured an army of demons to terrorize any and all life they could find. Forced to submit to his will and subjugated under his horrific demon cults, The sentient life of the universe we all but helpless. The Gods, discussed by such a morbid creature, descended from their realm and challenged Dreahydron to mortal combat. Dreahydron was powerful, but even he was no match for their combined power. While he was under a weakened state, the gods opened a portal to another dimension and banished him and his followers there there for millennia to come. Now Dreahedron lies in wait, gathering his power and growing ever stronger. His forces eager to strike, and his generals thirsty for revenge. The gods of the universe know that Dreahyedron will soon return, and although they cannot prevent it from happening there may be a way to delay it.

    All that is known is that Dreahyedron will first conquer Earth and use it as his palace, while his forces destroy the universe. The Gods know that action must be taken but it doesn't seem many of them have a plan to make that happen, so they are gathering in throne room of Galgiel The king of the Gods. Meanwhile on Earth, People and man beasts alike are honing thier bodies to grow stronger for their own reasons or just living out their normal everyday lives. Most of them are unaware of the events that are yet to unfold, but some have some idea of what might happen be it through psychic vision or historic religion. However it is unknown if the earthlings are strong enough to hold their own against a pan-dimensional demi-god. Elsewhere much of the same is going on on other worlds that hold sentient life, It is these said worlds that more or less know about the existence of the gods of the universe. Some are known for their benevolence while others are feared for their power, but all are treated with some form of respect.

    A war is coming, one that will decide the very fate of the universe. Will the gods be able to hatch a plan to repel Dreahyedron back into the prison from where he came? Or is this the end of history as the universe knows it?

    The Rules
    1. You have the option of playing as either a god, a god's Attendant, and/or a mortal. Dreahyedron and the king of gods are both NPC's
    2. You can play up to five characters. No more (This rule has been abolished, and no longer holds gravity on anything)
    3. There is a maximum TWO gods per player, (this has been increased from one to boost population)
    4. This is a combat RP, But the outcome of battles between players must be agreed upon.
    5. God's are not (Technically) Invincible. They are just so durable that It's almost out of the question for a mortal to defeat them. (I.E, Keep in mind that fighting a god as a mortal is not suppose to be easy. Expect to lose A LOT.)
    6. No, you cannot be a demi-god. (yet)
    7. I know Gods are a thing, but don't go too over board. I don't want to see any "Super Saiyan Six" characters. gods are Star busters at best. Keep in mind that it took all of them to subdue Dreahyedron.
    8. as proof you read the rules, put "I have Read the rules and am Ready for Combat" at the end of your character(s) submission.
    9. Gods do not have to be human in form, they just have to be humanoid.
    10. Let's have fun with this.
    11. Be considerate to the density of the world and play as a mortal as well as a god. you do not HAVE TO do this. We are just getting quite a few of them as of late.
    Character Sheet

    [Image Here]

    Name: What is Your Characters name? (Mortals must have a first and last)
    Gender: M or F (if genderless, say so and say what they are refereed to as)
    Age: How old are you? (Gods and attendants are technically older than time, so put how old they look)
    Entity type: Mortal, Attendant, Or God/goddess? (pick one)
    God type: What are you the god/goddess of? (Gods only)
    Serves: What god/goddess do you serve? (Attendants only)
    World of Birth: Where where you born? (Mortals only, if not Earth provide a bit of trivia)
    Race: What are you? (Mortals only)
    Powers: What powers do you possess (Note that Gods have more depending on what kind they are. All gods/goddess and attendants have natural flight)
    WoC: Weapon of choice? (Optional, brief description of it's use and any powers it has)
    Likes and Hobbies: What does your character like or like doing?
    Dislikes: what dose your character NOT like?
    Bio: A Brief run down of your character.
    Other Notes: anything to add goes here.


    This is where I'll answer questions when they spring up. I'll leave it like this for now.


