Gods of Ishtar

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  1. 2093-
    Scientists on Earth detect biological activity on an exoplanet called “Ishtar.”

    Construction of the first experimental faster-than-light (FTL) drives begins.

    The Harman-Shakur Group funds the construction of a fleet of Model I FTL spaceships, which are sold to the governments of Earth.

    The governments of Earth form a single, centralized government that oversees global affairs – the United Governments of Earth (UGE).

    Permanently manned scientific bases are established on Mars.

    Scientific bases are established beyond the boundaries of Earth’s solar system.

    Probes discover that the planet Ishtar is replete with high-order, perhaps even intelligent life.

    Contact is made with the unknown intelligent life on Ishtar. No method of translation exists.

    Manned missions to Ishtar are planned.

    Human science expeditions operating near Ishtar are destroyed by unidentified external influences.

    Contact is made with a spacefaring alien species. Nearly an entire Earthen FTL fleet is destroyed; the few survivors return to Earth to describe an advanced, hostile alien fleet.

    Further interstellar skirmishes occur with the unknown alien race – which humans now unofficially refer to as “Dragons,” due to their lizard-like features. Their military technology is supremely advanced.

    Manned missions to Ishtar are successful. Contact is made with the indigenous species: humanoids slightly shorter than humans and of colorful shades of skin and/or hair, from hues of green to those of red and purple. The species identify themselves as “Aryal.”

    Large-scale expeditions to Ishtar make touchdown and humans learn that the Aryal have battled with the Dragons, which they call “Borg,” for decades. The ambitions of the Borg are unknown, but the Aryal express some desire for aid against the invaders.

    The population of Earth reaches 9 billion. Human schools are established on Ishtar. The Aryal are a philosophically and scientifically advanced civilization, but they lack technology, particularly military technology, and are not capable of spaceflight. It is discovered that they are capable of psychic manipulations, and this has enabled them to defend against the Borg – but they cannot continue the fight.

    The Borg make landfall on Ishtar and begin an aggressive advance against Aryal and human settlements. The humans declare a state of emergency and seize control of all Aryal towns, villages, and cities, effectively commandeering the planet politically.

    Large numbers of reinforcements arrive from Earth. The Borg and mankind are fighting on several fronts across the galaxy, but Ishtar is seen by the UGE as the crucial battleground – the Aryal are believed to be the key to victory in humanity’s war against the Borg.


    The year is 2213. The United Governments of Earth (UGE) started sending manned missions to this Earth-like planet nearly two decades ago. Since then, we’ve learned about the native intelligent species, the Aryal, and their incredible ability to manipulate the world around them with their minds. They’re philosophically and scientifically advanced, but technologically inferior to humans.

    Then there’s the Borg – the “Dragons” of space. Tough, ruthless beasts with hulking, monolithic spacecraft and weaponry unlike anything we’ve seen before. These bastards are beating us to smithereens all over the galaxy. But the Aryal managed to hold them off for decades. Someone, somewhere here on Ishtar knows something we don’t. Truth is, we need help to keep the Borg away from Earth – and the Aryal need our help to keep them off of Ishtar.

    The Borg are already here. The planet is steadily falling to their brutal advances. We’ve got our reinforcements – you guys – but we’re gonna need something special to come out on top here. The UGE has declared a state of emergency, and we’re now in control of all Aryal cities – but they don’t like it. Either way, we need access to their information. We need to know how it is that they access their psychic powers. Only then can we defeat the Borg.

    Suit up, newbie. The air is safe here but you’re gonna want to use your respirator until you acclimate.​

    You may play as:

    The species from Earth – relatively new to spaceflight, but highly ambitious and not easily deterred, humans are politically allied with the Aryal, but the recent acquisition of all Aryal territory in the name of “protecting” them from the Borg has heavily strained relations. Humans are slightly taller than the Aryal, but not notably stronger. Their bodies are relatively fragile, a fact which is compensated for by military equipment and training, as well as (in rare and expensive military specimens) cybernetic enhancements.




    Occupation: (Soldier, scientist, teacher, diplomat, engineer, etc.)

    Appearance: (real or drawn image of your choice)


    Bio: (optional)

    Other: (optional)


    Wise, thoughtful beings, the Aryal are natives of Ishtar, and live in clean yet impressive cities and towns. They do not have much in the way of industry or economy, and as such they do not suffer explosive growth or a need to build great skyscrapers or sap the land of resources. Instead, the cities they build tend to be more modest, running on efficient energy science, yet still equipped with buildings and streets and vehicles. As individuals, almost all Aryal serve the doctrines of their Grand Temple, if not to the letter then at least in philosophy. The details of these doctrines are kept secret from outsiders, and within them are contained the methods which enable psychic activation – although even the exact nuances of this are not known by the average Aryal; only the monks serving in the Temple know the full secret.