    @TyranntX - Xai The God of Destruction
    @Viral - Joviziah The God of Shadows
    @zucca_ - Kalliste The Goddess of love and Beauty
    @The_Dark_Rebel - Lycros The God of Memory
    @The Crimson Crow- Gorron the Forge Father the God of Gifts & Gold the God of Greed
    @TerribleName - Toby the God of Doom


    @TyranntX - Haila - Kalliste's Attendant
    @TheAstroBot - Astro - Lycros's Attendant
    @Viral - Garrote - Joviziah's Attendant
    @TyranntX - Manda - Xai's Attendant
    @TerribleName - Alison Pennington - Toby's attendant.


    @TerribleName - Kaitlyn Watson - Human
    @TyranntX - Tyler Rover - Human
    @TyranntX - Lisa Sandere -Human
    @TyranntX - Sabrina Cyba - Human
    @Viral - Darius Vellhem-Gore - Human

    The Jukebox of the Universe
    A Flawless Day
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  2. Xai (open)


    Name: Xai
    Gender: M
    Age: 20
    Entity Type: God
    God Type: Destruction

    -Natural Disaster Generation
    -God strength
    -Energy Attacks
    -Supernatural Disaster Generation
    -Warrior's speed and stamina

    WoC: The Glave of Ruin - although it is rare that Xai ever uses it. The Glave of Ruin is used to obliterate the most durable of planets and the largest of starts, and on on some even more rare occasions. . . even strong adversaries.
    Likes: Good food, Heat, Fighting, his job of destroying things, Honesty, Courage.
    Dislikes: Disgusting food, Weak opponents, Lies, Not taking action.

    Bio: Strong, brave, and a damn good friend. With all this in mind it's hard to believe that Xai is one of the most feared gods of all time, with his mighty glave he can decimate worlds withing a matter of minutes. Xai only tends to destroy that what displeases him, or if the King of the gods demands it. But even still, Xai knows all too well of the horrors his half brother Dreahyedron is capable of. Xai has a plan of how they should fight him but he is unsure if the others are willing to partake in it...

    Haila (open)

    Haila (open)

    Name: Haila
    Gender: F
    Age: 19
    Entity Type: Attendant
    Serves: The Goddess of love and Beauty

    -Superhuman Strength
    -Minor Energy attacks

    WoC: N/A
    Likes: Tea, Cats, Fishing, her Flying Giant Sea Turtle 'Gump'
    Dislikes: Dogs, Cold weather, fighting, sharks, eels.

    Bio: as the Loyal servant of lord Kalliste, Haila does everything within her power to keep the love goddess happy. Much like the being she serves to please she hates to fight, however she will not hesitate to do so if she feels her goddess is in danger. She fears only two things, Dreahyedron and eels.

    Tyler Rover (open)

    Tyler Rover (open)

    Name: Tyler Rover
    Gender: M
    Age: 20
    Entity Type: Mortal
    World of Birth: Earth
    Race: Human

    Psychic powers
    Energy manipulation
    Flight Via Telekinesis

    WoC: His mind, because he is so talented with his powers he dose not see the need to use a weapon for the time being.

    Likes: Books, Meditation, Games, Animals, Fighting.

    Dislikes: Headaches, alcohol, drugs, anything else that may disrupt or weaken his powers.

    Bio: Born into this world an orphan, Tyler knew since he was four years old that he was not like other children. He seemed, smarter, stronger, braver, and even aware of the world than most others. During his time in the orphanage he discovered his psychic abilities and immediately began to train his mind and body so he could call upon his newly found strength by will. The process took a few years, but eventually Tyler got an understanding of how his powers worked and eventually was able to fully control them. When he turned 18 he was allowed to move out of the orphanage and set off into the world on his own, now he lives in a big city in California and has lived there for two whole years. But recently something has began to trouble him... Last week, Tyler had a vision of a creature of some kind descending from the sky. A creature that seemed almost demon like in form, but what ever it was Tyler knew that it couldn't be a good thing. So now he is in the process of getting stronger, preparing himself for what may arrive in his vision. Little dose he know, he and many others are about to take part in a huge battle that will determine the fate of the entire universe.

    Lisa Sandere (open)


    Lisa Sandere (open)

    Name: Lisa Sandere
    Gender: F
    Age: 20
    Entity Type: Mortal
    World of Birth: Earth
    Race: Human (For the most part)

    Pyrokenisis - The ability to create, control, and/or manipulate fire.
    Fire body- Lisa can make any part of her body fire at will, for lack of a better word
    Fire Immunity -Cannot be harmed by fire
    Flight via Pyrokenisis

    WoC: None, here powers ARE her weapon of choice.
    Likes: Fighting, Books, drinking, occasionally likes to burn things.
    Dislikes: Rain, swimming, her rival.

    Bio: They call her a devil, a fire demon, and some even say she's an arsonist. But all those people who call Lisa all these things... are not entirely wrong. Ever since Lisa was small she strived to grow stronger with her fire powers. To most people, she was a freak who could only destroy. Even her own parent's were afraid of what she was becoming and sent her away at the age of 14. Since then Lisa has made very few friends, and has lived the life of a thug and gang leader. Needless to say her power grew as she did, it seemed as if nothing could really stand up to her. Until last year she met a boy by the name of Tyler, who beat her in combat twice. The first was in a small town with one of the most cowardly and incapable of law enforcement, and the second was at last years Cyba Corp. tournament. Since then she has seen the psychic as a powerful rival and has had nothing but the utmost of hate for him. Question is, can she handle the events that are yet to unfold?​

    Sabrina Cyba (open)


    Sabrina Cyba (open)

    Name: Sabrina Cyba
    Gender: F
    Age: 20
    Entity Type: Mortal
    World of Birth: Earth
    Race: Human
    Powers: [They are the same as Tyler's, just not as powerful]
    WoC: as a psychic her mid is her weapon.
    Likes: books, snow, animals (primarily insects and reptiles), occasional fighting, BDSM, other girls, torture.
    Dislikes: being afraid

    Bio: On the outside she is a gentle, reclusive, and some may even say doll-like girl. But on the inside, Sabrina is not the girl you would want to cross. She may seem harmless, but she is actually quite sadistic. Living the life with a silver spoon, Sabrina has had all the time and resources she needed to not only live a long life but also test her psychic power. Thankfully though she only uses her powers when she feels like she has to, so long as one stays on her good side there is a chance they may live to see another day.​

    Manda (open)

    Manda (open)

    Name: Manda
    Gender: F
    Age: 24
    Entity Type: Attendant
    Serves: Destruction

    Near godly strength
    Near limitless Magic (She's a genie)

    WoC: A magic Staff
    Likes: Good food (almost as much as Xai), Fighting, books, animals.
    Dislikes: nothing in particular.

    Bio: Manda met Xai before he became a god, but not that much is really know about her other than she use to be trapped inside a magic urn and she has a great deal of respect for the god she serves. In addition she is just as hard to read as Xai, see too is quite friendly to virtually everyone, however Manda will not fight unless Xai gives her permission. So just who is this being? and how did she and Xai even meet?​
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  3. Name: Joviziah

    Gender: Male

    Age: Not being very human-looking it's hard to judge his apparent age, but roughly mid-30s.

    Entity Type: God

    God Type: Nightmares

    • Sleep Breathe - His breathe is a natural tranquilizer, putting mortals to sleep nearly instantly, with reduced and slower effect on attendants and gods. This only works up close.
    • Dreamwalker - He can enter people's dreams, usually for information, fun, or to talk to them. He can also 'step' (think teleport) to the location of anyone who is asleep. Like most his powers, this is most effective against mortals, as gods and attendants sometimes aren't the sleeping type.
    •Psychosis - He can induce 'living nightmare' hallucinations in people. This also works to some extent on attendants and gods.
    •Walking Sleep - He can use this power over sleeping mortals, changing them into a 'sleeper agent', where he can use them as a soldier or spy as he so desires with them not even realizing it until he 'activates' them. It basically puts them into sleep-walking alterego state where they serve him. He can turn them on and off (meaning they will forget what happened until next time and go back to regular life) by using the words 'take a quick nap for me' or 'it's time to stop dreaming' respectively.
    •Panic - He can incite panic in those nearby him, sometimes almost violently. This is not his favorite ability, as it isn't very exact.
    •Shapeshifter - He can shift his shape. He can also mimic voices, making him a very good infiltrator among mortals (though he can't help but leave a few clues to his true identity sometimes). Actually stealing someone's memories would require a rather bloody removal of their brain and another bloody devouring of it.
    •Antigravity - His flight ability is more of an antigravity one, meaning he could walk upside down in most buildings if he wanted too.
    •Name Sense - Referring to him by his true name alerts him to your location and allowd him to 'step' to you. As he very much dislikes being called his name by abyone who isn't an attendant or god, it's best to refer to him by one of his titles.