    Name: (can be cultural or humanized)

    Age: (Aryal have similar lifespans to humans, only slightly longer)


    Occupation: (Aryal have primarily civilian jobs, as there is no standing army -- though there are many who practice unique martial arts and spiritual warriors do exist)

    Appearance: (Aryal look like humans but have colorful hues of skin and/or hair; use a real or drawn image of your choice)

    Psychic Power: (Aryal develop psychic powers as they grow and learn; the key to these psychic powers is thought to be known only by the monks in the Grand Temple on Ishtar. A wide variety of powers exist in Aryal society, from the ability to move objects with one's mind, to the power to set one's own skin alight with searing flames. You may invent your own psychic power for your character)

    Bio: (optional)

    Other: (optional)

    You may not play as:


    Hulking, scaled creatures of unknown origin, these “Dragons” are extremely hostile and demonstrate supreme military prowess. They vary in size from 7 to 12 feet tall and have a strength capacity easily twice that of a human’s. Most Borg are cybernetically enhanced based on their occupation. Soldiers are most often seen by humans, and within their military ranks are various kinds of troops, some equipped for agility and reconnaissance, some for brutish combat, and a number of other varieties.

    The Borg are increasingly assaulting human expeditions and science colonies across the galaxy, and they have made several failed invasions of Ishtar, each time being held barely at bay by the psychic abilities of the Aryal. This time, however, the Borg are descending in great number, and the Aryal have suffered too many losses to repel yet another siege.

    Standard RP/Iwaku rules apply
    You may assume control of your character and minor NPCs (but are not required to do so)
    Feel free to be creative and make things up that have not been outlined above!
    Let me know if you have any suggestions​
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  2. ARYAL

    Dynia Ezar




    Technician. Dynia performs maintenance on Aryal technologies, including energy systems, vehicles, structural hardware, and occasionally software.

    Dynia's purple skin and bluish hair sit well with her deep, dark eyes. She is only 5'3", small and fragile of frame, even among her own kind. She dresses in a form-fitting suit, as is traditional for Aryal technicians, and occasionally dons a jacket, satchel, and belt to carry necessary equipment.
    (the same as in the intro post)

    Psychic Power:

    Dynia's affinity lies with energy. Through concentration, she can cause objects to glow with profound light. Given enough time, she can transmute matter into pure energy -- turning pebbles into miniature suns, or small weapons into searing manifestations of light.


    Born to a typical Aryal family, wherein father an mother raise the infant until childhood, upon which time the child receives a more communal upbringing, Dynia was still young when humans first made contact with the Aryal. The event had shocked Aryal society, who until that point believed the Borg had annihilated all other significant life in the universe. Growing up, she was taught to think philisophically, as the Aryal do, and she is extremely wary of weapons technology, which the Aryal have almost none of.

    Dynia's innate aptitude for mechanical and scientific understanding made her a perfect fit for the role of technician in Aryal society, which is intensely communal. Individualism comes second to society, and is expressed through fine art and mastery of one's psychic self. Dynia was taught, like all Aryal children, by the monks and their assistants, to unlock her psychic potential. The training is one that is continued throughout life in order to maintain control. Many Aryal choose to dedicate their entire existence to psychic mastery, refining their powers to divine levels, but Dynia prefers her technician's duties as a means of finding self-purpose.

  3. Name: Clayton Smith

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male


    Clayton stands at 6 feet exactly, and has short brown hair along with bright blue eyes. He also has a scar that runs from his forehead, down his temple, over his cheeks, to his jawline. He is physically fit, and has a slightly larger frame.​
    Clayton (open)

    Armor (Picture ^)
    PM 13 w/ small laser
    The latest reinforced armor out there, supposedly better than all others the humans have made. The PM 13 will protect you from intense pressures and extreme temperature conditions. A mini computer in itself under the name of 'Mellisa', the PM 13 will analyze info, answer questions for you, and provide an accurate estimation of armor levels and life expectancy. Infrared, thermal imaging, and night vision come with all helmets.

    It is equipped with the small necessities of survival if a plan goes awry. Multiple attachments can be bought such as oxygen tanks, lasers, target spotters, and many more attachments are still in the making. The new model is to provide flexibility of the suit, fixed 'Melissa' bugs, comfort to the wearer, and extra protection.​
    RK 56
    The newest sniper rifle.
    Clayton was born on Earth to a happy family of three. His parents, his dog, and in addition to those three, himself. His parents were an older couple, around their later forties when they had Clayton, so he was a miracle baby in their standards since they had tried to hard to conceive with no avail. He was spoiled rotten, and the only issues he up too his teens was the death of his beloved pooch, Moore.

    When Clayton hit twenty, he joined the UGE and was soon deployed to Ishtar soon after. While he was away, his mother passed leaving his father all alone. The elder Smith blamed Clayton leaving triggered the elderly woman's death, and they soon lost contact. That was until he was 24 when he was informed his father developed dementia. After learning this, he paid for his father to live in a care home where he would be taken care of. On occasion he would receive calls of love from his father, on other occasions the man would spit vile words of hate, or sometimes he would go months without hearing from him.

    Clayton is a rule breaker to an extent. If he believe he needs to break the rules for the sake of the better good, he does even if that means he gets reprimanded. His sense of justice has moved most of his superiors though so he usually gets away with most of the issues. He has the tendency to get angry when people ask of his family, and he is not one to socialize more then required.​

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  4. Name: Monroe Baylin

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Spiritual warrior

    Appearance: Light blue skin tone ((Heres a pic only difference is the skin tone.))

    Psychic Power:

    Bio: Monroe mother died when she gave birth to Monroe, and his father was a criminal when his father was executed Monroe was 12. Monroe went and lived with his grandfather, his grandfather was a spiritual warrior, when Monroe turned 15 he became his grandfathers apprentice. When Monroe turned 17 he was able to go out on his own as a spiritual warrior. During a fight he lost his right leg, leaving him with a slight limp.
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