    Likes: Books, watching dreams and nightmares, making sleeper agents, potatoes, the dark, inside places

    Dislikes: Direct combat, danger, armadilloes, people who smoke, bright lights

    WoC: He has what could loosely be called brass knuckles, if brass knuckles had a straight razor blade on them. There isn't much special about them; they serve their purpose.

    Bio: He is old, older than he can remember (that is a lie). He has been called many things: Dreamwalker, Skinstealer, the Sandman, the Boogeyman, Lord Mommet. But his real name is Joviziah. He has been with the mortals every, or at least some, steps on their way. He was present, if not active, for major events in history, and, while usually lazy, he has never taken Dreahyedron for granted. He has become slightly more serious as of recent, cautious and defensive, preparing for his return.

    I have read the rules and am ready for combat.
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  4. Spoiler


    Name: Kalliste or alternatively known as Chrysea

    Gender: Female
    Age: Although she technically could change her appearance at will, she's mostly seen as a twenty-three year old mortal.
    Entity type: Goddess
    God type: Love and Beauty.
    Powers: Change Apperance at will; Induce Love; Charmspeak; Flight and Water Walking; Empathy towards Mortal Feelings; Control Mortals and in some cases Gods with love.
    WoC: Only if necessary, she will be found fighting with her Powers; Intense hate towards any kind of Weapon.

    Likes and Hobbies: As Goddess of Love and Beauty she loves crossing the world spreading these qualities. Kalliste is particularly fond of Love stories, often provoked by the Goddess herself. As Nature is the only perfect thing in the world, besides her looks, she enjoys spending as much time as she can being sorrounded by it.

    Dislikes: Violence. Why else would she be Goddess of Love? She sees cruelty and roughness as unworthy qualities, graceless and barbaric. Kalliste believes Ugliness is a direct consequence of Violence and as such it must be hated just as much. The Divinity hates deeply those who understimate her powers and the strenght of her own nature, which can be either kind with those whom she loves and cruel with those whom she dislikes. Don't forget Love can bring both Mortals and Gods to their knees.

    Bio: Kalliste was shaped from the ground just as a flower in Spring. She's known to be just as ancient as the world itself, born alongside the Beauty of Nature, like another perfect creation of the world. Like a plant, she fed of Beauty and nourished the world with Love. All of the earthly creatures were attracted by the Goddess like planets to the Sun, and that folks was just how she looked. Splendid, Brilliant, Dazzling. Kalliste only later claimed her role among the gods, taking indeed the position of Goddess of Love and Beauty.

    Other Notes: When in disguise, her true form can be -on most cases- recognized by the other gods. Without Love she'd fade, like a flower without sunlight. Her apperance adapts in order to fit the ideal of beauty of those who are watching her.

    I have read the rules and am ready to combat.
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  5. I have been trying to contact some of the players about their Character sheets. and haven't gotten any responses from them in a while. So I decided just to move on and see about doing something new. I may relaunch it in the future but for now this is my primary focus.
  6. It is your thread. You should probably leave a message on it to let them all know.
  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Lycros
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Entity type: god
    God type: memory
    Powers: He can alter(this includes how people feel about the memory), give, take memories, he can also intensify how well you remember something until it is all you can think about
    WoC: He can summon a sword in a sheath from the sky, that has no blade instead when the handle is removed a dark fluid flows out of the sheath in the direction the handle is pointed, it's name is ouroboros
    Likes and Hobbies: as the god of memory he travels from place to place telling and hearing stories,he likes to collect things mostly just random trinkets though,
    Dislikes: desecration of historical place, when people toss things or feelings aside as invaluable( he knows that everything no matter how small has a story)
    Bio: he has actually forgotten his own origins due a incident in which he fell in love with a mortal and when her family died he poured most of his power into intensifying the good memories of them
    Other Notes:I have read the rules and am ready for combat.
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  8. Alright The cast list has been updated. @The_Dark_Rebel and @zucca_ there is just one last thing missing from your CS, but until thats fixed I'll keep you up as it is just one minor edit that is needed. be sure to read all the rules.
  9. Hey! @TranntX I have a friend who is interested in doing a kind of space marine character, would that be allowed?
    Also this is my first serious roleplay, so be gentle!
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  10. Name:
    Kaitlyn Watson
    Entity type:
    World of Birth:
    Kaitlyn Watson possesses unparalleled physical strength, endurance, stamina, and speed (for a mortal). The most powerful punch she is capable of throwing - which would likely destroy her arm and cause significant damage to her body - in her current state is roughly 15 Megatons, which is about 30% of the energy produced by the Tsar Bomb. However, normal punches are about 3 Megatons, which is roughly equivalent to all the energy released by explosives during WW2. However, she has complete control of her strength, and so is able to function in day-to-day and punch normal people with obliterating them.
    As for her endurance, she can tank 15 Megatons of power and live, albeit barely.
    Kaitlyn can fight for hours on end at about half of her full power and speed, and depending on how much power and speed she uses she may last longer or for less time.
    Kaitlyn's top speed is 600 mph, which is 49 mph slower than a typical passenger airliner. Unlike her max strength, moving at this speed doesn't have very much immediate affect. However, if she moves too fast for too long, she will start to tear her muscles and tendons apart.
    Her body. She likes to use bats, too, but can't find one sturdy enough to fight anything more than street-level thugs.
    Likes and Hobbies:
    Kaitlyn enjoys fighting, testing her strength, drinking beer, dating hot ladies, and secretly has a soft spot for children 6-13. Very occasionally, she likes to enjoy a nice Cuban cigar.
    Persistent and flirtatious men people, hot dogs, romance books, being forced to show respect, high and mighty individuals
    Kaitlyn Watson grew up in the slums of Brooklyn and very quickly found that if she wanted to make it, she'd have to toughen up and be the baddest girl on the block. Thus, from the early age of eight years old, she began a life of delinquency, albeit the sort of delinquency where the delinquent preys on other delinquents and protects those in need of protecting. Unfortunately, no one cared how noble she might have been, because crime is crime. As it happened, the cause for her parents disowning her was when she first discovered her extraordinary abilities.
    13-year-old Kaitlyn Watson had just finished smoking with some pals, and was walking home one night when she noticed two men pulling a girl slightly younger than her into an alleyway. And, of course, she couldn't let something so shady and obviously despicable go down, so despite the fact she would be stepping up to the plate against two fully-grown men, she dove into the alleyway after them, catching them just as they were about to start undressing the poor girl. One came at her with a knife; she wasn't "attractive" because, well, she looked almost like a little boy. Before she could react, he tried to stab her.
    But it did not pierce flesh. Instead, it crumpled against her cheek, and before Kaitlyn even thought about why the hell that would happen, her fist shot into his face like a bullet and, well, his face caved in and he died instantly. The second man ran, and the little girl was so much more scared of the older girl splattered in blood that she called the police. And, well, Kaitlyn was too stunned by her strength to stop her or even to move, until the police arrived.
    She was tried as an adult and sentenced to twenty-five years in prison, and her parents disowned her (not that she cared about them anyway). After a few months of testing her strength in the walls of the prison, she broke out with brute force alone and took to a life of being a serious criminal... kind of. She kept her policy of preying on the evil rather than the innocent, although did not necessarily protect innocent adults from harm very often. She worked her way up from a street gang to a serious gang, plunging into the depths of the underworld, and at one point took on mercenary work.
    But, at age 25, she decided to retire very early from such high-level dealings, and currently works as a loan shark in New York City, intimidating but not really hurting her boss's clientele. Unless they happen to be hardened criminals, of course, though they often aren't.
    Other Notes:
    I don't think her and Kalliste will get along very well. I have read the rules and am ready for combat!​
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  11. Sure, there are some future elements implied in this.
  12. [future cs for God of Elegance and Goddess of Freedom here.]
  13. Gorron, The Forge Father
    Gender: Male
    Age: 40
    Entity type: God
    God type: The Forge Father (God of Gifts)
    Powers: Other than the normal godly powers, Gorron possesses extreme durability. Capable of taking more hits up to ten times that of a normal God. Gorron's primary power is the power of a smith. Gorron can create more than just a simple sword or a plate of armor. Gorron creates the most superior tools and also serves as a keeper for powerful things whether he has created them or not.
    The Grand Arsenal (open)
    Gorron has a fist sized sphere of mixed colors that cycles his body. The sphere can serve as a portal, allowing Gorron access to a wheel of weaponry and relics. Gorron can summon a desired item of choice into his hands.

    Likes and Hobbies: Forging, Crafting, Watching Humans, Giving, Beards
    Dislikes: Manipulation, Deception, Trickery, Con Artists, Cheaters/Cheating, Music, Egos
    Bio: Every being alive can go to the The Forge Father to claim their prize. But it won't be as simple as knocking on the door, palms open. The Forge Father bestows a great gift to any daring adventurer. The gift is different for every person and is created by through The Grand Arsenal. Every weapon, relic, armor, charm has been either created by the The Forge Father or preserved under his keeping. Some say that the Grand Arsenal is what created Gorron. That he serves as a humble protector of power and gives to the brave. That any can go claim their gift by seeing the Gorron on top of the mightiest mountain.


    Age: 27
    Entity type: God
    God type: The Golden Reaper (God of Greed)
    Powers: Bonded Tongue: Gold can create a contract by tongue. With the consent of all implied parties, the contract must be abide by through all terms and conditions created. There is no escape from this bond, however, the word only matters if it comes from the heart. So forced saying or trickery do not apply.
    Super Speed: Gold possess extreme speed, much more than the average God.
    Energy: Gold can manipulate energy, allowing him a form of telekinesis. By surrounding a desired object with energy particles, Gold can control the object from a remote distance.
    WoC: With his energy manipulation, Gold can be Gambit from X-Men in a sort of fashion. Controlling cards, dice, and coins. But his primary weapon is his tongue, making deals and bets through his bonded contracts.
    Likes and Hobbies: Betting, Gambling, Spectating Duels, Wine, Jazz/Blues Music, Sweets, Rich Style
    Dislikes: Losing, Disrespect, Vulnerability, Messes/Dirtiness, Animals,
    Bio: So you like a bit of coin, huh? Like to live with a bit of excitement? A bit of danger? When you sit at that table, hoping to walk out with double you came in. Whether it be through a card game or a business deal. Or even a betting against battles of gladiators. You get a thrill of running free under the city, unable to be spotted by the spotlights. I wouldn't blame you. Better be careful though. You never know who might be sitting on the opposite end of that table. Ever hear of The Golden Reaper? They say this God never loses a bet. Or at least no one had the balls to gloat about it. This God feeds of people like you. Orchestrates these gritty deals and bets, that you never think of. And when you realize how deep it starts going you're way to far to swim back. That tide is just gonna keep pushing you out farther. So best be careful my friend. He wonders around all across the shadows, collecting souls with the greed of every being's nature. That's why they call him The Golden Reaper. They say his army is so vast that he had to buy a planet just to store them. So best think twice before cutting a deal with the man across that table.. He feeds off of people like you..

    --------------I have read the rules and am ready for combat
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  14. There is one thing missing from this. be sure to read all the rules.
  15. //I have read the rules, and am ready for combat.

    Name: Astro
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Entity type: Attendant
    Serves: Lycros, God of Memory.
    Powers: Astro is capable of twisting an individual's memories to cause them to seem far more painful to their psyche.
    WoC: An Assault Rifle.
    Likes and Hobbies: Astro is a Weapons collector, and specializes in learning the art of warfare.
    Dislikes: He's not much for conversation, nor for large crowds.
    Bio: Formerly Human, he was a mighty warrior so much so in fact that when Lycros found his dead body he brought him back to serve as his attendant.
    Other Notes: this character has a huge backstory that would clog up the entire site if I added it, so I shortened it to after his death.
    16 - 1.jpg
  16. Alright you are both all set. I'll have the RP page up shortly. If you want any last minute characters make them now.

    -Also side not the one who wanted to be Xai's attendant dropped out so that position is open if anyone wants it
  17. How about the other gods? Isn't there like a whole pantheon?
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